Best Longboard for Commuting (What Strategies Are Needed)

Published on: February 1, 2022
Written by Camila Avery / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Longboarding is one of the favorite activities among people of all ages. It’s fun and exciting. But you need to get the perfect board for having an amazing experience with it.

By using a longboard for commuting to your school or work, you will enjoy a great experience as well as an excellent workout regularly.

best longboard for commuting (what strategies are needed)

The reason people love longboards for commuting is faster than walking and are cheaper and environmentally friendly than driving.

What Strategies Are Needed for Commuting on a Longboard?

To commute, you should have specific abilities. In the first place, you should have the option to do significant distance pushing, siphoning, and halting your board.

Your longboard should be switched off when required. You can utilize the foot brake or sliding strategy to close your board. Here are a few fundamental tips to assist you in the beginning: Those are:

  • Choose the right longboard.
  • Check your root surface.
  • Decide whether it will be crowded.
  • Wear a helmet and safety pad.
  • Wear light clothing.
  • Watch your eyes and ears.
  • Have a practice run before the main day!
  • Take a bottle of water if necessary.
  • Make sure there is enough light for you to see.
  • Have your skateboard equipment for emergencies!

Skateboard vs Longboard

Most people usually don’t know about the difference between skateboarding vs. longboarding. They think they are the same. But no, there are differences between skateboards vs. longboards. Now, we’ll discuss the differences, and you will know about them.

General Fact

Actually, the longboard is a particular type of skateboard. But they also contain many differences. The skateboard manufacturer designs the boards for many purposes. Some boards are designed for specific types of tricks, and some others are designed for various types of riding experiences.

Skateboards come in multiple models and designs. Though all of them are called skateboards, the longboards are called so because of many distinct differences. For these differences, they deserve the name, longboard!


The most known difference between a longboard and a skateboard is the length. Typically, the longboards are longer than the skateboards. A skateboard comes 91 cm or 3 feet in length generally. On the other hand, the longboards come approximately 130 cm or 51 inches in length.

The length can be varying a little, but it’s the universal length. You see, the two boards can be identified by their length easily. The longboard is called a longboard because of its length. However, the manufacturers sometimes write descriptions of a longboard as a surfboard!


Skateboarding needs foot contact on the ground by pushing off the cement for thrust to propel the board. The longboards are not suitable for cruising at a higher speed. But the various designs of the boards make this possible instead of “pumping” the board when riding by shifting the weight back and forth.

This operation creates the thrusting force without leaving the foot from the board. The longboards allow its user to ride flat or downhill surfaces. But the skateboards are perfect for athlete-type riding operations.


To come to the point, balancing is one of the most important matters while riding. Skilled people can use any of these boards as they are experienced. But the newbie and the general people might not have the skill.

The longboards are longer than the skateboards, so definitely, you get a better balance from them. The longboards are also wider than the skateboards. So, you will ride on it with great pleasure if you have a tall feet. The skateboard’s width is usually 7 to 10 inches, so it’s much more difficult for all people to control. In that case, the longboards are perfect.


The skateboards are usually well-suited to ramps and parks. They are competent to turn in tight corners with ease. The lightweight of the board allows you to flip and leap while turning.

But remember, they are not suitable and feel very uncomfortable and less stable for long cruising rides. That’s because of its short length. Here, the longboards are able to serve better with great stability. You can ride miles by miles with your longboard with a smooth riding experience.


If you are tall and want to perform agile tricks, then you can still learn the techniques for the longboard. But they are usually made for commuter-type riding. The skateboards are perfect in these cases. Longboard feels heavy and striking for performing tricks. But skilled people can handle it easily.

Longboard Gear & Accessories

If you want to have a pleasant commuting experience by longboard, you must use some gear & accessories. For your safety and convenience, you must use the following gears & accessories-


It is the essential protective gear that can protect your head in case of any kind of accident.


A highly durable & longboard- friendly shoe can ensure your safety during the activity.


A durable backpack will allow you to carry your board anywhere you want.

Slide Gloves

Slide gloves will save your palm or fingertip when you put your hands on the ground for balancing.

Elbow & Knee Pads

Elbow and knee pads will help you to avoid possible scrapes, bruises, or joint injuries.

Land Paddle

If you are interested in land paddling, you must have a land paddle.

Skate Tools

If you are a regular rider, you need a set of tools to fix your board’s primary issues.

The Best Types of Longboards Are for Commuting

The best types of longboards for commuting are cruiser boards, drop-through boards, and pintail boards. Cruiser boards provide a stable ride and are good for cruising around town. Drop-through boards are great for carving and are good for covering longer distances. Pintail boards provide a very responsive ride and are good for tackling tight turns.

