House Painting Tools and Equipment That You Must Have

Published on: January 19, 2022
Written by Eric Devin / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Painting a house, in particular, painting room walls, and the corners and trims with required house painting tools and equipment can make the project very intimidating. Once you have ascertained the new colors for separate rooms, molds, trim boards, and similar interior parts, yet nothing you can paint. 

Now the fact is, along with a brush or roller, the project can become messy with fewer skills. For example, 2”-3” angular hard-to-reach paint brushes, drop cloth, paint refills, clean rags, and so on. House painters, as well as artists, have enlisted versatile relevant supplies for applying house painting tools and equipment in further projects. That can encourage you enough to add some colors contrasting to your own room walls. 

house painting tools and equipment

What and Why with House Painting Tools and Equipment?

The first question one can arise is what is the definite usage of house painting tools and equipment, either in a simple way. Well, both indicate the definite and smart paint storage, as well as the exact painting process for pro-painters, or the newbies.

By all painting supplies applications, even which are money worthy and available next to your roadside stores. Not only can define what exact color for separate rooms, but also room surface painting and overall painting projects to a good end. Because of each surface type, sanding pads, plumb line, and weight, pasting table, and everything will vary. 

If you have got the what and why answer, let us focus on which are the convenient house painting tools and equipment. As well as painting tools and materials for regular painters. 

Necessary Paint Supplies

Sanding Paper: 

What is the foremost painting tool or painting equipment one needs to prepare a  perfect imagined surface for painting? We prefer grit size sandpaper. An exact range of grit size as a sanding away useful standby, can remove all layers of uneven materials. This stuff usage in sanding small crevices is very noticeable, as well as in wood finishing too. Ranging between 180-220 grit is even coarser on light sanding, for instance, uneven scratching between paint coats.  

Paint Tray: 

Sometimes annoying, either often useful whether you will require for individual paint refilling throughout the job. Though this roller tray or grids are awkward, yet prohibiting not staining another surface with different color increases this reasonable painting tool’s necessity day by day. However, available paint trays including magnetic brush handles and holders increase its setting probability on an entire paint gallon. 

Paint Roller and Refills: 

Want to cover large interior or exterior walls with painting? Among several essential tools for painting, paint rollers along with refills are regular for pro painters. Available in foams, shaggy piles, mohair, texturing, and other categories, following in details,


Comes with easy to remove the sleeve, yet not well enough with very unthickened paints, for instance, water-based paints. Yet non-tearing performance on uneven surfaces rolling.

Shaggy Piles: 

Kind of deep, floppy pile, used to provide perfect texture with similar paint contents. Even quite good for narrow rears.


Very close to shaggy piles. Perform well as a hard roller, as if with entire flexibility whether common foam rollers cannot reach, for example, ceiling urged corners. 


If users need a rag-rolled effect with thick paints, this painting tool and equipment is either acceptable, yet not better for newbie painters. 

Paint Roller Extension Pole: 

in case of taller walls painting, you may not prefer for a long period holding paint rollers by hand or lifting your arm up, right? Well, for reaching that top, by keeping simplicity aside, a qualified non-durable paint roller extension pole. In short, this is an extender which not only avoids usage of ladder setup or traditional paint brushes by longer handles for building exterior to reach to paints. Foam rollers or nap rollers often offer such an integrated house painting tool and equipment.

Angular Paint Brush: 

Oil-based coatings on walls, either enamel paints, angular paint brushes, is a painting breeze without leaving brush marks. Even while painting without a primer, or without an undercoat, this house equipment tool and equipment can seal the wallboard at ease, and the edges too. Ranging between 4”-2.5”, the width of the brush face views the bristles decreasing from one end to the other, which is the key characteristic of angular paint brushes.  

Trim Smooth Paint Brush: 

Well-known as a paperhanger’s brush too, why? Because of the texture that is holding stiffy, yet soft animal’s bristles on the handheld head. Used to air out brush trapped to the paper edge, even whenever one needs, one can press it to the large or small walls. But always maintain the cleaning and drying before your next usage. 

