Top 5 Chainsaw Bar Oil (Lubricant) for Smoothest Work

Published on: March 5, 2022
Written by Eric Devin / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Chainsaws are great tools to cut down a tree or make fantastic artwork out of a wood log by carving.

But your tool requires proper maintenance for flawless performance over the years.

top 5 chainsaw bar oil (lubricant) for smoothest work 2023

One most important parts of taking proper care of the chainsaw are using a good quality oil for its bars and surface after cleaning.

You can easily get good-quality oil for your tool. You can also check this post if you’re confused to choose one for your one.

View Popular 5 Chainsaw Bar Oil, Below-

We independently do research and pick out the best of the best and recommend them as per their features. Please feel free to check our review process below.

1. Sun Joe SWJ-OIL-GAL Premium Chain Saw Bar Chain & Sprocket Oil

  • Quantity: 1-Quart;
  • Weight: 7.52 pounds.

The container of Sun Joe SJW-OIL is so light and small that you can put it in your jacket pocket and carry it with you wherever you go in the woods with your chainsaw. This oil will be the best for you if (1) you are using the chainsaw of the same Sun Joe brand and (2) you are looking for a quality oil to lengthen the part’s life.

This oil ensures that your beloved saw runs nice and smooth even when you are cutting thick oak logs. When the saw runs at high speed, increased friction may cause the motor to overheat. But proper lubrication of the parts can prevent such problems.

Besides, chainsaw oils are good at preventing rust and corrosion of the bar and chains. In case, if you are using the Sun Joe chain saw, then a replacement bar and chain may cause a limb or two upon wearing off. This oil is expected to lengthen the process and save you from wasting money on replacement too early.


  • Lengthened the life of chainsaw parts;
  • Portable pack.


  • Pricey.

2. Makita 181119-A Bar and Chain Oil Lubricant

  • Quantity: 1-Quart;
  • Weight: 2.35 pounds.

Just like Makita power tools and accessories, this lubricating oil is also a high-quality one. It reduces friction, prevents wear, and ensures maximum output from the saw you are using. The best part is, it’s not meant for a particular brand. You can pour it into any chainsaw regardless of the model number and manufacturer.

Even in a freezing environment, this oil will ensure that your machine will run rather than sleep. As per the advertisement, this oil will be functional even in a blizzard. The 1-quart pack weighs more than it should. The reason is, the oil in the container is denser than the lower-weight versions of different marketers, which is the precondition of lubricating oil for a chainsaw.


  • Can be used in harsh weather;
  • Versatile.


  • No cons.

3. HUSQVARNA Mineral Chain Saw Bar/Chain Oil

  • Quantity: 1 Quart;
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds.

For regular use, it’s best to buy chainsaw oil in a large pack. This applies especially when you are accustomed to using a high-quality saw, saw parts, and grease. This oil from HUSQVARNA is meant for HUSQVARNA chainsaws to match perfection. Unlike other cheap oils, it won’t throw off when the saw is running at the highest speed.

To achieve the right amount of thickness and expected qualities, tackifier additives have been mixed with base stocks. The result is a super smooth chain and bars for a more extended period. Even after running at high speed for an hour, neither the bar nor the chain will overheat. Friction against these two has been reduced considerably; so, there is less heat produced.

However, to save on chainsaw oil, it’s best to purchase this one-gallon pack. So, you will always be prepared with your greaser. Your machine won’t run dry for a single day.


  • Minimizes overheating of the tool;
  • Protects against friction. 


  • Recommended for exclusively Husqvarna chainsaws.

4. Oregon Chainsaw Bar and Chain Oil

  • Quantity: 1 quart;
  • Weight: 1.9 pounds.

Maybe you are satisfied with the oil you are currently using in your chainsaw for lubricating the chain. But there is no harm in exploring even better ones. The effects of pro-quality oil can not be ignored in protecting the pricey parts of a chainsaw. Trying out this 1-quart pack from Oregon can change your experience of using chainsaw oil so far.

It’s needless to mention how perfectly Oregon manufactures chainsaws, bars, and chains. It’s fine if you are using a saw or its replacement parts from other brands. But an excellent greasing oil can make the performance even better. Poor-quality oil can fail to minimize friction as it should. Hence, it will affect the speed you are receiving and the overall performance of your saw.

This oil has the right consistency and particles to minimize friction to the lowest possible rate so that you can always get the best out of your power tools.


  • Prevents jamming;
  • Maximizes the speed of the saw;
  • Can be used in any brand-made saw.


  • A little bit pricey.

5. Mag 1 Bar and Chain Oil, 1 gal

  • Quantity: 1 gallon;
  • Weight: 1.9 pounds.

Even if you need to use a chainsaw, people living at the north pole must need greasing oil, which will not get solid in that freezing air. Meet Mag 1 bar and chain oil that stays put even under -35 degrees Fahrenheit, keeping the chain and bar hydrated.

