Best Concrete Cutting Saws for Smooth and Accurate Cuts

Published on: February 2, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by Eric Devin

Is a concrete cutting job a bit harder than simple woodworking? Though concretes are more sturdy materials to get through, a concrete cutting saw can do such things within a second. If we consider the size of the saw, most of them are wet saws.

But do not get betrayed by their outlook and the name because the smallest and simplest outlook holder can drive itself through difficult projects, for instance, masonry, asphalt, tile, brick, and other solid ones.

concrete cutting saws for smooth and accurate cuts

If you are planning on buying a pro-graded slab saw or quick cutter, make sure the saw holds a diamond blade that will last to rip concrete as well. Even a circular saw attaches a diamond blade to manage small jobs through the top inches of the material.

Factors to Consider for Choosing a Concrete Cutting Saw

Safety Features

Unlike other saw types, concrete saws or push saws can become dangerous during operations. It could become more dangerous, even operating with a walk-behind one. So, your safety is the first issue in this case, aren’t we right? Well, you may have free safety equipment with the toolbox for free. Like, emergency and auto-shutoff switches at high-temperature, self-lubrication, blade guards, and the most important maintenance reminder. 

Some advanced cutters may contain an anti-vibration mechanism, to have a controlled and peaceful frequent cut. Even if it does not include all in itself, it needs a separate purchase. Always be aware of the safety fact when you want to buy any type of saw including a concrete saw.


Yeah, a large range of sizes of concrete cutting saws is available in stores. The saw size, including its blade, depends upon the length of your projects and applying times. If you are a beginner or a hobbyist, we suggest smaller to typical medium-sized saws. Because such types of concrete saws work better than the larger ones as they are made for home depot.

But you do not have to get anxious. Because most modern times high-end concrete saws are available with some advanced features. So, you can cut off your industrial flooring, driveways, and so-called heavy-duty tasks with ease.

Output and Input Power

Our suggested most saws machines run through less than 15 HP motors as they are small and often medium-sized. If you are searching for residential projects, they are the ideal ones. But the professional concrete cutting saws are used to rip large materials. So they use more power, like more than 35 HP.

Even we consider the electric-powered models, being much lighter cutters than the gas-powered ones. Because the corded electric models do not carry fuel tanks, but a gas model does.

Even such models themselves are around such compact and weigh less to cut down both bulk and light materials. If we consider gas-powered concrete saws as well, they win the championship for the portability factor. However, they emit fuel fumes, which can cause respiratory problems for us.

2-Stroke vs. 4-Stroke

2-stroke engines are engineered to use much better for instant cuts. They are more common in handheld concrete cutter designs, far smaller without moving parts as well. It empowers itself by both oil and gas fuel standard mixture into the fuel tank before jumping up to the application.

As opposed to 2-stroke engines, we found many differences in the 4-strokers. The dedicated 2-more strokes in 4-stroke engines are engineered to move more parts with themselves. Besides, your closer look can ensure you that such motors last longer than the 2-strokers. Because it consumes standard gasoline in itself, it tends to have a better fuel economy as opposed to the previous one.

Quick Solutions

Can You Cut Concrete With a Saw?

Use a typical buzz saw, equipped with a corundum or diamond blade, for little tasks. It is best to chop through the highest inch for slabs and then use a sledgehammer to interrupt the remainder. The jagged edge left below the cutting line provides an honest rough edge for the new concrete to bond to.

Should You Caulk Concrete Saw Cuts?

Control joints or saw cuts should be addressed as equivalent to the above. The control joint is often crammed with a backer rod or maybe sand. Filling the saw cut is mandatory as control joints are 1/4 the thickness of the concrete. On a 4″ slab, that’s a 1″ deep saw cut, and no one wants to use that much caulking.

What is the Best Sharp Edge for Cutting Concrete?

The sharp edges of a diamond saw are regularly the most ideal decision when making stainless, efficient cuts in concrete.

