11 Best Air Impact Wrench for Changing Tires in 2024

Published on: March 4, 2022
Written by Liam Jaxon / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Are you bored with traditional wrenches? It’s time to switch to the latest quality air impact wrench for changing your vehicle’s tire. Now we prefer some top-branded tire changers for you. People also know it as an air gun, torque gun, impactor, rattle gun, or windy gun.

11 best air impact wrench for changing tires in 2023

This power tool is built to require less exertion and delivers higher torque output from the user. It makes fastening and unfastening bolts so faster and easier. These top-rated wrenches were chosen to meet those requirements and have some benefits of their own.

Considerations for Choosing an Air Impact Wrench

Everyone needs to pick the right product to save valuable time and make sure they get the ideal use of their money. However, choosing a good tire changer should not be tedious as you only need the following factors. Read more: Impact Drivers for Automotive Use


Different jobs will require different torque amounts, so the air impact wrench you purchase should be perfect for the intended use. The frequency of use also matters because it comes designed to deter continuous use while others look at it to lose power over you using them. But, they are also designed for multipurpose use. And you can handle almost anything thrown at them. 


As for its character, the air wrench requires an air compressor for your task. When you choose one for your need ensure it has airflow as much as necessary. Also, you need to check on the coordinate and the minimum hose sizing. It has the consult adapter accessories, and you can make sure that no air is lost from the compressor and the tool.


The quantity of torque that the wrench gives a lot as it fixes what you can use for it. Sometimes you might not need a high-torque machine because of the low torque. Before you splash out on a high-torque machine, you need to be certain that you will need it.


The weight of a wrench matters a lot because these are handheld, and this is more if you have to need it for long periods with minimal hand fatigue. An ideal tire changer should be lightweight enough to be easy to use and maintain. 


Usually, these tools are used in tight spaces. That is why the tool has a small profile. But the size you choose depends on your project requirement that will be perfect for your needs. The downside of the small tool is that they come with less power and torque. It is all about a good balance between size and power.

Speed and Ergonomics

When you measure its speed, you will need to look at the impacts per minute and no-load speed. And also important to find a wrench that well fills the grip of your hand and is also comfortable to use. The handle must be ergonomic and made with quality material.

View 11 Powerful Air Impact Wrench, Below

Ensure that your impact tools have a 1/2-inch drive because getting anything less will not handle a bulky workload without frequent overhauls. If working around cars, an ideal retractable air hose reel is highly recommended for you.

1. Ingersoll Rand Air Impact Wrench (2235TiMAX)

  • Drive Size 1/2 inch;
  • Lightweight 4.62 Ibs;
  • 13500-ft.lb max torque;
  • Free Speed 8500 RPM.

Ingersoll Rand made the model 2235QTiMAX air impact wrench is a powerful and reliable tool for changing tires. That will be perfect for home and professional use. It comes with a twin hammer mechanism that offers strong powers and tough bolts with the help of heavy-duty. The torque of 1300 ft. lb is the highest among our list of air impact wrench reviews. 

Moreover, it has a four-position power regulator, which allows you to switch between adjusting torque and the power modes for getting the different types of tasks. You can change the direction easily by pushing a button. Price and weight are the most reliable for people.


  • Twin hammer mechanism;
  • Steel wear plate;
  • Four power regulators;
  • 100 forward/reverse mechanism;
  • Heavy-duty usage.


  • Comes with heavier relatives.

2. 20V MAX XR DEWALT Impact Tire Changer

  • Multi-voltage charger;
  • Included 5.0 Ah battery;
  • It provides 700 ft-lbs torque.

DEWALT is a popular brand on the market at present. Always they made their product more comfortable with a reliable price. Now we tell about the DCF899P1 impact wrench for easily changing tires. It provides 700 ft of torque to unscrew the stubborn bolts of the tires. Also saves your impact wrench from wrestling with them. 

It is the ideal torque impact wrench for changing tires with 1200 ft/lb maximum breakaway torque. It has a 3-speed selector, which is used for switching to control speed for a wide variety of applications. On the other hand, it is more powerful and versatile for several tasks. This model also has a unique LED light with 20 seconds delay. 


  • LED light ;
  • Brushless motor;
  • 38-piece set covers;
  • Total weight of 7.2 pounds;
  • 20-volt Max XR tool;
  • No Load Speed 400/1200/1900.


  • Expensive than other Dewalt models.

3. NitroCat Air Impact Wrench (1200-K)

  • 1/2in. impact wrench;
  • Lightweight design;
  • Free Speed 8000 RPM;
  • Twin clutch mechanism.

1200K air impact wrench tool designed by Nitrocat. It is a good wrench kit that delivers a higher torque of up to 1,295 ft. This 1/2-inch tool does wonder for removing applications. Plus, it is manufactured with a reduced noise level, which keeps you comfortable while it is working.

Because the filter allows the noise to be minimal. Its handle gives you less stress and fatigue on your arms and hands. This wrench uses a more efficient twin hammer and clutch mechanism. In short, you should not have any doubt about its durability, so go for it.


