Best Beginner Skateboard for Adults: Types, Choosing Facts,s And Selections

Published on: February 18, 2022
Written by Camila Avery / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Skateboarding is a decades-old pastime but a renewed vibrancy, enthusiasm, and almost mania have taken off in the past several years. It has been a teenager’s venture back in the 80s and 90s but adults are appearing in the scene for exercise and transformation alternatives of late. So it’s not at all too late for adults to learn how to skate.

Age limit is an outworn idea in this case and you can certainly start skateboarding any time. The foremost factor is to pick an ideal beginner skateboard for the adult. This guide presents you with a quick rundown of the five best beginner skateboards for adults.

beginner skateboard for adults types, choosing facts,s and selections

We haven’t stopped merely by recommending the reviewed skateboard selections. You will have in-depth discussions on the crucial points and considerations relating to the types, materials, components, and pricing of skateboards. So you can no way be fooled into opting for a wrong and poor-quality skateboard.

Whether you are a mediocre skateboard enthusiast or a millionaire having a handful of extra cash lying unused, you will want to buy the right skateboard and make a good deal. This review article can give the biggest hand there.

What is the Ideal Beginner Skateboard Type for Adults

Adult skaters normally learn about the ideal type through trial and committing errors. You can spot aged people, both novices and veterans, skating along the poolsides and at the parks. But the net is flooded with numerous blogs and articles carrying insightful suggestions on the right match for you.

The perfect match skateboard for you depends on the frame and build you are born with. You can choose one of the five popularly known skateboard types. This category results from the size and style of the skateboards in the range.


The very name is significant, suggesting more than the average length of the skateboards. Longboards are suitable for a starter to learn the craft of skating via a comparatively long skateboard. Those boards tend to have bigger wheels to enjoy added safety and stability while skating. This is the most suitable option for new skaters counting upon stability and security.


Cruisers are comparatively shorter and narrower than the long boards convenient for busy city streets. It favors you with the ability to take turns sharply in busy traffic. Adult beginners who are after an even smoother ride can think of it as a perfect skateboard. But with wheels smaller than that of longboards, it runs not so fast and beginners will not enjoy a stable ride. A casual beginner will suffer from compromised maneuverability.

Carve Boards

Carve boards differ from longboards or cruisers in design and style. It is specially engineered to let the boards tilt at your will and the rider can maneuver the front wheels to change direction when needed. It speeds faster than a regular board and is pretty popular with surfers who occasionally reign on the roads. Casual beginners will not feel comfortable starting carving boards.


Mini-cruisers do have one upside as a starter skateboard which is portability. You can carry this along with you wherever you go. But it is worse than Cruisers in terms of stability and maneuverability. So it is a deal breaker as a beginner skateboard for adults.

Double-kick Skateboard or Trick Board

The last of the five is Double-kick Skateboard or Trick Board. This board is sized between the longboard and mini-cruiser. It features a style statement called double-kick at both ends. The upward carving ends to let the rider apply tricks which is called a Trick Board too. It offers the starters super fun movements but the skaters will find it too difficult to pick up at the start.

This tour through the types of skateboards convinces us that the best beginner skateboard for adults is the longboard. But this will fail to satisfy you as you will grow with skating. There is a go-between option for a starter which is to find a flatter, stable, and short trick board.

Things to Consider When Choosing

If you want to make a good Skateboard deal, you must be aware of the critical skateboard factors. A choosing guide can come to your rescue in this regard. Below is your tour with a guide covering the pre-purchase urgent factors.

Complete Skateboard or Custom Skateboard

As you are pondering over buying a skateboard for an entry-level skateboard, the pre-assembled or complete version is the best option. Custom purchase refers to individual buying of different skateboard components – deck, trucks, wheels, bearing, grip tape, and hardware. Thus you can shop the quality parts at an affordable price and then assemble the parts into a complete one.

This one is fit for mid-level and advanced skaters to have their preferred style and design. I will recommend the pre-assembled complete versions for beginners and all our products suggested in this article are the complete versions. Read more: 5 Best Longboard Bearings for Cruising

Blank or Pro Skateboards

These two terms are associated with the deck of the skateboard. Both novice and veteran skaters go for pro skateboards carrying creative graphics or artistic brand logos on the deck. Blank decks tend to offer poor quality and high-end pro-decks nowadays and are available at an affordable price. Besides, skateboards having a pro deck feature more style and customization. Our selections here are all pro deck skateboards having logos, images, and cartoon graphics.


