10 Best Gloves for Warehouse Work

Published on: March 5, 2022
Written by Eric Devin / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Running a warehouse includes a large team of people. Parcels delivery, driving, managing, monitoring, loading, arranging, and unloading goods are compulsory and regular work in a warehouse. No matter which position a person is holding in a warehouse, they should always be careful and have personal safety. Protective garments, eye shields, and gloves are the prerequisite for working in a warehouse. 

10 best gloves for warehouse work in 2023

In some warehouses, this personal protective equipment is provided, and in some cases, one has to collect it on their own. It is not only a matter of personal protection but also proper handling of the goods as well. Poor quality gloves may cause slipping off goods and cardboard boxes, leading to greater loss.

On the other hand, a pair of good quality gloves can save the hands of a hardworking person from fatigue and ensure long working hours. A list of 10 comfortable, durable, and inexpensive warehouse work gloves is prepared for the dedicated workforce which ensures we receive our goods in proper condition. 

Featuring Top 10 Gloves for Warehouse Work

1. Ironclad Work Gloves with a Size Range

  • Available in extra small, small, medium, large, x large, and xx-large sizes;
  • Suitable for machine washing and air drying.

Ironclad work gloves are the best in class for loading and unloading heavy boxes in the warehouse. Different materials are used to make this glove to protect your hands against scrapes and scars and also to make the gloves durable. While doing heavy loads, the knuckle and the palm part tear first. So, Ironclad has made synthetic leather reinforcements in the palm and used thermoplastic rubber on the knuckle. Together these add-ons make the gloves last longer than regular work gloves. 

Warehouse work requires snug-fit gloves. Thankfully, this glove is available in six different sizes to fit almost anyone. The velcro strap on the wrist makes it more secure on the job. Dripping sweat annoys everyone during the job but not the ones who own Ironclad gloves. There are terry cloth patches on the thumb and forefinger of the glove to remove sweat. No need to fish for tissue to wipe off the wear. Overall, these gloves are everything one needs for a safe and comfortable working environment in the warehouse. 


  • Secure fit;
  • Wide size range;
  • Sweat wipe on thumb;
  • Abrasion and impact-resistant.


  • Not found any.

2. ATG 3 Pack Seamless Knit Nylon Work Glove

  • Select from the small, medium, large, and X-large;
  • Touchscreen-compatible gloves.

Big and bulky hand gloves may seem protective but not suitable for handling delicate materials. These anti-slip gloves from ATG provide superior grip while handling delicate and slippery materials. Microdots on the palm are the main reason for their secure grip and also for their compatibility to touch phones. These are thin and breathable nylon gloves that one can wear in any weather conditions whether it is snowing, raining, or shining. 

These gloves weigh only 4 ounces. Doing warehouse work will be less stressful when the gloves are seamless and weightless. However, these gloves are available in only three regular sizes; people with extra large and extra small hands may have difficulty fitting in. Another drawback is, these gloves are not for heavy-duty use in the long term. 


  • Superior grip;
  • Cool and dry feeling;
  • Thin, snug-fit gloves;
  • Suitable for all-weather situations.


  • Does not last long upon heavy use.

3. Custom Leathercraft Flex Grip Work Gloves for Warehouse

  • Size: small, medium, large, x large, xx-large;
  • Touchscreen-compatible.

General warehouse gloves are not suitable to wear in snowy weather where the hands are in action, not in the pockets. So, get this pair of super-insulated gloves that will keep the palms as warm as toast.  These gloves may seem bulky but are surprisingly lightweight for the comfortable handling of warehouse goods. 

Apart from warehouse-specific work, these gloves are also a good choice for doing other manual laborious jobs. For example, handling wood or metal pieces will be easier with this pair. During heavy snow or rain, if warehouse gloves get wet, it becomes useless to work on. But these gloves from custom leathercraft are made resistant to shrink and are made flexible to wear even when it is wet. 

I recommend getting this pair from a trusted vendor to avoid cheap quality fakes. In recent years, a lot of users have claimed a drop in quality for these gloves compared to the previous ones they experienced. 


  • Insulated for comfortable wear in winter;
  • Suitable for outdoor works as well;
  • Lightweight.


  • Bulky.

4. Ironclad Pro Glove for Warehouse Works

  • Abrasion-resistant neoprene knuckle;
  • Black, olive, tree, or green and brown color;
  • Size: small, medium, large, X large, XX-large.

These gloves are launched under the name of ‘tactical gloves’ by Ironclad. I prefer these for warehouse work too, because of their lightweight, flexible, and non-bulky shape. Needless to say, these gloves contain the same quality that all Ironclad gloves are made of. 

Synthetic leather has been used on the palm for a good hold. There is Exo embossed all over the palm area to make it secure to hold weaponry. If the size is right, then this thing works to hold onto plastic and metal pieces in the warehouse. 

