Best 2×72 Belt Grinders Analysis (with 2×42 and Others)

Published on: April 6, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by David Rowan

A high-quality belt grinder, or modernized 2 x 72 belt grinders or similar 2 x 42 ones, innovative for grinding and finishing. However, we call it modern machines, since many of these accept 1-inch belts, including the 2″.

However, if we recall the past sharpening or grinding system, which was finished by hand, it did not feature an ideal. Even some took a long time to process for metal grinding. However, the previous blade smithing systems, and the recent blade grinders are good enough comparing previous models.

2x72 belt grinders

From forging your knives to industrial productions, either from woods or from chunks of metals, a reliable and heavy-duty 2 x 72 or 2 by 42 inches belt grinder makes the total processing story comfy. For consistent output, one of these is a must in workshops. 

How to Select Any 2 x 42 or 2 x 72 Belt Grinder?

Suppose you are thinking of a newbie bladesmith where, to begin with, the hardware, you may be tempted to pick something that looks outstanding and exciting on top of the rack. This is not the way it works. You must fully inspect and see each brand. This is to ensure that you get an incentive for your cash.

Here is a list of some of the key features you should consider when buying a 2 x 42 or 2 x 72 belt grinder.


You really want a small grounded 2 x 42 or 2 x 72 belt grinder for your blade-making experience. All that structure when removing the cutting edge for your blade. Any small earthquake can change the accuracy of the shape you need. Although we have proven to be effective in reducing love as a whole and versatile, heavy, and quality stability.

Ease of Assembly

If you are quite new to 2 x 42 or 2 x 72 belt grinders, or knife making, it is ideal to start with one of the models mentioned above with straight or narrower designs. Narrower designs give more controlling power over small objects or straight ones enabling them to get compatible with big objects and smoother finishing.

Whatever the project size, you may not prefer to spend longer with these devices, which causes hand strain or back pain—but spending time costs better learning the craft.

Not always true, but easy-to-assemble tools, whether a beast or the smallest one, creates an easy setup to replace the belt. If you are a regular user, spend your bucks not on a complicated model, only as per your need. 

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Cleaning Up

An assorted belt grinder of 2 inches or 1 inch differs in providing a value pack. But an important opt-out fact that you cannot ignore, and is to clean up the filth that is created from your used belt grinders. In recent times, some of these added dust ports and collectors or the one to ensure a tidy work area for you. Shaving cleaning is vital for healthier and safer workshops.

In particular, while grinding, sanding, deburring, and polishing wooden pieces, make sure the dust port face is in the opposite position from yours. Apart from that, many 2 x 72 belt grinders use auto-cleaning systems to enhance the whole device’s lifespan. 


Whether speed, connecting point, and mentioned opt-out factors you can take into consideration. Take into account the motor’s varying power source. What does a motor tell you? The sanders, especially the 2″ x 72″ belt grinders’ are efficient yet powerful or not, complete your desired task. 

Grinders with less than 1 HP motor are good but not enough for tough projects, like a regular knife, manufacturing. Whether 1.5 HP or more than that amount, well-known as big ones. Come with the sharpest edges to grind and sharpen a solid metal at ease due to its huge power. However, these cost more. Opposition words confirm that a small powered belt grinder has variable speed settings, and without spending fewer bucks. 

What Are the Specifications of a 2×72 Belt Grinder?

A 2×72 belt grinder is a machine that consists of a belt that is typically 2 inches wide and 72 inches long, driven by an electric motor. The belt is typically made of abrasive material, such as aluminum oxide or zirconia, and is used for grinding, sanding, and finishing a variety of materials, including metal, wood, and plastic.

The grinder typically includes a platen, which is a flat surface that the material is ground against, as well as a contact wheel, which is a rubber or urethane wheel that helps to control the angle and pressure of the material as it is ground. Some 2×72 belt grinders also include a slack belt area, which allows for a more aggressive grinding action. Other features that may be included on a 2×72 belt grinder include a dust collection system, adjustable belt tracking, and a variable speed drive.

The motor of the grinder can be either single-phase or three-phase and its Horsepower can vary from 1/2 HP to 5 HP depending on the make and model. Some grinders come with a belt speed of around 2800 FPM (feet per minute) and some with adjustable speeds.

It also includes a work rest for holding the workpiece and a tool arm for holding the contact wheel. The machine can be mounted on a bench or a stand. Some grinders are also equipped with a cooling system to keep the belt cool during the grinding process.

Overall, the specifications of a 2×72 belt grinder can vary greatly depending on the make and model, but most include a 2-inch wide by 72-inch long belt, an electric motor, and a platen and contact wheel for grinding.

