Best Pandora Pendant: Definition, Types, Selections, And More

Published on: February 9, 2022
Written by Camila Avery / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Pendants are the cutest way to express your feelings to your dearest one.

This jewelry item has multiple uses and every woman loves to have almost every popular design in their collection.

You can use them with a necklace, chain, bracelets, brooches, and even earrings.

You only need to pick the right one for you or your loved one according to their personality and occasion.

pandora pendant definition, types, selections, and more

Like other jewelry items, Pandora has a wide range of pendants from silver to rose gold, pearl to ruby, and small to large. You pick whatever you need.

This buying guide will help you to select the best pendant for you.

Let’s get started…

What is a Pendant

The word Pendant comes from the French word ‘tender’ and a Latin word ‘pendere’ and both of them are the same, “to hang down”. The pendant comes in the form of a loose hanging piece of jewelry and is attached to a necklace by a loop, this is known as a ‘pendant necklace’.

Pendants can be used in earrings and known as ‘pendant earrings’ and also used in a bracelet and known as ‘charms’.

So we can say that, if you’re wearing a large piece of jewelry hanging on a delicate necklace, you have a pendant, the ornament which you can hang on a chain.

Types of Pendants

Every woman wants to be special and feel special. You can make them feel special by giving them the right pendant that defines & enhances their persona. You can do this by choosing any or all of the mentioned special pendants for her.

Casual Pendants

These pendants are classic, fashionable, and versatile and can give you the dazzling look in your everyday life. They go perfectly with your daily outfits.

Casual pendants are available in different colors, designs, and metals. They are stylish, comfortable, and affordable. This can be the must-have item in your jewelry box.

Gemstone Pendants

Gemstone pendants can make you look glamorous without any effort. They are available in many designs from subtle to bold. They are the perfect suit for any occasion and are able to grab attention for their extraordinary looks and design.

Usually, different types of precious and rare types of gemstones like- ruby, tanzanite, amethyst, emerald, citrine, and sapphire are used to make them more sparkling and vibrant. All of the mentioned gemstones have their own meaning that conveys a message. You can get any of them by your birthstone or anniversary gemstone.

Pearl Pendants

Pearl is the kind of jewelry item that never goes out of fashion and goes very well with both casual & formal attire. Pearl pendants are pure, elegant, and stylish and you’ll find no woman who can resist the glory of pearls.

Heart Pendants

The heart is the symbol of love & romance so nothing is better than receiving a heart pendant from your loved one.

Heart pendants are the most common jewelry item that is famous among those who are going to propose for the first time. You can also buy them to celebrate your years of togetherness.

Cross Pendants

Cross pendants are a sign of religious faith & devotion. They are available in a wide range of designs and sizes, from simple crosses to elaborate crucifixes.

Cross pendants are great as a gift on religious occasions and Christmas. You can also buy a set of pendant and chain that conveys special messages of peace, faith, love, or hope.

Statement Pendants

Statement pendants are the most popular jewelry item among youth all over the world. They are perfect to craft a signature look. They are available in different styles, sizes, stones, metals, colors, and designs. You can wear them in both casual and formal outfits.

Hamsa Pendants

Hamsa is the symbol of the ‘Hand of God’ of ancient Middle Eastern talismans. There’s a belief that it can protect the wearer from misfortune and the evil eye. Some believe that it brings happiness, health, success, and prosperity to the wearer.

The 5 fingers of hamsa remind them to praise God using our 5 senses. Hamsa’s hand with the eye symbol is a powerful talisman against the evil eye.

Use of Pendants

Pendants can be used in different types of jewelry items like- necklaces, chains, earrings, bracelets, and brooches. But the use of pendants is not limited to this. You can use them as you want. But these are the most common uses of pendants.


The most common and traditional use of pendants is to wear them with a necklace. You can easily attach a pendant to your necklace. They match well with chokers, princesses, opera, ropes, and almost all types of necklaces and chains.


The most common use of pendants is with necklaces but they can also be used on different types of bracelets. Among different types of use, charm bracelets are the most popular jewelry item that uses pendants.


Sometimes earrings also have some element that hangs down from the jewelry, they are pendants. By adding pendants to earrings, they get more outstanding and gorgeous looks.


Pendants can also be used in brooches or other decorative pins. You can simply add a fastening device or a pin with a pendant to make a beautiful brooch for clothing, accessories, and many more.

