Best Skateboard Bag: Purpose, Choosing Facts, And Selections

Published on: February 16, 2022
Written by Camila Avery / Fact-checked by David Rowan

While longboarding is more of an adventure sport than a mode of transportation, skateboarding is just the opposite. Skateboarders go to college, far away skateboarding terrains, and parks. Thus they accomplish their everyday commuting and derive fun. This is a sign that this particular sport is gradually turning into a mode of personal transportation.

The more popular it is getting, the more varied it is emerging with its compact size, convenient usability, and affordability.

skateboard bag purpose, choosing facts, and selections

So an array of commodities is arriving in the market with the new skateboarding trend. One such product is the skateboard bag. The ease of use gets multiplied with the right selection of a skateboard backpack. Moreover, you can’t reach all and every destination riding on a skateboard as there may lie a too rough or extremely uneven part of the road midway. Even the entire path may not be suitable for skating.

So whether you carry your intended gear inside the bag or you carry the skateboard components to the skating spot, you badly need a skateboard backpack. That being clear, you should choose the right kind of skating bag. This review article will make the essential parameters of the best skateboard bag crystal clear to you.  A buying guide addressing all the critical points given after the product description will prove immensely helpful in this regard.

Skateboard Bag

Here we are talking about utilizing bags through skating; However, you can utilize them in the same way when on overseas excursions, traveling, school, gathering, or going to university. It gives the back bag versatility.

In addition to the skateboard, you can fill your PC while going to class, at the same time you can fill the various constraints while going on a trip, dressing, journaling and when going to an assembly.

These are perfect for use in any activity that fits all of the things you really want in the bag by delivering all of your items accurately.

Skateboard Backpack Is an Essential Outdoor Gear

A skateboard bag will serve all your outdoor purposes that relate to carrying goods and transportation. A gliding backpack is a crucial rucksack both for your fun-deriving pastimes that you do regularly in the park and for a tournament at far away skating ground. Both will require a heavy-duty backpack that can stow inline skateboards, pads, helmets, trucks, wheels, and other gear.

A regular quality skateboard bag will fall far too short even while skating in the park too. There also your backpack must withstand the abuse of throwing on the ground, getting stowed in the trunks of the car, and being pressured down and out of the lockers. But you should look out for the features that can well pass the aforesaid ordeal.

How to Reach the Exact Backpack for Skateboarding

There lies a thin line between a skateboard bag and a regular backpack. Skateboard bags should have some features reinforced especially for skateboarding. The features that require added emphasis include – size, compartments and pockets, zip sets, number, and style of straps.

Style and Type

Two styles should come into consideration when selecting a bag for skateboarding. The need defines your skateboard style. You can opt for a traditional backpack with large size with added reinforcement in several parts mentioned above.

The other alternative is a skateboard-shaped backpack that can stow your skateboard with ease. That type of bag will surely allow space for other carrying gear too. Whatever type and style you go for, you should check for the fundamental features. The bags recommended in this guide are all generic backpacks more convenient and versatile than the Skateboard shape bag.


Size merits the foremost importance when selecting a backpack. You can hang the deck or the whole board in the Velcro or the latch attached to the exterior strap. Despite this fact, you require a large space in your skating bag to allow extra room for the safety gear – helmet, knee pads, and spares.

On top of the above factors, if you are out for week-long skateboarding; plenty of loads along with the perfect hiking hat or other stuff will be there to store in the belly of the bag. If you wish to record your skating adventure, the recording apparatus will demand a larger space.


A standard skateboard backpack should come with two body straps – the hip or waist strap and the chest strap. The hip strap will distribute the total load along the spine when you go fully stuffed with gears. And it is a must-take option because without the waist strap, the lower part of the bag will swing with the skateboard rush. That may cause serious inconvenience while riding.

The sternum strap will hook the bag to your body tightly. Having at least two body straps, in addition to the shoulder straps, will provide you with security and hauling comfort. Our selections come with this beneficial feature.


This particular sport or transportation involves a heavy load and so you should cut down the backpack weight. For that, you can go for the lighter and stronger fiber bag built with. The top 5 backpacks suggested here are made of strong and durable polyester. Polyester is the best material judging by the water resistance capability it offers.


