Super Convenient Folding Ruler to Carry Anywhere for Woodworking

Published on: June 2, 2022
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Do you have doubts when purchasing the most suitable folding ruler that is causing you to be puzzled? Don’t worry; we are here to help you to choose your desired one. We conduct extensive research on each folding ruler to suggest the most useful one that you can buy. All of these pocket-sized carpenter rulers can be folded in a zig-zag pattern and super flexible to use in woodwork.

A folding ruler is a tool used to measure distances or draw straight lines in various applications such as printing, geometry, and technical drawing. People use different types of measuring devices for four thousand years, and the foldable ruler is the trending one. Anton Ullrich invented the first folding ruler in 1902. Since then, the folding ruler has been updated by its design and flexibility day by day.

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How Many Parts Does a Folding Ruler Have?

Folding rules are made up of two or more rule strips connected by joints that move. It usually has two parts: one is rule stripes, and another is hinged.

Folding ruler strips perform the same function as regular rulers. They have distance gradation markers and straight edges for drawing lines. More than that, individual strips are typically 200mm in length. When completely extended, the overall ruler size is determined by the number and length of the rule strips connected.

Folding rules have hinges that allow each strip to fold as required for short distance measurements or storage. For more extended measurements, they folded out to extend their length. The hinges can be locked after opening out to create a long, stiff rule.

What is a Folding Ruler?

A folding ruler is made of many pivoting elements that unfold and lock together to produce a stiff ruler for measuring length. When fully extended, a folding rule is 6 to 10 feet long. The folding ruler is distributed into pieces of 150 mm (6 inches), 200 mm (8 inches), or 250 mm (10 inches). Typically, it’s labeled with metric or imperial measurements or both. Current trendy folding rulers feature additional indications. A folding ruler for woodworking is the standard measuring equipment mostly used by carpenters. Folding rulers are available in a variety of shapes and materials. Plastic, wood, steel, aluminum and metal are some of the materials used. A folding ruler is also known as a jointed ruler or a zig-zag ruler.

What Is a Folding Ruler Used for?

As its name is Folding ruler, the main feature of the ruler is it is foldable and easier to carry or use in tight situations. They can also be used to measure greater distances or difficult-to-reach areas. Below are some of the measurements that a folding ruler can perform:

Angle Measurements:

The folding ruler can determine angles on more significant buildings or areas where a straight protractor is challenging to use. The folding ruler can make angles that measure with a protractor after sections of the rule match a curve.

Making Parallel Lines:

Two or more folding rule stripes can fold flexibly so that a straight edge can draw parallel lines down a surface quickly. Two rule strips at right angles to one other can be folded into the shape of a ‘4’ and kept upside down. The edge of the surface will line up with one rule, which can drag up and down to draw parallel lines.

Exceptional Lines Maker:

Now you can find some folding rulers that have unique marks for specific applications. Especially Masonry folding rulers that feature marks on one side that illustrate the proper measurements of the bricks and caldron joints required to construct a structure of a certain height or length. Every tenth of a foot or meter is clearly laid out on the surveyor’s folding rules.

How Do You Use a Folding Ruler?

Using a folding rule is straightforward. With one hand holding the ruler, unfold ruler segments with the other until it is long enough to take the measurement. It’s easier to extend the ruler to the most extended length that fits between the places to be measured, then slide out the brass extension for the rest of the measurement. The ruler can mark immediately from the rule without recalling any numbers. You can estimate angles from a distance for huge items like roof slopes or piping angles by a folding ruler. Using a folding carpenter ruler is the same as a folding ruler.

What Is the Accuracy of the Wooden Folding Rule?

Normally, every folding ruler, whether wooden or metal, is maintained and calibrated to the highest levels of accuracy. Each brand maintains the correctness is +-1 mm per 1 meter and +-1.4 mm per 2 meters. Woodworkers who used to operate a folding ruler practically never read the scale. They simply draw a line and the work is done. It’s an inexpensive, quick and accurate ruler that fits in your pocket.

 The important advice that you should follow is, never start a measure that needs to be accurate with the outer 0cm edge of a folding ruler because the tip of folding rulers is never precisely at the 0 marks, usually off by 0.5mm. So you can either start at 1 cm and subtract 1 cm from the measurement or start at 10cm and subtract 10cm, leaving less room for error.

Are Folding Tools Essential for Outdoor Activities?

Folding tools make camping easier by providing convenient and versatile equipment for outdoor activities. From folding shovels and saws to multi-tools and utensils, these compact items can come in handy for various tasks while out in the wilderness. Their portable nature makes them essential for any outdoor adventure.

Our Favorite Picks of Folding Ruler

This review guideline serves you to pick the proper folding ruler with lots of information to help you to choose the appropriate one. We’ve gone through the whole woodworking folding ruler research process and have compiled a comprehensive list of the best folding rulers for woodworking on the market today.

