The 8 Best Trunks for Summer Camp

Published on: March 11, 2022
Written by Camila Avery / Fact-checked by David Rowan

To be honest, I have seen parents send their kids to summer camps without proper storage and trunks. It is not due to their unaffordability but to their lack of care and awareness. I have noticed my friends suffer during camping for an inappropriate types of trunks and damaging their goods due to rain or heat in my childhood. 

best trunks for summer camp

Thankfully, nowadays, parents are more concerned about the safety of their children and their belongings. That is why they consider buying their children appropriate trunks to accompany them camping. But only a few know about the excellent quality trunks available in the market and the need for other essential storage cases in the camp. 

To minimize your worries about your children’s summer camp, we have developed this list. Here, different types of trunks are reviewed. As a bonus, we also discussed other types of storage a summer camper must bring. 

Must-Have Trunks to Get for Summer Camping

Traditional Boxy Trunks

Students get these bulky, boxy trunks for their hostels and dorms. This also comes in handy for summer camps. Rarely do they get an additional trunk for loading summer camping items. But I recommend otherwise. If the school or college pays great value to camp or the kids love to go camping, then tanking a separate, more portable, and lightweight trunk will be convenient for them. 

All-plastic Airline Approved Trunk

If the camper is crossing the border to spend their summer in another continent, then a trunk with any steel bit will not let them cross the airport security. That is why we included trunks that are airline approved. Every year, many kids spend their summertime doing volunteer and charity work in less fortunate parts of the world. This kind of trunk is essential to get through airline security. 

Storage Boxes

Even if the trunk is the world’s most reliable trunk to keep belongings safe and sound in camping, there is still a need for other cases to stack less-important fun goods and emergency supplies. Considering the type of goods and their importance, the storage cases should be chosen wisely.

Supplies like medical kits, sports goods, utensils, and other tools and accessories can be loaded into almost any plastic storage with a secure lid. But delicate items like gadgets and breakable medicine should be stored in appropriate cases. 

Must-Have Features for Summer Camp Trunks

Durable and Lightweight

The trunk has to be durable yet lightweight. In camps, the trunks may experience dragging, falling, and other kinds of loads. The last thing your kid will want to deal with in their camp is, spilling out clothes from their broken trunk. 

The trunk has to be portable. So, check the trunk’s material and weight before buying, especially if it is going to be used in a summer camp. Check the quality of the handles and wheels as well. 


Summer camping is all about dealing with sun, rain, dust, and bugs. We can afford to deal with those, but we don’t want those to enter our trunks. So, summer camping trunks have to be weatherproof in all aspects. 

Safety Features

Check the lockability of the trunk. All the trunk has a loop to use padlocks, but there are other locks like latches and push locks too. Which one is your favorite? 

Impact Resistance

Usually, kids don’t spare their gadgets, even in the camps. They can’t live without those. So, the trunks that are carrying their delicate goods have to be impact resistant as well. 

List of Trunks to Bring to Summer Camp

Here is a short list of trunks to bring to summer camp. As the campsite and the weather of different states vary, the camp’s trunk and storage should also vary to serve the purpose. So, let’s check out the most suitable trunks of various types for summer camps.

1. C&N Footlockers-Happy Camper Chest for Summer Camp  

  • Size: 32 (L) x 18 (W) x 13.5 (H) inches; 
  • Weighs 26 pounds;
  • Weight capacity is up to 150 pounds.

Need a space-saving yet roomy trunk for the summer camp? This trunk only measures 32 (L) x 18 (W) x 13.5 (H) inches but has an interior for 3.8 cubic feet of storage. The trunk is made of high-quality Birch plywood and has a nickel-plated trim all around. So, the trunk is water-resistant, and the staff loaded inside will be bone dry if it rains. And it can take up to 1000 pounds of pressure on the footlocker. It makes it reliable storage for valuable gadgets youngsters take camping like cameras, laptops, etc. 

There are 19 striking colors available for this trunk. So, just name the color you want and get it. The baked enamel color is painted on stainless steel. So, the truck is virtually scratch-free. This trunk was designed for kids to use in hostels and summer camps, making sense why it is made unusually durable. 

There is a lock included in it that allows any standard-size padlock. The handle is wide to hold it by an adult and wheels underneath to drag along. However, good things do not come cheap. You have to pay more for this trunk compared to other competitors. 


