5 Effective Treadmill Workouts That’ll Make Burn Fat Fast

Published on: June 2, 2022
Written by Camila Avery / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Has it ever happened to you that you have heard people talking about or seen them going to the gym and working out, and got you incited to start doing some drills, then you just forget about that, or lose interest on a whim? We know that feeling. But if you are really determined to burn some extra calories, lucky that you’ve found this article!

Here we have compiled a few exercises to get you in shape, even if you are a beginner.

effective treadmill workout

HIIT (High-intensity Interval Training)

This is one of the most popular treadmill workouts for calorie burning. This gives you a robust result of high-dose exercise accompanied by the regular, usual workouts of your regime.

This might be a little challenging to some and might turn out more difficult than it seems, if you are a beginner. But do not lose hope, persist with this one as it is a very effective workout if you are looking for something to burn calories.

  • Start with a 10-minute warm-up, or jogging with a flat incline and intensity of 5
  • Then hike up the intensity to 9, switch the incline to low, and keep running fast for a minute
  • Then lower the intensity to 3, set incline to flat, and go for active recovery
  • Repeat steps 2 and 3 for 4-10 times, as much as you can handle. We recommend starting with the most minimal repetitions when you are a beginner.

Pyramid Workout (Total Time: 30 Minutes)

pyramid workout
Credit: Photo: Seemoxrun.com

This one is very effective to knock out a huge amount of excess calories within a short amount of time. This workout is designed to go in 1% incline throughout the steps. So, you do not need to switch back the incline at every other step. Although quite intensive, do not overlook the power of warming up before getting started with this one.

  • Start with an easy 3-minute brisk walk or a jog. This can be counted as the warm-up.
  • Then go for a quick 30-second walk or a medium-paced run.
  • Now, go for a 4-minute walk or a 10-minute run at a medium pace. But make sure you run at the intervals of 1-2-3-4 minutes, or in a pyramid pattern. These small breaks are essential to keep the pace going. Otherwise, you can lose your body balance.
  • Then take a 3-minute walk or a 6-minute hard run. Also, for this case, maintain the gradual descension of the minutes you’re taking as intervals, or simply, take intervals between 3-2-1 minutes.
  • Then another quick 30-second run or walk before transitioning to finish, and-
  • Finally, finish it off with 2-minute easy jogging or brisk walking to cool down.

Fat Burning Treadmill Workout

fat burning treadmill workout
Credit: Photo: pinterest.com

When your prime goal is to burn fat as quickly as possible instead of optimizing fitness, this method might be just right for you. With this method, you will be focusing on walking at a steady pace every day.

When you maintain it strictly, the fat does not get the time to accumulate, and it keeps on burning. Thus, it helps you to get rid of more fat than you would achieve with two-days of intense jogging.

To get started with that, going slow and comfortable might be the best way. As long as you do not have to breathe heavily, it should be fine. The bottom line, you should be able to breathe with your nose without getting too worked up.

Start with a steady speed at first for about 20 minutes per day. After a couple of weeks, you would be adjusted quite much and at that point, gradually raise the duration, working it up to an hour-long. If you keep on doing this every day, or at least 5 days a week, that should act on burning the fat.

5k Treadmill Workout

5k treadmill workout
Credit: Photo: kellyrunsforfood.com

This workout is quite helpful to get you used to a regular workout. If you are a beginner, this can be your gateway to set new goals for yourself once you gradually get used to walking over the treadmill. While starting with this one, give yourself at least 2-3 months to keep on practicing this before you try something further.

Keep your incline flat, and follow this routine to complete your 5k-

  • Warm-up, or try easy jogging till 1000 meters
  • Speed up a routine your running pace and finish your next 1k meters
  • Lower the speed a little and switch back to fast walking
  • Then speed up again and finish your next 1k
  • Finally, slow your walking down to jogging or cooling off mode with the final 1k meters.

We recommend you to follow this routine once a week, continuing the other workouts throughout the week. This is quite heavy and a little more time-consuming than most other routines, so go easy on yourself with this one. 

Treadmill Power Walking (Total Time: 30 Minutes)

This power walking is very effective when it comes to toning up the thighs and hips. This calorie-burning cardio workout will work on your hamstrings and glutes but at a decent pace, not overwhelming you.

  • Begin this workout with a short, 5-minute warm-up. Keep the incline at 1% and walk briskly.
  • Then get the incline to 2% and run at a slow pace for a minute.
  • Then again, switch back to 1% and run at the same pace for another minute.
  • Now get the incline at 3% and walk for 2 minutes.

After that, put a 1% incline and run at your comfortable pace for 2 minutes.

  • Now, 4% incline with a 3-minute walk.
  • With a 1% incline, run at your comfortable pace again for 3 minutes.
  • Then, a 4-minute walk with a 4% incline.
  • Another 4-minute slow run with a 1% incline.

Finally, take a 5-minute jog or a brisk walk while cooling off slowly.

Some Tips for Keeping the Treadmill Workouts Effective

1. Start With a Warm-Up

As with any exercise, it is essential to begin your treadmill workout with a warm-up. A few minutes of walking at a low speed will help to increase your heart rate and prepare your body for the more intense workout ahead.

2. Vary Your Speed and Incline

To keep your treadmill workout effective, you should vary your speed and incline. This will help to challenge different muscles in your body, as well as burn more calories.

3. Use Interval Training

Interval training is a great way to make your workouts more effective. Alternate between periods of high intensity and low intensity, such as sprinting and jogging. This will help to keep your heart rate up and burn more calories.

4. Change Up Your Routine

Doing the same treadmill workout every day can become boring and ineffective. Try to mix up your routine by changing the speed, incline, and type of exercise you do. This will help to keep workouts interesting and effective.

5. Cool Down

Don’t forget to end your workout with a cool down. A few minutes of walking at a slow speed will help your body adjust to a resting state.

Can Folding Treadmills Handle Intense Fat-Burning Workouts?

Yes, the best folding treadmill options can handle intense fat-burning workouts. With sturdy construction and powerful motors, these treadmills are designed to withstand high-speed running and incline training. Their compact design makes them ideal for home gyms, offering convenience and space-saving benefits for a challenging workout.

Can Seniors Use Treadmills for the Intense Workouts Mentioned?

Yes, walking treadmills for seniors can be used for the intense workouts mentioned. Seniors can adjust the speed and incline to increase the intensity of their workout. It’s important for them to start slow and gradually increase the intensity to avoid any strain or injury.

– Can I Use Any Treadmill for the Effective Workouts?

Yes, investing in shock absorption treadmills can make a difference in your workouts. Not all treadmills offer the same cushioning and support, so choosing one specifically designed for shock absorption can help reduce impact on your joints and muscles, leading to more effective and comfortable workouts.


Effective treadmill workouts can be an effective way to burn fat fast. By incorporating intervals, inclines, and other variations, you can create a challenging and effective workout that will help you reach your fitness goals. It’s important to remember to be mindful of your intensity and to use proper form when using the treadmill to ensure that you don’t overdo it and risk injury.

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Guys, I am Camila Avery and I love to help my mom to do indoor & outdoor activities. As a lady, I have passed my time on gardening, home improvement, and personal or self-care. I have acquired some degrees in outdoor recreation, beauty, and hair care. It is not easy to work with top-level professional beauty experts. But, I got that opportunity and experimented with different hair extensions, hair colors, and cuts.

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