6 Great Ideas for Camping Pillow Alternatives

Published on: June 17, 2022
Written by Camila Avery / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Camping is the best relaxation medicine for the human mind. Good camping is capable of increasing the inner happiness of humans. Just pack the necessary items and go to enjoy your camping. A group of Good people, good food, and good sleep are the basic key to good camping. Sleeping plays a very important role in good camping.

When the traveler is too tired he or she can not enjoy the camping moment. It is often seen that due to lack of adequate sleep, travelers get sick while campaigning. For good sleep, you just need a pillow. But the maximum time we can not carry our regular use pillow in the camping because they are heavy. To solve this issue we use the alternative pillow.

great ideas for camping pillow alternatives

Do you have ideas for a camping pillow alternative? In this article, we are going to share some great ideas for camping pillow alternatives. I hope that this article will help you. An Alternative pillow is not only for sleep but is also a good way to solve backpacking issues at camping time. 

Benefits of Good Sleep at Camping Time

Before starting, the article knows why we need proper sleep. Sleep plays an important role in our body. You’ll only like a campaign if you get enough sleep in the campaign and if you can’t sleep in the canteen properly, you can never expect a good campaign. If you don’t sleep well, your body can’t function properly, and it always feels weak if you feel weak in a campaign, then how will you enjoy the campaign? Here are some benefits of good sleep during camping. 

  • Good Sleep refreshes your mind.
  • Boost the immunity system.
  • Give energy to the body.
  • Sleep has the power to strengthen the heart.
  • Increase productivity of the human body.

6 Great Ideas for Camping Pillow Alternatives

 Comfortable sleeves are very important when you go camping. To make your sleep comfortable you need the right pillow here are 6 ideas for camping pillow alternatives. 

1. Trekker Pillowcase

At travel time, the trekker pillowcase plays well. I love to use this pillow. Trekker pillow is very comfortable for a good sleep. A tracker can carry this kind of pillow easily. You can fold this pillow so it can fit in your pocket easily.  The biggest advantage of a pillowcase is that you can carry it easily and use it very easily. Just open the pillow before using it and then insert any kind of soft cloth inside it then very quickly a pillow will be made so that you can sleep comfortably.  

You can put on a soft cloth-like jacket, towel, skirt, or anything that you are carrying with you. When you are not using the case, you can put your clothes inside it if you want so that the folds of the clothes will not be damaged. The biggest advantage of the world is that it does not waste extra space and is very light in weight so you can carry any kind of travel.

2. Camelback

Some travelers love to use a water bladder as a pillow alternative like old days camelback. Travelers use water bladder-like pillows to save their space. Most of the time I like to use my water bladder as a pillow. If you have a water bladder you can use it for water storage. 

Using a water bladder like a camelback is a very easy and clever technique at camp time. Just put water into the water bladder and use it as a pillow. In the morning you can use this water. You can wrap a water bottle with your soft towel to get a more comfortable pillow.

3. Dry Bag

If you already use a dry bag, you must know how easy it is to use. Put the things you carry away in this bag and it will create a comfortable pillow for you to sleep on. It’s a travel bag and dry bag also known as a stuff sack. You can use a pillowcase with this bag if you want. 

The biggest advantage is that with just one travel bag you can finish the whole camping very comfortably without disturbing your sleep. This is a good idea for camping pillow alternatives. Read more: 22 Great Tips for Camping in a Hot Summer Day

 4. Cushion

Without a night of good sleep, you can not enjoy camping. Pillow is the most important part of good sleep. But most of the time you can not carry regular use of a pillow camping. Using a cushion is a clever idea for camping pillow alternatives. Pack a cushion and it takes up a small space. The cushion is very light so I can carry it easily. 

5. Towel with Pillow

Just use your clever idea and you can easily make a camping pillow alternative. Many travelers are not interested in using any of the alternative pillow options, they think that their bags will get heavier, I will talk to them now about an easy option. All you need is a towel and all the clothes you are taking with you to the campaign. 

If you want, you can put your used clothes inside your tower and make a comfortable pillow. Wrap the clothes you carry with a towel to make a pillow. 

6.  Backpacking Pillow

One of the things I use most when I go on a campaign is a backpacking pillow. You will find there are different types of backpacking of different brands in the market, they are very soft and comfortable. Many people think that backpacking kilos means that too much will cost too much money. You will find different types of backpacking according to different ranges. 

Five Necessary Items You Need to Sleep Better Camping

Do you know what you need for a good sleep while camping? Ok don’t worry, these sections of this article describe the five things that you need to sleep well at camp time. Let’s know about this. 

1. Choose Right Tent

If you are going camping you must choose the right tent. If you select the wrong tent then you can not enjoy your night. If you are going to a summer tent then choose a big size summer-friendly tent. Three season tent is the best choice for a summer camping tent. Or if you plan to camp in a cool-season then select a four-season tent. 

2. Sleeping Pad

For a good sleep, carry a sleeping pad with you. So that you can sleep comfortably. During the cool season, you should carry a more comfortable sleeping pad. 

3. Cool the Tent

Do you know the temperature of the tent is very important? For the summer camp, it is very necessary to cool the tent temperature. Before going on a camp, know how to cool a tent. Without applying the right way you can not enjoy the camp night in summer. 

4. Sleeping Bag

Most travelers love to use a sleeping bag. Especially in the cool weather travelers carry sleeping with them so it can give them extra temperature. The sleeping bag is one of the essential elements in cool weather. 

5. Pillow 

Yes, again pillow. You must carry a pillow with you when you are going on a camping trip. Most people are sleeping with a pillow. Do not forget to pack a pillow when you go camping.

What Are Some Comfortable Sleeping Options for Cowboy Camping?

When it comes to cowboy camping, comfort is crucial for a good night’s sleep under the stars. Some comfortable sleeping options for this type of outdoor adventure include using a high-quality sleeping pad, investing in a cozy sleeping bag suitable for the weather conditions, and setting up a hammock with appropriate insulation. Incorporating these cowboy camping tips will ensure you have a restful sleep amidst nature’s beautiful settings.

How Easy is It to Clean and Store Away Alternative Camping Pillow Alternatives

It depends on the type of alternative camping pillow you have. Some alternatives such as self-inflating pillows are easy to clean and store away, as they can be simply wiped down with a damp cloth and rolled up for storage. Other alternatives such as foam camping pillows can be more difficult to clean and store, as they can be bulkier and harder to clean.


Some people love to enjoy slow camping. To make their backpack lither they are not interested in carrying the pillow. Please, don’t do that. Because without a pillow you can not fall asleep and this issue can ruin your camping. So try to remember about the camping pillow alternatives. If you want to save money, just a towel and cloth is the cheapest option.  

It is often seen that many Travelers are not taking any pillows or they do not know exactly how to use alternative pillows which can cause headaches on their tour. Many have even seen a lot of Bellary come back from the campaign with severe back pain and have to run to the doctor.

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Guys, I am Camila Avery and I love to help my mom to do indoor & outdoor activities. As a lady, I have passed my time on gardening, home improvement, and personal or self-care. I have acquired some degrees in outdoor recreation, beauty, and hair care. It is not easy to work with top-level professional beauty experts. But, I got that opportunity and experimented with different hair extensions, hair colors, and cuts.

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