Best Longboard for Beginners (A Detailed Overview)

Published on: January 24, 2022
Written by Camila Avery / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Nowadays longboarding is a thrilling passion for the younger generation. You can ride across the streets, markets, campus, and corridors with longboards. But at the start, it is not so easy to ride them. It needs passion, patience, and practice to be a skillful longboarder. Also, it is quite confusing to choose the accurate longboard for beginners. That’s why it is a very important matter to deal with at the beginning of longboarding.

Don’t worry, I know you can achieve it as you are passionate and going to do regular practice.

longboard for beginners

Also, you should keep in mind that safety is a major issue during longboarding. To make it a success you should look after your safety gear as well as your longboard selection.

At this point, we are happy to help you by presenting the top to bottom through analysis of the best longboards. You can choose the awesome longboard which is most suitable for you from below. 

Factors to Consider for Beginner’s Longboard

In the event that you are someone who is still a beginner in longboarding, we will show you what to look for in a great beginner longboard.

Type of Improvement

Chooses the type of development, which can be either common materials, for example,  lightweight bamboo, or hard and sturdy maple wood that provides plenty of flex. 

You can similarly pick a portion of the more expensive choices and choose incredibly lightweight materials like carbon fiber.

Longboarding Style

If you have the desire to travel consistently significant distances, then, at that point, choose a cruiser because it will generally fit your weight equally well and have a higher board for it. 

In any case, if you need something that will give you more speed, choose a reduced skateboard. However, it is not recommended for amateurs.

Select Longboard Bearings

In conclusion, settle on haggles. Moving from fine wheels to incredibly hard wheels, the option of a smooth ride, and being aware of the different types and sizes to prevent wheel champs are fundamental.

Concerning the course, all heading are near to a similar size and proposition no particular data viewing significant factors, for example, load dealing with capacities and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 

For the ones utilizing the bearing framework, a higher ABEC rating would mean more exact and exact bearing.

Quick Solutions

Are Longboards Easier to Ride?

For one, longboards are explicitly designed for turning and smoothly cruising at high speeds over long distances. You’ll argue that for extended downhill runs, a longboard is much easier to regulate than a skateboard.

What Type of Longboard Should I Get as a Beginner?

If you’re a beginner, we recommend trying out a cruiser-style longboard. Cruiser-style longboards are typically shorter and wider, making them more stable and easier to maneuver. They also usually have softer wheels, which make them ideal for cruising around town.

What’s the Easiest Board to Ride?

For most average-size riders (5ft 5 inches to 6ft), a longboard is simpler to ride than a Penny notably if you’ve never stepped on a skateboard, longboard, or Penny Board previously.

Should I Buy a Cruiser or a Longboard?

A longboard is usually easier to maneuver and more stable than a cruiser. You’ll realize that it’s much easier to ride a longboard than a cruiser if you’re a beginner. The one main advantage of a cruiser over a longboard is the ability to hold it from one area to another with ease.

How Do the Strategies for Choosing a Longboard for Commuting Differ from Choosing One for Beginners?

When choosing an ideal longboard for commuting, it is essential to consider factors such as durability, stability, and smooth rolling. For beginners, the focus may be on maneuverability and ease of learning. A commuting longboard needs to be efficient for traveling longer distances, while a beginner’s board should prioritize ease of use.

What Safety Gear Should I Wear While Longboarding?

It is important to wear safety gear while longboarding, such as a helmet, wrist guards, elbow pads, knee pads, and closed-toe shoes. Wearing safety gear will help protect you from any falls or collisions. Additionally, it is also important to wear bright, reflective clothing to make yourself more visible to others on the roads.

View Our Selected Top 10 Longboards for Beginners, Below

[1] Atom Drop-Through Longboard

The atom drop-through longboard is a great choice for beginners to start up with. Its drop-down feature gives a low center of gravity which makes the board stable, durable, and comfortable.

