Latest Pandora Necklace Collections – Top 25 Picks!

Published on: February 7, 2022
Written by Camila Avery / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Necklace is the prettiest and most favorite jewelry item for women. If you’re planning to buy a gift for your sister on her birthday or for your mother on mother’s day or an anniversary gift for your wife, a Pandora necklace can be a perfect choice.

But buying the best necklace for your dearest lady can be a little bit challenging. Because you need to pay attention to her style, personality, choice, clothing, etc. for choosing a perfect necklace.

latest pandora necklace collections

And they are also available in different styles, lengths, and types. You’ll also find necklaces for certain occasions. So you need to be aware of all of these while buying a necklace for you or your dearest one.

Here are Pandora necklace collections that are sure to impress your friends and family! So, you should take a lot more information to stream collections of Pandora necklaces!

Getting confused!!

Don’t worry!

Here I’ve discussed the most important thing you should know about selecting a necklace.

Factors to Consider for Pandora Necklace


The first thing you need to think about is the length of the necklace. The available length of necklaces are-

  • 12- 14 inches is a baby necklace.
  • 12- 15 inches is a young girl’s necklace.
  • 14- 16 inches is an older girl’s necklace.
  • 15- 18 inches is a teenage necklace.
  • 14- 16 inches is an adult choker/ bib necklace.
  • 18- 20 inch princess necklace.
  • 22- 23 inches is a matinee necklace.
  • 30- 35 inches is an opera necklace.
  • 35 inches and more is a rope or lariat necklace.

So you’ve plenty of options to choose from. Just think of her age, personality, and preferences and get the right one.


Before buying a necklace for her, you need to consider the occasion.

If you’re buying a gift for any occasion like- an anniversary, birthday, or any other special day, you can choose an expensive one. It’ll also become a long-lasting memory of that special occasion.

If you simply want to give it to show her how much you care for her, choose the one that she can wear every day.

If you can choose the right necklace for her, she’ll always remember the moment.

Try the Trend

You can also pick the one which has become the latest trend. Pandora always tries to launch new designs. Any lady with a great fashion sense will love to have their new design in her collection.

So buying the new design is a great choice to gift her and also show her your care for her.

The Clasp

You also need to check the length of the clasp with the length of the necklace. If you skip measuring the clasp, it will be long enough may suit the wearer.

Also, check the style of the clasp and try to get the one with which she is comfortable.

Style of the Necklace

You’ll find a lot of designs available in any Pandora outlet, you can choose any of them. If you’re buying it for any special occasion, try to keep in mind the design you pick suits her outfit. Because the different necklines look great with the different styles of the necklace.


Another important thing you need to think of is the material of the necklace. Pandora has a silver, gold, and rose collection for you. You can choose one which is your favorite or your dear one.

Editor’s Speech

So, this is all about buying a Pandora necklace for you or a gift for your loved one.

Pandora is the name that you can buy without any confusion. Because every woman loves the brand. If you are confused about selecting the design or style, you can get help from their support team. They’ll guide you to choose the right one.

So if you have a special day ahead to celebrate or want to gift the special person in your life, choose from Pandora’s silver, gold, or rose necklace collection. they‘ll love to have the gift.

Editors Selected Top 25 Pandora Necklace Collections!

1. PANDORA-You Are the Only One in My Heart Pendant Necklace

  • Model/name: You Are the Only One in My Heart;
  • Length: 18 inches, 45 cm;
  • Material: rhodium-plated sterling silver, zirconia. 


This necklace with a heart pendant is categorized as ‘fine jewelry’ of PANDORA. Fine jewelers are meant for fine women. It is a ripple chain with the artistic shape of a heart, that looks like ‘B’. There is big zirconia at the center and the lower curve of the ‘B’ is paved with eight smaller zirconia stones. 

It is a perfect gift for your wife on her birthday or anniversary. The rhodium plating has given additional durability to the necklace that it won’t break even if your baby pulls it.


The pendant of the necklace is large and eye catchy. It is a perfect accessory to wear on dinner dates with low-cut gowns. All the eyes will be drawn to the person, who is carrying this necklace on her neck. 

2. Pandora Classic Cable Chain Necklace

  • Model/name: 590412-45;
  • Length: 1.81 inches, 17.7 cm;
  • Material: Metal.


This necklace is a combination of a long cable chain with a large, hollow heart pendant. The pendant has a big silver hollow heart, holding a smaller hollow heart with zirconia pave on black enamel.