Cleaning of Pandora Pendants

To clean your Pandora pendants, you can follow the rules for cleaning other Pandora jewelry items. But you need to be a little bit careful about a few stones and metal to keep the shine and glory. The process of cleaning Pandora pendants are-

1. For cleaning freshwater pearls and mother pearls pendants you should follow these instructions-

  • Always keep them away from acid and any type of solvent.
  • Never put on your cultured pearl jewelry without makeup.
  • Avoid ultrasonic cleaning & high temperatures.
  • Clean them with a soft and wet cloth.
  • Then wipe them with a soft dry cloth.

Pandora Rose Pendants

For cleaning Pandora Rose pendants, you should maintain the steps-

  • Always avoid silver polishing liquid, silver dips, tumblers, or ultrasonic cleaning.
  • Pandora polishing clothes are not recommended for Pandora Rose collections.
  • Damp a soft cloth in a mixture of lukewarm water and mild soap.
  • Gently rub the cloth on your pendants.
  • Rinse the pendant with clean water.
  • Pat it dry with another soft and dry cloth.

Other Metal Pendants

For cleaning gold, silver, or other Pandora pendants, you can follow these steps-

  • Mix a small amount of mild soap in lukewarm water and soak your jewelry in it for a few minutes.
  • Clean your pendant with a soft toothbrush.
  • Now soak it in clean water.
  • To maintain the shine of your pendant, polish it with the polishing cloth.

Top 15 Pandora Pendants Analysis

1. Pandora Jewelry Small O Sterling Silver Pendant

  • Model no: 398296;
  • Size: N/A;
  • Material: sterling silver, 14k, and 18k gold. 


This is a pack of three locket inserts for any chain from your collection. These inserts are from the ‘poetic bloom’ collection of Pandora. These are three flowers; one is paved with zirconia, another one is white enameled and the last one is pink enamel with white zirconia at the.

Styling Tips

This pack is my favorite pendant set from Pandora. There are three separate lockets of cherry, daisy, and magnolia motifs. You can wear these as a single locket, matching your outfit. For a fun look, you can wear all three altogether. These pendants will best suit any other floral jewelry piece from your collection.

Be sure not to wear more than two floral pieces of jewelry at a time to create a decent look. This pack is a great option as a gift, because it is cheaper than a whole necklace, yet lets one enjoy wearing three necklaces for the price of one.

2. Pandora Keys of Love Dangle Crystal & Cubic Zirconia Charm in Sterling Silver

  • Model no: 797654NPMMX;
  • Size: 1.85 inches;
  • Material: dangle crystal & cubic zirconia charm in sterling silver. 


From the ‘Concept stories’ collection, this is one of the best-selling pendants of Pandora. It is a small, round floating pendant with a pandora signature all around and sapphire crystal on both sides. The rear part has a zirconia-embedded sterling silver heart. The window can be opened to add embellishments.

Styling Tips

By the look of it, you can say this pendant is perfect, as it is, without any added embellishments. It is a single pendant, without any chain. So, you have the freedom to wear it with any type of chain you want. It will look good as a charm on your charm bracelet. As a present, it is a perfect choice for someone who has an obsession with pandora’s signature jewelry pieces.

3. Bead Pendant Pandora Woman Entwined Rose

  • Model no: 781242CZ;
  • Size: 2 cm;
  • Material: rose gold, sterling silver, and white zirconia. 


Two entwined hearts complete this pendant. A beautiful pink hue of rose gold plating on sterling silver gives this pendant a ravishing look. The former heart has sterling silver paved on the border and the dangling one is super sleek and thinner in size. This pretty pendant is from the ‘Entwined Rose collection.

Styling Tips

It is, by all means, a romantic kind of pendant. The best value of this pendant will be realized when it is gifted to a special one. The two hearts resemble love between two individuals. This pendant will go with a rose gold chain only. I prefer wearing it on romantic dinner dates or honeymoons. As a wedding gift, it will earn the heart of the bride.

4. Pandora Jewelry Spiritual Feather Sterling Silver Pendant

  • Model no: 397216;
  • Size: 1.03 inches;
  • Material: sterling silver. 
  • Design

It enables women to express their feelings and desires in new and exciting ways. The band has sterling silver all around it. It is perfect for everyday wear or for any holiday occasion.

Styling Tips

This kind of lovely pendant is only for those who feel unconditional love for you. When you want to express your love to them, try something meaningful like this pendant. Which will keep them smiling for the rest of their lives. This pendant is a charming kind of pendant.