Skateboarding being a speed-associated adventure sport and transportation, the pockets and compartments should go fully zippered. Because buttons and string will not render the level of security that a moving transport demands. Tiny gears and bottles will toss restlessly all along the ride and pockets with button closures will always run the risk of losing important things.

Is There a Difference Between Skateboard Bags and Longboard Bags

Yes, there is a difference between skateboard bags and longboard bags. Skateboard bags are designed to fit a standard-sized skateboard, usually measuring around 8-9 inches in width. They usually have a single strap or handle, and may have additional pockets or compartments for carrying accessories like tools, shoes, or extra wheels. Longboard bags, on the other hand, are designed to fit larger boards, usually measuring around 10-12 inches in width. They often come with straps or handles to make carrying easier, and have extra storage compartments for larger items like helmets, gloves, and other gear.

Quick Solutions

What Sizes of Skateboard Bags Are Available?

Skateboard bags come in a variety of sizes, including: -Small: Fits up to a 7.75″ deck -Medium: Fits up to 8.25″ deck -Large: Fits up to a 9.5″ deck -Extra-Large: Fits up to a 10.5″ deck

Are Skateboard Bags Compatible with Longboarding and Skateboarding Helmets?

Skateboard bags are designed to accommodate both longboarding helmets and skateboarding helmets. These bags come with adjustable straps and spacious compartments to hold any type of helmet securely. Whether you’re heading out for a longboarding adventure or a skateboarding session, a skateboard bag can easily fit your longboarding helmets and skateboarding helmets.

What Does Reinforced Feature Stand for?

Reinforced features are very basic when it comes to skateboard backpacking. It refers to the rubberized lining along the back panel of the bag where the sandy or gritty grip tape lies against. The pressure points should also be backed by bar tack to prevent sudden tearing on the go.

A backpack with a reinforced bottom is preferred by the pro-skaters to the one lacking it. It offers enhanced protection and insurance to the base of the bag that bears sliding and dragging most often.

What is a Redundant Strap?

Redundant straps are those additional lashes used in exclusive packs to come into action if one body strap breaks or tears off accidentally.

What Does Air/Water Drainage Stand for?

Skateboard bags are mostly made of water-resistant fiber that causes stagnancy inside the bag. That anti-ventilation combined with body heat may create moisture, sweat, and odor inside. Air/water Drainage Grommets can remove that inconvenience ensuring freshness forever in the interior.

View Recommended Top 5 Skateboard Backpacks-

1. Element Mohave Backpack Mens Sz 30L All Black

This skateboard backpack is a bridge between modern style and classical backpacking features. The very fabric it is made of is 600D polyester which is a first-generation backpacking material. But this is a skateboard-associated backpacking element – strong, durable, and rip-resistant. Polyester is sleek and water-resistant that can fight and sustain the ordeal of skateboarding abuse.

It features well-placed and ergonomic shoulder straps that ensure hauling comfort. The sternum strap is very skateboard-oriented and keeps the bag tightly attached to the body easing the ride. Thus the load is distributed among the shoulder, waist, and back of the border.

Another feature that is a skateboard bag basic is its zippered side pockets. A skating bag can’t do with button pockets as it entails ceaseless jerking and shaking. Pockets without a zip will spill out your necessary gears putting you into the oddest situation.

The 30L main compartment offers sufficient space to pack all your skating gear along with a dedicated laptop sleeve. Being a polyester bag, it can stretch and withstand the stuffing if need be.

What we liked

  • A rubberized carry handle;
  • Strong and durable materials;
  • Secured and zippered pockets;
  • Sufficient space for day-tripping and commuting;
  • Respond with a stretch at jam-packing.

What we didn’t like

  • Not a convenient skateboard space;
  • Straps are weak to hang the deck.

2. Eastsport Skater Backpack

Eastsport backpack offers the strongest and most sustainable backpacking material and packing space. The polyester fabric gives it durability and survival capability facing prominent skateboarding wear and tear.

Next comes the intelligently designed and engineered straps that address the hauling strength to your utmost content. The sternum strap is an excellent skating benefit that grabs the body and the bag closely. This feature enables you to maneuver portability on the fly. You can reach your gears in need and run when the bag is stably carried.

The main compartment is a loading convenience that lets you pack your traveling gear along with a laptop compartment. This is a grabbing opportunity for skateboarders on a budget. If you are not a dedicated and professional skater, this one, with regular backpacking features, is a gift for you at a cheap price.