Factors to Consider of Longboard for Commuting

Well, we analyzed the five commuter longboards earlier. You may want to know why we picked those to look at before choosing the longboards for commuting. For your information and further help, we decided to share it with you.


First of all, you should look after the length according to your weight and height. Though longboards usually come with a universal length, a longer & wider board can serve better with more loads. Additionally, it’s a clever idea to choose one with a longer length if you have to all foot. It allows you to keep your feet comfortably.


If you are a skilled person, then it’s not important for you, but if you aren’t, then select a longboard with better stability. Better stability presents you with a better riding experience.


The wheelbase is important for stability, load, and curving. Most of the longboards come with a universal wheelbase size. But a longer wheelbase gives you better stability. If you want to ride for a long time miles by miles with commuter style, then a longer wheelbase is perfect for you.


This is one of the essential matters for smooth riding. The stainless steel bearings are usually suitable for commuting. The better the bearing, the better the experience is! So, you must find a longboard with good bearings.


Performance is the king, just kidding! But it’s not wrong, basically. Along with all the features, a board gives you the performance. It’s combining all of the services.

The various boards offer various performances as they each have different features and work abilities. So, you have to decide what you need most. Then go and buy a suitable one.

Benefits of Longboard for Commuting

Many skaters are overzealous about riding their longboard to figure a day, commonly traveling distances of a few miles to over 10 miles each way as there are lots of benefits. Longboards usually-

Improves Balance and Tonicity

Riding on a longboard intends to use your core muscles to steer the ride. This relies totally on your balance and core strength. Using the longboard regularly, you’ll improve the muscles in your thighs, abdominal area, and back.

Gives You Cardio Exercise

Though it isn’t the foremost demand, riding your longboard gets your blood pumping. Mentioned as cardiovascular engagement, using your longboard for your daily commute can provide mood-boosting endorphins and improve your overall health.

Lets You Experience the Outside

Using your longboard to commute, rather than being trapped during a rail car, bus, or car, you’ll spend a while outdoors. Even a brief commute can help you absorb sunlight, improving your access to essential nutrients like vitamin D (found in sunlight).

Can Prevent Money

Other commuting options typically accompany an associated cost. Whether that’s for a pass for public transportation or the gas for your car (and insurance, etc.), the fees can add up. Thankfully, employing a longboard is freed from those charges, letting you spend less urge to and from your home of labor.

Saves You Time

Especially if you reside or add a dense traffic area, it is often difficult to urge through gridlock with a car. While it’s going to take quite a while to steer, longboarding is efficient thanks to travel, which will drastically hamper some time commuting.

Quick Solutions

Is it Simple to Ride a Skateboard or Longboard? 

This implies you can ride a longboard around for a considerable length of time without having similar exhaustion as a skateboard. Longboards likewise gather and hold speed better.

This implies on the off chance that you need to figure out how to ride without kicking the ground. At that point, you can do that only with a longboard. Concerning shape, longboards have more assortment.

What is More Secure Longboard or Skateboard

Fundamentally, a longboard is a more drawn-out adaptation of the skateboard. Individuals ride both longboard and skateboard, yet most incline toward a longboard for apprentices as it is much more steady and simple to ride. Even though longboards are more secure to ride, you have to avoid potential risks for making the experience more secure.

View Our Selected Top 7 Longboard for Commuting-

Choosing the right size longboard can give you a fantastic experience of commuting. Only a right-sized board can prevent you from having any bitter experiences like- stumbling, tripping, or biffing it.

But it is a little bit difficult to select the right one for any new rider. So we have tried to sum up some basic features you should look for in a good board.

We also present you with some detail about popular longboards, which may help an experienced rider like you choose to have a new one.

1. Loaded Boards Icarus Bamboo Complete Longboard

The Icarus Complete Bamboo Longboard from Loaded Boards is simply great for longboarding. This is a wonderful board for the commuter-style ride. Let’s know more about this awesome board-


The Icarus longboard is completely a versatile curving machine. The machine is specially made for snowboard-style curving, free riding, freestyle, pumping, and urban commuting. The board is great as alternative transportation.

The performance of this board is simply amazing, and the board is highly recommended for commuter-type rides. Besides, the board is ideal for other types of riding too.


The board is highly stable. The drop-through truck is mounted for a lower center of gravity. The truck also provides easier pushing. The lower center of gravity helps to keep control over the board easily. This highly stable board is very convenient for its users.


This board is set up with 180 mm Paris trucks. That means you get a great response while shredding. This board can give you an amazing curving experience. The board is also ideal for any kind of tight corner. That feature added significant value to this board.


The board is highly powerful. The board is equipped with Orangatang Kegels. These 80 mm 80 powerful wheels can roll over anything, seriously! The heavy-duty wheels can roll over rocks, cracks, sticks, and rough roads very easily.