5. Pandora Women’s Bead Pendant Silver and Gold Female Family Tree zircons, Silver

  • Model no: 791728CZ;
  • Size: 2.5 cm;
  • Material: rose gold, sterling silver, enamel, and white zirconia. 


A tiny tree with supreme detailing is added at the center of a round pendant. The pendant is a large penny-size and has another tiny pendant attached to it with ‘family’ written with black enamel. The leaves of the tree are ornamented with gold and white zirconia. The front side of the band of this pendant is paved with zirconia.

Styling Tips

For keeping your family always with you, this pendant is beyond compare. The detailing is amazing, as is the craftsmanship. The two-tone silver and gold make this pendant compatible with both silver and gold accessories in your collection. Besides, the large size is eye catchy too.

As a gift, you can present this to one of your family members to let them feel the true value of family ties.

6. Pandora Jewelry Regal Key Sterling Silver Pendant

  • Model no: 397725; 
  • Size: 1.1 inches;
  • Material: sterling silver, and royal crystal. 


This is a pack of three different-shaped multipurpose beads. This pack is specially made for people whose birthday is in May. The royal green crystal bead is their birthstone. A sleek silver heart is the second bead. The third one is around the bead, paved with zirconia on black enamel.

Styling Tips

First of all, these are not essentially ‘pendants’; these are beads that can be placed on a bracelet or chain. This pack is placed on this list because it can be used as pendants. You can use all three at once or use one for each day of the week depending on your mood. For a friend, whose birthday is coming this May, this pack can be a pleasant surprise for her.

7. PANDORA Women’s Stunning Daisies Pendant

  • Model no: 590540CZ-60;
  • Size: 60 cm;
  • Material: sterling silver, and white zirconia. 


The two ends of a long chain have daisies, paved with zirconia. One daisy has a clasp with it, to enclose the necklace at the front. The other daisy will be dangling from the clasp. The chain is adjustable.

Styling Tips

This is one of those rare necklaces that are enough to transform your look. The two daisies and the dangling style make this necklace delicate and romantic. This jewelry is from the ‘sterling margaritas’ collection. It surely will make you stunning even in the crowd.

As it is adjustable, it can be worn by women of any size, from big to small. Besides, by adjusting the chain length, different looks can be created.

8. Pandora Jewelry Sparkling Family Tree Cubic Zirconia Necklace with Pendant

  • Model no: 397780CZ-45
  • Size: N/A;
  • Material: sterling silver, Cubic Zirconia.


A large sparkling family tree pendant with a thick long chain completes this necklace. The border of the tree cubic is paved with blue, green, yellow, light pink, and magenta crystals. There is detailing on the band as well. The band is holding a tree with the chain sideways. There are two entwined bands with each one, one has a pandora signature on it and the other one has multicolored crystals paved on it.

Styling Tips

A funky necklace is a teen girl’s dream. Give it to your sister/friend/girlfriend/ daughter to live the dream. Its vibrant color will lift up her mood. The long chain will sway as she moves. For a fun look, the chain can be wrapped around the neck to make it look like two chains.

On Christmas Eve or birthday events, a vibrant present like this will surely brighten up your loved ones and family face.

9. Pandora Cerise Radiant Hearts Charm

  • Model no: 791725NCC;
  • Size: 1 cm;
  • Material: sterling silver and red zirconia. 


Large, red zirconia is paved with white zirconia all around. The sides of the bead are beautified with cut-out hearts. It can be used as a charm and pendant.

Styling Tips

The vibrant hue of this bead is an ultimate head-turner. Place it on your silver chain and draw all the attention to you. Give it to the loved one on their birthday who has a red birthstone. The Styling Tips at the sides give this pendant a romantic vibe to this jewelry piece.

It can be worn on special occasions like dinner dates. It will match perfectly with red and black outfits. Make sure to keep other accessories simple to stand this bead out.

10. Pandora Sparkling Family Tree Dangle Cubic Zirconia Charm

  • Model no:  791728CZ;
  • Size: N/A
  • Material: rose gold, sterling silver, zirconia, and white zirconia. 


This piece of jewelry is a lovely dangle charm that can be worn as a pendant. The tree dangle charm completes this jewelry piece. One is polished rose gold and the other is sleek sterling silver. The rose gold one covers the silver heart. There is a writing ‘in my love’ written on the silver one with black enamel. 