  • Water and scratch-resistant;
  • Lifetime warranty;
  • Wide color range;
  • Withstand heavy loads.


  • Uncomfortably thin handle.

2. Rhino Trunk and Case Camp & College Wheels, Black

  • 30″ x 17″ x 13″ inches size;
  • Available colors: black, navy blue, royal blue, purple, neon pink, slate, and silver.

If you want a trunk that can protect the valuables like a bank vault, then this is it. This Rhino trunk is built with 3/8″ Baltic Birch plywood with a cover of nickel-plated steel. Alongside the cover, the lid-stay, hinges, seams, turn locks, and padlock loop is also made from the same nickel steel. 

As you take this trunk for summer camp, the trunk must be well-guarded against bugs and water. This trunk’s lid tightly fits on the base closure to seal out anything from the outer world invading this interior. The trunk weighs 26 pounds, so the weight capacity is also very high for the matter. In the camp, for its durability, it can be used as a seat, a coffee table, or as a nightstand, you decide. 

For better portability, there are removable wheels attached underneath. Those are easy to remove and attach. High-quality leather handles are also attached on either side to make lifting and shifting this trunk an easy task.  This unit is made in America, so there should not be any doubt about its lasting durability no matter how many camps you attend in a year. 


  • Highly durable;
  • The lid is well sealed to keep out moisture and bug;
  • Easy to attach removable wheels for portability.


  • Expensive.

3. C&N Footlockers College Dorm Room & Summer Camp Lockable Trunk Footlocker with Wheels

  • 32L x 18W x 16.5H inches;
  • 4.7 Cubic Feet of Storage;
  • Weight 28 Pounds;
  • Includes Wheel Away System.

Summer camping involves carrying a medical kit, sports gear, grilling utensils, and other emergency and fun activity items. We want to bring all those to the campsite in good condition and also return it home with those in the same condition. A good quality stackable box is what comes in handy to store and stack those items. Often we have to deal with broken storage boxes due to heavy load stacking. But that is less likely to happen with this C&N Footlockers plastic storage box. 

This box is made durable and has a built-in stackable design. So that campers can order multiple boxes of the same size to stack valuable goods to keep them within hand reach. The box weighs around 6 pounds and has a weather-sealed latch lid. 

The interior is roomy with a lot of goods in it. On the other hand, the box is designed to be easily placed in the back of the car, SUV, or RV. There is no other better option to carry delicate materials in the most protective way other than this cheap box. The only matter is, these boxes are not very comfortable to pick and carry. So, a larger capacity other than 8 gallons will cause a problem. 


  • Weatherproof storage;
  • Stackable design for space-saving storage;
  • Suitable to carry delicate goods with protective care.


  • Nothing.

4. Plano – 108 Quart Storage Trunk Wheels

  • The overall dimension of this box is 37.75 x 14 x 18.25 inches;
  • 108 quarts storage capacity.

Does summer camp resemble joy and good memories to you? Well, it is not as joyful for everyone. Volunteers and medical students working in warzones and disaster-stricken lands to save and protect lives also have camps in those places, but I can bet that is no fun. However, for passing camping goods without getting stopped by the airlines, you have to have a type of trunk that is airline approved. Metal trunks are not your best friend in this case. 

This all-plastic storage tank from Prano is designed for people who are going to camp overseas. It has durable latches, and tie-down brackets to seal in the goods. There are handles on the sides and built-in wheels underneath for portability as well. The top lid of this trunk has grooves to stack more trunks of the same design, and also the molding adds strength to its lid. 

For carrying medical and other emergency goods abroad, this trunk is widely used. Don’t get demotivated due to its plastic construction. It is the right trunk as long as it serves your purpose of camping overseas.


  • Airline approved;
  • Stackable;
  • Integrated wheels for portability;
  • Lockable latches for safety.


  • Load capacity is limited.

5. Seward Essential Storage Trunk for Dorm and Camp

  • Colors: black and teal;
  • 15.75 x 30 x 12.25 inches;
  • Material: engineered wood.

This is what I call class on a budget. This is the most budget-friendly trunk for students living in hostels and dorms. This is lighter (24 pounds) in weight compared to other competitors. So, considering the need for a summer camp, this one is a deal-breaker. Whilst other trunks are designed focusing on the safety inside of a dorm, this one is designed considering the convenience in the camps. 

