7 Best Ladders for Gutter Cleaning (A Complete Guide)

Published on: March 24, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by Eric Devin

Gutters from the ground to the top, around 11ft for single-story houses, and different for dual-story houses, ranging from 15-16ft or above. But for that project, what are you planning to buy? Well, either possible with a small ladder or a long one. Yes, a longer extendable ladder will work out, but if the ceiling is of big height, with only 12ft ladders for gutter cleaning is a big impossibility for the cleaner. 

best ladders for gutter cleaning

Even for both house categories, we suggest extension ladders and long ladders, which will provide at least 26ft adjustability and complete possible configurations as per your need. 

Whether it is essential to clean up those gutters, or some kind of maintenance job before the next snowfall or rainy weather, a combination ladder of strong, stable, and quality with enough load-bearing capacity you require, except for looking forward everywhere, join us for efficient performance

How? By following listed 7 ladders for gutter cleaning with current duty rating and well-informed buyer’s guide. Later join the FAQs section for further acknowledgment.

How to Select Ladders for Gutter Cleaning?

Trying the best stuff, even if it is available as the best aftermarket, too, is not a sin yet. Well, from the overwhelming qualities, for a beginner or sometimes with pros, kind of hectic.

The acknowledgment of the exact purchase of ladders for gutter cleaning can differ between available choices. So, we have decorated such pinpointed lists in the order below. Read more: How to Select the Best Ladders for Painting


While cleaning gutters, stability is the foremost consideration. Why? Because while doing similar tasks, it may move a lot. So, if your ladder is stable nothing can unstabilize it while holding yourself with extra pouches, as if cargo holders. Well, in that sense, non-slip feet will ease your tasking. 

However, we love Aircraft Aluminum constructed ladders for the perfect stabilization, even when we keep cleaning over uneven grounds. Even though we have chosen numerous aluminum-made ladders for such benefits.


All in all, height for reaching the highest project surface, like a commercial art or ceiling painting, or for reaching depth for gutter cleaning, everything is easy. As well, when our crew member had a great decision for climbing up and reaching the highest bookshelf, which is more than 20 feet, then Louisville Ladder L-3016-12 is no longer in use. 

But while it’s about gutters, well, it lies above your house. If your living environment is only a small interior, then an extension model is the only helpful stuff except for a long-height ladder. So, as a potential customer, act like it’s worth buying in real life.  

Adjustable Legs

Well, in that case, you should first notice your home surface, unless it is very smooth like surfaces with a hand planer, then no need for such a function. However, in uneven levels, especially for gutter vanishing, a ladder should come with adjustable legs. As you can notice, the gutter gathered places, as well, those are unleveled, right? 

Yes, of course, and the ladder-integrated adjustable legs have been designed to optimize the height and surface. Well, it comes with 2 particular units at each model’s bottom. Later, stretch the leveler to adjust it as per the surface need. Even by removing the complete either side, as well, when it is resting, you can store it. 

An Efficient Locking System

Ensure that the ladder you are buying is furnished with a successful locking system since it is fundamental for the security of your ladder. The locking framework, rock lock framework, and no squeeze conclusion framework are new and creative locking components and the ladders with these locking frameworks are the better choice.

What Protection Should I Take When Using a Ladder to Clean Gutters?

When using a ladder to clean gutters, it is important to take the following safety precautions:

  1. Make sure the ladder is on level ground and is securely placed.
  2. Use a ladder stabilizer or stand-off to prevent the ladder from damaging the gutters.
  3. Wear slip-resistant shoes with good traction.
  4. Use a harness or other personal protective equipment if working at a height that puts you at risk of falling.
  5. Keep your body centered between the ladder’s side rails and avoid leaning or reaching too far to one side.
  6. Have a helper hold the ladder steady or secure it at the top to prevent it from slipping.
  7. Don’t use a ladder in windy conditions.
  8. Avoid electrical hazards by making sure the ladder is not in contact with power lines.

It’s important to follow these precautions to reduce the risk of injury while cleaning gutters. If you are not comfortable working at height, consider hiring a professional to clean the gutters for you.

View Top Ladders for Gutter Cleaning, Below

Living in a single-story or double-story house is not a big deal for gutter nesting on the top. Our enlisted seven ladders for gutter cleaning will make your day by reaching that height for this project.

1.  Louisville Ladder FE3224 Ladders for Gutter Cleaning

  • Weight: 51 pounds;
  • Material: Fiberglass;
  • Misc: D-shaped rungs, S.S. safety shoe, 300 pounds load-bearing capacity, mar-resistant rail end caps, 24ft.

At present, people are thriving for fiberglass-made ladders for gutter cleaning. Well, these are more convenient and rigid rather than Aluminum models. Even fab for non-conductivity while cleaning. 