Long chains look best with boat-neck tops. However, this one can be worn casually, every day.  You can also choose to wear the chain with other charms or pendants from your personal collection.

3. Pandora Women’s Locket Necklace

  • Model/name: 590530-75, Locket Necklace; 
  • Length: 75 cm, adjustable;
  • Material: sterling silver. 


A simple necklace can look extraordinary with a see-through locket, like this piece from PANDORA. It is one of the most popular necklaces because of its adjustable length and pocket-style pendant. 


You can customize the pendant by placing a photo of your loved ones. Some even add two photos for both sides. Be even more creative by adding different colorful stones with the photo or only the stones only. 

Its adjustable length lets you wear this necklace with a variety of outfits from turtle-neck sweaters to low-cut blouses.

4. PANDORA Sparkling Infinity

  • Model/name: 398821C01-50, Sparkling Infinity Pendant Necklace;
  • Length 19.69 inches;
  • Height 7 millimeters;
  • Width 4.3 millimeters;
  • Length 50 centimeters
  • Material: Metal.


This necklace comes with a charm-style pendant. The pendant is round, with tiny shimmering zirconia on its border and glass in its center. This pendant can be opened to add photos or small gems to customize. The chain of this necklace is ripple type.


Make it special by adding vibrant stones, small decorative pieces, and photos of tiny stones. This necklace is even more beautiful without the changes.

5. Pandora-Open Heart Necklace

  • Model/name: 397204-70, Open Heart Necklace;
  • Length: 70 cm;
  • Material: sterling silver. 


Adding an extra layer of chain at one side of the front gives this necklace a unique look. This one of a long necklace with a silver hollow heart, that sits on your cleavage, close to your heart. 

One side of the pendant has a layer of chain 4 to 5 inches long, adding extraordinary beauty to this simple necklace.


This piece of jewelry is good for daily use, with regular clothes. For special occasions, I prefer wearing something more noticeable. 

6. PANDORA Shooting Star Necklace

  • Model/name: 396354CZ-60, Shooting Star  Necklace;
  • Length: 60 cm, adjustable;
  • Material: sterling silver and white zirconia. 


An adjustable ripple chain is accentuated with long zirconia pave pendant. The ascending order of zirconia on the long pendant and descending order of zirconia on its ring give this necklace an elegant and sleek look. Sliding style clasp is added for convenient wearing. 


It is a trendy necklace, that will best suit fashionable attires and special occasions like birthdays or engagement parties and many more. 

7. PANDORA Classic Elegance Necklace, Rose Gold

  • Model/name: 386240 CZ-45, Classic Elegance  Necklace;
  • Length: 45 cm, adjustable;
  • Material: 14 karats of rose gold and white zirconia. 


14 karats rose gold is plated on sterling silver to craft this classic beauty. The pendant is a round, simple one with big zirconia in the middle, enclosed by zirconia on the border. 


I prefer adjustable necklaces over fixed ones. These fit everyone and can be worn with different necklines. Besides, choosing classic items to present to anyone keeps you on the safe side, like this piece of jewelry. 

It goes with any age, from grandmother or mother to daughter; complements any classic outfit as well. The rose gold color looks luxurious on any skin tone.

8. PANDORA Classic Elegance Necklace, Silver

  • Model/name: 396240 CZ-45, Classic Elegance  Necklace;
  • Length: 45 cm, adjustable;
  • Material: sterling silver and white zirconia. 


A simple, silver necklace with a classic style round pendant. The pendant has a detailed design with large zirconia in the middle and smaller ones paved at the sides. 


It is adjustable, so, no worry about fitting on you or anyone else. Besides, you can never go wrong with classic necklaces. Classic accessories are a must-have for every woman. 

9. Pandora Timeless Elegance Necklace, With Square Pendant

  • Model/name: 396235 CZ-45, Timeless elegance Necklace;
  • Length: 45cm, 17.7 Inches;
  • Material: sterling silver and zirconia. 


Another necklace from the timeless elegance series. This one is a ripple chain with a fixed square-shaped pendant. The pendant has large square zirconia in the center, with small zirconia at the sides.


Give it to your ever-green mother or mother-in-law to win their hearts. It is elegant, emphasizes women’s inner beauty, and is classic to match any classic outfit. 

