Tips to Use a Reciprocating Saw Like a Pro

Published on: May 9, 2022
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Do you know what is the most important thing to create something? It takes three things to create something they are right to plan, the right tools and the right materials. Once these three things have been combined, you need to go one step further in the process of creating what you want to create by cutting out the material you are going to work with as per your plan. Reciprocating saw is a tool that is used for cutting materials.

tips to use a reciprocating saw like a pro

Using this machine you can easily cut cards or any type of metal. But for that, you must be an expert. When one starts using a new device or tools, he knows very little about getting up but over time he has mastered various techniques and he has become a master at operating that machine.

If you want to become a pro user of reciprocating saw this article will help you. Here are some easy tips to use a reciprocating saw that will make you a pro user. All needed information about the reciprocating saw is included there.

Uses of Reciprocating Saw 

Reciprocating saws is one of the most useful tools. This power tool is used to make cutting work easier. Reciprocating saw is capable of working with wood, metal, and PVC. If you work with the construction and demolition industry then you must be working with the reciprocating saw.  When various tools fail to work, you can use the reciprocating saw to get things done successfully. Reciprocating saws are used in different works. To know the uses of reciprocating, read the article. Below are some common uses of the reciprocating saw. 

Plumbing works 

The plumber uses a reciprocating saw for the plumbing work. Through this saw, they can easily cut the pipe. This saw also creates holes and notches on the plumbing work without damaging it. 

Pruning the Trees

Reciprocating saw is used for pruning and streaming trees. Due to its lightweight and ease of use, you can easily cut the growing branches of the tree with the help of these tools. 

Metal Surface

Through the help of a reciprocating saw, any metal can easily be cut. This is also used to make holes in the metal. When other tools are failing to work this power work can be done without any issues, just know how to use this saw. 

 Construction and Demolition Work

The reciprocating saw not only use of constructions but also you can use it to demolish work. The feature of the saw blade is that it has been used for various purposes.  


Reciprocating saw has the feature to create the curve and straight cut, for this reason, you can use this saw to create frames. Different frame designs are made through this saw. Many crafters use reciprocating saws. 

Cutting Wood

Woodcutting is the common use of the reciprocating saw. The blade of this saw is capable of creating different cutwork. If you need to cut wood in a different style of the plain way just use this saw. 

Advantages of Using a Reciprocating Saw Over Other Power Tools

1. Its small size and light weight make it easy to maneuver in tight spaces and over long distances.

2. It has a variable speed setting which allows you to adjust the speed to the task at hand.

3. Its wide range of blades can be used to cut through a variety of materials including wood, metal, plastic, and drywall.

4. Its compact design allows it to be used in tight spaces where other tools may not fit.

5. It is relatively inexpensive compared to other power tools.

6. It is easy to use and most people can master the technique quickly.

7. It is a fast and powerful tool that can quickly make straight, curved, or angled cuts.

8. It is ideal for the demolition or removal of materials in tight spaces.

9. It is safer than using a jigsaw or circular saw as there is less risk of kickback.

Tips to Use a Reciprocating Saw Like a Pro

Do you love to use the reciprocating saw? Some users like to work with this saw but for some issues, they can not get a good result. Because they don’t have the idea about how to use a reciprocating saw like a pro user. Well, don’t worry.

Select Right Blade

The main part of the reciprocating saw is the blade. If you can not choose the right blade then you can not get a good result. Reciprocating saw is a very useful tool when you select the perfect blade then you will get the best result. Never use the dull blade for your saw. Always pick the sharp blade.  Choosing blade according to the cutting metal.

 When you cut wood select a high carbon steel blade with a high range of steel teeth.  When you want to prune the tree then select a deep gulet with a strong steel teeth blade. Because this kind of blade is made for pruning work. Diamond-grit blade is the best-cast iron. If you are a plumber then your best option is a high-speed steel blade because this blade is great for steel pipe. 

Install Blade Perfectly

All you have to do after choosing a saw blade is to set the blade properly. You have to insert the blade into the chuck. Adjusting properly a blade is one of the important steps to use a reciprocating saw like a pro. If you can’t adjust the blade properly, an accident can happen. Not only that, the plate breaks a lot of times due to not applying black properly.


Fine, you select a good blade and adjust it properly; it is not enough. Sleep plays another essential role. Working with the right speed is another step of good cutting. It is best not to work with too much speed at first because it will leave you with no control over your hands which could lead to accidents and ruin your work. That’s why the best idea is to work up the speed slowly.

Use Two-Hand

When you use the reciprocating saw, use both hands. This is because when you use this to cut something, it vibrates too much. Excessive vibration will make it difficult for you to control these tools. The best idea is to hold the handle tightly with both hands and continue cutting. If you feel that your hand hurts or you can’t hold on to this tool for a long time, stop working immediately. This is because if you are tired, you will not be able to hold this machine properly which will not work well for you. 

Maintain Distance 

The blade is the most important part of the reciprocating saw with which you can cut any kind of thing. Maintain a sufficient distance from the blade when you work with this machine. This is because if any part of the plate comes in direct contact with your body while the machine is running, you are more likely to get injured. Even when the machine is off, it is best not to touch the blade directly.

Protect the Surface

A smooth fine finish surface is essential when you are in a crater. To save your surface use a shoe cover. When the machine vibrates repeatedly while working, it can cause any kind of problem, even stains on the surface. Use a cheap pipe into the shoe of the reciprocating saw. It is the easiest way to get a fine finish surface or wooden floor.

Use Dull Blades to Cut Plastic

It is often seen at work that the blade is sharp, but it is not possible to cut cards or metal with it. You may think that their dull blades are useless. But they can be worked with plastic. Many people complain that cutting the plastic with a sharp blade has damaged the blazer teeth. In that case, you can easily cut the plastic using a dull blade. 

Safety Fact

Do not forget about safety issues when you are using a reciprocating saw. Always consent about your safety when you use any power tools. If you are not alert about your safety then you may be injured badly. Here are some safety tips when you use a reciprocating saw.

Wear safety gloves when you work with a saw. Best way to use leather gloves.

There is noise when working with a saw and which is very annoying so you can use earplugs to get rid of it. 

When working with a saw, wood chips or metal can cause eye damage. So be concerned about your eye, use protective glass when you work with any kind of saw.

The machine must be turned off when changing blades or installing teams.

Never work with unsuitable blades, as this can damage your machine and even damage your work.

Many people work with one hand while using a reciprocating saw because it is light in weight, but it is not very accurate. 

How Can I Extend the Life of My Reciprocating Saw

1. Only use the saw for the materials it is designed for.

2. Ensure the blade is properly tightened before each use.

3. Regularly inspect and replace the blade if it becomes worn or damaged.

4. Use lubricant on the blade and the saw’s moving parts to reduce friction and wear.

5. Make sure the saw is properly stored when not in use.

6. Clean the saw and its components after each use and periodically check for signs of wear and tear.

7. Use the correct saw for the job – avoid forcing the saw to cut materials it isn’t designed for.

8. Use the correct blade for the material being cut – this will reduce the strain on the saw and improve its lifespan.

9. Ensure the saw is well maintained and serviced as per manufacturer instructions.

10. Use the saw within its power range and do not overload it.


A reciprocating saw has various uses. Different saws are available in the market. If you expect a good result then you must choose the right saw. When you choose the right saw you can use them like a pro user. Those who are pro users of reciprocating saw know very well what kind of techniques should be applied to make the best cutting. 

All kinds of important facts and tips about the reporting saw are discussed in this article so that you can be an expert in this saw. When you work with this saw try to follow all of the tips that will help you a lot.

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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