What is the Belt Material of a 2×72 Belt Grinder?

The belt material of a 2×72 belt grinder is typically made of abrasive materials such as aluminum oxide or zirconia. These materials are chosen for their durability and ability to effectively grind and sharpen a variety of materials.

Editor’s Note

The trendy belt grinders about 2″ by 72″ or 2″ by 42″ are ideal and very popular for knife-making tasks. Even other reasons are not beyond imagination. So do the grinders mentioned below more usable in high-flow environments, like workshops? The power sources are also impressive from the start and the experienced running time, for 7/8 hours per day. 

No matter how much longer you use it. Only keep remembering our buying guide and do a little research. Happy grinding and sanding altogether.

View Editor’s Selected 2 x 72 Belt Grinders

While we are talking, they may innovate a new one and be available right at your stores. We have done complete research on today’s topic from the overwhelming list of such belt grinders, including belts. Let’s focus on the relevant 2 x 72 belt grinders with 2 x 42 inches and others with a complete buying guideline.

Taishi Multifunctional Electric Belt Sander with 2 x 82 Inches Polishing Grinding Belt

  • Motor Power: 2HP, 1.5 KW;
  • Power Source corded electric;
  • Flat Platen: 2.5″ × 2.5″ (big wheels) solid aluminum wheels;
  • Aluminum Contact Wheels: 2.5″ × 2″;
  • Disc speed: 2800 RPM.

Love to make the first entry with an advanced Taishi 2 x 82 belt grinder. The pure attraction is its thick steel. Even the good enough counterpart and idler wheels are both connected. However, the drilled and tapped D-plate becomes the only way to get integrated with the axles, which move the pieces in both forward and backward positions to grind bevels. 

No flimsy contraption by the iron-cast construction, added steel coating is a plus point while using the beast. As a result, it becomes handier while dealing with smaller objects, either to manage the sturdy knives. Whether to deal with belt changing, the model goes so simple and easy.

However, the ergonomic push-down handle comes with an almost square shape. Over a tension beam, it leads all by itself with the tracking wheels. The motor accelerates the strategy at a single pass and 2800 revolutions per minute disc speed.

No dust shield included, but instead of making a slight mod, after making ports, use trimming the bottom by Dremel before attaching a dust port.  

What we liked 

  • Heavy-duty knife-making tool;
  • Easy belt changing;
  • Powerful and quiet;
  • Good for beginners.


  • No noticeable cons.

Happybuy Belt Grinder Variable Speed 2 X 82 inch Belt with Flat Platen

  • Power source: corded electric;
  • Disc speed: 2800 RPM;
  • Grit Type coarse;
  • Aluminum Flat Platen: 2.5 X 2.5″/6.35 x 6.35 cm (Big Wheels);
  • Motor: 2HP, 220V.

Our next top handy pick is Happybuy 2 x 82 inches belt grinder with a flat platen. However, this one we found the best for knife making, even for industrial production with pro-graded manufacturing power at 3 phases. Competing with similar models in almost all grinders and sanders categories, this has achieved its position as an ideal aftermarket reliable belt grinder. 

You may do tasks by wearing out the belt; that is nice. Even under 80 grits need not attach a delicate mod to its dust shield back for cursor grit belts.

More handy precise knife production, including a VFD 2.2kw inverter to control better with multi-speed. Also, the 2HP motor runs with less stress and is available in the box.

Though it accepts a 2″ x 82″ belt, it is not an impossible task to fit a lower-sized one, for instance, 2″ x 42″ in it. Its arm and integrated belt sander work table are specially arranged for any big or small knives. If you are busy but want an easy belt change, the machine will allow for this. As well, the precision belt tracking system will help the most. Another specific adjustable belt tensioning releases the belt jams, however, allowing more precise work. 

What we liked 

  • Easy assembly;
  • High-quality grinding;
  • All-steel construction;
  • High-speed copper motor;
  • Easy operation & variable speed.


  • No noticeable cons.

Jet J-4103 2 x 72 Square Wheel Belt Grinder

  • Power source: electric-powered;
  • Belt sander table: 6-3/4 x 9 in;
  • Belt speed: 3400 FPM;
  • Disc speed: 2500 RPM;
  • Disc table tilt: 45 degrees.

Aiming for a standard 2″ x 72″ belt grinder? Jet J-4103 is the one in this price-to-weight ratio class. As stated in the title, it is worth much and makes itself so special for its integrated square wheel. Something more is its wheel area, about 3″ X 2″ or 1-1/2″ X 2″. Such contact wheels are very promising to reach tight spaces for grinding a great variety of wood and metals. 