  • Can provide 1295 ft-lb loosening torque;
  • Features quiet technology;
  • Easy operation flip lever;
  • Patented forward/reverse switch;
  • Available in high quality at a low price.


  • Underpowered for some tasks.

4. Killer Torque 1/2-inch Impact Wrench Kit by Aircat

  • 1/2-Inch impact bare tool;
  • Lightweight 4.5 pounds;
  • Twin hammer mechanism.

Finding top-quality features of air impact wrench tools for changing tires? Here we come out with the high-level wrench kit for your task with impact brands and models. However, Aircat 1150 comes with 1295 ft loosening torque is a new addition to air-powered impact wrenches. Besides, 1/2 inch wrench size is a perfect size for changing tire nuts.

It gives only 86 dB tuned levels to keep your environment noise-free without any power loss. Air brand offers a complete package of power, durability, control, and precision. Its patented ergonomically designed handle gives your hand more comfort and its only one down site cannot work above 1000 Ibs.


  • Low decibel level 86;
  • It provides 1,295 ft-lb;
  • Patented ergonomically designed handle;
  • Durable composite housing system;
  • Easy operation flips the lever forward and reverse.


  • It does not work for 1000 lbs bolts.

5. 1/2 inc Campbell Hausfeld Air Impact Driver

  • Comfort rubber grip;
  • Three-speed selector features;
  • Torque 550-ft;
  • Free Speed 8000 RPM.

Campbell makes this wrench tool for anyone shopping on a tight budget and does not want to compromise on their quality. With this smaller price tag offers are still capable of generating 550 ft. of nut-busting torque.

Plus, it features 3-speed power to make it easy for selecting the speed. And it produces control of both speed and directional settings. The twin hammer mechanism provides the correct results with less vibration. 

With its soft grip design, you can work for extended periods without getting tiredness in your hands. If you are looking for high torque output in an air impact wrench this is not it. But for everyday users of your applications, this wrench should be perfect.


  • Twin hammer impact mechanism available;
  • Comfortable to use and user-friendly;
  • Tackle bolts and tough lugs with ease;
  • Low CFM Requirements;
  • Comes with a durable composite design.


  • Finish Scratches Easily.

6. NoCry 20V Air Impact Wrench Kit

  • 20V 4.0 Ah battery;
  • Carrying case included;
  • Comes with a belt clip.

This NoCry air impact wrench tool is a time saver during your hectic day of changing tires. It is considered a good wrench kit for tires, which works well for nuts. Bolts and screws. This 20 V lithium-ion battery can charge faster in only 1.5 hours. You can also take this battery anywhere to change your car tires. It provides two kinds of torque for tires, which provides this tool an edge over other air-impact wrenches. 

They come with a massive speed of 3000 rpm, and no shadow lights here you found. It offers 3 bright LED lights for changing the tires comfortably at night. The 1/2 detent anvil removes tires from trucks, cars, and trailers in a flash at 2200 RPMs, and is also the perfect tool for changing massive vehicle tires. This powerful impact tire changer is highly recommended for home automotive projects.


  • 260 ft-lb fastening torque; 
  • loosening torque of 300 ft-lb;
  • No shadow lights included;
  • 3-bright LED features.


  • You cannot get any option to choose power levels.

7. DEWALT 20V MAX Impact Tire Changer

  • 20v Max XR brushless high torque;
  • DCB205 offers a 5.0 Ah battery;
  • Multi-voltage charger included.

DEWALT is the name of the trust. Always they produced their product to the user’s satisfaction to keep in mind. For those reasons, people choose their items and love to use them. The 20V MAX wrench is one of them. Its 1/2-inch high torque impact wrench is used for changing tires. DEWALT has not created all their impact wrenches only for small vehicles; you can also use them for heavy vehicle bolts and nuts.

It has an adjustable speed trigger and brake, which help to improve control better than other brands. This wrench tool uses XR Lithium-ion batteries including a fuel gauge. Additionally, this model offers 400 ft-lbs maximum torque, which is capable of heavy-duty. 


  • XR Li-Ion batteries come with a fuel gauge;
  • Long battery life in 24 hours on a single charge;
  • High IPM 0- 2300 and durable magnesium case;
  • Variable speed trigger and an electric brake feature;
  • LED light provides greater visibility;
  • The kit has two batteries.


  • A bit expensive.

8. Werktough (IW03) Impact Wrench Tool

  • CRV Sockets (17, 21, 19, 23mm);
  • Included battery, charger, and user manual;
  • Providing a carrying case.

The Worktough IW03 is a new brand in the market that comes with a variety of tire-changing tools. It is perfect for auto repair, loosening, and tightening nuts, and also can be used for home maintenance. Have you any doubts about its products because of its new entity? Let’s discuss the product features, which will clear your doubt about that tool. Read more: Dead Blow Hammers Reviews

This 1/2-inch cordless impact wrench for tires delivers a maximum torque of 260 ft-lbs, which is more than enough to loosen and tighten tire nuts. It can provide 3000 IPM and change your tires without any extra force. Its LED light allows you to change car tires anywhere. And the 3000mAh lithium-ion batteries provide the real-time battery level.  


