Best Drill Pumps: Working Truth And Our Recommendations

Published on: March 26, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by Eric Devin

Drill pumps are the best solution for pumping out unwanted water from any place or for water transfer. It is also used widely for transferring engine oils.

No doubt, this simple and easy drill attachment is beneficial and is a real substitute for expensive pumps. Besides, even the lowest-capacity water pumps don’t function unless the water rises to a certain height. 

drill pumps working truth and our recommendations

So, this handy and compulsory tool should be purchased carefully to get all the advantages, not the drawbacks. These pumps are available in different models and have various compatibility. So, we made a list of the six most popular drill pumps with all their specifications. It will help them find the right one for your needs.

Do Actually Drill Pumps Work?

Yes, drill pumps work excellently. In fact, if you don’t have a water or oil transfer pump in an emergency or odd situation, a cheap and simple drill pump can save lives. Transferring water from a flooded basement or broken washing machine becomes easier with a drill pump on an emergency basis.

On the other hand, filling up the water tank of a traveling van or an RV or transferring oil from drums to boats requires a small amount of pumping. This can be done with the drill pump attachment, without the use of an actual pump. Read more: Find 11 Best Drills for Jewelry Making

Limitations of a Drill Pump

Along with the advantages, there are some limitations to the drill pumps. Before settling on one model of the drill pump, let’s shed some light on that topic. 

Duration of Use

First, just like the drilling machine can not be used for a prolonged time, the drill pumps should not work as well. The motor in the drilling machine is not meant to be left on for a long time. It may cause overheating and damage to the unit. So, the drill pump can not be used for draining out a large amount of fluid all at once. 


The compatibility of the drill pump is limited to one of two types of drills and mounting gears. So, the drill pump should match the drill you are going to use. The same goes for the mounting tube and adapters. If it is not included in the package and you plan on using those from your collection, then check if the pump is compatible with those or not. 

Fluid Type

Drill pumps are for transferring machine oils of all types and water. It should not be used for sharing flammable gas or oil like gasoline or petrol under any circumstance. Because these attachments are not made spark-proof. Any spare from the drill motor may lead to a serious accident. See also: 10 Best Benchtop Drill Presses for Metal You Can Buy.

What Are the Benefits of Using Drill Pumps?

There are many benefits to using drill pumps when it comes to drilling and mining. They are a very reliable and efficient way to get the work done, and they can help save a lot of time and energy. Some of the benefits of using drill pumps include:

They are very reliable.

They are very fast.

They are very efficient.

They are able to handle a lot of pressure.

They are able to handle a lot of weight.

They are easy to use.

Keep in Mind 

The following tips will help the drill pump to work better. 

  • Place drill pumps should be mounted on a flat surface for effective use. 
  • It is better to place the pump under the receiving point and above the outlet point. 
  • The drill pump should be out of any air before the drill is turned on. Fill the tube with water or any other liquid you are going to transfer. Only then the self-priming feature will work. 
  • The more powerful the drill is used, the better. In that logic, the electric or pneumatic drills work best for transferring medium amounts of liquid. 
  • Never use this pump to store drinking water unless the manufacturers approve so. 
  • Use silicon grease while storing the pump. It helps to prevent rust and corrosion. 

View Our Favorites Drill Pumps-

There are countless models of drill pumps available in the market. Most of those fail to function when it is needed most. Other models are just not compatible with your drill or mounting accessories. So, let’s have a look at the specs of the most popular drill pumps and their compatibility.

Jabsco Drill Pump Kit, 17215-0000

  • Includes  pump, two end adapters, dipstick tube, and accessories;
  • Suitable for water and engine oil transfer.  

As long as the included narrow dipstick tube is not used, this Jabsco drill pump can pump large amounts of water and thick engine oil within minutes. Only a ½ inch ID thick-walled vinyl tube can work like a miracle with this Jabsco drill pump and not even need to prime it up. Some even tried the same process with a ¼ inch refrigerator tube and claimed the same result. 

This drill pump can throw water as high as 20 ft if the used drill is at the proper speed. This pump can not be used for drinking water pumps or storing purposes. It contains cobalt that changes water quality. Jabsco should have warned about this issue in their advertisement. 

However, for small to medium-level water or engine oil transfer, this pump works fast. The price is minimal, considering its useability and flow. So, I recommend ordering more than 2 pieces online so that it comes in handy in emergencies. These gems are priced twice in the local stores. 


  • Can be used for water and engine oil;
  • Self-priming;
  • Inexpensive pump;
  • Fast and clean pumping with proper accessories.


  • Narrow dipstick tube. 

Milescraft Self Priming Water Transfer Drill Pump, 1314

  • Adaptable to 3/8” shank;
  • Self-primed up to 12 feet;
  • Speed: 750 gallons per hour with included accessories.

All the accessories needed to use this Milescraft drill pump can be found around the house. For example, for the 3/4″ hose connection, this pump can be used with any regular garden hose. It accepts drills of ⅜ inch shank and up to 2,800 RPM. This kind of drill is also available in every home. So, there is no hassle of purchasing different accessories for water transfer. 

This pump is self-priming. At the highest 2,800 RPM speed, it can throw water up to 12 ft and draws a maximum speed of 750 gallons per hour. With this rate, a small swimming pool can be emptied in no time. 

