Best Flashlight for Summer Camp 2024 (Newest Models)

Published on: February 10, 2022
Written by Camila Avery / Fact-checked by David Rowan

You may have seen in movies, if not heard the spooky stories of how summer camping goes wrong for a group. It’s not impossible, just pack the wrong items and you can observe the turn of events rapidly. Lighting source is the most important tool for camping, hiking, or any other nighttime outdoor activities. In the case of camping, it is even more important than food. You will be out of luck if the light stops working in the middle of nowhere and you can’t even send an emergency signal. 

best flashlight for summer camp

So, let’s talk no more and explore our list of the best flashlights for summer camping. Even if you have one or two lights in your closet, you will be fascinated by how cool the lights we have picked for you are. Don’t forget to go through the buying guideline, it will help if you are a beginner at camping.

Why Need Flashlight for Summer Camp?

With decent camping flashlights, you can profit from the accompanying benefits:

  Name of Benefits  Benefits of Details
Enlighten your path to stay away from travel, falls, and wounds.Wood floors are not like metropolitan asphalt, they have roots, shake and open. A powerful installation camp spotlight will prevent any uncomfortable surprises on your way.
Self-defenseA solid shaft will daze a going-after creature or individual. Moreover, the spotlight can be utilized as a dual weapon.
Save batteryYou will need it for other more important tasks, such as resolving a decision or taking a picture of your departure. Incompetent to include it as a spotlight, your telephone needs to be charged continuously.
Capacity as a crisis signalAssuming you’re isolated from others, you can involve the electric lamp as a sign

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Types of Lights Require for Summer Camping

Maybe you practically spent every summer camping here and there but still, I have to go through the basic lights one should have during camping, hiking, or similar activities. You may realize, there are lights that make camping a breeze but you don’t own them yet. 

Lantern Style

Electric lanterns are the best to illuminate a vast area for a longer duration. There are lights that are practically designed as a lantern. Different spotlights and floodlights also can be used for the same purpose, but a lantern will have 360-degree coverage all around. Whereas others will have different added functionality and better portability. 


The size of the torch or flashlight varies a lot. It can be as small as 3 inches or as large as 12 inches. These are must-haves whether you are a fan of camping or not. A walk during the night in the woods or bumpy roads becomes dangerous without it. However, these are multifunctional and are a good option to ensure security wherever you are. So, there is no harm in having 2 or 3 flashlights or a torch. You can place these in different places like home, car, purse, etc and you will be prepared for any odd. 

Tips for Successful Pick of Flashlights


When you have to carry all your supplies on your shoulder, even half an ounce of weight matters. So, for choosing a camping light, portability is the first and foremost feature you should consider. Not only the weight, but even the size of the light should also be comfortable to grip and carry around. 


  • Brightness

In this case, the brightest is not always the best. In fact, you won’t need a super bright torch to survive off-grid. It is good for nighttime exploration and wandering. It is the best for emergency use and sending emergency signals far away. 

So, if you are really looking for a bright torch, you will also need to check the throw it covers. The distance throw is the more preferable one. 

  • Narrow/Wide

The narrow beam is good to focus on something, say the road ahead. These are good for emergency signals and high-distance throws. The wider beam is better for illuminating a large area. In this case, you have to compromise the distance it covers. 

  • Zoomable

I would say, this one is the best. The torch with a zoomable lens allows you to change the beam from narrow to wide whenever you need it. These are pricier. But it is always better than purchasing two lights for separate use. 

  • Modes

Normally, high, medium, low and SOS are the basic modes you will find in every torchlight. There are one or two more modes that can be found which are more or less similar to the basic ones. So, the number of modes is not a big deal for a flashlight. 

In addition to the glamor settings, there are a few flashlights with extra helpful modes.

  Name of Mode  Details of Mode
Strobe ModeA supportive component in crisis circumstances. It makes the spotlight work as a signal. You ought to truly consider getting a model with this choice in the event that you anticipate a possible crisis
Red light ModeAn alternative to the faded setting. Yet, not at all like the white light, your student will not fall behind in the red light and you can use it unhindered inside the tent. You can use the red light mode to read a guide or book without disturbing your tent associates.
Lighta few lights accompany an extra-wide focal point. They can be hanged to work as a light that floods the close by region.

Weather Resistance

Summer camping is full of surprises. The weather turns really quick. So, waterproof and weather resistance quality is a must for camping flashlights. The light that has a longer run time and takes less time to charge fully is an added advantage to survive long-term harsh weather.  

Additional Features

How easy or convenient to charge the light, how easy it is to use, assemble or hold, etc plays a big role while using the light for camping. Some lights work as a power bank, which I prefer most. 