The deck is made up of maple wood ply. The size of the board(41.7×10.6 inches) is perfectly suitable for good and safe longboarding.

Atom drop-through longboard has a 245mm axle along with a reverse kingpin configuration, which gives it more comfort during turning. After all, the unique design of the board makes the board more controllable at a higher speed. The detailed key feature is given below.

Key Features:-

  • Fully laminated maple wood deck. It gives flexibility, strength, and a great look;
  • Unique perimeter shape with 10.6 inches leverage area. This shape helps to avoid wheel bite;
  • Super high rebound polyurethane wheel gives a buttery smooth riding experience;
  • ABEC 9 bearing gives the board steadiness;
  • Measures 41.7” long, 10.6” wide, and 4” height;
  • 80S grip tape helps you to keep your foot on the board by giving proper friction;
  • The reverse kingpin with 245 mm axle gives the user great maneuverability and great stability;


  • The deck is highly flexible;
  • Perfect for downhill carving and cruising;
  • Drop-through, reverse kingpin, SHR wheel, and 80s grip tape give the board super stability;
  • Suitable for any surface and very much user friendly;
  • One year manufacturer warranty gives you peace of mind;


  • Tight bushing; can be loosened as per your requirement;
  • Harsh squeaking sound during turning. Proper greasing can solve it;

Final Verdict:

The maple-finished flexible deck, longer axle with RKP, SHR polyurethane wheel, 80S grip tape, and the drop-through feature make the board super awesome for downhill carving, cruising, and freeriding. However, affordability, Stability makes the atom drop-through longboard the best choice for longboarding.

[2] Quest Skateboards Best 44″ Bamboo Super Cruiser Longboard

The 44 inches long Super cruiser Artisan Longboard made by Quest is a very popular board. Most of all, it has a great number of satisfied customers worldwide.

Multi-ply hardwood maple and artisan bamboo deck ensure great quality and good flexibility. And the board is furnished with rugged 7 inches inverted trucks and 70mm PU wheels, which gives it long durability as well as stability.

The large deck is very much suitable for beginners as well as skilled longboarders. However, its color and eye-catching abstract design make the board an eye candy and show your personality during longboarding. Finally, the specious board gives beginners an extra layer of security.

Key Features:

  • 5 ply maple hardwood deck combined with artisan bamboo makes it flexible;
  • Measures 44” long, 10” wide, and 4” height weighing 10 pounds only;
  • Rugged 7” aluminum trucks with inverted kingpins for Stability;
  • 70mm PU wheels give suitability for any surface;
  • ABEC 7 bearings and 80A wheel hardness make it a beast;
  • Wheel wells help you to prevent wheel bite;
  • Kicktail feature for the trickers to play;
  • Ideal for great cruising;
  • The user rating is very good;


  • Great eye candy design;
  • Affordable with maximum durability;
  • Gives you buttery smooth riding, turning;
  • Board is well-engineered and has great stability;
  • Good maneuverability;
  • Great nos. Of satisfied customers;


  • Little bit heavy trucks;

Final verdict:

Great design, good making, and great stability make the board a must-have for every longboarder. In addition, you can experience great cruising, and tricking and feel amazing when riding on the top of the board. Therefore, beginners, as well as professionals, can choose the board blindly. Finally, this board is a wise choice for longboarders.

[3] Atom Pin-Tail Longboard (39-Inch)

If you are going to start your longboarding adventure, then Atom pintail Longboard is a good board to start up. Moreover, it is a great board for cruising.

The board has a classic pintail shape which gives you the comfort and stability of riding. Furthermore, the pintail shape prevents wheel bite.

The different color of the board gives you an opportunity to choose the right one according to your personality. This board gives you a classic cruising experience at an affordable price. You will love it as your first longboard.

