10 Best Mulching Blades for Husqvarna in 2024

Published on: February 7, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by Eric Devin

Mulching blades, specially made for Husqvarna are a vital piece. To pile up and limit clogging of the grasses. Even being enabled to perform other operations, along with its primary mulching option.

People ask sometimes, can good enough mulching blades split from others? In general, typical distributions of these are shredding grasses into finer pieces. After turning grasses into smaller pieces, it is possible to re-track the same project to the soil. This process still helps to decompose the soil by producing various microorganisms. Later brings nutrients to plants and flowers growing in your garden, a kind of natural ongoing method. 

10 best mulching blades for husqvarna

Cutting grass is kind of a chore, gives the feeling of hell. Especially, the afterward cleaning of your garden or ground. But this standard 3-in-1 or 2-in-1 versatile mulching technology is better now for mulch, bag, and discharge clippings. Like a sprinkler for watering. If you want a trial on creating rich mulch, we prefer to read through the articles of 10 mulching blade sets for Husqvarna in detail.  

Factors to Consider of Mulching Blades for Husqvarna

Number of Pieces

Aiming for upgrading the blades like a pro? Purchase such a correct number of blades that are perfect for riding your mower. In general, the mowers have almost 2 or 3 blades connecting points on them. You should have replaced these with a suitable blade set for optimum performance.

However, the brand offers one blade item with diverse functions and high rip capacity. But this is not a good deal. Because the standard set of 2 or 3 blades still clumps, whether with one blade it is quite impossible to have better airflow or mulching. 

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Both those who have tried and who have not should have known that several pointed mounting holes are possible by such mulching blades. The most common ones are- 5-pointed stars, bow-tie, 6-pointed stars, and more. The spindle side, where the blades get attached under the mower deck, has been designed as per those shapes.

Besides, it is easy-to-install such shaped ones with matching spindles and removed too after usage. 5-point and 6-point star center hole shapes consider the simplest installation processes. Because these only require users to separate off one bolt. Whether universal kits do not offer such simple methods to start as their design for every type of mower.  

The Efficiency of the Blade

Whether weight and durability are important issues to consider for buying, the efficiency of mulching blades is basic though. As you are about a head start with a specific shaped kit, the ripping capacity and depth through the deck need to be worth checking out.

The status of your lawn is also a matter then. Bagging mulching blades are ideal for taller grass clipping. Even some of these can shorten the previous smaller grasses again. Somehow, the applications till an intended period, you should recheck in terms of efficiency.

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Quick Solutions

Should You Mulch or Bag Your Grass?

Often mulching blades are in a 3-in-1 set, for dispersing grasses and bagging. Their curvy edges are for better cutting edges. People often ask why they should bag or mulch their lawns and why?

Well, bagging and mulching both rely on the grass length. Small and medium lengthy grasses need mulching blades, instead of bagging. It is good to shred with the bags whether the grasses’ length is too long. But remember your plants and flower sizes. 

Are High-Lift Blades Capable of Mulching?

As we have mentioned before, mulching blades are very useful for cutting smaller grasses. Whether high lift ones ensure that the clippings, in general, under the mower deck enable mulch to take place.

Depending on the manufacturer, for example, mulching blades for Husqvarna by itself, manufacture special patented ones for durability and be compatible with other popular branded ones. All high-lift blades are intended for their purposive actions. Though these are still not ready for regular mulching actions. 

Is it Possible to Fit Mulching Blades on Mowers?

It is true that if you mow your lawns regularly, you should have a proper sense of the types of blades. As we have mentioned, mulching blades purposes, good for limiting clogging as well. Likewise, better operations need better re-sharpened blades rather than once done. 

It is common sense and instructed by manufacturers and innovators, that mulching blades work well on their respective mowers. In fact, if you want to try any decent type of lawn mower to the mulching mower, it is possible. 

Which is a Superior Mulching Blade or a High Lift?

Basically, the more prominent the elevator, the more tension it needs. You will use high-lift cutting edges when handling taller, dense grass (high-lift = high-lift airflow). You should not involve in lifting the cutting edge for mulching.

View Our Top 10 Mulching Blades

1. Maxpower (561713XB) Commercial Mulching 2-Blade Set for 42″ Husqvarna

  • Weight: 5.2 pounds;
  • Blade amount: 2;
  • Cutting length: 42-inches;
  • Center hole: 5-point star.

Manufactured in the USA, this mulching blade set is our top-rated model, not only for the brand’s fame but also for its quality cut-off and perfect fitting on Husqvarna models. As well as it matches the other 2 well-established brands of riding mower versions, Poulan and Craftsman.

Providing 42-inches cutting power, it measures high in every inch as 21-inches long by 2.5-inches wide. Its 5-star point hole makes riding as long as possible and easy, without being a pro to perform this. Though it is quite easy for technicians. 

Maxpower manufactures its powerful blade sets to meet OEM specifications. Similar to this mulching blade’s motor and side discharge. Whether the motor pushes blades with high speed, the side discharge forces the remaining forces out into your bags. 