Quick Solutions

How Splendid Should Camping Flashlight Be?

Discovering an electric lamp that produces sufficient light for your necessities may be the main factor in spotlight choice. Splendor is estimated in lumens. Standard more seasoned glowing style spotlights would commonly give up to 150 lumens yet new LED electric lamps frequently start at around 100 and go into large numbers.

Why Do You Need a Flashlight When Camping?

A normal spotlight can leave power in an extremely brief time frame, which can be a colossal major issue when you are out there in the woodland all alone. With LED setting-up camp spotlights, nonetheless, you can enjoy the harmony of the brain as they can last 60 – 80% more than standard electric lamps.

How Many Lumens Do You Need for Light?

The greater the number of lumens the more splendid the light. A normal light will yield around 50 lumens, with lights fit for 1,000 lumens in addition to being accessible. By and large, an iridescence of around 100 to 150 lumens will be above and beyond.

For What Reason Do You Require a Flashlight When Climbing?

Because of helpless night vision, people require amazing light sources when climbing around evening time. Electric lamps, by and large, have expanded power and can be controlled to enlighten various regions.

Editors Recommended Flashlight for Summer Camp-

1. Brightest LED Flashlights Best for Hiking and Hunting by Aikertec

  • 5 modes;
  • Power source: 5000 battery;
  • Brightness: 10000 lumens;
  • Built-in high-lumen upgraded LED flashlight.

So far, as per the advertisement, this one is the brightest flashlight I have ever encountered. From my experience, it is pretty bright, but I can’t assure you it really is 10000 lumens. It has 5 modes, but there are a few differences between different modes. 

When it comes to the beam, it really is meant for a search and rescue operation. For camping in meadows or on rocky mountains, a wide-beam searchlight is preferable to that of narrow-beam one.

With this light, you will get rechargeable batteries. This pack will save you the headache of charging the only battery you have or purchasing an extra. This torch has a long long body and is quite heavy as well. The size will disappoint anyone who is looking for a pocket-size flashlight. 


  • Energy-saving;
  • IPX6 waterproof led flashlight;
  • Suitable for searching operations.
  • Cons
  • Large size.

2. Handheld Spotlight with Side Floodlight as Summer Camping Lantern by GEPROSMA

  • 4 modes;
  • Power source: four 18650 batteries;
  • Brightness: 2000 lumens;
  • Long-lasting included large lithium batteries;
  • Shoulder strap included. 

The designer of this light has made it an allrounder. With the spotlight on the front and a floodlight at the side, you will not need any additional lighting source for safe camping. The brightness is kept on the lower side, but trust me, that is what ensures that it keeps serving all night long.

In the highest setting, the light will have a through up to 800 meters. On the low setting, it will stay put for up to 10 hours. No need for an additional lantern light for camping during sleep. Besides, you can always use the side lantern as a work light to read a book or catch up with important business emails during the evening.

Moreover, with the four li-ion batteries, this light will not just last four times longer, it also can be used as a high-capacity power bank. Make sure all your smart devices are charged up to help you navigate and capture memorable moments during the day.


  • Can be used as a power bank;
  • Includes shoulder straps for easy carrying;
  • Doubles as a camping lantern;
  • Overcharge protected.


  • Nothing to mention.

3. Rechargeable Lantern for Harsh Weather for Summer Camp by Blazin’ Bison

  • 6 modes (white and red);
  • Power source: Li-ion battery;
  • Charge from wall, car, or computer;
  • 400 Hour Runtime;
  • 360-degree coverage and 3-way rechargeable.  

The lowest setting will save you back up to 400 hours; that’s what the advertisement says. Practically it stays more than 250 hours, which is the longest for a rechargeable lantern but it is definitely not as advertised. However, there are other features that make it a great light to use it is any night whether summer or winter, camping, or staying at home.

Once charged, this lantern will work as a power bank for smart devices. So, you will be worry-free to know that, even during emergencies, your devices will not leave you helpless.

This light is shockproof up to 5 ft but it is not claimed as waterproof. So, you can’t leave it in the rain or snow. The lifetime guarantee makes your investment in it safe and reliable.


  • Long runtime;
  • Suitable for long-term off-grid living;
  • Easy to use;
  • Power bank for devices.


  • No wall adapter is included.

4. AVID POWER Rechargeable Spotlight – Perfect for Outdoors

  • 3 modes;
  • Power source: battery-powered;
  • Material acrylonitrile butadiene styrene;
  • Brightness: 900 lumens;
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery.

Charge the light will a wall outlet at home, or in the car if you forget charging at home. If that doesn’t happen either, use it from a power bank! Yes, there are three options to charge this spotlight. Moreover, when fully charged, it can be used as a power bank too!