The product dimension is 97.5×22 cm in length x width!

What we liked

  • Great for versatile carving;
  • 180mm Paris Trucks for a maximum response;
  • 71.76 cm wheelbase;
  • Flexible longboard;
  • Ideal for any kind of ride style.

What we didn’t like

  • No noticeable con.

2. White Wave Drop Deck Longboard for Cruising

White Wave is a complete longboard. This board is suitable for commuter riding. Here are the details about this longboard-


The longboard is covered with 9 plies of maple in the deck. The maple deck is gorgeous and brings an awesome feeling as a deck. The deck is too good. Additionally, the board has a complete and awesome finish. The construction added good value to this board.

Great Board:

Simply, this is a great longboard. The board comes in various sizes that everyone can ride. The board measures 40 x 9.75 inches. The board has 70mm 80a Wheels, which are suitable for commuter riding to all people. Everyone finds the board very user-friendly.

Super Stable:

With the 2 inches dropped platform and stiff flex pattern, the board offers great stability. The longboard is easy to push. The super-low deck-to-the-ground feature has made the board easier to use. You will feel super stability every time, no matter what your riding style is! This board presents stability to every riding style.

Ideal for Commuting:

Actually, the board is ideal for all kinds of riding styles. The board is a super choice for commuter riding. There is no doubt that this is one of the popular longboards for commuting.

What we liked

  • Available in various sizes and colors;
  • Highly stable;
  • Perfect for commuting;
  • 9-ply maple deck.

What we didn’t like

  • No noticeable con.

3. Sector 9 Unisex Hair Barrel Hopper Complete Longboard

Sector 9 is familiar with great longboards. This Bamboo construction-based longboard is also nothing but a great longboard. So, let’s go for more information about this board-

Bamboo Construction:

The board is different from other longboards available on the market. Generally, the longboards contain a deck of Maple wood ply. This is good, but because of it, the board becomes a little bit weightier. But here, on this board, the manufacturer has used bamboo.

This is also an excellent addition to the board. The bamboo construction has made the board lightweight. So, anyone can easily use it and carry it anywhere.

Great Stability:

With 65 mm wheels, the board offers great stability. The longboard is easy to push. The super-low deck-to-the-ground feature with the drop-through mount trucks has made the board easier to use.

You will feel super stability every time, no matter what your riding style is! This board presents stability to every riding style. The bamboo construction has made this easier.

High-Quality Hardware:

The board has 9 inches Gullwing charger trucks and a 65mm 9-ball wheel. The 1.125 inches of high-quality flush mount steel bolts and clear grip tape help the board gain more value. This board comes in a complete unit, so you don’t need to reassemble it. It’s ready to ride!

High-Speed Bearings:

5 PDP ABEC steel bearings are high speed and they provide you with a smooth and speedy ride. The commuter riding experience is too good with this awesome bamboo construction-based longboard.

What we liked

  • 9 inches Gullwing Charger trucks;
  • Comes as a complete unit;
  • Included clear grip tape;
  • Stable longboard;
  • Bamboo construction has made the board lightweight;
  • Lightweight.

What we didn’t like

  • No noticeable con.

4. Quest Native Spirit Kick Tail Longboard

The Quest Longboard is another best commuter longboards. We are happy to share the details about this product below-

Good Deck:

The board has a 7-ply Canadian Maple high-density (40×10 inches) construction deck. The deck also has a heat transfer graphic. This is a new addition to a longboard. The deck is able to take 4.97 KG of weight. That’s why this board is suitable for Kids, Teens, and Adults.

Grip Tape:

This kind of tape is highly recommended for optimal adhesive power for unrivaled. And the tape of the board does so. This board’s grip tape has made this board more user-friendly. This grip tape provides you with a smooth riding experience.

Upgraded Wheels:

The board has 80A SHR durable and super smooth PU wheels. The board has Anti-Bite wheel technology, which helps avoid wheel bites and provides an incredibly smooth boarding. The wheels are upgraded, and they are ready to give you a super experience in commuter riding.

Speedy Bearings:

The board comes with an ABEC-7 chrome steel-made precision high-speed bearing. The bearing has 80A high responsive PU bushing, which is to make your riding more enjoyable.

The rugged and lightweight 6 inches Aluminum trucks are ready to reduce vibration while commuting. The board has a lower center of gravity, so this board is suitable for all ages. The board also comes in a complete unit.

What we liked

  • 7-ply Canadian Maple deck;
  • Super smooth wheels;
  • ABEC-7 high-speed steel bearings;
  • Anti-Bite technology;
  • Suitable for both Kids and Adults.