Key Features:

  • Measures 39” long, 9.4” wide, 6’ in height, and weight only 7.3 pounds;
  • Classic 39 “ long pintail shape helps to avoid wheel bite;
  • Maple laminate deck gives good flex;
  • 65mm, 78A urethane wheel gives a strong base and smooth riding experience;
  • The board has a colorful back design for a good looking;
  • It has a concave cross-section and gives you good stability;


  • Great board for beginners;
  • Unique pintail shape to avoid wheel bite;
  • Affordable with great design;
  • Classic shape turns it into an amazing board for cruising;
  • Aluminum trucks give you stability;
  • Easy to maneuver;


  • Less controllable at very high speeds without gear. Proper gear can solve it;

Final Verdict:

Atom pintail longboard is a simple yet powerful longboard for beginners. It is simply the best choice to go with an affordable price tag.

[4] Sector 9 Drop Through Complete Longboard

Do you want a complete longboard? Do you want to enjoy your ride? Then Sector 9 sidewinder drop through downhill longboard is the best choice for you. This board is a total beast. You can use it for downhill carving, cruising, freeriding, and slalom.

The drop-through deck gives it super stability. You can enjoy riding throughout the city, in the campus, corridor, or along the road in a thrilling, charming, amazing new way. If you use it, then you can discover new ways of playing with it.

Key Features:

  • Length: 41.125-inch, Width: 9.625-inch, Wheelbase: 31.5-inch;
  • Drop through feature gives a low center of gravity as well as super stability;
  •  Its flexibility and strength;
  • Longer and wider deck for superior steadiness and good for learners;
  • 6.9 pounds lightweight board;
  • Strong build quality gives an amazing, flying experience during longboarding;
  • It is a very fast and stable board for beginners and intermediates;
  • The double kingpin on the fractal makes your turning super smooth and eye-catching.


  • Stability, steadiness, and speed are the main traits of this board;
  • Complete longboard for beginners to intermediates;
  • A rider can achieve the fastest riding experience with this board;
  • Compact design, superior built quality;
  • Long riding can be done easily.


  • Very fast board, need to give your attention.

Final verdict:

The Sector 9 aperture sidewinder drop-through downhill longboard is an all-rounder in its group. If you want to learn and do some tricks, the board is ready to perform it in your way. Make this longboard your friend, surely you will be a good longboard rider.

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[5] Yocaher Professional Speed Drop-Down Stained Complete Longboard

The yocaher has been delivering innovative highly sustainable longboards since 1997. And, Yocaher professional speed drop-down stained complete Longboard is one of the most reliable products from them. This board is completely awesome and popular with many professionals as well as with a newbie rider.

Enormous range of colors to choose from, and it will flourish your personality in front of the public. This board has a unique concave deck that makes it down-to-earth and highly stable.

The board is equipped with chrome bearings and wrapped with black widow premium grade 80A black grip tape. It will help to create sufficient traction to go for high-speed downhill riding or cruising.

The board comes with fully assembled parts. As a result, you can ride it just after unboxing. The board has a tail and nose cut which prevents you from getting rid of wheel bite. Keep a look at its features.

Key Features:

  • Measures 41.25” long, 9” wide, and 5” height, and weighs 8.2 pounds;
  • Heavy duty HD7 metal trucks;
  • 180mm aluminum alloy hanger;
  • ABEC 7 chrome bearings;
  • Made up with 9-ply Canadian maple, gives it super strength;
  • 70X52 mm Q ball wheels with 78A hardness give buttery smooth riding;
  • Fully assembled board with reverse kingpin aluminum truck makes the base strong;


  • Designed for high speed;
  • Safety range is higher;
  • Enormous range of colors to choose from;
  • Fully assembled with great safety and speed;
  • Can be used for both directions to ride;
  • Strong wheel, chrome bearing, premium grade grip top;


  • Tighter bearings. Can be greased for smoothness;

Final Verdict:

The Yocaher professional speed drop-down stained complete Longboard is a unique board with versatile features. The board is loved by not only professionals but also beginners who can try it for its large safety range design.