How Long Will a Diamond Blade Last Cutting Concrete?

An inferior quality diamond-sharp edge can go on around 12 hours of constant cutting, while excellent edges can slice materials for as long as 120 hours.

View the Top 9 Concrete Cutting Saws, Below-

Being honest and confident can reach you to buy a perfect concrete cutting saw, even if you are a potential buyer or just a beginner for now. Take time and read through the options down here for desired tasks.

1. Evolution R300DCT+ || 12″ Concrete Cutting Saw

If you are searching for a concrete cutting saw for the value pack, this is yours. The EVOLUTION series (R300DCT+) enables a cut-off of every concrete block to the depth of 4-1/2” with a 12” diamond disc.

The maintenance-free allows you to use it with maximum comfort. That’s why it headed first in our concrete cutter listing. Even the toughest material like stones and paving, instead of the supplied diamond disc, should have been ripped by the electric disc cutter. But if you need to have a safe and economical cut, use another petrol-powered, the same length disc cutter. Whether you can integrate it into the basic 15 AMP hi-torq engine, having a burr-free progressive cut.

Featuring a safe blade guard ensures to have an ergonomic soft grip. Whether you need to handle your cutter from the mid, rear, and front position within a second, with its built-in adjustable and spindle lock system.

Also, the 2-system helps to widow installation and pool renovation by balancing both vertical and horizontal positions. An easily manageable process is a big advantage of this concrete saw. This saw is ideal for window installation, pool renovations, and landscape maintenance.

What we liked

  • Landscape maintenance work makes it easy to use this saw;
  • The fast blade changes process makes your work fast;
  • Instant starting saves your time;
  • Reversible flange for 20mm or 22.2mm bore blades;
  • No fumes.


  • It’s a Corded electric concrete saw and this feature creates some issues at the workplace.

2. Makita 4100KB || 5″ Dry Masonry Saw, with Dust Extraction

The MAKITA 4100KB by MAKITA is an electric-powered, medium walk-behind concrete saw. The 13 AMP beast engine delivers 12,000 RPM, for the most robust materials cutting like concrete driveways and slate tiles. Besides, it is a pretty dry masonry saw, known for its high depth rip capacity at 90° angle up to 1-9/16″.

Featuring a transparent blade guard that accepts contours blade speed, by the increasing versatility in accurate radius cutting applications. Even an alternative guide rail adapter (#198673-2) is free to control your saw with a rail guide. As well as an integrated upper dust port, it collects and extracts dust to work in transparency. Also, capable of swiveling up to 360 degrees by the dust-protected trigger, co-operates in continuous operation.

An in-built lock-off button is for user maintenance like the dust protector does. A large rubberized gauge lever helps easy adjustment by a top hand-holder. A double-insulated 8.2 ft. power cord will assist in continuous operations. You may grant it to use with water like a wet saw.

What we liked

  • Best in 120V countries means that it is a powerful tool;
  • Lightweight, so you can carry it easily;
  • The price is very reasonable so if you have a budget issue don’t worry;
  • Freehand cut vertical surfaces.


  • Non-standard blades so sometimes you face some blade-related problems.

3. XtremepowerUS 2600W Electric 14″ Disc Concrete Cutting Saw

Recent worth of money, wet/dry cutting solution as a circular saw for robust concrete. Also, those who have less interest in lightweight concrete cutting saws should check out this one of the 30 pounds handheld ABS Plastic ones.

The 15 AMP torque motor enables superior power-to-cut at 4300 RPM with a 14” disc, through granite, stone materials, and porcelain at ease. An exceptional anti-vibration mechanism assists much more in maximized productivity. Even in the case of the fastest and safer cutting job, the twofold protection switch prevents accidental opening and increases your blade’s lifespan and performance as well.

Featuring a dual integrated dust collector means extracting both wet and dry dust out of a job at the same time. It keeps your cutting surface neat and clean all the time, to have a transparent view of the chopping line to avoid any unnecessary damage. Even its metal guard design keeps you safe from sparks while operating as well.

