H7 vs H8 Batteries – Similarities and Differences

Published on: June 12, 2022
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Many high-end luxury cars and light commercial trucks employ the H7 or H8 battery. But there are disputes between h7 vs h8 batteries capacity.

Even though the H7 and H8 batteries have relatively similar dimensions, they operate differently due to the variances in their size. These are the most frequent batteries found in high-end automobiles like BMWs, Mercedes, Cadillacs, Bentleys, Rolls-Royces, Audis, Land Rovers, Porsches, Volkswagens, and Volvos.

They can meet the demands of these vehicles, which are typically equipped with a significant quantity of electrical equipment.

h7 vs h8 batteries

According to the DIN standard, H7 and H8 are battery labels (battery codes) that are more frequent in Europe than in the US. Despite having a greater energy rating, an H8 battery is less expensive than an H7 cell.

Several battery replacement options are available, whether you need a new one or an update. Choose a battery according to the battery group size chart that will meet your vehicle’s needs and sustain the rigours it will face. That’s why we show you the similarities and differences between h7 and h8 batteries so you can simply decide.

What Is Battery Group H7?

According to group size, the H7 is designated as Group 94R Batteries. So you might be thinking, what does H7 mean on a battery? Here ‘H’ refers to BCI Group Size. The width and height of every size in the “H” configuration are the same, and length is the only measurement that changes.

It’s a 12V battery with a 140-capacity reserve. In cold conditions, an H7 battery can deliver at least 850 AMPs, while in hot weather, it can deliver at least 1000 AMPs.It is compatible with a wide range of engines and can crank out 790 cold-cranking amps while in operation. In terms of width and height, it’s around 1.5 inches shorter than the H8.

Switching from H7 and H8 batteries is usually not a problem. Your vehicle’s manual or the manufacturer’s customer service department may be required to determine this. Using this battery is simple, and it comes with a warranty.

What Is Battery Group H8?

H8 batteries (also known as Group 49 Batteries) are a popular type of battery used in luxury automobiles. The H8 group is built to last long. While the H7 battery has a larger capacity than the H8, the H8 battery has a higher cold cranking capability of 1000AMPs in cold temperatures and a reserve capacity of 140AMPs.

The biggest advantage of switching from a smaller capacity battery to an H7 or H8 cell is that your car will often start on the first attempt without wheezing or sputtering after you install the battery.

Similarities Between H7 and H8 Batteries

The quality of both batteries’ internal components and the power supplies are the same. The Group Size H7 and H8 have Minimum Cold Cranking Amps 740. Also, their width and height are the same. 

Difference Between H7 and H8 Batteries

The H7 and H8 batteries differ in several ways. Finding the proper size car battery is critical if you need to replace your old one, and what matters is which battery size is compatible with your vehicle. If you really want to know what is the difference between H7 and H8 batteries, then keep reading.

Other features, such as Cold Cranking Amps (CCAs), Reserve Capacity, and pricing, are also important to consider. To make things even easier, we picturise the followings differences between H7 and H8 to help you understand:

Disparities in Physical Dimensions

To think that a larger battery equates to more power would be erroneous. Yes, this was true when all batteries utilized the same technology. However, with today’s enhanced battery internals, size no longer serves as an accurate power indicator. 

Group H batteries have the same width and height but differ in length. Nonetheless, the H6 and H8 are only 8 cm apart. You may accommodate the following size depending on your battery tray size. The below table will clear the differences between H7 and H8 batteries:

DIN CodesH7 BatteryH8 Battery
Maximum Dimensions315x175x190 mm354x175x190 mm
BCI GroupGroup 94RGroup 49 
Terminal PositionsRight PositiveRight Positive
Supported VehiclesMercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, and RAM are examples of luxury and light commercial automobiles that use H7.RAM and Mercedes-Benz are examples of high-end automobiles and trucks that use H8.

Disparities in Reserve Capacity & Cold Cranking Amps 

The reserve capacity and cold-cranking amps of H7 and H8 batteries are the most noticeable differences between the two types of batteries. Below are the details:

Reservable Capacity

The RC measures how long a battery can power your vital services without being charged by the alternator. This is the typical figure, which is how long the battery can maintain a constant 25 amps before dipping below the minimum voltage required for operation. This means H8 provides higher RC than H7.