What we liked

  • No cover needs;
  • Sharpened before arrival;
  • Perfect fit on Poulan, Craftsman, and Husqvarna;
  • Reasonable;
  • Well-balanced;
  • Durable.


  • Nothing found.

2. Rotary Heavy Duty Mulching Blades for Husqvarna / Craftsman / Poulan

  • Weight: 12 pounds;
  • Blade amount: 6;
  • Cutting length: N/A.

Have you ever experienced such mulching actions with heavy-duty replacement blades? Then we refer to these USA-made Rotary mulching blades for your Husqvarna tools to enjoy longer and sharp grass clippings into minute pieces. 

This set of three-mulching blades is a good match for mowers. These are not the kind of typical gator mulching blades that have solid steels. Which are very hard to remain sharp and become useless for extended periods. That’s why we are very thankful to Rotary for producing such competent mulching blades, especially for Husqvarna.

So, they have extended life and all six blades are capable of making 5-point star holes from the center from the beginning. Rather it stands out from the best aftermarket mulching blade sets to crowd for accelerating grass clippings power to the next level with its overall unique design.

What we liked

  • Fit well;
  • Effective through long grasses;
  • Versatile.


  • Nothing found.

3. Husqvarna (954636867) 42-Inch Lawn Mower Mulching Blade Kit

  • Weight: 3.1 pounds;
  • Blade amount: 2;
  • Cutting length: 42”;
  • Center hole: N/A.

Next, we have damn husky mulching blades for Husqvarna. No, not only in gossip but from our experience, these greater durable 2-blades have proven that they are worth your money.

Trendy and perfect replacement for Lt18542, Lth18542, Lth2042, and Yth1542Xp and best fit on 40-42-inches decks. Such segments of the industry are manufactured with great incentive facts, likewise reliability, and undoubted matches with Husqvarna models and more brands, such as Poulan, Craftsman, and Tora as well. 

They are a bit lightweight and smaller than standard mulching blades. Since they are only 1.5” wide and 18” long in that respect, ensure 100% accuracy for your outdoor power equipment demands.  

A drawback similar to most other ones that may not let people select it is its poor razor-sharp edges. But by using sharpening methods and kits, you can use them for an extended period.

What we liked

  • Exceptional thick steel blades;
  • Smaller profile;
  • Survives more expected hours.
  • Ideal for Husqvarna models.


  • Poorly sharpened.

4. USA Mower Blades (CMB022BP) 50-inches Cut, High Lift Blade for Husqvarna

  • Weight: 8.78 pounds;
  • Blade amount: 3;
  • Cutting length: 50”;
  • Center hole: ⅝”.

Another universal mulching 3-blade set, capable of 50” cut decks for the Husqvarna tools. Even it enabled us to cut the deck about 52”. Except for fitting on well-established brands named Ferris, Toro, Snapper, and more.

The length of the 3-blades is 18-inches and 2.5-inches wide. This is an ideal alternative for such models as a part of a mower. Standard in size, sharp, and double capability function as a high lift and a mulcher. Though it is quite durable, it is not good for small jobs. 

These blades do not create such issues, for instance, bending but not ruining. If you lay it against rocks and soils, they ship bent and keep balancing not to have any vibrations. Even if not, the blades are not in exact places and start noising. If you have used it once, you could put up such an anti-heated feature. Impacts against too hot by bending on the sides, which cannot all but ruin some functionalities. 

What we liked

  • Universal blades;
  • Ideal for both long and small jobs;
  • Performs as both high lift and mulcher.


  • Capable of handling few objects.

5. Maxpower (561735XB) Commercial Mulching Blades for 48″ Cut Husqvarna

  • Weight: 2.61 pounds;
  • Blade amount: 3;
  • Cutting length: 48-inches;
  • Center hole: 5-point star.

Next up is Maxpower series 561735XB commercial mulching blades for Husqvarna. Like most other blades, you should have to keep the blade always sharpening. Once you buy it, remain sharp for further applications. Enables sanding by hand or machine to balance 3-blades while replacing.

Even thicker grass could also get chopped within seconds about 48-inches deep. Also, 16-⅝ inches in length and 2.5-inches width may give a breeze while operating. Without them, thicker stocks may get stuck in between replaced machines. Though the vibrating mode can disturb you for a while, except for smoother deck mounting.

Another issue is Its installation process. It is quite harder than the maintenance guide described. In that case, it may take longer than others’ installation on Poulan and Craftsman brand mowers. 

What we liked

  • Enables sanding;
  • Longer time sharp;
  • Max power delivers;
  • Easy to fit on Husqvarna’s mower.


  • Take time to install.

6. Husqvarna (159267) Lawn Mower 21” Deck Mulching Blade

  • Weight: 2 pounds;
  • Blade amount: N/A;
  • Cutting length: 21-inches;
  • Center hole: N/A.

Another best medium cutting length provider of mulching blades for Husqvarna, by its manufacturer. Sounds better for their lawn mower’s blade replacement, right? 

This set for an ideal engine riding mower is very genuine along with their counterparts. Though the set is manufactured by Husqvarna, not only for itself models but compatible with Craftsman and Poulan Pro. Also, the best fit for 21-inches decks. 

