Best Dead Blow Hammers: Choosing Guide, Using And Recommendations

Published on: February 27, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Rubber mallets, dead blow hammers, recoilless hammers, and more similar equipment of these kinds are available, even being introduced season and season out. While driving nails, working surfaces, and screw attaching, the equivalent tasks often demand a dead blow hammer. 

best dead blow hammer

Worrying about surface damage? Whether our crew was using such hammers, we did not experience something like that, though it happens. Besides that, one thing to remember about the ability to avoid strike rebounds. On your applications, especially on soft surfaces, it absorbs tremors and improves the striking force.

The force, either for tapping out old vehicle body dents or for working on a chassis, you cannot deny the excessive necessary tools. However, with some primary usage and making details, we have enlisted such 9 dead blow hammers. Our research has not stopped yet. For showcasing your benefits, we have attached some pros and cons along with the product details, and a perfect buyer’s guide. 

Things to Consider When Choosing Dead Blow Hammers


Before buying something, like a hammer, what do you look for? Before answering it, it is necessary to know the reason for shopping for it, right? A dead blow hammer is ideal for driving nails into several hard and soft surfaces. Either for screwing in the same way. In particular, its singular hit, if it attaches a hefty head, can make your driving task easy. 

Here, the foremost opt-out factor we should suggest is the hammer’s construction materials. In that case, we prefer Neiko 02847A and Nupla from our top-listing items considering each durable material in construction. 


The second opt-out fact. Well, it may, in general, take a part of the advantage of your job size. For pros, it becomes essential to choose between mid, big, or small ones. For example, for mid-sized works, we think the Nupla 14” blowing hammer is the smartest one.

If your specific needs require a lightweight one, Thor 712R is an excellent option. Even our crew has felt something cozy while exploring nail driving on little surfaces, for instance, carpentry or trim molding. Unless you spend your energy by the heaviest blow, choose a little bit heavy Pro-Grade 61375, compared to other deals.

Head and Handle

The last factor, hammer handles, varies in fiberglass, steel, carbon forged, plastic, wood, and some innovative ones. But what could be a good enough deal for you? Well, it is a comparison game as per your job size. We have found that the fiberglass-made handles, via its hammerhead, are a breeze both for professionals and newbies.

Considering the head materials, we prefer the steel filling lasts longer. Before delivering colossal power, the hammerhead should have the capability to save energy and provide sparks-free delivery. 

The Most Effective Method to Use a Dead Blow Hammer

This hammer is a device that can be utilized for a wide range of work. It is great for light destruction, wood and metal surface treatment, or even as a weapon. It may be that, how do you utilize one? Here’s how to use a dead blow hammer to rotate everything:

Set the mallet on a level surface before you. Hold your elbow down and your hands near the body. Hold firmly with two hands, however not excessively firmly that it strains your muscles or worries your shoulders. Swing as hard as possible toward the objective. When done accurately, there should be no bounce back in the wake of hitting a strong article like dry wood sheets, simply a practically subtle crash sound.

View the Top 9 Dead Blow Hammers, Below

1. Neiko 02847A Dead Blow Hammer

  • Weight: 3.24 pounds;
  • Body material: uni-cast poly molded and diamond textured;
  • Hammer length: 13-3/8″;
  • Head dimension: 2-1/8″ x 3-7/8″;
  • Head weight: 2 pounds.

Does it matter while dealing with foundry or carpentry like a pro? The smartest 02847A model you can choose as a pretty companion. So do, our experience forced us to take it as the first one in the dead blow hammer listing?

Yes, this model suits the regular pro applications, whether its unicast poly molded patent supports much more. However, some newbies remain confused before buying this tool about corrosion resistance and durability due to the poly molding. We disagree and advise you not to remain in that confusion because its heavy material in construction maintains the hammer shape, and makes a longer anti-slippery handle for easy carrying for tasks.

Speaking of its 2 pounds head, steel shot fillings add some genuine extra force. You can feel it during the need for a single stroke but deeper cuts like us, on heavy or softwoods. Do you have sparks and rebounds fret? Null it as it does not produce much and secure your stroke with the diamond-textured excellent grip. Often its bright color creates no problem to find it from any corner if you have forgotten. 

What we liked 

  • Provides auto bodywork;
  • Diamond outlook, non-slippery handle;
  • Prevents sparks and rebounds;
  • Noticeable body color;
  • Sweaty conditions, yet effective handling power.


  • Found nothing.

2. Nupla 14-inches Hammer

  • Weight: 2 pounds;
  • Body material: metal;
  • Handle material: fiberglass.

Heavy-duty striking work, always remembers a mighty dead blow hammer. If you want to feel it at once, make your imagination true to life with this different quality hammer from Nupla. First, we have confusion about its outlook with a fiberglass handle. Though the handle looks a little bit funky, trust us, it was really comfy like we have never experienced before, yet powerful. 

Yes, its sturdy construction with metal form, from top to bottom, is worth your money. Even let you feel overly well-balanced. On top of that, it’s a club-shaped head. Nothing but weighing light yet yields harsh impacts for stiff applications. 