Maximum Cold Cranking Amplifier (CCA) Power

A battery can start an engine in cold weather that is measured by its CCA rating. A battery’s amperage capacity at 0 degrees Fahrenheit is measured using this method. With a cold crank start of 1000AMPs and a reserve of 140, the H8 battery is more powerful than the H7.

Larger batteries typically have superior RC and CCA values. However, things aren’t relatively as straightforward as that. Quality of internal components, as well as batteries, will also play a role.

Disparities in Price 

Prices for h7 vs h8 categories vary greatly. A basic H7 will be the cheapest, but a basic H8 will not be much more. A high-end H8 may be costly. The quality of the internal components and the amount of power delivered by the battery are both improved due to the pricing.

 Despite this, the H7 and H8 are more prevalent than the H6, and economies of scale can help to decrease costs even more. By browsing about, you may locate an H7 or H8 with higher power for less money than an H6. But ensure it fits your battery tray.

Our Recommendations: H7 vs H8 Batteries 

Our recommendations for group H6, H7, and H8 batteries, as well as their characteristics, are listed below:

ModelGroupVoltageBattery Cell CompositionDimensionsWeight
[amazon link=”B006N91C2M” title=”Acdelco Gold 94r AGM Battery” /]H712VSilver-Calcium12.4 x 6.9 x 7.5 inches51.6 Pounds
[amazon link=”B09HN68DC7″ title=”Powertex 94R / H7 Automotive Battery” /]H712.8 VLithium-Ion12.4 x 6.9 x 7.4 inches16.5 Pounds
[amazon link=”B07GTR43NS” title=”Odyssey 94r Battery” /]H712VLead Acid12.36 x 6.85 x 7.47 inches54.8 Pounds
[amazon link=”B006N91BLY” title=”ACDelco Gold 49AGM” /]H812VSilver-Calcium13.9 x 6.9 x 7.5 inches58.6 Pounds
[amazon link=”B07GSYG7WY” title=”Odyssey 49 Battery” /]H812VLead Acid6.85 x 13.87 x 7.47 inches62.8 Pounds


Can I Replace the H7 Battery with H8?

H7 and H8 feature practically the same width and height, which can be used interchangeably. But they differ in length by H7-315 mm and H8-354 mm, which is 39 mm longer. Also, H8 has an L-shaped connector, while H7 is inline. So they are not interchangeable. 

What Types of Automobiles Utilize H8 Batteries?

BMW, Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Cadillac, Bentley, Audi, Land Rover, Porsche, Volkswagen, Volvo, and other luxury automobiles use the H8 battery (Group Size 49 Battery) is a popular battery that is widely seen in premium vehicles.

Where Does the H8 Battery Use?

BCI Group 49 or H8 batteries are highly common car or truck batteries, usually used as dual-purpose batteries, powering multiple loads while the primary engine is turned off, like numerous winches, pumps, multimedia gadgets, etc.

Is the H7 Battery Interchangeable With the H8 Battery?

 H6 and H7 are nearly interchangeable in terms of features. Most European and American cars may use these batteries, which are the most popular type of battery in today’s vehicles.

Is the Battery of the H7 the Same as the 94r?

Yes, the H7 battery is the same as the 94r. Many vehicles, such as cars and light commercial vehicles, employ batteries from Group 94r. Battery H7 is sometimes referred to as L4, LN4, and L4.

Final Thought

Both h7 vs h8 batteries are utilized in high-end luxury vehicles and light commercial vehicles. So, if your battery tray is large enough, you’ll have the option of using a stronger battery. I hope this piece of writing can guide you to show the differences and similarities between H7 and H8.

Furthermore, the differences between groups 94R and 49 are similar to those between battery groups H7 and H8. To ensure that the old and new batteries are interchangeable, it is necessary to inspect the terminal types and orientations, battery capacity, CCA/MCA rating, and other characteristics before replacing batteries.

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Hi, I am responsible for the 'Homeowners Power Solutions' category. My name is Liam Jaxon and a licensed technician with 7 years of experience in vehicle batteries, electrical gadgets, and home appliances. My working experience in different residential & light commercial electrical sectors and the automobile industry helped to acquire vast knowledge in this industry.

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