8 Best Bow Saws for Cutting Logs (Choosing Facts)

Published on: February 1, 2022
Written by Eric Devin / Fact-checked by David Rowan

The cutting-edge bow saw is a metallic-attached cross-cutting device. It takes the position of a bow saw. And places a little sharp edge utilized to make straight and bent cuts in the wood.
Its metallic covering holds the edge slightly under high pressure. You can utilize these to cut fallen branches, and burn and burn tree parts. It helps to make snappy pieces through the wood.
Additionally, it will give a longer shift to the normal shift over the expected cutting workload.

8 best bow saws for cutting logs

Our perfect 8-bow saws reviews and manual purchase help you choose the model that ideally meets your suit needs.

To Look for When Choosing A Bow Saw

Long and Sharp Blades

In situations where you expect to cut branches and large trees, look for corners with longer cutting edges and higher curves. These highlights mean that the more logs you can work with, the more turns, and the larger the area you can cut.

The more the cutting edge, the easier it is to cut larger things. The deeper the cut, the less weight your edge will take. Look for sharp edges, it will make your life simple, and they will be equally long-lasting


The sharp edges of the bow saw wide, long edges with wide teeth; they are suitable for biting with wood pieces. As it is, it additionally implies that they would be really adept at biting through soft objects, for example, fingers. You should never handle the toothed side when you are changing sharp edges and following the manufacturer’s directions.


When you utilize your bow saw, ensure that you wear appropriate ting gloves regularly, thinking of it as a strong shoe, it can protect your fingers and toes from any event.

If you are swinging with the edge of your bow, hold the metal edge with the sharp edge pointing uninterruptedly from your body, it helps to relieve you from the risk of falling on the cutting edge. Read more: Sliding Miter Saws for Homeowners


In situations where the edge looks dull or rough, it is easier and simpler to sharpen. If the saw has not been used for some time, it is better to do it as it will make your life easier for a long time. Giving can be an uncertain task.

Look for a metallic document that has a perfect coordinating profile for your cutting edge and it seems to be needed at any moment.


This is perfect for the type of wood, the details of how to ensure that the sharp edge is enough to utilize the final range of tights, and as a measure of wood, you can happily cut. If you don’t follow the rules and don’t cut the log too big for the bow saw, you may be at risk by damaging the bow saw and holding the fingers together, and attempting to remove it.

Consider Safety

With any bladed material, you have to ensure that it is accurate and consider safety. You would prefer not to cause yourself a physical issue through ill-advised use and not following how to utilize one.

Quick Solutions

Why Does My Bow Saw Bind?

The blade is binding because the cutting teeth don’t have enough set and aren’t making a channel that’s wider than the blade itself. It’s probably set for cutting dry wood, not green.

Can a Bow Saw Cut Metal?

The bow saw cannot usually handle plastic and steel. This tool is somewhat rough, but it’s ideal, particularly for things like firewood and branches. It also can be available handy for woodworking and cutting straight also as curved cuts. This is often another frame saw, where the blade is about into a frame. Read more: Hole Saw Kit for Electricians

What is the Decent Saw for Log Cutting?

The one-of-a-kind bow is ideal for cutting logs in a much larger size wood, wood stove, and open chimney for single individual use. Regularly 2 – 3 feet in length, it is fitted with a sharp edge with sharp teeth in addition to a “C” shaped edge, suitable for fast cutting through logs, usually 5 inches or more.

Which did Bow see Edge is Ideal?

At about 1.5 pounds, the Bahco 30-inch is undoubtedly one of the tops you’ll discover. It has 23 toothed sharp edges intended for greenwood, but can also be used for light dry cutting.

See Our Top 8 Bow Saws for Cutting Logs, Below-

Our perfect ideal eight bow saws reviews and manual purchase help you choose the model that ideally meets your suit needs.

1. Bahco 10-30-23 Ergo Bow Saw for Cutting Logs

bahco 10-30-23 30-inch ergo bow saw
  • Power Source: manual;
  • Material: Other;
  • Weight: 2.88 Ounces;
  • Long: 30 inches;
  • Dimensions: 1.18 x 34.84 x 10.24 inches.

An incredible instrument came from the stables with the Bahco 10-30-23 bow saw. The 23 tooth-cut edges of this tool are clearly made for greenwood. However, it can be used in the same way for dry wood even though it is somewhat dry.

It has a user-friendly structure and a licensed knock knocker that gives you a firm, loyal idea—making this element similarly predictable for quite some time except stress.

A small piece of wood that is similarly suitable for cutting between 3 to 5 creeps at a distance with just a snap. It has the outline of an oval cylinder that enables you to cut without the need to twist.