Its clubhead, via an attached fiberglass handle, is often unbeatable, though it does not belong to a popular brand. In all, creating such an awesome length, we mean midsize is a real breeze. Thanks, Nupla, for such a nice creation from season after season. 

What we liked 

  • Meets ANSI standards;
  • Good length for every usage;
  • Long-lasting;
  • Comfortable.


  • Nothing found.

3. Tekton 30709 Dead Blow Hammer Set

  • Head weight: 1,2, 3 pounds;
  • Body material: steel; 
  • 3Pcs length: 12”, 14”, and 14”.

The next one is from Tekton series 30709 concerning your safety issues. If your security facts are true, take this dead blow hammer to go for leverage some. Besides, who has many rebound issues, we prefer it much, as it is fab to us in that case.

All 3 blowing hammers with high-impact poly jackets become shields for both steelhead and handle. Without extra non-marring tips overall, the poly jackets all along prevent surface marring. So do, look-alike from the beginning. Also, for not discontinuing works, lead-free making, including 3P phthalate-free materials, helps much.

Another counterpart, 3 handles, you can take into account uninterrupted continual uses. Diamond textured for every non-slip outcome. Even sustain too much in sweat conditions.   

What we liked 

  • High safety guard materials in construction;
  • Non-slip outcomes;
  • Conserves energy and eliminates rebounds;
  • No-soon-to-rust issues;


  • Generates fewer forces.

4. ABN Dead Unicast Mallet

  • Weight: 4 pounds;
  • Body material: Unicast material and rubber coating;
  • Hammer length: 11”.

It is a little bit different from your original search. Dead unicast material was constructed and rubber coating was formed as a mallet. Even this well-established branded tool leads to a better way to achieve desired outcomes. For example, it’s a non-marring rubber tip. The coating will also prevent your surface, like wood, metal sheet, and similar ones from being damaged by the hammer blow.

Remark that it neither sparks nor mars. Moreover, deadening pangs. It is something very different from the regular ones. In short, produce no deafening noise like hammers, due to its rubber surface. Even some operations sound less strenuous.  

Unlike other models, you can try and think it is worth your valuable bucks even after such reliable features it. 

What we liked 

  • Neither mars nor sparks;
  • Outstanding construction with a bright outlook;
  • Yields a comfy grip;
  • Nulls all forms of potential damages.


  • Hefty-priced;
  • Performs fewer applications;
  • Need huge handling efforts.

5. Pro-Grade 61373 Dead Blow Hammer

  • Weight: 2 pounds;
  • Body material: Blend;
  • Head material: steel shot filling;
  • Included 2 LB. Dead blow hammer;
  • Handle: Steel-reinforced handle.

Is it your habit to change areas now and then? So tired of lifting your crazy heavy hammer tools? Well, Pro-Grade has manufactured something weighing less than your listed ones that are worth its title, like we have tested with the series 61373. Besides performing like a pro, its powerful blow by its head can blow your mind without any self-injuries. 

Speaking of its wrench driving mechanism, neither will find a rugged but smooth one. To drive in nails, it has hooked a unique dyne-drive torque system. The convenience you can measure by this mechanism, including steel construction. 

Unlike other models, there is no exposed metal. One thing we should confirm with you about flare nuts and open-end styles. Both reinforced styles with chrome vanadium alloy are absolute for throwing jobs, neither only for stronger needed tasks.  

What we liked 

  • High visibility, nonsparking, nonmarring PVC;
  • Effective pounding;
  • Attached unique dyne-drive torque;
  • Optimized heat resistance.  


  • Nothing noticeable.

6. Wiha 80290 Medium Hard Dead 3Pcs Blow Hammer Set

  • Weight: 6.35 pounds;
  • Included dead blow hammer set includes 30, 40, & 50mm 3 pieces;
  • Body material: blend.

Are you tired of mixed material in construction dead blow hammer sets? Try this one, manufactured by Wiha 80290 series 3-pieces of hammers that come with core steel in their entirety and perform the same as the solid creation. 

In need of everyday light chores or heavy-duty tasks, you need this one as a technician’s choice. Take a look at the hammer handle. Though not forged in only pieces, each hammer weighs light for ease to engage in tasks. Want to bet on its heat toleration parameter? Nothing can beat this issue, as well as prevent rust.

Apart from heavy-weighted application issues, the major purpose of such 3Pcs is to recheck whether the entire combination is fit or not for your circumstances of use. Either, in short, ensure comfortable handling—some firm grips, as well as means no possible injuries by the mismatched throw. 

What we liked 

  • Comfy textured handle;
  • Different weighing 3Pcs, as per work size;
  • Beginner-friendly;
  • Demands less storage space.
  • Disliked 
  • Less durable.

7. WorkPro 3-piece Dead Blow Hammer Set

  • Weight: 6.93 pounds;
  • Body material: Plastic and steelhead;
  • Size: 12”, 12”, and 14”.

