Best Micro Loop Hair Extensions: Why Use, How to Choose & Wear

Published on: April 21, 2022
Written by Camila Avery / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Micro loop hair extensions are quick and straightforward to use. Each micro loop extension is applied strand-by-strand, to an equivalent sized piece of your hair, around 1cm faraway from the scalp. Tiny, silicone lined aluminum loops hold the extensions securely in situ, without the necessity for any harsh glues or chemicals.

Cliphair recommends four packs to make a full head look, but this will vary depending on the specified thickness. They’re suitable for all hair types and may be applied to hair as short as 4 inches.

best micro loop hair extensions

Micro loop hair extensions can last 4-6 weeks before they have any maintenance and can last up to 12 weeks. Once removed, these extensions can’t be re-applied.

We’ll help you find hair extensions to suit your hair type. A great option for those with fine or thin hair, as the tape is virtually searchable. Micro-loop is decent for you.

Why Use Micro Loop

I wonder, why not? If you have a little amount of hair on your scalp, the micro-loop is the most easier and less damaging form of hair extension. It will give you the volume and length to your hair without dealing with glue, tape, clips or heat. 

The extension is applied with blending with your real hair, so there is no problem of blending the hair and the extensions. It is long-lasting and needs to be adjusted once a month. This way it stays put up to 6 to 8 months depending on the care. 

Taking care of this extension is also hassle-free. You have to take care of it just like you do to your own hair. Other hair extensions need a lot of care and different products to take care of. In the long run, the maintenance cost becomes higher than that of the extension itself.

How to Wear Micro Loop

In this extension, all you have to do is pass your hair through a bead that has a strand of extensions with it. A large loop is placed inside of the bead to make this task easy. The bead is pressed to make a secure grip.

Generally, it is available in 50 and 100 strands packs. So, within half an hour you get a full head of hair and you can wash, or style it just after you are done wearing it. I recommend doing this at the salon for the first time. If you are comfortable with it and carry it well then next time you can try replacing it at home with the correct tools.

How to Take care of Micro Loop Extensions

As I have mentioned, you have to take care of it just like you do to your scalp hair. 


Over washing the hair and the extension may make the hair dry and prone to break. So, only wash the hair when it becomes mandatory. Use a dry shampoo to postpone the shampoo for the next couple of days. Use a sulfate-free shampoo even if you are not wearing any extension. 


Brush your hair at least two to three times daily. Brush the hair before bed and make a loose ponytail or braid. Brush before stepping into the shower and before styling the hair. Never brush wet hair. While brushing, start detangling the tip, then gradually move toward the root. Use a detangler to avoid breaking or shedding of extension. 


Just like our skin, our hair also needs to be moisturized. When you have your extension on, it becomes compulsory. Use good quality hair oil once or twice a week. When you have extensions on, you can’t get an oil massage, so carefully apply the oil to the roots using a cotton ball. 

At Least twice a month you need to use a hydrating hair mask. You can apply it more often if you have dry hair or the extension feels dry. However, the hair mask is cheaper than you thought. You can make it on your own with the ingredients you have in the kitchen cabinet. 


The first step of styling hair is, using a detangler on dry hair and brushing the hair thoroughly. Then use a heat protector, if you are using a heating tool. Remember to apply heat only on the lowest setting. Don’t tie your hair too tightly to make hairstyles like a sleek ponytail or tight bun. Rather go for hairstyles like loose french braid or messy buns. If the hair is tied too tightly,  the beads will show up.

How to Tell Which Micro Loop Would be the Best

Actually, the list we have made of hair is a collection of micro loop hair of very good quality. We used our experience, customer feedback, and research to develop it. But it doesn’t mean all of these extensions are best for you or look good on you. To find the micro loop extension that will suit you best, you have to take into consideration some important things. 


In this case, the length of your own hair and the length you desire are both important. If you have ear-length hair and want to install waist-length hair, then it is better to see a professional. Usually, too much difference in length is easy to notice if not blended well using a curler.

If the length difference is not more than 12 inches, then after installation, the hair looks layered and blends like normal hair. 


To pick striking colors like pink or blue, there is no rule. You are practically free to any color you want. If you have to look natural, then you have to decide on whether you want a plain color, highlighted or ombre style. For plain color, it is better to choose the hair color of your hair tip. 

For ombre and highlights, select the hair based on the color of your hair roots. This way the dark root of ombre and highlights will blend properly. 