Below all of the high-quality and best-made company folding rulers can also be utilized for larger projects. Below we enlisted the top trendy folding rulers with enough information for you.  

1. Klein Tools 911-6 Folding Ruler with Durable Fiberglass for Woodworking

[amazon fields=”B00093GELC” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=””]

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Klein Tools Wooden Folding Ruler holds the first position in our list for its compact design and accurate measurement. It’s a compact ruler built with durable nylon with glass fiber coating for more durability. It can resist harsh weather, abrasion and chemicals. Additionally, the measurement grade is 1/16-Inch on both sides and edges (1.6 mm). Both sides of the ruler have black marks on yellow with red stud center markings. The overall length is 6-foot or 183 cm. Rivet positive lock joints are designed to remain in position for a long time while maintaining accuracy.

Furthermore, steel spring hinges enhance strength while in use. Your tape measures would be destroyed in a matter of days if you worked outside due to the mud soil. This folding ruler has performed admirably. If it gets dirty, all you have to do is rinse it out, and you’re good to go.

Why we like

  •  Clear marking makes it easy to read;
  •  Sturdy and durable;
  •  Easy to clean;
  • There are black marks every 16 inches; 
  •  Both sides and edges have marks;
  • It is made of tough nylon with glass fibers;
  • The joint lock allows safe and accurate measurement. 

Why we didn’t like

  • It can’t be used to measure curves or circles;
  • The hinges can become loose over time.

Popular queries of this ruler

Is the ruler marked in both English and Metric?

No, it doesn’t have both markings as it’s an outside ruler.

Is there a way to replace the plastic pivot points with the metal bars?

Actually there is no option for these facilities. Because it’s durable enough to work with it in the long run.

Do I need to unfold this ruler to get it to lay flat completely?

Yes, you have to unfold the whole inch ruler to lay it flat to use it.

What’s our opinion

In many cases, this folding ruler performs better than other rulers and also lasts longer. Kelin folding rulers perform best in some applications, like building, where rigorous long measuring is required. Also, professional carpenters mostly rely on this tool for accurate measurement for their woodworking projects. So you can blindly choose this folding ruler for any kind of measurement task accurately.

2. Wiha 61602 Maxi Flex Woodworking Folding Ruler

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Our second choice, Wiha Metric folding ruler in the list, is famous for being composed of plastic moulding. Its hinges are part of the ruler’s integral moulded design, with a plastic cylinder around which the parts rotate. That plastic cylinder is a different sort of plastic, softer and thus more likely to tolerate friction. A thin metal cotter bar holds the plastic cylinder in place. When the unfolding part is at 90o and 180o, the hinges have built-in “stops.” 

Furthermore, the plastic rugged polyamide pieces appear as durable as a wooden folding ruler. Its markings maintain accuracy and are dark in color. Every 10 cm, a vast 10, 20, and so on are painted in clear red color. The rule can be read from both sides. It has a 2-meter unfolded length, and parts are 0.3 cm thick.

The first and last portions are each 21.5 cm long, with the internal sections being roughly 1.5 cm longer. The ruler has a folded length of 23.5 cm, a width of 3.2 cm, and a thickness of 1.5 cm. For those who favor going in metric, this folding ruler can save you from the trouble of converting longer lengths into cm/mm.

Why we like

  • Clear Marking with 30% fiberglass;
  • Scratch and waterproof;
  • Adjustable and impact-proof;
  • Zero maintenance with the patented play-free joint;
  • Flexible with steel spring;
  • Both sides have a deeply engraved clear mark.

Why we didn’t like

  • It’s too floppy;
  • The ruler is built by a type of PVC, which is weak.

Popular queries about this ruler

Does this model have both metric and English measurements?

Yes, this great ruler has both metric and SI units with excellent stability.

Does this ruler have wood-like study?

In every regard, it’s superior to wood. The joints are snug, but they fold and unfold quickly.

Our Observation about this ruler

Wiha folding ruler is a well-crafted quality tool with a reasonable price that can save your time by getting accurate measurements within a minute. It’s a high-quality ruler that can stand up to harsh conditions. This product is less priced and compares favorably to similar-looking regulations that cost more. It has sharp angles and is easy to twist. So Overall this folding ruler can serve your purpose most reliably.

3. Lufkin X46SLN Wood Rule with 6 inches Brass

[amazon fields=”B00HDSPIUE” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=””]

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Next in our super folding ruler list, the Lufkin holds the place for its popularity in making sturdy hand tools in the world. These folding ruler dimensions are 1.9×0.6×8 inches in a folded position. The weight of the ruler is 2.4 Ounces.