How much do you expect from a quality dead blow hammer? At least, dependability, affordability, and reinvention, right? If you agree with us, let’s make a deal with the much more offering one from WorkPro. We are introducing the 3Pcs including a single package. Generates positive force, in particular, less rebound. 

The genuine electrician should have a try on this blowing hammer. Why are we specifying? Because of its plastic, easy-carrying body and the core steelhead. The entire light constructed pieces, yet powerful, ensure the matters of popping dents, dislodging body counterparts, and knocking off hubs. 

Whether experiencing the perfect “dead on” by a single hit, you will have enough experiences like us about a few damages on the object’s surface. However, this can drag you out of the store from purchasing it. 

What we liked 

  • Reasonable; 
  • Lightweight PVC material construction;
  • Bur-free at all;
  • Reduces rebounds;
  • No misplacing slippery grip.


  • Not durable;
  • Yields a few operational cycles.

8. Estwing CCD45 Dead Blow Hammer

  • Weight: 3 pounds;
  • Body material: Steel;
  • Handle material: Polyurethane.

Aiming for a dead blow hammer that will bring expected outcomes within limited muscle power? Well, you have tipped on the right one. Since 1923, Estwing has not been a brand, but a heavy-duty power and non-powered tools manufacturer. CCD45 is one example.

Though it is decent indeed for older craftsmen, we cannot nullify our preference for little craftsmen. It comes with versatile application compatibility. Because its core is steel-forged in one piece, which is very rare with this material. 

Anyways, great use in tapper places and the dead blow technology, except for leather punching and stamping. However, the polyurethane handle provides a little extra force but is not as efficient as we thought. So far, we have used the strokes to drive bamboo and PVC into the ground, and avoid marrying tension. 

What we liked 

  • Eliminates mars and dents;
  • Neither swing fatigue nor vibrations;
  • Suits automotive garage settings;
  • Oil and chemical resistance;
  • Rust-free.


  • Risk of flying particles;
  • Not an efficient cushion grip. 

9. Thor 712R Soft And Hard Faced Blow Hammer

  • Weight: 1.25 pounds;
  • Body material: Two screw-in Nylon;
  • Head material: Chrome-plated zinc;
  • Handle weight: Wood.

The lightest one, but not with the least materials and features. Fitted with a wooden handle takes it to the next level for enabling extra force while ripping with a single hand. However, this is multi-purpose, too, similar to its features.

Combining a chrome-plated zinc head and 2 screw-in nylon-wrapped bodies out of the factory leaves it with greater longevity. This means the reinforcing strength is capable of fighting corrosion and many forms of deterioration. 

On top of that, its color-coded faces. Ever been disappointed with the recognition? Cut the crap because of its alternative colored wrapper to separate from your regular hammers, even according to the strength. Apart from that, the instant swinging capability and performing fewer heavy operational cycles may turn off your purchase interest.  

What we liked 

  • Available in 6 weights;
  • Lightweight and easy carrying;
  • Reinforced for chisel works;
  • Neither slippery nor anti-heat resistant.


  • Short time wearing out;
  • Multipurpose, yet less operational cycles;
  • Expensive.


Is a Dead Blow Hammer Similar to a Recoilless Hammer?

Mallet-like or similar striking tools may be imprecise to make the strongest blow. When it happens, take an auto-turn for utilizing a dead blow hammer. Like its steel filling head being offered descendent shots, such a single blow becomes less sharp than any conventional hammer can make at 10 times. With less spark and rebound, it gives more “dead” feeling within seconds to the object.   

However, recoilless hammers are considerable for regular usage and safety issues. Because of its fiberglass and hickory handles, it is quite useful and opens a great chance for exchanging inserts with different head shapes. So, we cannot put both a recoilless and a dead blow hammer in the same hand-picked bag.  

Does Rubber Mallet Split from Dead Blow Hammer?

From the word hammer, the first image comes to mind, which has compatibility to strike objects. Whenever the striking has done, your item, like nails, has fit into the surfaces, either formed into something different. In the case of doing the same on tight locations, reducing less rebound with less effort, nothing can beat a dead blow hammer. 

Speaking of the rubber mallet, you can differentiate it by its head shape, far from the hammer double sides. Also, popular as a softwood hammer. Compared to a hammer, weighing much lighter, like a padded wooden head. Instead of clamps, either useful for cricket balls or bats’ wood joints or metal objects conjoining.  

Why Does a Large Chisel Require the Strongest Blow?

In that case, we should say that a heavier dead blow hammer is better. However, a large chisel needs heavier hammers to have the strongest blow to work down. Whenever you strike with full force on your object, the higher the hitting power, the bigger the saved force is on strike. After striking, your chisel (steel made) absorbs as much force as possible. Does it make sense in that case to use a lighter hammer instead of a bigger one? Of course, not.  

Final Notes

Whether driving nails, patching screws, constructing metallic and wooden pieces, or more, a dead blow hammer comes very handy. Even if you want a peaceful, safe, and less rebound and spark-free operation for longer times, step forward with it. 

As well as many features available in a wide range of stores. Instead of wasting time picking one, you can follow our top-picked ones with complete buyer’s guide help. 

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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