The best and easiest way to look effortlessly beautiful is to select the hair of your hair texture. Even if the silky straight hair extensions attract you, if you have wavy hair, then you must go for wavy hair extensions.  

Our Recommendations for Best Micro Loop Hair Extensions

Hesperis Micro Loops Brazilian Remy Virgin Hair in Kinky Straight

  • Kinky straight;
  • 100 grams per pack;
  • Color: natural black, 24 inches.

Kinky hair looks best on dark skin color. The advantage of this particularly kinky hair is, you can style it as you want. You can also put them in a kinky curl style when desired. As these are Brazilian Remy hair, they are easy to style and hold any style for long. 

You are getting 100 grams of hair in one set. One pack should be enough to create volume and length. But it totally depends on the thickness of your own hair. Kinky hair is not silky so, you have to take a little bit of extra care to this extension.

Putting the hair in a loose braid before bed and using a leave-in conditioner during detangling will make managing the hair a lot easier. Besides, these habits also make any hair extension last long. 

Hetto Micro Loop Real Hair Extensions in Dark Brown

  • Silky straight;
  • 50 grams per pack;
  • Color: 4, dark brown, 16 inches.

This is a 16 inches micro loop extension, but in Hetto hair extensions from 12 to 22 inches are also available. For a different length, you can choose another product in different colors and lengths as well. 

Dark brown hair extensions can be used by women with light brown hair if they want a highlighted effect. It will not only look good that way if it is worn by dark brown hair ladies, but it will also add volume, length and a healthy glow to the hair. 

The hair is real human hair and super silky. So, it won’t need much styling. The hair will look best when left open. But you are free to style the hair as you feel necessary. You shouldn’t be having any issue regarding that as long as you use styling tools under 365 degrees Fahrenheit.

Moresoo Micro Loop Fusion Hair in Black to Silver Highlight

  • Silky straight texture;
  • 50 grams per pack;
  • Color: Black #1B to silver highlight #1B, 16 inches.

It really is a silver highlight, not ashy-gray. Silver looks stylish whereas a wrong ashy shade may look aged on you. The hair is high quality, thick and silky. The tip of the hair is healthy, with no split ends. 

It will only suit ladies with jet black and natural black hair. It is a very clever way to hideout gray roots if you have any. No need to dye the hair to black to cover up the gray roots. Just wear this extension, and all the gray hair will look silver due to the silver highlight of this extension. 

Hetto Balayage Micro Loop Human Hair Extensions

  • Micro loop hair extensions can be dyed, curled and straightened;
  • Hair Type: Human Hair;
  • 50 strands, 40 grams per pack;
  • Color Pure/Highlight.

Are you a blonde girl and want to dye your hair platinum blonde? Are you unsure because you don’t know how it looks when the dark roots show up? Well, here is an easy and smart solution for you.  

To look glamorous, it is not necessary to dye all hair to another unnatural shade. In fact, the ombre extension will give you a gorgeous highlight which people need to spend a fortune to get from the salon. You can also choose to dye the lower part of your hair to get an ombre look. Either way, it looks marvelous.

These hair extensions can wash, straighten, and curl human hair into impressive hairdos. If this is not too much of a problem, control the temperature below 180℃. In addition, light colors can be made more opaque. It is smarter to do it by experts.

Yotty Micro Ring Loop Bead Tipped Hair in Pink

  • Silky and straight;
  • 100 strands, 50 grams per pack;
  • Color: coral pink, 16 inches.

To impress the little one of your family, one inexpensive way is giving a hair extension in a vibrant color. Teen girls have a fascination with coloring their hair in unusual shades. But that can be damaging. As an alternative, these are great for occasional use as a family vacation or DJ party and so on. Usually, this type of extension is worn in a few strands to make them stand out from the crown. So, the 100 strands pack will go a long way.

The color is more of a coral pink with a tint of orangey hue. It is human hair, no it does not look cheap like cheap synthetic hair. The color also looks better no matter what color your hair is. From dark to light, in every hair color, one or two strands from this pack will create a pop of color on your appearance.

SEGO Micro Loop Human Hair Extensions

  • Silky and straight;
  • 100 strands, 50 grams per pack;
  • Color: Micro Loop-Ash blonde and bleach blonde

The mixed shades of blonde will suit any fair skin tone girl with blonde hair. Though blonde hair is usually thinner and less voluminous than black hair, the positive side is, when curled or put in an updo, the blonde locks look more artistic.