Some have found this oil thinner than other brands. That can be the reason for different additives added to this oil. To prevent the wearing of the chain, anti-wear additives have been used in it. Besides, it has a higher adhesion quality to prevent throw-off.

Overall, I prefer using it during winter. In summer, it can literally seem thinner. But I won’t say that will affect its quality at all.


  • Best for freezing weather;
  • Prevents wearing;


  • May seem thinner than other chain oils.

6. Kinetix Lubricants All-Season Bar and Chain Oil

  • Quantity: 945ml;
  • Weight: 1.76 pounds.

Kinetix Extreme-Duty Bar & Chain oil has the very best Viscosity Index rating among other major bar and chain oil brands. Extreme-Duty is meant to perform consistently across all common operating temperatures ranging between 100 and 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bar and chain oil may be a critical component of a properly operating chain saw. This oil provides the required lubrication at an inexpensive cost. It lowers the per-gallon price considerably.


  • Exact viscosity;
  • High-quality.


  • Not found.

How to Choose Chainsaw Bar

In order to take proper care, you need to oil your chainsaw often. For this, you need to have the perfect chainsaw bar oil, which you can pick by following these simple steps.

Lubricating Properties

Before buying chainsaw oil, you should check the lubricating properties of the oil. Oil with higher lubrication helps the saw to run smoothly. This also reduces the possibility of friction between surfaces. Read more: 6 Best Chainsaw Boots – Full Protection & Comfortable

Speed of Your Chainsaw

Also, check the speed of your chainsaw while buying oil for it because this oil you’re using maintains the speed, and the higher the speed rate, the better the performance of the saw. So you need to oil the saw frequently to maintain the rate.

Cleanse Metal Surface

You may also use the oil to clean the surface of your chainsaw. Because the particles that come out while you saw can damage the surface of your chainsaw. So to keep the metal surface of the saw, oil it regularly.

And the oil with the highly resistant film will keep the surface safe and protected from any damage. So while buying oil for your chainsaw, don’t forget to look for the cleansing properties keenly.


The viscosity of the oil is mainly measured in its weight. It is also related to the specific oil’s tackiness with which you can determine how thick and sticky the oil is.

For viscosity, you’ll find mainly three types of ratings, such as summer (40- 50 weight), all-season (30- 40 weight), and winter (20 or less). Generally, you should choose summer or all-season chainsaw bar oil unless it is winter.

The Base of the Oil

Mainly two types of materials are used as the base of the chainsaw bar oil. Chainsaw bars were used to lubricate with petroleum-based oil in the old days. But the oil made with a vegetable base is the most effective lubricate for chainsaws. This type of oil is cheaper and biodegradable. So choose the vegetable-based oil that is specifically developed for a chainsaw.


For most of your chainsaw’s parts, the renowned bar oils manufacturers are Husqvarna, Oregon, Makita, etc, but you’ll also find the big chainsaw manufacturers offer their own chainsaw bar oil.

Though all of them are pretty much the same, if your chainsaw’s manufacturer offers oil, you should choose that or go for any of these popular brands.

Engine Type of Your Chainsaw

The most important thing you should consider while buying the oil is the engine type of your chainsaw.

If you saw it comes with a minimal combustion engine, you should avoid oils with high combusting additives. Otherwise, they are okay with your tool.

What Am I Able to Substitute for Bar and Chain Oil?

  • Bar And Chain Oil Alternatives
  • Motor oil is the most readily available alternative lube available. 
  • Vegetable oil is additionally quite affordable bar and chain oil alternative.
  • Canola oil. oil should not be confused with vegetable oil.
  • Drained hydraulic fluids.

Can I Use Two-stroke Oil as Chainsaw Oil?

One final note: this text recommends using oil to exchange chain oil in chainsaws. However, this doesn’t mean replacing “mix” oil, which is employed for the gas mix. You want to use the petroleum-based 2-stroke mix oil recommended by the chain saw manufacturer for mix oil.

What Happens if You Run a Chainsaw Without Bar Oil?

Without lubricant, the speed at which the chain moves over the chainsaw bar can cause some serious friction. A slowed-down chain and excessive fuel burning mean there is a lot of friction between your bar and chain, suggesting tons of warmth is being produced that would do significant damage to your saw.


You should always choose the bar oil for your chainsaw because this can help you maintain the tool’s speed and protect it from getting damaged.

And for choosing the right type of oil, we’ve brought you the best oils on the market. You can choose from them that suit your chainsaw.

The easiest way to get the right oil for your saw must check the oil’s viscosity and base. So get that and take good care of your chainsaw.

If you’ve anything else to know that isn’t included here, feel free to ask. I’d love to get the info for you.

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Hi, I am Eric Devin and I am a professional interior architect. Since childhood, I've always enjoyed DIY projects! And, I have loved to solve simple household problems using essential tools and equipment. I have also acquired a lot of information about basic household tools settings by working with contractors.

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