As well as the Husky mulching blades contoured to revolve grass clippings beneath the deck. Its long edges are capable of resizing the small clippings into smaller ones. Remember to wear work gloves during its installation on mowers.

What we liked

  • Compatible with 21-inches decks of other brands as well;
  • Very lightweight;
  • Medium length;
  • Resizing capacity.


  • Nothing found;

7. Maxpower (561735B) 3 Mulching Blades for Husqvarna

  • Weight: 6.62 pounds;
  • Blade amount: 3;
  • Cutting length: 48-inches;
  • Center hole: 5-point star.

Another convenient model from Maxpower series 561735B. Why do we have to mention it as convenient? Because the whole mechanism is better to create 5-star mounting holes than other traditional mulching blade sets, specially made for Husqvarna. As well fit the 3 mentioned brands, Husqvarna, Craftsman, and Poulan.

The measurement of these 3-in-1 blades is 2.5” in width, 16-⅝” in length, and .154” considering its thickness. Inside, the sharp edges are of steel-alloyed layers, for durable usage with strong force tolerating features. Moreover, these will fit only on 48” deck and 5-pointed star mounts. Including both lifting and mulching blade compatibility and power. 

Some small notes you should remember before installing and using time. First of all, they are rare to stand over heavier obstacles. They can bend over as a result of that time. Second, not responsive to wet projects, for instance, wiping out playground wet grasses. But a positive side is, you can use these as long as possible. Because they offer sharpening from the beginning and last longer, instead of giving a big effort. 

What we liked

  • Instant razor sharp;
  • Convenient for the small stuff;
  • Infused layered body;
  • Dual function- mulcher and lift.


  • Unable to run through wet grasses.

8. MaxPower (331749X) 22″ Cut Mulching Blade for Husqvarna

  • Weight: 15.8 pounds;
  • Blade amount: 1;
  • Cutting length: 22-inches;
  • Center hole: 5-point star;

We are now heading to describe our considered heaviest mulching blade for Husqvarna. Well, as it is heavier than others, of course, it can make better cuts. Also, enabled one to stand over heavier obstacles with only one razor-sharp blade. 

In general, most commercial mulching blades are designed to increase mulching performances only. This one only contains one piece out of the box with a medium-sized, about 22-inches cutting deck and fits most of the same size.

But the important issue is, its centrifugal airlift patent is responsive to uniform chopping distribution. Whether it’s 21-15/16″ x 2-1/2″ cutting surface increases the performance and the cutting teeth for accurate cuts. Unlike other models, extra paint-coating protects your hands and disappears the sharp edges by engaging the mower. 

What we liked

  • Heavy-duty blade;
  • Possible to fit on Poulan and Craftsman mowers too;
  • Extra paint coating;
  • Inexpensive.


  • Not for small jobs.

9. Maxpower (561743B Mulching Blades for Husqvarna

  • Each blade measures 16-1/4 in. L and 2-1/2 in. W;
  • Blade amount: 3;
  • Cutting length: 48-inches;
  • Center hole: 5-point star.

Another 5-pointed star mounting holes 3-blade set from Maxpower series 561743B in our listing. Well, among all of our experienced ones, Maxpower has improved features. As well it has diverse audiences too for this reason. 

One of the improved ones is its replacement diversification. You can replace these to replace MTD, Cub Cadet, Troy-Bilt, and best fit on their OEM # 539-113425. Moreover, some Husqvarna, Poulan, and Craftsman featured models have good matches. 

Also, create no sounds. Without disturbing, assist in smoother small chops. Another feature is its rigid obstacle handling. Even if you try to run these through rugged and very thick, wet grasses, not a big deal how far you go in the garden. 

What we liked

  • Works best with Husqvarna and top brands;
  • 48” rip capacity;
  • Minimal vibrations.

Blades become dull within a short time.

10. Maxpower (561714B) 2-Blade Mulching Set for 42″ Cut Husqvarna

  • Weight: 3.39 pounds;
  • Blade amount: 2;
  • Cutting length: 42”;
  • Center hole: 5 stars.

Closing our mulching blades for Husqvarna review with the star-shaped Maxpower 561714B. Similar to other patented models from Maxpower, this set as well as works with a wide range of brands and fits on its own. Such as Craftsman and Poulan’s front mowers.  

Such a 2-blade mulching set is perfect for replacement with 42-inches cutting capacities. The measurements are 2.25” in width and 21” long. It is being empowered over clumps of thick grass.

Later, charges are out of the ground. We are very grateful to the manufacturer for such a sturdy munching set with its increasing thickness in blade diameter.

Though the installation provided for longer time utilization, the usage of hard obstacles somehow can decrease the time. We can only ensure its strength to cut through tree deep ground roots at ease.  

What we liked

  • Easy to install;
  • Heavier and sturdier;
  • Longer life.


  • Higher maintenance.

Final Words

Everything is available but about the quality, not absolute. Like, running down to the store and avail mulching blades set, is not a potential customer’s act. In fact, wearing out before cutting the object’s edge is not a good deal. 

Our buyer’s guide is a good term for buying mulching blades for Husqvarna tools if you own a matching one. 

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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