10. Pandora String of Beads Sterling Silver Necklace

  • Beaded Y-necklace in silver & 70cm necklace with sliding clasp
  • Size: 70cm, 27.5 inches;
  • 925 Sterling Silver


A link chain with a round pendant and a PANDORA signature on the border completes this necklace. The sparkling zirconia paves stand out on the black enamel, of the signature pandora round pendant.  


This necklace is a perfect gift to celebrate any minor event or an ideal accessory to wear at your workplace. 

11. Pandora Jewelry – Moments Snake Chain Charm Necklace

  • Model/name: 396583 FPC-60, Lock Your Promise Necklace;
  • Length: 23.6 inches;
  • Material: sterling silver and pink zirconia. 


It is a fancy necklace with a PANDORA signature not only on the pendant but on the chain as well. A simple link chain has been made special with a PANDORA mark. The polished silver pendant is a heart padlock, with pink zirconia at the borderline and a pandora signature in the middle. 


It is a fixed-length necklace with a fixed pendant. Hence, I recommend being sure about the length before ordering it from AMAZON. 

For a perfect valentine’s day or to celebrate your first anniversary with your wife, this necklace can be a perfect option to prove your love and faith in your partner.

12. Loving Hearts of PANDORA Pendant Necklace

  • Model/name: 590534 CZ-45, Loving Hearts of PANDORA Necklace;
  • Length: 28 inches,45 cm, adjustable;
  • Material: sterling silver and clear zirconia. 


The stones on the pendant dazzle on black enamel background. A heart-shaped hollow pendant is holding the link chain from both sides. It is jewelry from the valentine’s collection of PANDORA. 


It is a small necklace, mainly meant to sit between your collarbone. But it is made adjustable to fit women of different sizes. A perfect surprise for your valentine. 

13. Pandora Curb Chain Necklace

  •  Model/name: 398283-60, Curb Chain Necklace;
  • Length: N/A;
  • Material: Sterling Silver.


To make your springs special, this floral-themed necklace is launched under the Poetic Bloom category. Four different flowers- daisy, primrose, dahlia, and cherry blossom are painted with different shades of enamel and placed on the necklace. 


This necklace will perfectly match your other floral accessories or clothes. I recommend wearing only two pieces of floral accessories at a time, with a less floral or plain outfit. If you are wearing a floral print, then wear only one floral accessory. Otherwise, you may not look appropriate.

It is a long necklace, be creative by wearing it in different ways. Wrap it around your neck, this way it will look like a pair of necklaces, instead of one.

14. Pandora Tree of Love Necklace – Mixed Enamel

  • Model/name: 396582 ENMX-75, Tree of Love Necklace;
  • Length: 75 cm;
  • Material: sterling silver and enamel


A tree of heart-shaped leaves is created on the pendant. The sides are crafted with heart beads. Different leaves are painted with various shades of enamel to resemble flowers. This pendant is the most attractive side of the entire necklace. 


It is a fixed-length necklace, meant to sit on cleavage. The tree with heart leaves represents ever-growing love for our dear ones. Give it to the most important person in your life to express your endless love for that person. 

15. PANDORA Disney, Pumpkin Coach Necklace

  • Model/name: 197811,  Pumpkin Coach Neckla;
  • Central blue gem in the carriage;
  • Material: 925 sterling silver.


An identical PANDORA necklace, with a fixed pendant. The pendant is a pair of entangled circles. One has a clear zirconia border and the other one has a pandora signature on it. A ripple chain is holding the circles from two sides.  


The chain is short, and the pendant will lay on your collarbone. A great accessory for daily wear.

16. PANDORA Blue Moon & Stars Heart Necklace

  • Model/name: 399232C01-50, Moon Heart and Blue Stars;
  • Length: 50 cm;
  • Adjustable to 46 cm. 


This one is a heavy, polished snake necklace without a pendant because the signature clasp looks like one. It belongs to the ‘essence’ collection.


Wear this by placing the clasp on the front or add a charm or pendant of the ‘essence’ series from your collection to enhance the chain. Though the chain itself looks trendy.

17. Pandora Vintage Seduction necklace

  • Model/name: 590523 CZ-45, Vintage Seduction Necklace;
  • Length: 45 cm;
  • Material: sterling silver and clear zirconia. 


The Ripple chain is holding a round pendant with zirconia detailing.


It is a gorgeous necklace to wear at your daughter’s engagement or wedding ceremony. Perfect to complement your classic feminine attire.

18. Pandora Fairytale Tiara Necklace

  • Model/name: 396227CZ-45, Tiara Fairy Tale Necklace;
  • Length: 45 cm;
  • Material: sterling silver and clear zirconia. 