Besides, the rule is 72 inches, and the majority of the markings are black, with the smallest spacing at sixteenths. At 16″, 32″, 48″, and 64″, there are red markers. The markings are painted onto the wood rather than being scored into it. Both sides have readable marks that begin at zero on opposite ends.

So far, the brass hinges aren’t too loose or too tight, indicating that the ruler is well-made. The pieces move out and halt at 6 inches after a slim 6-inch extension from one end. It is simple to deal with.

For one-time measure precision, such as kitchen cabinetry, it remains stiff. This is the measuring tool of choice for ensuring the highest level of accuracy when creating a part cut list that results in high-quality joinery and a professional-looking completed product.

Why we like

  • Both sides of the markings are readable;
  • Hasslefree and accurate;
  • Red marking in 16″, 32″, 48″, and 64 inches;
  • Lightweight and portable;
  • It can be carried in one hand when folded down to a smaller size;
  • Once fixed into place, it’s rigorous.

Why we didn’t like

  • Some pivot joints are tight or either clumsy;
  • The last pivot section does not return to neutral for storage.

Popular queries about this ruler

Does this model have Inches or Metric?

It only measures inches only. Unfortunately, you don’t have an option to measure in metric


Is Lufkin’s 6′ wood ruler no longer painted yellow?

It hasn’t been painted. The ruler is made of wood and has black markings only. 

Our ultimate suggestions about this folding ruler

Overall it’s an excellent as well as the best quality product. It has a built-in depth gauge that is entirely accurate. This is the measuring tool of choice for ensuring the highest level of precision when creating a part cut list that results in high-quality joinery and a professional-looking completed product. 

4. Klein Tools 910-6 Durable Fiberglass Folding Ruler for Woodworking

[amazon fields=”B00093E03Q” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=””]

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Again Klein holds its reputation of accurate measurements in woodworking projects. Carpenters most likely prefer this ruler for instant accuracy of size and durability.

This folding ruler from Klein is made of durable nylon with a glass fiber coating for extra strength. It is resistant to weather, abrasion, and most utmost chemicals. Every 16 inches, a red stud marking is incorporated on both sides and edges (1.6 mm). For increased strength the manufacturer uses positive locking joints and stainless steel spring hinges.

The ruler segments expand beautifully and snap into 90 degree or 180-degree positions with a bit of effort. The extended part of the ruler that starts at “0” lays flat against the surface for individuals who prefer indoor reading against a panel surface or a wall.

The folded ruler measures 8 inches long, 2 inches broad, and 3/4 inch thick, and it fits comfortably into a back pocket. It’s easy to clean, waterproof, and doesn’t pick up any spots from everyday use because it’s made of fiberglass. 

Why we like

  • Positive-locking joints;
  • Scales with a grade inscribed on both sides;
  • Every 16 inches, there are red stud markings;
  • Easy inside reading feature;
  • The black markings are easy to see. 

Why we didn’t like

  • Sometimes the ruler is rigid and difficult to unfold and fold;
  • Both sides’ reading measures are only inches, not a centimeter.

The most frequently asked questions about this ruler are:

Are the numerals on both sides in the same order?

No, on both sides, the numbers are flipped.

Is there a 90-degree detent on it?

No, it doesn’t have a 90-degree detent.

Our opinion about this ruler

In general, this is a fantastic measuring stick for any situation. The ruler is six feet long when ultimately extended; when you hold the flat side up, it bends slightly, but not at all when used edge-up.

The 1/16″ black markings are easy to read. The folding mechanism is solid and straightforward to use. After purchasing this folding ruler, we hope you will be pleased to have this valuable ruler for all of your projects!

5. Crescent Lufkin X48N Wooden Ruler with Extension

[amazon fields=”B00002N7Q5″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=””]

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Crescent Lufkin is an excellent vintage novelty item, like a pocket yardstick for more exact measures than a measuring tape. It’s the ideal instrument for taking precise internal measurements. The wooden material, brass accents, and printed numbers are all of high quality.

When you open each part, it moves quickly and smoothly. The slide is held in place by friction in the T-slot and has a stop at each end to prevent it from falling out. It locks in place and doesn’t move. The graduated slide rule can be extended up to 8 feet long.

Furthermore, this foldable ruler has red markings on both sides and edges in natural wood color every 1/16-inch. Please note that the numbering starts inside the rule, and the measurement is near to work.

First, open the ruler within 6″ or less of the distance to take an inside measurement. One side of the hole should be against the square end. Extend the slide until it hits the opposite side. For a precise measurement of the opening, add a slide to the measurement given at the opposite end of the ruler.

Why we liked

  • Accurate measurement and easy to read;
  • The wooden components are secured and remain in place;
  • It’s convenient and simple to use;
  • The accredited slide rule has a length of up to 8 feet;
  • Inside measurements are more accurate with the extension.