You should know about the pricing of quality and intermediate-level skateboards. You can never commit the blunder of buying a skateboard from a flea market at a low price. Conversely, you need not break your bank for buying a beginner skateboard as you can take a board with standard craftsmanship at a budget price. The 5 best skateboards for beginners reviewed here are priced reasonably well.

Since the reviews are targeted towards purchasing a pre-assembled board for starters, these are things to consider. If you are interested in buying board parts separately to enjoy more style, tricks, and control, you have to go through the guides on every single part. 

Quick Solutions

What Is the Right Skateboard Size for an Adult Beginner?

The size of the skateboard does matter and skating size is fixed by the breadth and length of the deck. The size follows two dimensions (width*length) format and is mostly measured in inches. The standard pre-assembled skateboard size is 7-8*31-34″. For the adult starter, the fitting deck size features 7.5*8.25 and you can cut the dimensions down for younger skaters and adults with smaller feet.

What Features Should I Look for in a Skateboard for Beginners, Both Adults and Kids?

When considering types of kids skateboards for beginners, both adults and kids should look for a durable deck, smooth and sturdy wheels, and reliable trucks. Beginners should go for wider decks for stability and softer wheels for better grip. Quality bearings and proper sizing are also crucial for a smooth ride.

Should I Get a Skateboard Bag for My Beginner Skateboard?

When starting to skateboard, investing in a skateboard bag can be beneficial. Proper bag selections for skateboarding can help protect your skateboard from damage and make it easier to carry around. A good bag can also keep your gear organized and make it more convenient to transport your skateboard wherever you go.

What Is the Confusion Between the Diameter and Durometer of Skating Board Wheels?

Diameter is the length of two opposite points of a wheel surface. And the durometer is typically a skating-exclusive term that stands for the toughness of the wheel. Tougher wheels offer lesser grip on the ground, skating is done over and smaller wheels generate slower speed. Both the diameter and durometer influence the ride.

What Is Skateboard Hardware?

Skateboard hardware or mounting hardware is the connecting nuts, bolts, locking nuts, and rivets to assemble the individual parts into a complete board. Hardware joins the trucks and the deck of the board. Skateboards with bigger wheels set a riser pad to avoid the wheel getting stuck to the deck. 

Top 5 Beginner Skateboards for Adults

Tons of selections are available in the stores and so the best practice should be to go for recommended products on a dedicated site like this one. Here you have an orientation of five beginners’ skateboards from the big names in the industry.

1. Powell Golden Dragon Flying Complete Skateboard

Powell Golden Dragon is the perfect board for beginners and that is evident from the spectacular popularity it has been enjoying since its inception. This skateboard is 31 inches long and 8 inches wide providing novice riders the complete maneuverability and stability. A maiden skater can and should keep well satisfied with these two gifts deemed crucial at the first time.

The Powell Golden Skateboard is designed longer and wider so that the beginner can enjoy a bit extra control while riding.  What makes it wildly popular is that it is suitable both for adults and younger skaters who glide on a trail for the first time.

What we liked

  • Very compatible with the height and weight of teenagers and grown-ups;
  • The non-slip and gritty grip tape renders the best traction while riding;
  • Lighter for the length and so easily transportable to convenient skating ground
  • Designed to apply amateur tricks at ease.

What we didn’t like

  • Trucks and wheels are below the mark;
  • Not sturdy enough to carry heavier skaters;
  • Tough tires give a weak grip for beginners and prove to be problematic on city streets.

2. Rimable Pre-assembled 22″ Skateboard

This one is a gender-friendly skateboard with 23 designs which is a riding allure to both males and females. Dimmable Complete 22″is a pro-beginner skateboard to ensure durability and comfort. It offers starter-associated control and stability while riding. This is a higher-end product with a budget price. So the novice unwilling to invest much in first-time skating should pick it up as an apt alternative.

This 22″long riding board can bear 200 pounds which makes it stand out. The length is teenager specific and the weight handling capacity is suitable for adults. The occasional lag experienced in speed is positive for the beginners to enjoy a bit of added command over skating.

What we liked

  • Durable, stable, and maneuverable;
  • Handle 200 pounds of weight max;
  • The design doesn’t sacrifice functionality;
  • A devoted non-slip grip tape ensures a sticky ride over the deck;
  • A high-quality print deck earns a pro-deck look.