What we liked

  • Massive main compartment;
  • Affordable than most other regular bags;
  • Well-built and sturdy materials.

What we didn’t like

  • A minimal approach in pockets;
  • Velcro is not flat enough.

3. Dakine Mission Skateboard-bag

Dakine comes first while considering traveling around to take part in a skating tournament. Because it accompanies you most conveniently both at a cross-continental backpacking and around-the-town skating. Many may look wide hanging their lower jaw when one calls Dakine a large skateboard bag. 

But actually, it is a larger bag with a large lid featured as a top cover.

Unlike the packs above it comes with thickly-padded shoulder straps to make your hauling comfortable and save your energy to let you skate along the terrain. The chest strap is positioned rightly to keep the bag properly pressed together with the body.

It has offered multiple zippered pockets – exterior and interior. The side pockets are long enough and can stow water bottles to keep you hydrated under the hot sun. And the internal pockets can store your tiny electronics, confidential documents, and keys.

The board lashes are effective and adjustable enough to add to the hauling relaxation. The lid cover facilitates extra loading space with a compartment inside it. But the top cover is not on par with the time-befitting backpacking feature as it comes with an oddity of buckles and straps.

What we liked

  • The sternum strap is perfectly positioned;
  • Massive packing store;
  • Plenty of zippered pockets;
  • Cushy and comfy shoulder straps.

What we didn’t like

  • Lack a front pocket;
  • Buckles in the lid.

4. GoRide Elite Electric Longboard Skateboard Backpack Bag

This is the only bag in this review guide to have a stern look with the sleekest design. The polyester fabric has contributed profusely to add to the look but the main job of this strong backpacking material is to survive the wear and tear of the skateboarding haul. That it does with acclaim as far as the customers’ reviews go. The material, engineering, and ergonomic manufacturing have earned it the tag of the most strongly built backpack in the skateboarding scene.

As a business or travel backpack, it features a foam-padded laptop compartment. This will protect your electronics from sweat. You can hang your longboard and skateboard from the latch that the board straps present as loop-and-Velcro. The loop-and-Velcro very easily adjusts even on the fly.

The carrying comfort is ensured by the compact 24L size and the scanty space is made up by a trade-off. The tradeoff is that this small and compact bag works great both for a motorcyclist and a border as well. One who goes well with the two can reap the harvest at a single purchase. 

What we liked

  • Sturdy built and materials;
  • Usable both for motorcycling and skateboarding;
  • Foam-padded laptop sleeve;
  • Board straps are strong enough to hold a skateboard.

What we didn’t like

  • None.

5. 187 Killer Pads Standard Issue Backpack with Skateboard Straps

Everything about 187 Killer Bags, from the ballistic scraped area safe 1000D texture to the coordinated twofold layer handle, is made to endure as you travel to the skatepark, school, work, and then some.

Not exclusively does our backpack secure your board, but at the same time, it’s planned with pockets for your PC, water bottle, keys, telephone, and sufficient stockpiling for whatever else you want to stash on the way.

The straps carry buckles in place of Velcro to hold a skateboard. This is distinct in this regard as most other skateboard bags feature Velcro. The material is waterproof to keep the internal storage safe from water or perspiration. On top of that, the strong material has enabled it to survive the longest span of backpacking life.

What we liked

  • Waterproof material protects your valuables;
  • Multi-compartment convenience;
  • Buckle straps are sturdy enough to hold the skateboard easily;
  • Durable materials help withstand skateboarding abuse.

What we didn’t like

  • No issue.

To Sum Up

All five backpacks covered in this article are skateboard backpacks but you can use any of those as a daypack, travel backpack, and laptop/school backpack. 

There is one bag featuring merely the skateboarding basics but this one is a trade-off for its cheap price. You can opt for the rest without the least trepidation as they are feature-rich and high-end products. And the price they claim is justified for the benefits they offer.

So now what do you say you are waiting for? Replace old packs with the most outstanding skateboard backpacks on our list and make your life a lot more straightforward!

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Guys, I am Camila Avery and I love to help my mom to do indoor & outdoor activities. As a lady, I have passed my time on gardening, home improvement, and personal or self-care. I have acquired some degrees in outdoor recreation, beauty, and hair care. It is not easy to work with top-level professional beauty experts. But, I got that opportunity and experimented with different hair extensions, hair colors, and cuts.

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