The interior is so spacious that, after loading essentials like clothes, bed linens, and accessories, there is more room for sports items and textbooks as well. This trunk is made sturdy using engineered wood with a vinyl exterior lining.  black high-impact styrene binding gives this trunk unmatched durability. 

There are latches and easy-to-open pushbuttons with a loop for padlocks. On the sides, plastic handles are attached for easy movement. The lid has a tongue and groove closure just like other trunks do. There is a chance of receiving defective items, but this truck has a limited warranty. So, for the price, with that little risk, taking this trunk would be a smart decision for summer camps. 


  • Super cheap;
  • Classic design and color;
  • Spacious interior;
  • Lighter than other trunks.


  • No cons.

6. YETI Divided Organizer for Carrying Gadgets in Camping

  • Charcoal, tan, and white color options are available;
  • Includes removable divider and organizer caddy.

This case may seem overly expensive, but not expensive enough to protect your gears and gadgets that cost thousands of bucks, right? I included this cargo case in this list considering the need to carry gadgets in the camp which cost a fortune and took a long time to collect. 

Do you love to capture wilderness or fly drones camping? Then you are in dire need of this high-impact resistant organizer. It has a removable divider and a caddy with compartments. So, practically the interior of this case can be altered as you need to make room for multiple delicate items. It is also helpful to have easy access to all the items in it. 

This is a small box, it doesn’t take up much space in the vehicle or in the trunk. Besides, it neatly organizes everything you put in it. Considering its easy portability and weather-sealing capability, this case is a must for gadget junkie summer campers. 


  • Best for carrying delicate gadgets;
  • Works great as an organizer;
  • High impact resistant.


  • Very expensive. 

7. Plano – 108 Quart Storage Trunk (Model: 1919) – Black

  • 29.75” X 13.5” X 12.875” inches interior;
  • Removable lid.

This storage trunk is used as a secondary trunk in different outdoor activities. Small air guns, grilling items, and other goods that take up a lot of space can be stored in them. Its removable lid ensures easy access, and the improved wheels are great to make a smooth ride. 

Just like any other Plano storage trunks and boxes, this one also has grooves on the lid to make it stackable. The price is so reasonable that people prefer to get several for their family camping or camping with a large group. 

However, the best thing about this trunk is, it is airline approved. The size meets the guidelines of the airlines. So, check the weight limit while staking this trunk for an overseas camping trip. It also has latches and a padlock loop for secured storage. 


  • Affordable;
  • Suitable to store large items
  • Removable lid for easy access;
  • Impact-resistant. 
  • Airline approved.


  • Not ruggedly built.

8. Pelican 1610 Case With Foam 

  • 24.83 x 11.88 x 19.69 inches inner dimension;
  • Polypropylene body and 4 layers of a foamy interior.

This is what I call a military-grade storage box. Thanks to its virtually indestructible polypropylene body. It also comes with a 4-layer foam interior. The foam has to be picked and plucked to be customized to make enough room for valuables to keep in it. This is how the world’s most secure and shock-resistant, and impact-resistant trunk is made. 

With merely 22 pounds, this is the lightest yet most durable storage. This box is watertight but has a vent to adjust air pressure without letting the water in. This is how Pelican promises to protect your goods with their inventions.

This box is super expensive but is unmatched to protect items that are even more important to you, and that you want to protect with your life. Photographers, videographers, and law enforcement authorities have chosen it to be their most loyal friend in this matter. 


  • Light and durable;
  • Highly impact and shockproof;
  • Watertight;
  • Best for carrying delicate items;
  • Virtually indestructible.


  • Expensive. 


From summer camps, kids should bring only joyful memories, not dreadful ones. Not only summer camping, but any type of camping should also be hassle-free. This is why I always warn readers in my every write-up to choose their camping goods wisely. Camping items may not seem essential at first, but in the long run, those are proven to be more convenient than using household items in the camps. 

However, the trunks and cases will carry all the valuables of the camper in the camp. No one wants to camp, damaging their own goods, health, and well-being. So, choosing the right type of storage and trunks is worth more attention while choosing.

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Guys, I am Camila Avery and I love to help my mom to do indoor & outdoor activities. As a lady, I have passed my time on gardening, home improvement, and personal or self-care. I have acquired some degrees in outdoor recreation, beauty, and hair care. It is not easy to work with top-level professional beauty experts. But, I got that opportunity and experimented with different hair extensions, hair colors, and cuts.

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