There are six cool colors to choose from and five different sizes. Take the one that goes with your style and makes you stand out. The gloves are surprisingly reasonably priced compared to the quality. The patches and stitches won’t come off due to heavy manual laborious jobs. 


  • True to size;
  • Secure fit;
  • High quality.


  • Not touch screen compatible.  

5. DS Safety Nitrile Coated Work Gloves, 3 Pairs(S)

  • Touch screen compatible;
  • Multipurpose use.

Warehouse work does not always involve just handling heavy cardboard and wooden boxes. Rather, it is a big industry that involves light-duty jobs such as parcel delivery, cashier, packaging, driving, monitoring, keeping logbooks, and so on. These jobs also need proper protection. A comfortable pair of gloves that hugs the hands like a second skin is the best solution for the people working in those positions. 

As I mentioned, these gloves are light-duty multipurpose gloves. These are made of micro-foam, which ensures excellent breathability. A water-based PU coating, on the other hand, provides a good grip on objects and dryness. The size chart is also helpful to get the right size for people of xs, s, m, l, xl, and XXL hand sizes. The good thing is, the wrist is tightly knitted with nylon. It helps to keep the gloves in place without the need for readjustment every minute and also prevents dirt from entering. 


  • Breathable;
  • Waterproof and oil-resistant;
  • Thin and comfortable;
  • Snug-fit gloves.


  • Not insulated for winter use;
  • Not for lifting heavy loads. 

6. Ironclad Command Pro All-purpose Work Gloves

  • Color: high visibility yellow and orange;
  • Touchscreen friendly.

Finally, a pair of work gloves can be seen in the dark. Doing the night shift at the warehouse or for parcel delivery, a pair of gloves is convenient, but working becomes less stressful when it is radiant in the dark. 

The entire palm of the glove is touch-screen compatible. If the warehouse work involves using a tab for keeping a logbook, then this pair of Hi-viz gloves is the right thing to put on without compromising the protection. 

Don’t like the radiant color? This glove is also available in matt black and brown shades. Ironclad always makes their gloves with 16 different measurements. So, there is no chance of having any trouble regarding this. Besides, the hook and loom closer at the wrist always keep the glove secured on the hands. 


  • High quality;
  • Protective against abrasion;
  • Visible in the dark.


  • The palm of the glove may not last long.

7. Handlandy Work Gloves for Men’s & Women of the Warehouse

  • For men and women;
  • Grey-blue and grey-red color.

Women often go for men’s gloves when it comes to choosing a pair of warehouse gloves. Because of the lack of women-specified warehouse gloves in the market, they go for the last resort-big bulky and odd-fitted men’s gloves. The good news, Handlandy has made this choice easy by launching general utility gloves for men and women. From our research, we know that these gloves fit well with women. 

The back of the gloves is made with mesh fabric to provide breathability, whereas the padded palm gives comfort and protection. For restraining bumps, the knuckle part is made of high-density rubber. The user can wipe their sweat, use touch phones, and pull up their gloves when needed. To make this prepared every morning, only a machine wash is needed at the end of the day. 


  • Multipurpose use;
  • Flexible and breathable;
  • Padded palm for comfort.


  • Not for tough jobs.

8. Ironclad Box Handler Work Gloves

  • The thumb and saddle are reinforced for long-lasting performance;
  • Silicon imprinted palm for a secure grip.

These gloves were one of my favorites even in the previous year, but now I really have doubts about them. It is not like other gloves that are used to serve various purposes and also for warehouse work. Rather, it is named a ‘box handler’ and made only considering the needs of warehouse workers. The gloves are meant for ‘box handling.’ 

‘Box handler’ gloves are the best in terms of gripping boxes. Is the box slippery or are the goods you are handling in the warehouse? No matter how slippery the item you are handling, the silicone grip on the palm of the gloves makes sure to have a good hold on it. 

The downside of these gloves is the other parts, but the silicon palm wears out fast. Previously, these gloves used to come with high durability, but now it does not last for a month. 


  • Superior grip on boxes;
  • Flexible and well-protected knuckle;


  • Wears out easily;
  • Not touch screen friendly. 

9. Handlandy Breathable Men’s Work Gloves to Use in the Warehouse

  • Padded palm and touchscreen-compatible fingers.

Are the corners of cardboard boxes pinched on your palm? This pair of gloves from Handlandy has a padded palm to save the users from shock, vibration, and discomfort from dragging cardboard boxes all around the warehouse. The spandex back is what makes this pair of gloves comfortable during humid weather. Besides, the touchscreen fingers are for using the devices without removing the gloves. 

There are only three sizes available for this model, and these are only for men. Warehouse workers of medium, large and extra-large sizes can use this pair. People with short and stout fingers are not recommended to use this as there is extra material on the fingertips, which makes it more suitable for long-fingered people. Warehouse works cause early warning of hand gloves. So, a budget-friendly glove like this can save bucks for replacing expensive gloves frequently. 