  • Highlights a propelled pressure system;
  • 30-inches in length;
  • Intended for testing applications and extreme development work;
  • High-quality steel pipe makes it durable.


  • Its plastic casing isn’t so perfect;
  • Must be utilized to cut green wood.

2. Truper Handle Bow Saw (30255) for Cutting Logs

best bow saw for cutting logs
  • Power Source: no;
  • Length: 21-Inch;
  • Weight: 1.3 Pounds;
  • Definition Met: no.
  • Weight: 1.33 Pounds;

The Trooper 30255 bow saw is similarly seen with a lightweight hard casing. The inventor guarantees the cam-switch strain framework. You get a great cut when working with a formidable cutting-edge guarantee. The sharp cutting edge indicates that you will finish the job right now.

These saw teeth do not become effectively dull to guarantee strength. For a long time for trouble-free support, the manufacturer advises you to oil the entire well edge after each use.

Even though it may not qualify as a suitable perfect model, it is one of the top easy-to-use line models. All you have to do is come up with a simple client manual.


  • The blades are already getting sharper;
  • Cleaning equipment after each use and oil for hassle-free use year after year;
  • It accompanies a knuckle defender;
  • Great low-cost option.


  • The bolts are not of such excellent quality despite being replaceable.

3. GreatNeck Bow Saw BB24 for Cutting Logs

greatneck bb24 24 inch bow saw
  • Blade Length: 24 inches;
  • Overall Length: 27.25 Inches;
  • Blade Edge: Serrated;
  • Execute deep 6 1/2 inch cuts;
  • Chrome alloy steel blades;
  • Weight: 1.13 Pounds.

The Greatneck saw BB24 is a necessary part of a standard bow for any woodworking repair and project.

It outlines the cylindrical steel, corrects the common cutting edge, and with the help of this model. These saw a common usable, basic bow as an alternative that our huge masses could appreciate.

The end of the chamber drive permits you to open up your sharp edge setup quickly. The pressure hook for its ability to change edges can cut and tighten it quickly. Bright orange in shading, no matter where you put it, there is nothing difficult to see. What’s more, you can’t go bad with it.


  • Durability;
  • Extra strength and durability;
  • User-friendly;
  • Mobility;
  • An incentive for cash.


  • No tension.

4. BAHCO Bow Saw ( 332-21-51) for Cutting Logs

  • Utilized for pruning and material work;
  • Model 332 is furnished with an ergo handle;
  • Weight: 0.3 Kilograms;
  • Sharp edge Length: 21 inches;
  • Type of Wood: dry wood and timber.

The Bahco 332-21-51 provides a lower profile than previously assessed saws. Its 21-inch has a snub nose that permits it to reach sharp corners effortlessly without any problems.

In addition, the model is increasingly suitable for trimming and material work. It requires a bit more force to cut, as it has the position of the cause of the protective structure, but it is additionally progressively correct.

This is a similar steel pipeline that is both solid and lightweight. Also, the handle sports the ergo handle, which limits hand fatigue with extreme performance and success. Concerning the cutting-edge tension structure, there is nothing as exciting as changing the sharp edge.


  • High-quality build;
  • Sharp blade;
  • Lightweight;
  • Incredible all-around bow saw.


  • Expensive.

5. AGAWA – BOREAL21 Bow Saw for Cutting Logs

agawa 21 inch folding bow saw
  • Features: Bow Saw, 21 In., Steel Blade w/ Guard;
  • Length: 21”/53cm;
  • Weight: 18oz/530g;
  • Anodized 6063 aluminum frame bow saw.


The BOREAL21 is a revolutionary folding bow that is easy, and effortlessly exposed in seconds for high-performance cutting.

The expert evaluation bow of the expert taken from AGAWA is non-waste, all activities. You won’t discover extraordinarily exciting handles and find a quick change edge here, and even get any knuckle insurance.

All you get is a round steel bow with the sharp edges of the shock attached to it to self-clean the teeth, so you pull out the wooden mash with each push and pull. And remember that while it doesn’t seem like something extraordinary, appearance isn’t usually important.


  • Replaceable steel cutting edge with monitor;
  • High-grade anodized aluminum frame;
  • Very tough and comfortable to use;
  • Long-lasting, durable blade.



  • The blade breaks at its base only after light use.

6. Ironton Bow Saw – 18in. Blade

  • Power Source: not applicable;
  • Limited lifetime;
  • Length: 18-inch;
  • Material: powder-coated steel tubing, high-carbon steel blade, PP and TPR plastic handguard;
  • Type: standard bow saw with the handguard.