As well, its serrated contact wheels are useful for removing heavy stocks, either to snag a casting after cleaning the top. Even if you want, you can go ahead with this for multipurpose finishing. The speed and efficient finishing will never disappoint you at any cost.

Want more? How about the platen setting? We have experienced this function for level grinding over its precise flat surface at high speed. We could not align the belt because of not include a similar mechanism for the bottom roller. Though top alignment works well with the top rollers, it may not become a pain point for the pros. 

What we liked 

  • Square wheels;
  • Never will choke with extended usage;
  • Accept pressures;
  • Similar in size, powerful motor, and disc.


  • No belt is aligned for the bottom roller.

Palmgren 2″ x 42″ Benchtop Belt Grinder

  • Weight: 35 pounds;
  • Power source: electricity;
  • Belt sander table: 6-3/4 x 9 in;
  • Belt speed: 4400 FPM;
  • Disc speed: 3500 RPM;
  • Disc table tilt: 45 degrees;
  • Platen size: 2 3/8″ X 7 1/4″.

The Palmgren 2″ x 42″ is an incredibly versatile benchtop belt grinder. As well, it performs contour sanding, intricate part sanding, and dry sharpening too. Combining the 2-in by 42-in. belt grinder with a benchtop sander makes it an ideal machine for standing crowds. Also, polishing, finishing, deburring, and bevelling are available in this all-in-one type belt grinder.

The grinding belt and the 6″ wheel often tilt up to 45°. However, you can choose between vertical and horizontal angles for workpiece precision. This mechanism lets users, like us, choose between bevel angles, especially for knife-making.

Due to its idle roller guard and the common removable belt platen, regular contour sanding for plastic, ferrous, non-ferrous, and composite materials becomes a painless process whether cast iron construction ensures structural rigidity with an anti-vibration system.

Featuring a 3.5AMP motor is impressive though powered by electricity. However, such limited power intends 3500 revolutions per minute at a single phase.  

What we liked 

  • Tracking adjuster;
  • Tool-free knob for removing old belt;
  • Both horizontal and vertically positioned operating belt arms;
  • Best for beginners.


  • Thinner metal platen.

Jet J-41002 2 x 42 Bench Belt Grinder

  • Weight: 60 pounds;
  • Material: cast iron;
  • Power source: electricity;
  • Belt sander table: 10-3/4 x 7-1/2 inches;
  • Belt speed: 3100 FPM;
  • Disc speed: 3450 RPM;
  • Disc table tilt: 45 degrees.

The apt title is the Jet J-41002 belt grinder takes 2-inch belt sanding to an unmatched level by the previous popular options. Nothing to beat this benchtop beast from Jet. Best suited to those with tight budgets or pockets. A flex shaft lets users mount on to alternate as a carver or sander. In general, the turning as an abrasive sander performs in multi-functions instead of any cop saws, or jigsaws. 

Featuring the belt unit can remove extra materials from the pieces, whether many of the well-established models do not let users step on for finishing with themselves, even in the case of knives or other flat pattern tools productions. So, the overall combined steps can help you to reach smaller spaces with its integrated thinner belt.

How about handling odd blade shapes? The precision angle, a kind of pro-grade miter gauge, can lock and can measure blades from both left and right sides, up to 45 degrees. The overall dimension with an 8″ wheel presents itself larger in 2 x 42 Belt Grinders listing whether the 3100 FPM belt speed stands itself as one of the highest categories.

What we liked 

  • Simple setup;
  • Dust deflector and chute;
  • Removable platen;
  • Cam lock;
  • Perfect for heavy knives making; 
  • Rubber feet.


  • Steel base;
  • Bad runout.

BUCKTOOL BD4801 Bench Belt Sander

  • Weight: 43.5 pounds;
  • Power source: battery-powered;
  • Belt Size 4″x36″;
  • Belt speed: 2161 FPM;
  • Disc speed: 3450RPM;
  • Belt Grit 120#.

The 4″ belt grinder by 36-inches, BD4801 series for knife making, manufactured by Bucktool. Such an impressive tool can sharpen tools. Not only within a minute but on a flat plate that is available in stores. Working like a belt sander, move forward to shape various materials. 

The model also accepts any brand 1″ belts. For top-quality metal sanding, this addition makes itself no longer a big grinder, except for the 6″ white wheel. This brush wheel removes rust at 3450 RPM, by enabling you for safe mounting. 

Else, other full belt guards, including battery-powered tools, are breezy during operations in darkness. Major integrated fast belt tensioning system, tool-free belt changes, simple belt tracking knob, and dust port ensure safety. Even this most portable sander can make itself easy with wood, plastic, or any composite materials. You can direct it as a bolted-on to a sturdy top for detailed work if you wish.