A beautiful princess tiara is placed as a pendant in the middle of a ripple chain. The pendant has a zirconia floral motif and the chain is sterling silver.


A perfect gift for your own princess’s birthday. The chain is short and adjustable, hence will fit young girls but can be worn by adults as well. Your daughter may want to wear it till she grows up.

19. Pandora Jewelry – Silver Chain Necklace

  • Model/name: 796596FPC, Dangle Charm;
  • Length: 4 cm;
  • Authentic Pandora 100%;
  • Material: Metal, I love you silver dangle with fancy fuchsia pink cubic zirconia. 


A necklace made entirely out of sterling silver. It is a bracelet-style necklace, with several charms like a pendant representing ‘I Love You. Love is symbolized by a heart pendant. The chain also has clips to keep the charms in place. All the letters are polished and sleek.


Presenting this necklace to the love of your life is the best way to say ‘I Love You. It goes with casual outfits, hence she may want to wear it on a daily basis. A perfect way to keep reminding her about you.

20. Pandora Jewelry – Classic Cable Chain Necklace

  • Model/name: 798261CZ, Silver Heart Zirconia Necklace;
  • Length:  N/A
  • Material: Cubic Zirconia Charm in Sterling Silver.


A circular heart-shaped pendant with four-petal clovers in it makes this necklace special. One of the heart petals has zirconia pave. The chain is a long ripple silver chain. This necklace is the most popular in the ‘mother’s day collection.


Give this necklace to your mother as a gift and let your mother realize how special she is. This necklace is versatile; she may never want to take it off her neck.

21. Pandora Jewelry Sparkling Wishbone Cubic Zirconia Necklace

  • Model/name: 796459EN28;
  • Length: N/A
  • Material: sterling silver and clear zirconia. 


Rippled chain of this necklace can be adjusted with the dragonfly pendant attached to one end. One pair of the wings of the dragonfly is covered with zirconia and another pair has white enamel on it. The dangling part of the chain has a silver teardrop ball at the end to keep the chain in place.


Any teenager and a young adult lady will look stunning with this necklace. This necklace will look great with prom or party outfits.

22. Pandora Spinning Hearts Cubic Zirconia Necklace

  • Model/name: 397410CZ-60;
  • Material: Sterling Silver;
  • Length: 23.6-inch.


In our list, this one is the only necklace with a sterling silver pendant. A white pearl, dangling from a silver sparkling bow. The bow has zirconia pave on it. The chain is rippled silver. This necklace is from the ‘Delicate Sentiments’ collection.


You never know when a pearl necklace becomes a lifesaver for you. For a decent look on special occasions, pearls are unbeatable. Your mother will love it too as her birthday gift.

23. Pandora Daisy Collier Cubic Zirconia Necklace

  • Model/name: 398964C01-45;
  • Length: 17.7″
  • Material: sterling silver. 
  • Details

A long ripple chain with three small flowers on its length. The flowers are made with clear zirconia, on black enamel. Show the world how solid you are with this pave daisy flower collar Necklace.


Wear this necklace as it is, make a fold on it and wear it as a couple of chains. Goes with casual and corporate outfits.

24. PANDORA Floating Heart Locket

  • Model/name: 590544-60, Floating Heart Locket necklace ;
  • Length: 60 cm;
  • Material: sterling silver, and glass. 


A large see-through heart with an anchor chain completes this jewelry. Comes with a lobster clasp. Length can be adjusted in three positions.


It is a universal piece of jewelry. Can be worn at any age, event, and attire.

25. PANDORA Double Circle Pendant & Necklace Necklace

  • Model/name: 399487C01-45;                  
  • Size: 45cm;
  • Material: 925 sterling silver.


The circle pendant of this necklace is made of 925 sterling silver.  The end of the silver is beautified by black enamel, with clear zirconia stones on top. Comes with an anchor chain. Locks in two different positions. 


This pendant symbolizes strong love between two persons. Give it to the special lady of your life, to whom you feel unexplained attraction. 

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Guys, I am Camila Avery and I love to help my mom to do indoor & outdoor activities. As a lady, I have passed my time on gardening, home improvement, and personal or self-care. I have acquired some degrees in outdoor recreation, beauty, and hair care. It is not easy to work with top-level professional beauty experts. But, I got that opportunity and experimented with different hair extensions, hair colors, and cuts.

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