What we didn’t like

  • The bearing is poor quality and unfit for a serious ride;
  • Lag is experienced in speed;
  • The trucks are sticky and not beginner-friendly.

3. Skitch Premium 22″ Penny Board Style Skateboard

This is a wonderful skateboard that embraces kids, teenagers, and adults altogether. You can custom assemble this despite its being a complete skateboard version. Moreover, Skitch 22″ will be a great company to the beginner and very aptly keep pace with the pro-skaters as well. This is so because of its passionate design and able engineering. You can trace the passion in every feature of the board that carries the love of the manufacturers whenever you experience skating firsthand with it.

Skitch Premium is designed to be ultra-lightweight using a premium quality plastic deck.  This amazing deck will provide you with sturdiness while kids and teenagers are on board and will feature flexibility when heavy-weight adults are riding on. So this Skitch deck is for all ages, sizes, and weights.

Skitch 22″ comes with Custom Speed Premium Bearings that roll smoother and faster out of the box. You can manage bearing motions up to your needs. You can bring the speed down to slow enough to ensure safety for the beginner. The credit goes to Santa Cruz, California, an American Design and Engineering corporation.

What we liked

  • Superior value at a budget price;
  • Fast grip plastic deck to ride even barefoot;
  • Adjustable bearings for custom speed;
  • Quality craftsmanship and professionally tested;
  • Comes with excellent gift offers.

What we didn’t like

  • The deck is short for starters;
  • Less weight-lift capacity.

4. Punked Lowried Longboard Pre-assembled

The Punked Lowrider Longboard is the most suitable skating option for beginner adults. It is one of the longest skateboards featuring a fabulous 40.75 inches in length. This insanely lengthy board means you will skate most stably and take pleasure from the command that comes with the length.

The stability and control are further emphasized by the reduced gap between the trucks and the deck. If you are after a skateboard that will save you from the risk of riding a rounded and tapered one, consider buying this longboard.

The materials and the constructions make you rest assured of the durability and minimal damage while learning.

What we liked

  • Tremendously stable, manageable, and durable longboard;
  • Designed to carry heavy-weight riders able to take a sharp turn;
  • The minimalist attitude in chipping prevents rapid damage.

What we didn’t like

  • Wheels are comparatively shorter barring the longboard speed;
  • Too low to suffer friction with road debris and curbs.

5. RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard for Beginner

The uncompromised Quality is the RazorX Skateboard statement. It is the best preference for the beginner with a wireless Remote Control. The digital Remote features a detachable wrist strap and you can control speed while riding. The best gift from the RazorX-exclusive Remote Control is its carve-and-turn action – a pro-skater fan. 

This electric skateboard comes with a 125-watt motor and this rear-wheel motor enables you to run at a speed of up to 16km/h. This lithium-ion-powered motor runs for up to 40 minutes. This feature has made the skateboard most maneuverable and makes up for a little deficit in the deck length.

The additional features are just pro-beginner benefits. The high-grip wheels give novice skaters the most urgent stability. It is further emphasized by the reverse gear kingpin trucks. The deck is 29.7″long but the grip tape provides a stable landing on the deck with punctures to put toes in.

What we liked

  • 5-ply maple wood deck;
  • Lightweight and portable;
  • 125-watt motor and hand-held digital remote control;
  • The capability of carve-and-turn action;
  • Rechargeable 22V Li-ion battery runs up to 40 mins.

What we didn’t like

  • Short deck for the beginner;
  • Less load-hauling capacity.

To Sum Up

Whether you are a professional or an entry-level skater, you must ensure the components of your intended skateboard – a grip tape that gives proper traction, a pair of sturdy trucks to hang the wheel and grab the deck, premium wheels to enjoy a smooth ride, quality bearing not to bend and break, and a heavy-duty-com-pro-graphic deck.

These are the essential factors that can strongly affect your gliding performance and fun. All the complete skateboards shed due light upon, are the dealmakers to enliven you with a better, safer, and lasting skating experience on your appearance on the scene.

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Guys, I am Camila Avery and I love to help my mom to do indoor & outdoor activities. As a lady, I have passed my time on gardening, home improvement, and personal or self-care. I have acquired some degrees in outdoor recreation, beauty, and hair care. It is not easy to work with top-level professional beauty experts. But, I got that opportunity and experimented with different hair extensions, hair colors, and cuts.

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