After such a purchase, users get worried about stuff storage. Well, in that case, it concludes with a 7.25ft depth storage and a 12ft height. Sounds very compact, right? Comes with an overall 24ft extendable height. So, whether commercial-purpose or two-story house improvement, it is beneficial. 

The specialty we have experienced is the most convenient rungs. Each one in D-shape forms prevents slipping, though load-bearing capacity and S.S. safety shoes that combine metal shields will work for prevention in wet weather.    

What we liked 

  • Outside and interior compatible;
  • Huge load-bearing capacity;
  • Convenient anti-slippery shoes;
  • D-shape stable rungs;
  • Durable enough.


  • Hefty-priced. 

2. Little Giant 14013-001 Heavy-duty Ladder

  • Weight: 30 pounds; 
  • Material: 6005-T5 aluminum;
  • Misc: complies OSHA & ANSI A14.2 standards, 250 pounds holding capacity, triple-locking hinge.

Jumping to one of the smartest ladders for gutter cleaning, manufactured by the well-established and almost fab ladder manufacturer Little Giant. Why does it turn into our fab category? Well, it is its durability.

Speaking of its structure, pro-graded 6005-T5 aluminum, is almost used in aerospace construction, and it is noticeable on the walls. Moreover, the storage base width can hold any fat or thin person; for instance, each step of 23.5” width could hold our 6.2ft member with a heavyweight. Even after the base is scaring you, a triple-locking hinge, which is unique for a non-breakage system, will solve it. 

However, not less than a multi-position ladder. As well available as a 90-degree ladder, well known as a scaffold system, A-frame, and staircase too. 

What we liked 

  • Aerospace Aluminum structure;
  • Multi-position ladder;
  • Triple locking rungs;
  • Convenient anti-slippery shoes.


  • Expensive;
  • No-mar tips.

3. Little Giant Ladders 15422-001 Multi-Position Ladder

  • Weight: 39 pounds;
  • Holding capacity: 300 pounds; 
  • Misc: Aluminum, tip, and glide wheels, 4 possible configurations.

We have decided to enlist another model but quite different from the similar manufacturer, it is from Little Giant Ladder. Integrated stuff that made it different and compelled us to another buy is its tip and glide wheels. As well, if you notice those wheels, you will feel free movement without hand fatigue from job to job. 

Though it would have caused up falling, luckily, bottom non-marring tips with convenient metal shoes will prevent such cases. However, offering a load-bearing capacity of up to 300 pounds is nothing much different. But if you turn it like other ladders for gutter cleaning, it is such a satisfaction for prospective users as if they never get water conductivity or rust issues. 

What we liked 

  • Portable tip and glide wheels; 
  • 4-in-1 step ladder;
  • Durable;
  • Non-marring bottom tips;
  • Convenient.


  • Found nothing.

4. Xtend & Climb CS125300BK Ladders for Gutter Cleaning

  • Weight: 34 pounds;
  • Material: Aircraft Aluminum;
  • Misc: dual over-molded feet, carrying handle, heavy-duty closure strap.

We experienced the toughest ladders for gutter cleaning, manufactured by Xtend & Climb. As well, usual for industrial works too. A question may arise, why loved its durability? The answer is in its aircraft’s Aluminum alloy structure, which you can bend or fold for multi-use.

Its non-conductive rails are another matter of joy because it will cause rust-free services whenever you need such gutter cleaning works. However, we have felt enough portability and the over-molded handle is another symbol of durability and traction. On top of that, a heavy-duty closure strap prevents this stool from being twisted during operations. 

What we liked 

  • rust -free services;
  • Aluminum alloy in construction;
  • Portable over-molded handle;
  • Waterproof;
  • Multi-configurations are on offer.


  • Quite heavy. 

5. Xtend & Climb Pro-Grade 785P+ Telescoping Ladder

  • Height: 12.5ft;
  • Material: Aircraft Aluminum with anodized finishing;
  • Misc: angled thumb release, foot, and extended height locks.

We have decided to keep another model, yet pro-graded ladders for gutter cleaning from the Xtend & Climb manufacturer. Our minds pacified our minds while searching for one and enabled our pro members to carry it for commercial purposes. 

This unit is so pro-graded that it exceeds both ANSI and OSHA overall 2019 standards. Both extended and adjustable bottom locks let work in a breeze, whether with electrician tool belts carrying or plumbing ones. In that sense, the holding capacity exceeds all previous models, up to 350 pounds. However, at this price, the angled thumb release mechanism for proper handling was beyond our imagination. 

What we liked 

  • Durable and rust-free construction;
  • Perfect for heavy-duty jobs;
  • Extension adjustable and bottom locks;
  • Angled thumb release mechanism.