What we liked

  • 5” depth rip capacity so you can work with wide concrete;
  • Guide roller so you work smoothly;
  • Lightweight concrete cutting saw, for this reason, move it easily;
  • Waterlines feed water.


  • No blade is included, so you need to buy a Beyblade for an extra price.
  • Not lightweight.

4. SKILSAW SPT79-00 || 7″ Concrete Cutting Saw

Worth its name to suggest a narrower and longer depth rip capacity of 2” at particular 90 degrees. Direct drive more than concrete the Medusa, in tight spaces with an electric dual field 15 AMP engine, since it is a corded machine, comes standard with the GFCI cord. This 7” steel-made worm drive saw scores and conquers concrete as a lightweight one than ever manufactured by SKIL.

This best-in-class concrete cutting saw features a plunge lock, which is always in ready-to-cut mode. Also, the in-built pivoting pointer ensures convenient maintenance for users and allows perfect and precision cuts of your rigid materials.

The simple dual dust management system not only frees up the cutting line but provides a clear view also. However, you can use it in particular dust extraction. Before wet cuts, connect the water feed hose pipe. Then, control the water flow with the attached valve. On the other hand, dry cuts need only a dual-sized vacuum to attach to the site job’s vac.

What we liked

  • Rust-resistant fasteners and brackets;
  • Hose-adapter with a clamp;
  • Gfci protection reduces the risk of shock to the user.
  • Multi-function wrench.


  • Small blade size is not suitable for depth work.

5. XtremepowerUS 3200W 16″ in Electric Cutter Circular Saw

A great and innovative solution from XtremepowerUS compelled us to head start as the 5th one. Even the potential customer, who loves to have only wet electric concrete cutting saw, this husky is a must for them.  

Except for beginners, professional contractors can use it to drive it through several materials, like landscaping blocks, asphalt, bluestone, granite, and limestone. Even leads perfect cuts for indoor jobs, like a pipe, reinforcement bars, and building blocks by the husky 115 VOLT electric motor. But make sure that the tight spaces you are jumping with should have a void gas area.

The spindle lock and the safety blade guard make the best use of ripping of 5” depth. You can simply change the blade by the large outlet as well. Unlike other concrete cutters, you can move the blade forward, and backward, similar to a recipe saw. But the 14” does not support the toolbox you purchase from the store.

Enjoy your efficient cutting capacity with the single wet vacuum port system. You don’t have to worry and no need for any handheld water bottle, while operating because of all possible wet-cutting kits installed in the box by the manufacturer.

What we liked

  • Low vibration so no change of miss cutting;
  • Produce little dust and slurry that gives you a clean workplace;
  • Blade guard for safety;
  • Lightweight saw you can work easily and move anywhere you want;
  • Suitable for quick and easy cutting of building blocks, pipe, etc.


  • No water supply tank;
  • Very high price concrete saw so under 1k dollar budget is not enough for it.

6. Stark 6.5HP Walk-Behind Floor Concrete Cut Off Saw

If you are looking for an affordable one, neither is a better one than this Stark. One of the best self-propelled walk-behind concrete cutting saws.

Empowered by a Honda 6.5 HP electric-start motor. It used to be a concrete saw behind a lightweight walk. It is for small to medium work which requires strength and portability. Considering it the best alternative for its compact design and an absolute powerhouse.

Though you will not get the blade with the toolbox, it supports at least a 14” blade, along with a 1” arbor. Even the unit is easy to move around both the left and right sides, with adjustable depth control. For instance, you can cut off 3.14 inches in depth by changing several sized blades it accepts. You can consider it a lightweight saw as it weighs 141.1 pounds and measures ‎37 x 32 x 19 inches.

What we liked

  • Equipped with Honda engines;
  • Inexpensive and budget-friendly cutting saw;
  • Compatible with rigid stock.


  • Separate blade.
  • Heavy concrete cutting saws it as a big problem to manage and carry.