SEGO is one of the most popular brands of hair extension, irrespective of the types. The extensions sold by them are one of the best quality micro loop extensions, available at a reasonable price. 

Apart from the ready-made extensions, they also offer custom-made extensions of any color, texture, thickness, and type. So, if these two shades are not up to your liking, you can always knock them to order the hair extensions of your dream. 

Ugeat Micro Loop Hair Extensions Human Hair

  • 100% real Remy human hair;
  • Usually 1-2 packs for highlight effect,2-3 packs for add volume,3-5 packs for a full head.

Unlike other micro loop hair extensions, these extensions have 2 beads per strand. The beads are silicon and colorless, so they become seamless after installation. I can’t get the point of providing two beads in one strand, maybe it is for a more secure grip. 

The ombre black to red color will not only give you a vibrant look but also make you look bold and beautiful. The color will suit any woman with any skin tone. However, this kind of bold shade looks better on young ladies of casual nature. For corporate or a more formal environment, this extension may look out of place.

In one pack, there are 100 strands, which is enough to give an added length and volume. For a full head of hair, you may need 2 packs of these.

Sunny Micro Loop Hair Extensions-Black Microbeads  to Silky Straight

  • Jet Black Microbeads Human Hair Extensions;
  •  Available 14-24inch length,1g/strand, 50g/set;
  • Longer Lifetime Depends on Good Care 3-4 months.

I just love the Pre-bonded black Remy micro loop hair extensions with  black microbeads human hair. They cost the same as plain hair extensions but look and feel several times glamorous. You only have to pay the salon for the installation, whereas after that, your hair will look salon-dyed. 

This extension will be ideal for women with dark hair color of any age and profession. Whoever wears it, will look like a red-carpet ready. The hair you will get is made from real human hair. So, you can use a moderate amount of hair styling tools and products on them. Straight them for different looks in different events, and be a head-turner of the crowd.

LaaVoo Brazilian Human Hair Micro Loop Hair Extensions

  • 50 strands, 50 grams per pack, 14″ Length;
  • Hair Type: Human Hair, Full End, Natural, Soft Smooth, Straight.

This is more of a 1b/silver color of the former ombre hair extension we have discussed. The difference is, it only suits tan, caramel and fair skin toned blonde girls. If your original hair is an off shade of blonde-like dirty blonde or ash blonde, then this extension is a must-have for you to wear in summer. It will give a golden hue to your hair and will look awesome in the photos. 

The golden locks look great as it is, and will look even more attractive when they are tied in a bun or braid. Curl them for an effortless beach wave look or straight them for a pin-straight look. They will hold the style for unbelievably long hours.

  • Color #01 Dark Black;
  • Material Human Hair;
  • Extension For Women 16 inch 50g 100 Strands #01 Dark Black;
  • Hair Type Straight.

Our collection of the best micro loop hair extensions would be incomplete without a set of plain natural black hair extensions. Black hair is mostly the best kind of hair considering the quality and thickness. But over age and due to life events like pregnancy, sickness, and childbirth, even the thickest hair also reduces drastically. Women often lack confidence in those phases of life, but that is not necessary. When you have an easy solution to look and feel beautiful, why worry and hide?

So, for the biggest community of black haired girls, these locks of natural black color will give you thickness, volume, shine and what not. You won’t need to wait for ages to have long hair to get a desired look. You can have it right now!

The advantage of black hair is, it looks natural. No one will ever doubt that you are wearing extensions. There are a huge number of people who adore only natural beauty. Besides, if you do want to dye your hair, you can easily dye them in a lighter shade. Which is not possible with light-colored hair extensions. So, there is no shortcoming from investing in a black hair extension for girls who already have black hair.


In this world, we can have anything we want if we are able to pay for it. No need to wait for ages to make our hair grow to make us look beautiful. Most of the girls are not lucky to have healthy and luscious hair, but that should not back off from looking beautiful.

The micro loop extension is the instant and most convenient solution to do so. Choose your extension online without any worry. All the brands offer free replacement if the color does not match and also have customized service. The choice is endless for you.

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Guys, I am Camila Avery and I love to help my mom to do indoor & outdoor activities. As a lady, I have passed my time on gardening, home improvement, and personal or self-care. I have acquired some degrees in outdoor recreation, beauty, and hair care. It is not easy to work with top-level professional beauty experts. But, I got that opportunity and experimented with different hair extensions, hair colors, and cuts.

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