  • Budget-friendly;
  • Super light;
  • Comfortable to wear;
  • Easy to work wearing it.


  • Not suitable for small fingers.

10. Gorilla Grip Slip Resistant All Purpose Work Gloves 5 Pack

  • Pack of 5 gloves;
  • Size: Medium, large, and X large.

The polymer palm of these gloves is revolutionary. For the material, this glove can grip onto a material despite having oil or liquid in the way. Grease and fluid are the main culprits of slippage incidents in warehouses. 

However, there is nothing else to mention about these gloves. These are made of spandex material, more like a kitchen knife rather than thick work gloves. Many people like the feature that this glove is simple, easy to wear, and comfortable too. This is a 5-pack package of gloves for warehouse usage. Buying in bulk will save bucks compared to buying in a single. For cost-effective price and ease of use, this pair of gloves is better than being barehand in the warehouse. 


  • Snug fit;
  • Thin material;
  • Removes grease and liquids for a better grip.


  • Not impact-resistant.

Buying Guide for Warehouse Work Gloves

There are a few things to consider while buying any pair of gloves. When it comes to buying warehouse gloves, the following factors make the gloves last longer and fit comfortably. Read more: Safety Vests with Pockets


All the glove-making companies provide size guides along with their glove details on their website. This is the first thing to consider while buying warehouse gloves. Some gloves come in a wide range of sizes, and some are not. If you are lucky to have medium, large, or extra-large hands, you will not have any trouble finding the right size. 

People with extra small and XX-large sizes should check on our list. The companies that make these sizes are enlisted there. 


The main reason for using gloves while working is protection. But the need for comfort can not be denied. In fact, no matter how well-protected a pair of gloves is, if it is uncomfortable, no one would want to wear it for long. Breathability, snug fit, padded palm, and abrasion-resistant knuckle are the key factors to find a pair of good warehouse gloves. 


The gloves should have the ability to properly grip cardboard boxes and in some cases the goods in them. No one wants to face the consequences of slipping off a cardboard box or damaging its contents of it. 

However, to provide a better grip, generally, warehouse gloves are made with imprinted palms or fingers. The longer the imprints last, the better. See also: Cut Resistant Gloves for Level 5 Protection


You have to keep in mind that, generally, heavy warehouse work doesn’t let the gloves live for long. But still, people prefer investing in items that stay longer. Besides, a durable pair of gloves is cost-effective, as well.  


This term is quite tricky in terms of buying gloves. Some prefer easy fixing the gloves by pulling the pull tab is a convenient feature to have; some prefer a light and snug fit glove. Others may feel compulsory to have a pair of insulated gloves to wear in winter. So, the sense of convenience varies. One should find out the features they want to have in their warehouse work gloves before buying them. Read more: Class 3 Safety Vests

How to Take Care of Warehouse Gloves

Taking proper care of any work gloves is important to keep those hygienic, and safe to wear, and make them last longer. 

Firstly, make sure to wash the gloves after every use. Turn inside out the gloves so that the inner part can be thoroughly cleaned. It helps to wash off sweat, dirt, and germs. Machine wash or manual wash is permitted. 

Secondly, hand the gloves to air dry. Do not squeeze off excess water. Rather, let it drip and dry on its own. This way, its shape will remain unharmed. 

Thirdly, do not use warehouse gloves to use for other purposes. Using these for the wrong purpose may damage the gloves or wear them out early. 

Frequently Asked Question

How Long Should Work Gloves Last?

Some of the time it’s one day, at different times it’s three weeks. At the point when your glove is wearing out consistently, a superior arrangement presumably exists. 

In any case, assuming you’re getting three weeks out of a couple of gloves, you shouldn’t feel so hard done by. Whenever you wear your work gloves every day of the week, substitution is typical.

What is the Most Durable Leather Work Gloves?

Goatskin is the most grounded and most tough kind of calfskin. Its normal lanolin in the skin makes the glove exceptionally flexible, waterproof, and scraped area safe. The material is amazing for assignments including fine mastery.

What are Work Gloves Utilized For?

Work gloves safeguard your hands from mechanical hazards such as impact, cutting, piercing, scraping stains, and reliance on glove heat and fire. You can track versatile work gloves, development gloves, and general-use gloves.

Final Verdict

Along with the facts discussed as a buying guide, you should consider your own personal choice and preferences for wearing warehouse gloves. Personal taste and choice are the keys to feeling comfortable. 

Warehouse gloves are inexpensive but can cost a fortune in penalty if not chosen the right one is for the right person, for the right job. There are several tiers in a warehouse, and each person wears the gloves on their own terms. So, along with choosing the right size gloves, considering the features may help one to select a pair of gloves that serve their part of jobs is compulsory.

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Hi, I am Eric Devin and I am a professional interior architect. Since childhood, I've always enjoyed DIY projects! And, I have loved to solve simple household problems using essential tools and equipment. I have also acquired a lot of information about basic household tools settings by working with contractors.

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