This spotlight is made convenient for camping especially. From the built-in tripod to the hook at the end, everything makes it handy for lighting up a campsite. You won’t have to constantly look for a smooth surface where you can set the light up. 

For a spotlight, this unit is pretty lightweight and sturdy at the same time. Once you purchase it, customer service makes sure that you have a satisfying experience with it. 


  • Rechargeable battery;
  •  IP 67 waterproof;
  • 10W ultra-bright LED.


  • No cons.

5. Anker Bolder Pocket-Sized Water Resistant Torch for Summer Outdoor Activities

  • 3 modes High/Low/Strobe;
  • Power source: 3 AAA batteries;
  • Brightness: 300 lumens;
  • Water Resistant;
  • Handy pocket clip. 

We can’t carry around the big bulky floodlight we use during camping. Especially when we have to go use the toilet in nature. However, it is just an example, there are numerous situations when we have to rely on a pocket torch. In fact, it is the best backup. This mini torch has a limited throw and the brightness is very dim compared to other torches we have reviewed here. But it definitely is a lifesaver when the main lighting source dies unexpectedly.

It is tough inside out. The outer layer is made tough to be unbreakable and the inner mechanisms are meant to withstand harsh weather even under -10 degrees centigrade. In the low setting, it will stay put for up to 6 hours. So, no need to sleep in the darkness if you are uncomfortable. This light will help you to save the battery power of the main light you are using. You only have to pay several bucks to own it. The cheap price makes it the best choice for people looking for camping kits on a budget.


  • Affordable;
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around;
  • Pocket size;
  • Suitable for a tough environment.


  • Limited functionality.

6. Multi-functional Flashlight by OLIGHT

  • Light Source one high-performance cool white LED;
  • Battery Source customized rechargeable battery (Included);
  • Max. Performance 2,500 lumens;
  • Beam Distance 544ft.

It fully charges the high-capacity battery that comes with the Olight. Once it is charged, it can lighten up for 4.5 days straight non-stop in the lowest mode. Isn’t that impressive in challenging situations like camping or hiking where you have to survive on limited resources?

However, not to mention the user-friendly from ‎OLIGHT will become your best friend once you have it. The included pocket clip will ensure that the light stays with you wherever you go. On the other hand, when you need a hand, just use the head strap for hands-free illumination. The strap makes the flashlight even handier.

Choose the one you prefer from two options: cool white and neutral white. The beam doesn’t go very far. The best thing I liked about the light is its gradual brightness. Unlike other conventional flashlights, it won’t make you blind with sudden brightness in the dark. It allows your eyes to gradually adapt to it during power off and on.


  • Multipurpose magnetic cap;
  • Long runtime;
  • Long warranty offered;
  • High output.


  • Pricey option.

7. 5000 Lumen Rechargeable Flashlight with Power Display by Woputne

  • 4 modes;
  • Aluminum alloy construction; 
  • Power source: USB charging from rechargeable batteries;
  • Brightness: 5000 lumens;
  • Power display.  

When the flashlight is low on charge, it catches you off-guard in emergencies. Gone are the days when you needed to play a guessing game about how much charge the battery left. Now, you can tell by the display of the flashlight itself. Yes, this inexpensive Chinese flashlight comes with all 4 Li-ion rechargeable batteries and a convenient power display with it. 

With 5000 lumens and 300m maximum throw, this flashlight can be the most budget-friendly option for someone who loves to set their camp high in the mountains. With this range, your experience with cave exploring will have a new turn. Besides, The blinding brightness is also suitable for hunting at night by blinding up your prey.

The built-in batteries can be recharged with the included USB, but it needs a 5v 2A adapter for connectivity. This flashlight has an insulation mode that disconnects the battery from the circuit when not in use. Trust me, you have no idea how much it saves battery power. You can use it at night and keep on insulation during the day. 


  • Durable;
  • Budget-friendly price;
  • Super bright; 
  • Power saving option available.


  • Slightly heavy. 

8. YCS Led Scuba Diving Flashlight with Charger

  • 4 modes;
  • Provide super bright white light underwater(100M);
  • Brightness: 4000 lumens;
  • Electricity 50% – 20% red light.

People go camping just to stay in touch with nature or to explore its beauty. Scuba diving or cliff jumping is a popular sport for travelers not just for fun. It lets you explore the underwater and cool off yourself during summer as well. For the love of any kind of diving, this water-resistant flashlight can be an amazing accessory. It can resist pressure up to 100 meters. So, you will be able to explore underwater caves or even search for sunken ships for treasures using this light.