[6] Sector 9 Moonlight Maverick Complete Longboard

The Sector 9 Moonlight Maverick is a complete longboard. This longboard is assembled with 10-inch charger trucks made from Gullwing. The 70mm 78A center set and the TS wheels give smooth longboarding as well. Additionally, the 5 grease ball bearings help to do so. This longboard also has awesome ERG grip tape and flush-mount steel bolts.

The dimension of the longboard is ‎44 x 10 x 5  inches (LxWxH). The longboard is made of 7-ply Maple, Taco mold, and a drop-through mount. The longboard is perfect for both commuter and freestyle riding.

Basically, this one is a great longboard. Anybody can use it easily, the 44 inches is too easy to control the momentum. This longboard is suitable for both professional and newbie longboard riders.

Key Features:

  • 70mm 78A center wheels for better control;
  • 7 ply of maple taco mount board;
  • Suitable for commuter and freestyle riding;
  • ERG grip tape prevents unwanted conditions;
  • Assembled Gullwing charger truck;
  • 30.5 inches wheelbase provides better riding;
  • 5 greaseball bearings offer smooth riding.


  • 7-ply Mold Drop of Mapple Taco;
  • Suitable for both freestyle and commuter;
  • ERG grip tape of flush mount steel;
  • 1.125-inch greaseball bearings.


  • A little bit heavy.

Final Verdict:

As we mentioned above, this longboard is perfect for all types of people. People usually find it very user-friendly and easier to operate. So, you can buy this longboard without any confusion.

[7] MBS All-Terrain Longboard

The MBS All-Terrain is simply a great and perfect longboard for both professionals and newbies. This is a 100mm X 65mm longboard so it lets you maintain your center of Gravity and offers a perfect balance between the speed and the traction.

Additionally, this longboard has a 10-ply maple lam drop deck which has made the longboard sturdy. And the unit comes in completely assembled so you are able to use it just after buying. The 190mm navigator drone makes the turning easier. This will let you take challenges!

The 9 ABEC rubber-shielded bearings give the rider perfect riding. You are also able to ride the longboard in different styles such as commuter, freestyle, or off-road riding. This one will let you know where you want to go and how you need the board.

Key Features:

  • 9 ABEC rubber shielded bearings;
  • Super high rebounded 78A urethane;
  • 100x65mm all-terrain longboard;
  • Completely assembled unit;
  • Maple-lam sturdy drop deck;
  • Able to keep the center of Gravity under control;
  • Perfect balance between traction and speed;
  • 10-ply drop deck;


  • Completely assembled package;
  • 78A super rebound high urethane;
  • 9 bearings of rubber shielded;
  • 190mm navigator drones;
  • Sturdy maple-lam deck.


  • No noticeable con.

Final Verdict:

Basically, this board opens up a whole new level of longboarding. This is a pretty cool longboard. This longboard is very user-friendly. The board is loved by all for its easy operation. So, let the adventure begin…

[8] Atom Drop Deck Longboard

The Atom Drop longboard is a 41 inches longboard that ensures you better control over the center of gravity and momentum. The longboard is covered with a full maple deck which has made the board sturdy. The 9 ABEC ball bearings are too good for better cornering performance.

The 245 mm axles and 70 by 51 mm wide lip for more perfect operation. Additionally, the board has 80S grip tape for better gripping. This ultra-low riding board has the ease of pushing to take the wear and tear out of the whole town around. Besides, the unique perimeter shape offers 9.6 inches of leverage for every turn even while eliminating the wheel bite.

This board is very popular for its drop-style riding capability. This one will give you an extreme feeling. You may use this wherever you want and this is able to be your best company.

Key Features:

  • Longboard of ultra-low riding;
  • Offers maximum stability;
  • 9.6 inches of leverage for easier & perfect turns;
  • Full maple deck;
  • 245-millimeter axles;
  • 80S grip tape for better grip;
  • 9 ABEC bearings;
  • 70 by 51-millimeter wide lip;
  • Reverse kingpin trucks for longboard;


  • Offers maximum stability;
  • Full maple deck;
  • 245-millimeter axles;
  • 80S grip tape;
  • 9 ABEC bearings;


  • The grip would be better.