Why we didn’t like

  • Sometimes it is hard to close;
  • When taking measurements, the brass extender rod slips too much.

This ruler’s most common questions

How can I loosen the extension without making it too loose if it’s too stiff?

They usually loosen up with time. However, a single drop of oil will provide immediate relief.

What is the precision of the measurements?

It’s incredibly precise and adheres to measurement standards.

Our take on this ruler is as follows:

Overall, the Crescent Lufkin folding ruler has many great features that inspire people to get what they want. It is built of high-quality materials so that customers can use it for a long time with accurate measurements.

All the highlighted features like stops at each end, measuring inside works, the extensions, marking on both sides and both edges etc., make this tool popular among the carpenters and artisans.

6. Rhino 55160 Folding Carpenter’s Ruler 

[amazon fields=”B0017JW80I” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=””]

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Rhino carpenters’ foldable rulers are highly accurate and simple to use in woodworking tasks. This equipment is excellent for everyone, whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional carpenter.

It is 3x longer lasting than wooden rulers since it is constructed of polyamide reinforced with 30% fiberglass. It is watertight and will not warp or swell like a wooden ruler because it is made of fiberglass. The blades snap to 90 or 180 degrees and won’t move without a lot of power.

Beyond that, under extreme working circumstances, this deeply designed folding ruler will not wear out. Even with 90° positive stop joints, it’s flexible and scratch-resistant. Those who prefer inside reading can go on this rule because this rule is inside-reading on both sides and reads left to right on both sides.

Why we liked

  • Sturdy and waterproof material;
  • Built with wire hinges;
  • The slide is stable in its place;
  •  Inside-reading on both sides is easy and accurate;
  • 90° positive stop joints are adjustable and scratch-resistant.

Why we didn’t like

  • The hinges are not metal, they’re made with plastic;
  • On either end, there isn’t a tip.

Frequently asked questions regarding this ruler:

What is the thickness of each slat?

The thickness of each one is 1/8 inch in diameter.

Is this folding ruler meant to be read from the inside or the outside?

You can read in feet and inches on both sides, but no metric measurements.

The following are our ultimate thoughts on this foldable ruler:

Finally, the Rhino 55160 is a typical folding ruler made of durable material that will last for a long time. If you like to use an old-fashioned ruler, there is an option. It can expand to six feet in length when fully opened.

The scale is imperial, and the markers on both sides are designated “outside” American Measure. It lacks a metric; it can just measure in feet and inches.

7. Wiha 61606 Composite Laminated Ruler for Woodworking and Others

[amazon fields=”B00HZTMWFU” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=””]

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The Wiha 61606 folding ruler is the most lucrative and durable, featuring laminated layers and longitudinal fiberglass strands for unrivaled rigidity. It’s labeled as a water-resistant outdoor tool.

As rotation points, the pivot hinges combine ruler tabs with pins. The center of studs is indicated by red marks at every 16 inches. When compared to Lufkin wooden folding ruler, it is roughly 5/8 inch slimmer when folded. It is 1.25 inches long when folded.

In addition, both sides of the ruler include imperial graduation markings of inch & metric, and each uses the “outside” (right to left) American Measure. The ruler is 6 feet long, 2 inches wide, and 1/2 inch thick. It snaps into 90-degree angles quite tightly.

Why we like

  • High-contrast white markings on a black background;
  • Corrosion and rust will not occur in the joints;
  • Composite segments are long-lasting;
  • Longitudinal fiberglass strands laminated between layers;
  • Play-free, wear-free, waterproof outdoor grade.

Why we didn’t like

  • One-handed locking is complicated;
  • Stamped markings might fade over time.

This ruler’s most frequent questions:

When wholly extended, what is the overall length?

The overall length is 2 meters or 78 inches.

Is there an extended metal slide on one end of this rule for obtaining inside measurements?

Ans: The metal slide extension is not included with this stick rule.

What are our thoughts about this folding ruler:

The inner reading graduation of the WIHA 61606 foldable ruler for woodworking and hinges that hold securely but can be activated with one hand make it ideal for woodworking.

It can take outside measures ideally and easily measure difficult-to-reach areas. In short, it is worthwhile to seek out this folding ruler with large attractive and prominent numerals at your working time.


If you want to feel like you’re using a classic tool with accurate measurements, we recommend the folding rulers indicated above. The most extraordinary folding ruler for excellent woodworking needs to have several qualities.

However, in our opinion, the greatest folding ruler for woodworking has inner reading graduation and hinges that hold tightly but can be used with one hand. Also, choosing the length and size are the most critical factors while buying the folding ruler. 

We hope this guide will assist you in choosing your desired one. Discovering a model that boosts your confidence and enjoyment in the woodshop is the key to choosing the best folding ruler for woodworking.

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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