  • Its motor delivers 207ft. lbs of max torque;
  • 0-2300/min and 3000 IPM with no-load speed;
  • Reversible direction control and switch lock features;
  • Design soft rubber handle;
  • Built-in LED light for comfortable use.


  • It is not perfect for loosening heavy bolts.

9. 2763-22 M18 Impact Wrench by Milwaukee

  • M18 and M12 multi-voltage chargers;
  • Two M18 Red Lithium battery packs;
  • Storage bag included.

Milwaukee brands come with a new model of impact wrenches, which will help you to change the vehicle’s tires easily anywhere. It delivers maximum performance and output. And it has a built-in LED that will be helpful when you have any trouble changing tires at night. The essential feature which prevents the tool from overheating. This is a perfect tool for automotive and engineering projects. 

On the side of the road, you don’t need to struggle, with this impact wrench you can change your automobile’s tire in seconds. It allows changing the power mode according to your fastening tasks. According to its features, it is not easy to mess up when working on a car or motorcycle.


  • Built-in LED light;
  • It Provides 700 ft-lbs torque;
  • It allows two fastening modes;
  • 1/2″ Anvil with friction ring;
  • Variable speed trigger features.


  • Expensive as compared to other brands.

10. Ingersoll Rand Heavy-Duty Wrench Kit

  • Drive size 1/4 inch;
  • Torque 600-ft.lb;
  • Free Speed 8000 RPM.

Ingersol brand comes with a variety of tire changer models that are reliable at a comfortable price with a classic design. Its twin hammer mechanism offers it 600-foot-pound torque. You can easily Install or remove stubborn bolts, lug nuts, and hardy fasteners with this mechanism. Its features have an adjustable power regulator to get the adjusted power output. 

While you use this wrench, it keeps your hands and wrists at ease with comfortable use. For using the prolonged, its handle is effective to control and carry. Compared to other models,  it is a little louder, but the noise is nothing so big a price to get a powerful tool like this one.


  • Ergonomic 2-piece design; 
  • Pressure feed lubrication;
  • Adjustable power regulator features;
  • Comes with a twin hammer mechanism.


  • It is a little louder than other wrench tools. 

11. Neiko 30128A Impact Tire Changer

  • 7,500 RPM;
  • Ergonomic grooved handle grip;
  • Pneumatic twin hammer.

For getting great speed, you need to check out the powerful air impact gun. That offers up to 7,500 RPM speed for both heavy-duty tasks and smaller tasks. Other than this tool has an ergonomic handle, which is allowing for an easy holding system. It comes with Lubricant oil and also the Allen wrench system.

It has a control mechanism that you can easily alter from counter-clockwise to clockwise rotation. It’s a great distance from the powerhouse and unsuccessful to remove several bolts that were rusty in place. The grooved handle grip delivers a very comfy hold. It is also not heavyweight so you can carry it easily as you need.


  • Affordable price;
  • Easy operation flip lever;
  • Control mechanism;
  • Comfortable to use and user-friendly.


  • Only 600 ft-lbs of torque.


Which Impact Wrench is Better for Changing Tires in 2024?

When changing tires in 2024, the key is to find the right impact wrench. A detailed comparison of impact wrenches can help you make an informed decision. Look for features like torque, speed, and durability to find the best tool for the job.

What is a Good Impact Wrench for Changing Tires?

Assuming that you’re searching for the best cordless effect wrench for replacing tires, by and large, the Milwaukee 2763-22 M18 Impact Wrench will be your smartest choice. It is strong, while likewise being agreeable to utilize and appropriately cheap. The two property holders and experts will see the value in this wrench.

What Size Impact Wrench Do I Need to Change the Tires?

A decent impact wrench for fasteners should measure  ⅜-inch or ½-inch. These two sizes give the sufficient ability to eliminate even the toughest fasteners without applying excessive force. Utilizing a lot of energy can loosen your fasteners.

How to Use an Air Impact Wrench?

Adjoin the hose and wrench both the air compressor. And check the PSI, which should be between 90 and 100. Must be confirmed the hose isn’t kinked. Setting up the correct speed using the switch on the wrench. Fixed the right socket to the bit on it. Finally, slip the bit into the wheel nut, and push the trigger.

What Does the Mean of Impacts Per Minute?

Conventionally, impact per minute means the number of times a hammer strikes an anvil within one minute. It is the same as a hammer drill’s beats per minute and raises the tool’s capacity to drive fastening into harder materials. Most impact drivers deliver almost 3,000 IPM.

The Bottom Line

This tool will always do things like tire rotation, exhaust refit, and faster brake correction. Also easier as it loosens and tightens bolts. You must assure yourself to pick the greatest air impact wrench by considering those factors like the application, airflow, weight, size, torque, speed, and ergonomics.

So, you need to pick one model that suits your specific task. Our shortlist will help you to find the perfect one.

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Hi, I am responsible for the 'Homeowners Power Solutions' category. My name is Liam Jaxon and a licensed technician with 7 years of experience in vehicle batteries, electrical gadgets, and home appliances. My working experience in different residential & light commercial electrical sectors and the automobile industry helped to acquire vast knowledge in this industry.

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