Final Verdict:

This is a 41-inch longboard so you have better momentum control and center of gravity control. You will love the longboard, trust me!

[9] OUDEW Canadian Maple Drop Through Longboards for Kids

The longboard is 41 inches by 9 inches so you have a bigger deck which helps for better control while riding. The 70 by 51 mm wheels are great for easier cornering as well as other premium skateboards. This is mainly a low-profile longboard but it has 9 ABEC bearings and they are of high speed.

The board is fully coated by 8 ply maple deck. Additionally, this strong board is able to take more loads. This is a great choice for those who are heavier than general-weight people. That’s why this board is very popular with heavy people.

Actually, this is a low-cost longboard, but this is able to serve as your high-budget boards do. There is no doubt that this will be one of your perfect choices. Additionally, there are many available colors. You can choose from a huge collection.

Key Features:

  • 41 inches longboard for better control;
  • 8-ply maple laminated full deck;
  • ABES 9 longboard bearings with high-speed lubricant;
  • 70×51 PU wheels for better control;
  • Able to take more load than others;
  • All new beach wave design;
  • 9.5 inches wide deck;


  • 9 high-speed ABEC bearings;
  • 8-ply full maple deck;
  • 9-inches wide deck;
  • Able to load more weight;
  • 70 by 51 mm wheels.


  • No noticeable con.

Final Verdict:

The drop-through longboard is just awesome. The board is able to load more so you can also enjoy the longboarding if you’re heavy in weight too. This all-rounder longboard is a great choice for down hilling because of its ease of pushing.

[10] PINESKY Maple Complete Longboard with T-Tool

As with our previous chosen mode, this one has almost the same specification. That’s because they are from the same manufacturer named Rumble. Like that model, the longboard is 42 inches by 9.5 inches so you have a bigger deck which helps for better control while riding.

The 70 by 51 mm wheels are great for easier cornering as well as other premium skateboards. This is mainly a low-profile longboard but it has 11 ABEC bearings and they are of high speed. Also, there are too many different colors available for this board. You can pick any of them according to your choice.

Though the price of the board is lower than other premium boards, this board is made to give you a premium feel. You surely can go for this board on your low budget.

Key Features:

  • Free rider-shaped longboard;
  • 42 inches longboard for perfect control;
  • 9-ply maple laminated full deck;
  • High-speed lubricant 11 longboard bearings;
  • 70 by 51 mm wheels for better control;
  • All new beach wave design;
  • 9.5 inches wide board deck;
  • 7 inches 180 Aluminum truck;
  •  Available in many different colors;


  • 180 aluminum trucks;
  • 11 high-speed ABEC bearings;
  • 9-ply full maple deck;
  • Free rider shape board;
  • 42 inches wide longboard.


  • No noticeable con.

Final Verdict:

This is an awesome longboard in the low price range. There is no major issue with this low-cost longboard. Though it is a cheap longboard, it will be able to satisfy you and present you with a great longboard riding feeling.


Above all the detailed features of the top five longboards, you can pick any one for you. All the boards are designed with great safety for beginners. Because safety is the major issue during learning longboarding techniques. Don’t get confused, we have researched well for you to pick the best board.

In the beginning, just put on the safety gear for added safety. If you have any problem just contact us, and our team will guide you. Start your longboarding as soon as possible, you will see a new adventurous way of living that you never felt before. Thank you for reaching out this far. Happy Longboarding.

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Guys, I am Camila Avery and I love to help my mom to do indoor & outdoor activities. As a lady, I have passed my time on gardening, home improvement, and personal or self-care. I have acquired some degrees in outdoor recreation, beauty, and hair care. It is not easy to work with top-level professional beauty experts. But, I got that opportunity and experimented with different hair extensions, hair colors, and cuts.

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