Dripless Caulk Gun: 

Forget to go out without dripless? Unlike spray guns, such a caulk tube can discharge a messy amount of caulk whether you need a minute to set it down. A caulk gun that can help setting down such small increments by the ratchet driving inside. Comes with a short handle squeeze, for outing an infinite range of painting. As well, pressurizing by integrated wire poker, in the same way, is a working breeze for later cleaning.  

Hyde Tools Paint Scraper: 

When you will need numerous regular scraping to do, nothing can beat the usefulness of a cost-effective reversible blade integrated scraper. Whether you need a razor-sharp knife to tip off your paint caulk tube, a 1” scraper version in the painting equipment team is capable enough for regular scraping. The best it seems while combining both 1” putty knife and 1” depth blade scraper for the job done. 

3M Hand Masker: 

Well, these are too pricey in stores now. But yes, when it is about factoring on metal blades, like knives and scissors, it becomes more spendy. Rather nothing is fab as a substitute for keeping surfaces away from unwanted stains. Formulating aesthetics aside, like expensive marble tiles, hardwoods, a hand masker is an investment-worthy painting material that lasts longer until one stomps on it.  

Drop Clothes: 

These house painting equipment are available in both cheap and expensive areas. Instead of getting reasonable temporary plastic drop cloths, spending a little more bucks on a high-quality dense or canvas drop cloth for protecting your wearing clothes on painting projects is three times better. One can consider 9” by 12” as very handy, as well as 4” by 12” and 12” by 15” are also as per user’s need. 


Holding a ruler, set square, Steel tape, pencil, and other required small house paint tools and equipment in an organizer toolbox is far better. If you have a single-storeyed or dual-storeyed house, as one of the best house interior painting tools and equipment you can consider this.

Has rubber or non-rubber feet, and Aluminum, Steel or sometimes Blend of metals in construction offers customizable formats in design. Telescoping step ladder, gutter cleaning ladder, scaffold ladder are some of the examples. In general, the length depends on surface length, and has a side tool holding a sturdy container which avoids an extra organizer tools bucket.  

Stool and Toolbox Combo: 

Though this one type is essential in rare conditions compared to razor knives, scissors, and small brushes. But another handiest tool in this painting equipment supply listing. Whether a user needs a little extra extension unlike a ladder, with vital paint materials storage capacity out of your legs, this combination works out. Nonetheless, smaller tools without fixing in a good place, for instance, tool belts, after usage can set paints in pant rooms instead of brushing trim boards.  

Need Any Precautions?

As the detailed house painting tools and equipment are not harmful, yet these are slick enough. Before painting, necessary tips, for instance, stirring paint, pouring spout and so on should professionals or users pledge to this painting career always follow. More tips that are awaiting:

While hanging delicate wallpapers, a clean foam or nap paint roller is a painting breeze in a better way, especially the rough surfaces.

For smoothing the determined hung paper down, pressurize a little to avoid paper getting marked. 

Use roller covers to hold paint, for instance, both thick enamels and water-based colors.

While trying to imagine painting on a large, outdoor space, use paint sprayers instead of other house painting tools and equipment for saving time and energy. 

Before applying primer guns or first-time interior painting after sanding away, make sure to wipe down with a handy wet sponge. As if, no debris was leftover and paint sticks to the surface.

From a high platform, hanging paper and adjusting at the same time is not easy. But yes, a ladder or stool and toolbox combo help standing on the base without having to stretch arms too far and no neck bending.

Final Verdict

Preparing to manage any house painting projects, above-mentioned house painting tools and equipment can help in customization. No matter how small or bigger one’s house is, like 2-storeyed or more than that. Even in outdoor spaces, you better have this proper painting stuff at your disposal from smoothening the surfaces to painting to an end. 

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Hi, I am Eric Devin and I am a professional interior architect. Since childhood, I've always enjoyed DIY projects! And, I have loved to solve simple household problems using essential tools and equipment. I have also acquired a lot of information about basic household tools settings by working with contractors.

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