What we didn’t like

  • Tight cornering should be easier.

5. Playshion Freeride Freestyle Drop Through

The PlayStation Freeride Drop Through is another best commuter longboards. Let’s find out more about the board-


The board has an 8 ply Maple construction deck with 2 dyeing plies for a good looking. The deck has an attractive design graphic on the deck. The deck is 39×9.1 inches in length and width.

The deck is able to take 250 lbs of weight, which is just amazing. That’s why this board is suitable for all ages of people. The board is perfect for beginners too.


The board has 78A Durometer wheels. They are made of high rebound soft PU material. The 70 mm diameter and 50 mm width of the wheels are simply great. The wheels are ready to give you an awesome experience in commuter riding. This longboard ensures a smooth ride. They come in a complete unit.


The 7 inches of Aluminum trucks, ABEC-11 bearings, and highly responsive 83A PU bushings of the board are just great. The board is excellent in serving smooth riding. The board is ideal for any kind of riding style because of these pieces of equipment.

Grip Tape:

The grip tape is applied on the top, and the heat transfer graphic is applied at the bottom in order to serve better. The grip allows you to ride a safe journey with your lovely commuter longboard.

What we liked

  • Attractive design;
  • 7 inches Aluminum trucks;
  • ABEC-11 bearings;
  • Suitable for both Adults and Kids;
  • 250 lbs weight limit;

What we didn’t like

  • No noticeable con.

6. Minority Downhill Maple Longboard

Presently is another maple wood deck choice however this one is progressively about a declining longboard, which means its entire development is changed in accordance with the lower focus of gravity however much as could be expected to manage the cost of different riding speeds. 

Deck : 

It’s just 40″ x 10″ in size, worked to near the ground for simpler paddling—a key factor in rising easily downhills with less gravity, however, bunches of control and steadiness.


I’ve also had a go at riding down various slanting positions synonymous with various speed levels. Surpassing my desire, there is no wobble or unequally by any means. Reward, the longboard’s dropping sunken locks my feet significantly.


I additionally value the turnaround boss trucks since you can modify them as 45 or 50 degrees because of inclination – such a key element to convey not-too-bad mobility.

What we liked

  • Its price is affordable;
  • Well-built as a downhill longboard;
  • It’s deck strong.

What we didn’t like

  • So noisy trucks.

7. JUCKER HAWAII Original Longboard for Professionals

This JUCKER HAWAI longboard is great for professionals. It is also good for beginners. It gives a smooth and fast ride without any issues. Let’s know more about this longboard.


Actually, the deck is the key part of a longboard. The length of this deck is 42 Inches and the width is 9 inches. Comes with aircraft-grade aluminum alloy truck materials. Materials of this longboard are really very good quality, it’s a durable material to manufacture top-end longboards.


Apollo longboard gives you the best experience of riding. Without any issues, you can enjoy surfing. This longboard comes with awesome features. It’s a German-based design that is not only suitable for professionals but also for new or kids. 

On the off chance that you request better execution, a few substitutions may be required yet I can guarantee you a certain something, even subsequent to changing wheels, trucks, and course.


Just one notice is simply the trucks may be somewhat firm for the principal ride. If you feel awkward with that, do some modification all alone or get help from others. It’s a quickly adjustable longboard. They are special designs for smooth surfing and riding.

Presently, for better execution, I would pick the wheels whenever permitted, picking one thing to adjust. They are great, yet there is a piece limit on various territories. A gentler pair will be the best wagered for all the more tolerable stun ingestion.

What we liked

  • Useful grip tape;
  • High-quality and strong;
  • Durable deck;
  • Quick adjustable design.

What we didn’t like

  • The wheels are a bit slow.


Commuting by longboard is really a fantastic experience! It also allows you to stay fit while having a pleasant time in an environment-friendly way.

With practice, you can reach your destination fast on a commuter longboard. It is also more convenient to store at school or work than on a bicycle.

Basically, a commuter longboard is very useful to all classes of people. You can save your fare and valuable time by using the commuter longboards. Besides, it’s a kind of passion for most people. ‘Loaded Boards Icarus Bamboo Complete Longboard’ Is overall a good choice considering budget and design. It’s a great longboard.

If you are a beginner, you must know about different types of boards, which one is right for you, and how to get started with a longboard.

So hurry! Gather all the information you need, pick a good one, start practicing and enjoy!!

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Guys, I am Camila Avery and I love to help my mom to do indoor & outdoor activities. As a lady, I have passed my time on gardening, home improvement, and personal or self-care. I have acquired some degrees in outdoor recreation, beauty, and hair care. It is not easy to work with top-level professional beauty experts. But, I got that opportunity and experimented with different hair extensions, hair colors, and cuts.

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