7. Stark Electric 16-Inch Concrete Cutter Saw By XtremepowerUS

We are expanding our listing from XtremepowerUS, a line-up of concrete solutions. A powerful motor that provides easy cutting power to granite, porcelain, concrete, and other stone materials.

So, neither your saw engine causes accidents, nor will you have unnecessary injuries. A pressure-compensated carburetor delivers instant fuel. If you are worried about fuel flooding or during a cold start, the attached vented choke plate will not allow it.

If we think of the motor durability, an attached 3-ring piston is engineered only for this. Because the piston not only reduces exhaustion but increases its performance within its entire life with the help of a built-in carbon cylinder.

A 16” commercial power cutter makes it the best-in-class for using it in a wide variety of professional and ideal concrete cutting applications. Integrated wheels reduce fatigue during rigid and long straight cuts. Also, it prevents unexpected movements during operations as well.

What we liked

  • Eliminate oil mixing;
  • Integrated fuel primer bulb;
  • Lower noise creates so work without irritation of high noise;
  • To improve commercial engine durability it comes with a three-ring piston engineer.
  • Excellent air filter.


  • The blade is not included.

8. Hilti DSH 700 || 14″ Hand Held Gas Powered Saw

The Hilti DSH 700 is another handheld, lightweight gas-powered concrete cutting saw in its class. This pro-graded one is perfect for small and medium projects and for the single large projects you can manage. Like driveways, sidewalks, and streets. You can drive it through the asphalt with its attached 14” blade as well.

It has several functions that separate it from other manufactured concrete cutters. First, its metal-made texture can force anyone to invest in it, though it is quite expensive. Second, the flat torque curve, which allows the blade to have smooth, rapid actions, even under little pressure, and the adjustable diamond blades have a rip capacity of 5” depth and 20 mm arbor at the same time.

Third, its special wheel kits let one do typical maneuvering. A 3-point vibration absorbing system (AVR), works like an anti-vibration and co-operates in maximized cutting in peace.

Fourth, you can displace the 70CC (4.19 in 3) motor as per your need, including the precleaning filter that protects your workspace and your motor from dust.

What we liked

  • Easy to operate even a new user can control it;
  • The gas control feature makes it extraordinary;
  • Reversible wheels.


  • High-priced product;
  • Poor customer service is a big negative side of it;
  • No warranty is available with this product.

9. SKILSAW SPT79A-10 || 7″ Walk Behind Concrete Cutting Saw

Our last but worth investing in concrete worm driving saw from SKILSAW. Its worm power delivers a complete concrete cutting mechanism and ensures durability as well. This walk-behind concrete cutting saw comes up with a pretty orange or silver texture that creates a glossy look while operating materials.

Standing up to big jobs, like cutting long joints, is simple. Because you may have a comfortable grip on the handle that adjusts itself according to your height and position. Even if it concludes with a folding option to move itself to the desired places at job sites, you can store it in your garage corner after completing your task. Do not forget to use the two-finger trigger as it improves control over the saw and prevents your tool from being damaged.

Featuring die-cast aluminum housings, guard, and toe with rust-resistant brackets, provides a  dual-field motor with longer life by resisting corrosion. Such an engineered powerful motor hinders from being overheated and extends the machine’s life by increasing its own cooling capability. So, you would better switch to this saw for the stiff job standing up.  

What we liked

  • Wet and dry dust manager;
  • Oversized wheels for stability;
  • Pointer wheel mirrors.


  • Poor rip capacity makes it an irritating tool.

Wrap Up

A concrete saw is the most powerful and useful tool for certain rigid jobs. Though it creates such destructive issues for a while, it works like a lifesaver. If you are considering renting one, make sure how much longer and better services it will provide you. Based on the price and quality Evolution DISCCUT1 || 12″ Disc Concrete Cutting Saw is a good selection.

But we recommend a better investment in buying, not in renting. It would rather increase your confidence as a good product that you are applying to.

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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