14K Gold is an alloy of gold and other metals that makes the jewelry durable while maintaining a beautiful, golden hue.

Styling Tips

The best thing about this pendant is, it can be worn on either side. So, from one piece of a pendant, you will get the benefit of wearing two. It is a sleek and stylish pendant to give you a trendy look.

This pendant is a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewelry. As a present, any woman will love this if it comes from a beloved one. She will always feel loved and cherished whenever wears it.

11. PANDORA Sparkling Freehand Heart

  • Model no: 398688C01-50;
  • Size: 30 cm;
  • Material: sterling silver and transparent cubic zircons.


Omes with a long spiral sparkling chain. The band of this pendant is paved with white zirconia and the pendant has a heart-shaped hole to hold the band.

Styling Tips

If you are not good at expressing your emotions to her, give this pendant to express your everlasting love for her. It is sleek, simple, and funky. If it goes with her style, it will be a mind-blowing gift for her. 

It can be worn daily so that she will carry this special gift wherever she goes. This pendant will always be reminding her of you.

12. PANDORA Sparkling Crescent Moon Pendant

  • Model no: 399184C01;
  • Size: N/A
  • Material: sterling silver, clear zirconia, and enamel. 


A miniature of Bauble made with sterling silver. The ribbon at the top of the bauble is paved with white zirconia. The band that is holding this pendant has tiny snowflakes detailing on it.

Styling Tips

It is a perfect gift to greet loved ones on Christmas Eve. Obviously, such a gift will lift up the mood and let her celebrate her Christmas well. It can be a good gift to your special ones to celebrate the occasion as well. The vibrant red color will give your look some warmth during the chilling snowfalls of December.

13. PANDORA Blooming Dahlia Dangle

  • Model no: 791829NBP;
  • Size: N/A;
  • Material: sterling silver, clear zirconia, and enamel. 


A pretty blooming Dahlia flower has been made as a pendant cum charm. The petals are colored with peach enamel and the center of the flower has pink zirconia. The band of this pendant has tiny silver beads detailing on it.

Styling tips

For a charm, this piece is too big, so we choose to add this pretty flower to this list. It will accentuate your face if worn at any event or on a regular basis. The muted peach color of this pendant will give you a decent look so that you can carry it well without thinking much. This piece will look great when matched with any other floral accessories like a simple floral ring on a finger.

14. Pandora Orchid Silver & Purple Pendant Dangle Charm

  • Model no: 791554EN69;
  • Size: 2 cm;
  • Material: sterling silver, clear zirconia, and enamel. 


A stunning purple orchid with a lavender stone in the center. The band has a thick wave of white zirconia. This is a pendant cum charm.

Styling tips

This piece of jewelry is a true head-turner. Make yourself the showstopper of the event with this pendant. Wear it on your collarbone with a low-cut dress and let everyone praise your beauty all evening.

As a present, it is a perfect birthday gift to make the special one feel special. It is a perfect accessory to wear during summer and spring.

15. Pandora Jewelry Lucky Four-Leaf Clover Crystals Pendant

  • Model no: 397965NAG
  • Size: N/A
  • Material: sterling silver, clear zirconia, and enamel. 


Two Daisies of different sizes complete this pendant charm. One smaller white enameled Daisy is dangling from a bigger zirconia-paved Daisy. There is no band with this charm, there are holes on either side of this charm to add this to any chain.

Styling Tips

This is a perfect accessory to wear at your friend’s wedding, birthday, or anniversary. You can give it to your sister or mother with your eyes closed and be sure that they will be delighted with this gift.

You can have this piece to wear on any special occasion where you want to look your best. For a first date or prom, you will be the talk of the town when this charm is sitting on your cleavage.


These are the most important things you should know before buying a Pandora pendant. Hope my buying guide will help you to choose the right pendant for you or your loved one.

Pandora has a wide range of collections of pendants to choose from.

No matter which one you choose, it is important to take proper care of them. Because only proper care and maintenance of your jewelry item can keep them shiny and new.

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Guys, I am Camila Avery and I love to help my mom to do indoor & outdoor activities. As a lady, I have passed my time on gardening, home improvement, and personal or self-care. I have acquired some degrees in outdoor recreation, beauty, and hair care. It is not easy to work with top-level professional beauty experts. But, I got that opportunity and experimented with different hair extensions, hair colors, and cuts.

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