The Ironton bow saw is a medium bow saw that everyone will likely own.

Perhaps the perfect thing about the Ironton brand is that they like to make sure their items last forever. Made by Americans, their items are challenging and abused a lot. And this is the same in that way.

It cries easily through branches and easily. The lightweight body makes it simple to utilize. And its sophistication makes ranking perceptible and compelling.

All things considered, this is a strong and effective contribution. Regardless of your thoughts, it is fair.


  • Large, high-tension control handle effectively in place;
  • Durable hand guard for safety;
  • Comfort-molded grip designed;
  • Removable carbon steel blade;
  • Forceful teeth for simple cutting outdoors.


  • No pressure.

7. WestWard Tools Bow Saw Steel Curved Handle

  • Item curved handle bow saw;
  • Blade Size 21″;
  • Blade Material steel;
  • Frame Type bow;
  • Frame Material steel.

This tool is extraordinary for cutting down the parts of that overgrown tree in the backyard. This unpleasant and stiff bow of task tools includes an unobtrusive rectangular steel outline. Which is undoubtedly reasonable for the seemingly minimal amount of assistance year after year.

This tool is ideal for fast green and wet wood cutting. It includes a cuff-protected handguard. What’s more, an extra-thick non-slip delicate touch handle that lets you grab a decent grip. Which allows your fingers to wear out.

It seems a bit overrated for what you get. It similarly eliminates a mirror that can help protect your cutting edge and save its longevity.


  • Durability and simple to pack in the woods;
  • Longevity;
  • Designed for user freehand comfort.



  • None.

8. Bond BS21 Bow Saw for Cutting Logs

  • Type: triangular bow saw;
  • Cut: double-cut;
  • Weight: 1.23 pounds;
  • Height: 1.00;
  • Blade Material: Metal;
  • Width: 8.50;
  • Length: 24.50.

I need to suggest this Bond BS21 Gardener’s Choice bow saw. With the help of a hard-calculated triangular nose, it can enter confined spaces between branches of trees and shrubs without extending parts. The outline of the steel is stiff, and the steel edge works sharply and admirably.

People who utilize bow saws have noticed that having a handguard makes drawing more efficient with their tools. And a brief description of this watch comes to the fore. This handheld is over-taped to the exciting lock. It may not agree with everyone.

If you need something that is essential, straightforward, and easy, this is your material. It bears responsibility, and the cost is very serious.


  • Lightweight and completely durable;
  • Very simple blade change process;
  • Twofold cut steel that is entirely long-lasting and durable;
  • Large handle support.


  • Not ideal for working on quite long and stiff spots.

Can Bow Saws be used for the same purposes as Toe Kick Saws?

While bow saws and toe kick saws are both used for cutting, they serve different purposes. Bow saws are designed for cutting wood and are ideal for outdoor use, while the purpose of toe kick saw is specifically for cutting into low spaces, like toe kicks in cabinetry.

Bow Saws Tips That You May Not Know

Suppose you are looking for a bow saw, it’s presumably on the grounds that you now have a bow in your garage so far. Also, you certainly know how you can handle it.

Whatever, we will get some information that you probably haven’t found before.

The sharp edges of a bow saw are usually utilized for cross-cutting branches. Assuming you’re a specialist, you ought to realize that they can undoubtedly slice through kindling with the cross-cutting method.

You can cut tree appendages without an extended lot they can bring a touch of trouble, especially on the trail or perhaps in your nursery.  So making away with these swede saws is really smart.

Giant bow saws were used, dating back to the 70s, but currently, the most well-known longest length is 36 inches. The larger the cutting edge, the larger the log it can handle. So be careful.

In Conclusion

These are not the most adapted of the devices, yet they are really adept at doing certain tasks. It cuts wood and especially trees, stalks, and dies. It will continue for quite some time for almost complete maintenance. It will do all the work that a cutting machine can do. This is just an indication of an iceberg.

The high-curved, long cutting-edge bow saw is amazing when you’re working with larger wood. Hard-nosed saws with small blades are great when you are working in close, small, and in some cases complex zones.

The two kinds of saw require great working practice and good thinking before utilization, yet they offer a financially conscious choice for cutting tools. You can utilize slightly, increasingly small situations.

Follow the tips on the perfect way to pick, check, hone, and carry your bow saw, so that once you get it, you can receive the greatest in return.

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Hi, I am Eric Devin and I am a professional interior architect. Since childhood, I've always enjoyed DIY projects! And, I have loved to solve simple household problems using essential tools and equipment. I have also acquired a lot of information about basic household tools settings by working with contractors.

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