While finishing, polishing, and deburring heavy metals, we had no fret about its longevity. Because heavy-duty construction always supports a power motor that supplies power even running under loads. 

What we liked 

  • High belt and wheel speed;
  • Pasted design sand disc paper;
  • Plunge line sharpening accessory;
  • The aluminum sanding belt dust outlet can prevent melting;
  • High portability with battery.


  • No cons.

Jet 708598K JSG-6CS Belt/Disc Sander

  • Weight: 196 pounds;
  • Power source: corded electric;
  • Belt sander table: 12-1/2-by-7-inch;
  • Belt speed: 2500 FPM;
  • Disc speed: 
  • Disc table tilt: 45 degrees, 25 degrees.

Jet 708598K JSG-6CS is a great wielding shop starter grinder we have used so far. Apart from the 2×42 and 2×72 belt grinders, this one appears with a 6″ x 48″ size unique belt with other counterparts. Beginner-friendly for those in welding shops. 

Comes with a strong 1.5HP motor and a 15-34″ idler roller from the middle to the tool reset distance. However, you need a 20AMP circuit for consistent results. 

Yeah, in the bottom, a door is available in the cabinet. Settles down its powerhouse for working on both wood and metal sanding and grinding, but depending on the belt grit. Its task-level with good results also depends on sanding belt/disc installation. 2 ground cast iron tables are available for such reasons with miter gauge slots. Even in that case, it has integrated positional stops at 90° and 45° for both sanding tables. 

This unit can work without vibrations with disc sandpaper, not the belt paper on the 12″ disc. Which may create too loud for longer jobs. Including a 4″ dust collector; we recommend safety wearings before going ahead with the sharp edges.

What we liked 

  • Backstop for horizontal mode;
  • Belt guard;
  • Ground cast iron tables;
  • Beginner-friendly;
  • For heavy-duty jobs;


  • Expensive;
  • No dust collector included.  

WEN 6502T with Cast Iron Base 4 x 36 Belt Sander

  • Motor Power: 4.3 Amp;
  • Disc speed: 3600 RPM.

It’s expensive gear, but useful. You can’t overload this thing as It’ll stop, trip its breaker, overheat, and generally throw a temper tantrum. So, take care to not put an excessive amount of pressure and keep a copy . 

With a 4.3 amp motor, the WEN Belt Disc Sander easily sands, polish, and removes all of the notched edges and splinters on your wood and lumber. The belt also tilts anywhere from 0-90 degrees to accommodate the requirements of your particular workpiece, while the heavy cast-iron base prevents vibrations.

If one makes proper use of this grinder, it’s going to last for years to come. I’ll recommend using the vertical position, and also, don’t use the wheel sander frequently.

What we liked

  • Good speed;
  • Quite;
  • Great for the price.


  • Part can’t be found;
  • Dumb adjustment.


2 x 42 vs 2 x 72 Belt Grinder?

By the overwhelming fame of 2″ x 72″ belt grinders or the 2″ by 42″ ones, why do these become unbeatable by other models, for instance, 1″ by 42″ belt grinders? Either these split from each other more? The answers lie in their constructions. As stated, over 85% of modern belt grinders take 2″ x 72″ belts. In that case, the second raised in your mind is correct. Else, the size-based is another economy opt-out fact.

The 2 x 72 belt grinders are 30% more expensive than 2″ by 42″ or 1-inches width ones. Why? Because of the triple made grinding surface area. Also, the high work table and platen are perfect for knife sharpening and more detailed works.

Should You Use a 2″ x 42″ or 2″ x 72″ Belt Grinder for Knife Making?

A very common question. Making their own knives for multipurpose utilization, for instance, livelihood, hobby, art, and more. Many of the grinding machines come with battery-power or an electric cord as the power source, limiting their smoothing capacity and portability.

Blade smithing, in that case, a traditional DIY task. However, instead of sharpening stones, people turn this skill into knife making by 2-inches or 1-inch popular belt grinders. So, if you want a quality knife that fits in your hand, you should shop for a 2″ x 72″ belt grinder for better service with proper sharpening edges. 

Is there a Difference Between a Sander and Grinder?

A belt sander or a belt grinder? Most of the reviews declare these same for some similar jobs at the same time. Though both acts as sanders differentiate from their basic speeds and attachments. Speaking about the speed, sanders are not good enough for metals. Belt grinders at 3500 to 8000 feet per minute speed and more than 3500 RPM can grind the metals, woods, plastics by the single pass. 

Angled grinders use sturdy wheels or discs that are available with several types, and purposes too. The alignment of these belts is quite easy. 

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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