The run time is somewhat short for this light though. With the highest mower, you will not be able to hold it for more than 20 minutes. The light overheats. For short-term use, it is a great flashlight to make camping more enjoyable during the night and diving at any time of the day. I find it even more useful during fishing. Who doesn’t go fishing on camping trips, right? During the night, focus the light on the fish and use a harpoon to pierce it. This method is faster than using a fishing stick.

Underwater, the distance reduces depending on the water clarity. The advertisement says, this light helps underwater photography but I disagree with it. The beam it creates is not so spread and has a hot spot. It is perfect for exploring, not for shooting.


  • Suitable for deep-sea diving;
  • Abrasion and seawater corrosion resistance;
  • Two waterproof O-rings;
  • Perfect for diving, hiking, camping, fishing, & many other outdoors.


  • Found nothing.

9. Tactical Zoomable Flashlight for Outdoor by GearLight

  • 5 modes;
  • Power source: 3 AAA batteries or 1 rechargeable battery;
  • Brightness: 1000 lumens;
  • Holster included.  

This pack has a pair of lights in it. For families who prefer to take the kids along with them while traveling or camping, it is a nice option to have. The included holsters for each of the flashlights are perfect to put on the kids. this way the light will be always within their reach and there is no option of losing it. Or you can keep one at home and another in the car for on-the-go and emergency situations. 

Other models of camping flashlights offer narrow and wide beam lights and make people confused about which one to buy. This one, on the other hand, offers a lens that can zoom the beam. Isn’t that impressive? Moreover, the 500m distance is one of the longest distances for a flashlight to cover. 

The price you have to pay for this couple is jaw-dropping. It costs half the pricey models with similar functionality. 


  • Small sturdy and compact;
  • 2 units for a variety of usability;
  • Adjustable beam;
  • Cheap price.


  • Have to pay more for batteries.

10. Military-Grade Flashlights for Summer Camp and Security by WISSBLUE

  • 4 modes;
  • Power source: 2600 battery;
  • Brightness: 1600 lumens;
  • Holster included.  

What’s the point of using a tactical flashlight in camping? Of course, you are not ever planning for a vacation in the war zone. But hey, what about being prepared for the worst? Or for hunting? A lot of people prefer to hunt for their meals during camping. A military-grade flashlight makes it convenient. You can set it up with the rifle you are using to shoot. Other than that, the aviation aluminum body of this light is virtually unbreakable. Save a headache and purchase a flashlight that lasts. 

This light comes with everything you need to use it plus a leather holster. 975 meters of beam coverage is more than enough for decent camping. You have to take the light for a nighttime exploration tour to get amazed by its furthest reach. 

Not to mention the security advantages of this flashlight. The price is also reasonable for this tough buddy. The customer service and long warranty complete this product to be one of the best of its kind. 


  • Highly durable;
  • Suitable for tough use;
  • It can be used with a rifle. 
  • Don’t overheat.


  • No cons.

11. FUOOXCree Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight for Camping

  • 5 modes;
  • Rechargeable high-capacity 2600 mAh battery;
  • Brightness: 1200 lumens;
  • Utilizes upgraded high-efficiency P9 LED. 

The weather always surprises me during summer camping. We don’t know when it will rain or shine. Almost all the flashlights we have reviewed are waterproof to some extent, but this model is exceptional from all of those. Even the USB port is sealed to make the unit usable even in heavy rainfall. 

The brightness and throw are limited, it is just the right amount you need for camping. However, the zoomable feature is something you will adore the light for. This feature is not always present in the most expensive torch models. This feature allows you to create a narrow beam to point the light on something. Or you can use the wide beam to illuminate a vast area. 

It is quite annoying that it takes 4 hours to fully charge it. But the run time is low. Anyways, for the price and quality, I definitely recommend this light for camping on a budget. It doubles as a spotlight and floodlight. 


  • Lightweight and compact;
  • Waterproof flashlights;
  • The EDC flashlight comes with a 2600mAh rechargeable battery.


  • Nothing found.


In the darkness of the woods or mountains, only the light shows us the way and gives us hope for a new day. So, don’t neglect to choose the right light to make your summer camping enjoyable and memorable. The wrong purchase may turn your camping into an undesirable nightmare. So, take the time to choose the light and go through the buying guide afterward to help you purchase it.

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Guys, I am Camila Avery and I love to help my mom to do indoor & outdoor activities. As a lady, I have passed my time on gardening, home improvement, and personal or self-care. I have acquired some degrees in outdoor recreation, beauty, and hair care. It is not easy to work with top-level professional beauty experts. But, I got that opportunity and experimented with different hair extensions, hair colors, and cuts.

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