The functionality of this amazing drill pump is limited to use for water transfer only. Floodwater from the basement, small shallow koi pond, aquarium, or muddy water from the ditch can be done by spending a few bucks on this Milescraft drill pump. 


  • Self-priming pump;
  • High capacity;
  • Can be used with a regular garden hose;
  • Suitable for most drills. 


  • For water transfer only. 

Flotec Self Priming Drill Pump, FPDMP21SA-P2

  • Recommended for oil transfer;
  • Maximum capacity: 225 GPH;
  • The drill speed needs to be 1200 RPM (Minimum).

To transfer oil from tank to gallon or from one vehicle to another, or for any other reason, the cheapest drill pump one can get is this Flotec self-priming drill pump. The reason behind this is, this drill pump comes bare, without any hose or adapter. So, this is the only drawback of this model. You have to pay for the attachments if you already don’t have those. 

However, the positive side of this unit is, it does not need a very powerful drill to operate properly. Only 1200 RPM is all it takes to serve. The maximum capacity of oil transfer is 225 gallons per hour. 

This is a self-priming unit. To get the advantage of a self-priming pump, make sure that the pipes and tubes are free of air, and filled with liquid from top to bottom. Another thing is, the pump needs to be located lower than the oil reserves. 


  • Cheap price;
  • Self-priming;
  • Works even at low drill speed.


  • Hose adapters and tubing are not included.

WaterAce WA62UP Drill Pump, Black

  • Weight: ‎15.5 ounces; 
  • Ideal for transferring water;
  • Material: plastic;
  • Power Source: ‎Ac/dc.

Thankfully, at least one drill pump is found that is claimed to be rust and corrosion-resistant. Yes, this pump from WaterAce is corrosion-resistant, a feature that we need to use for water transfer frequently. Most people intend to throw away their drill pump after use as they only use this in emergencies and probably once in a lifetime.

What if we need it to clear up the drain, clogged washing machine, aquarium, or any other purpose that may require using this unit repeatedly? Oil transfer does not lead to corrosion, water does. Mainly because of its mineral content. 

However, for long-lasting use, I can not recommend a drill pump other than this one. It is compatible with both ¼ inch and ½ inch drills and also can be used with a general utility garden hose. Some have claimed that it works even better with ½ inch hose. So, there is nothing we need to purchase separately to use with this drill pump. 


  • Corrosion-resistant material;
  • Can be used with a garden hose;
  • Long-lasting.


  • No cons.

Jabsco Self Priming Electric Drill Pump, 17250-0003

  • 3/4 inch garden hose thread (GHT) adaptors included;
  • 3.5 Gallons Per Minute/ 210 GPH capacity.

Considering the 210 gallons per hour capacity, this drill pump is relatively slow compared to other drill pumps on this list. So, it is suitable for small-scale use only. For example, for draining a small tub or aquarium and so on. It comes with a garden hose adapter.

So, as long as you own a garden hose, you should order this at your own risk. This unit works even better with ½ inch hose, but in that case, the adapter and the hose both need to be purchased separately unless you already own those. 

The downsides of this unit seem less convincing. Well, look at the built quality! This unit is built with high-quality material and will not break anytime soon. Unlike other drill pumps, it works best with cordless drills. It is not about the power of the drill because cordless drills are usually underpowered. The reason is, it fits the cordless drill bit perfectly. 


  • Arrives with mounting accessories;
  • High quality;
  • Works great with the cordless drill.


  • Very slow;
  • The garden hose is not included.

Heavy Duty Pump, Suitable for All Drills, TE472

  • Compatible with 3/8″ or 1/2″ chuck;
  • Transfers 1500 liters per hour, at drill speed of 3,000 RPM;
  • Pumping height 15 meters maximum.

This drill pump solves every confusion over the compatibility of the drilling features. It is suitable to use with any pneumatic, electric, or cordless drill of ⅜’’ or ½’’ chuck. Besides, it is also used for any kind of oil and water as long as it does not flame on spark. Similarly, this pump is also very cheap. What else does one need for a drill pump? 

This one is a high-capacity drill pump as per the specifications. At a 3000 RPM drill speed, it sucks up 1500 liters of fluid per hour, which is sufficient for medium-scale fluid transfer—all it needs to have is the mounting accessory to operate this pump. 


  • Inexpensive;
  • Can be used for any kind of fluid transfer;
  • Compatible with any drill type;
  • For high-capacity fluid transfer.


  • No cons.


Drill pumps are just attachments; they can not operate solely. So, the good performance of a drill pump depends on the drill, the mounting tube size, the height where the pump is placed, etc. While buying this pump online, make sure that the right accessories to mount this is included in the package, or you already have those. Otherwise, this thing will become useless in emergencies for not having the mounting tube and accessories. 

Another issue is, the drill pump should not be submerged in water. As there would be a drill attached to it, sparks from the motor can electrify the water and cause serious accidents.

Drill pumps are one of the most versatile and efficient machines in the drilling industry. They can be used for a wide variety of drilling tasks, from deep well drilling to surface drilling. They are reliable and easy to operate, making them a favorite choice for many drilling professionals.

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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