  • Hefty-priced;
  • Only for professional applications.

6. Little Giant 10126LG Ladders for Gutter Cleaning

  • Weight: 54 pounds; 
  • Height: 26 feet;
  • Misc: tip and glide wheels, aluminum made, triple-locking hinge, 300 pounds load capacity.

Another heavy-duty ladder for gutter cleaning has recognized itself with a perfect extendable 13 feet height. Also, fab for its patented telescoping sides and triple lock hinge, even quiet for holding up to 300 pounds load. 

In general, such multi-position ladders feature 7 or 10 possible configurations, yet unlike other models, it has 43 configurations on offer. Damn awesome, right? Speaking of stability, nothing can beat it due to pre-attached wide flared legs, even at the extended position. 

However, the entire heavy wall of 6005-T5 aluminum, with anodized alloy, makes it outstanding by offering it as lightweight, as if we did not have to wrestle all of itself into position. However, we have to take the help of its common trip and glide wheels.    

What we liked 

  • Aluminum made heavy walls;
  • 43 possible configurations;
  • Good extendable height;
  • Long-lasting, yet heavy-duty jobs compatible;
  • Non-marring bottom tips.


  • Flimsy locks.

7. Louisville Ladder L-3016-12 Ladders for Gutter Cleaning

  • Weight: 45.9 pounds;
  • Material: Fiberglass;
  • Misc: pinch-resistant spreader, heavy-duty S.S. gusset bracing, tool slots, 12ft.

Lately, I found an extendable ladder in the prop footing for reaching mid-sized gutters. Either set for perfect scaffold angle for lower-level guttering. Whichever way you wish to intend it, you will be capable of finding a suitable position as per your need. 

Made from fiberglass, as well, the S.S. molded top. For added performance, the combination includes an aluminum angle slip-resistant rubber bottom. The above-mentioned holding capacity is accurate and exceeds all EN131 standards. We want to conclude with its pinch-resistant spreader braces. Well, it saves fingers by opening the usual but heavy-duty ladder at ease, yet not suitable for high-level jobs.   

What we liked 

  • Angle anti-slippery rubber bottom;
  • Pinch-resistant spreader braces;
  • For long-lasting usage and portable.


  • Expensive;
  • For mid-level jobs;
  • Not a multi-use type.


What Is the Most Secure Kind of Ladder to Utilize?

The fiberglass ladder is non-conductive, so it’s protected to utilize them close to electrical cables and electrical wiring. They are additionally tough, climate-safe, fire-safe, and solid for numerous years.

What Types of Ladders Are Best for Gutter Cleaning?

For gutter cleaning, it is best to use a ladder that is specifically designed for this task, such as an extension ladder with gutter hooks. These hooks allow you to securely attach the ladder to the gutter, preventing it from slipping or falling. Another option is a ladder stabilizer, which is a device that attaches to the ladder and keeps it level and stable.

It’s important to note that when using a ladder for gutter cleaning, always make sure the ladder is on a flat surface and is properly secured to prevent accidents. Also, use a ladder that is rated for the weight of the person using it.

How to Use Ladders for Gutter Cleaning on Uneven Ground?

An extension or step ladder for gutter cleaning is the perfect solution. But the terrain you are aiming to travel may not be as smooth as usual. Potential users do set such stuff on a level that is unusual and never causes issues. 

For example, Louisville Ladder FE3224 is a solution then incorporates ratcheting levers. However, you can stretch each leg height at least 8.5”. 

Are Ladder Duty Ratings Necessary to Know?

Duty rings are like ladders’ load-bearing capacity at ease and with safety. Do not have confusion because their overall holding capacity, for instance, up to 300 pounds or below that range, ensures the capacity it refers to. Including the project tools like paintbrushes for home improvement and other cargo holders too. 

From our experience and well-researched research, the rating varies from category to category. Whether Type IAA has 375 pounds on offer, Type IA offers a fixed 300 pounds. Read more: A Guide to Pick the Best Folding Ladder

What Do You Think About Combination Ladders?

Whether you need to accomplish an off-ground job or have in-between linked ladder’s out sections, as if in a Scaffold system, or through adjusting a step ladder. From pros to homeowners, everyone thinks about safety while using such stuff, especially for guttering, as well as the uneven levels that are visible down there. 

So, a multi-use ladder that offers numerous possible configurations like Little Giant 10126LG or less than that of other models is handy.  

Final Words

At the bottom line, with greater safety and higher portability, ladders for gutter cleaning are unbeatable. However, the structure materials and per-need possible functions create the convenience more than enough.

What we have given trial, we have included in the above listing bucks worthy buyer’s guide for your additional performance on any uneven or smooth level.

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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