Consider These Pros and Cons of Sleeping in a Hammock

Hammock is simply a kind of swaying or rocking bed usually made of different kinds of fabrics or netting. The both ends of this bed are attached with a vertical object like a tree or a kind of pole to keep it stable for swing, sleeping or resting.

As per Wikipedia “A hammock is a sling made of fabric, rope, or netting, suspended between two or more points, used for swinging, sleeping or resting.” One or more panels, or thin rope or woven string stretched with ropes between two firm anchor points is assigned to set up a hammock. Hammock was first designed by native occupants who were from Central America, Caribbean and South America to sleep on. 

According to anthropologists, hammock was first invented in Central America over 1000 year ago where the Maya and other ethnic people first designed them with tree bark or plant yarns used to protect them from crawlers, bugs, insects, snakes etc. In the mid-century, English and Spanish sailors used hammocks for on-deck sleeping. 

However, today I will discuss the pros and cons of sleeping on a hammock to guide you to choose one for you that best suits your purpose.

pros and cons of sleeping in a hammock

Hammock Sleeping

Various types of hammocks are available in the market with different features and purposes. For example, rope hammock best suits for warmer times while fabric serves good during winter seasons. However, currently hammocks made of rope, camping, fabric, chairs and swings are widely used by campers, backpackers, long distance travellers and indoor users as appropriate and convenient.  

Nicaraguan, Mayan, Brazilian or camping hammocks are quite comfortable for sleeping as they don’t have the spreader bars and that’s how they are able to wrap around the person’s body with adequate flexibility and non-flipping motion when someone lies flat on the hammock. 

However, to get rid of rope marks on your body, you better avoid Mayan or Nicaraguan models as they are assembled with thin string or cotton cords.  

Brazilian and camping designs come with great features including space-saving and spread bar free. These models are quite suitable for small rooms, veranda or deck.

You can also choose a stand model which is quite handy and less costly. They can be quickly disassembled for storage and travel packs. 

Camping hammock also comes with versatile features including lightweight, handy and simple setting and compact for comfortable sleeping.  

Therefore, when you are going to choose for yourself, you must consider the features of the hammock so that it gives you the most pleasant feelings while resting and sleeping on the hammock.  

List of Pros of Sleeping on a Hammock


Hammock is widely popular for its portability. Anyone can set it up as an outdoor or indoor space as convenient to sleep and rest. It can be disassembled as quickly as least time and packed for outdoor travel for camping at beach, park, forest, or isolated venue, etc.  


Hammock needs small space to set up. You may just need two ends to hang with the tree or pole to make your hammock bed to sleep comfortably. You also can use it on deck or porch anywhere outdoor or indoor. 

Protective From Night Crawlers:

Hammock also ensures protective sleeping as it’s hung higher off the ground and protects you from nocturnal creatures including bugs, ants, snakes, mice or ants etc. It also protects you from the reach of wild animals like foxes, bears, or wolves etc. though it’s not recommended practice.   

Connecting With Nature and Tranquility:

Hammock sleep gives you the most pleasant feelings while having an outdoor camping or indoor as it connects you with nature and tranquility. You can’t experience this pleasant stay in the house set up. It not only connects with nature and pure divine feeling but also helps you have quick, deeper and uninterrupted longer sleep. 

Divine Feelings on Hammock Sleeping:

It’s very natural that we get bored with having the same type of set up for resting or sleeping. Hammock sleeping offers the changes that stabilize our body and mind while being with vast nature under the sky. It gives us a kind of divine feeling that rejuvenates and refreshes our body and mind to be more energetic and productive. 

Flexibility of Location Choice:

Hammock sleeping apparatus offers any location you are comfortable with to set up your hammock as it needs no formal structure or something very tough mechanism. So you can choose any location you like most during camping or indoor space to spend time with diverse nature and tranquil feelings. 

Access to Nearby Water Sources:

You have the option to set up your hammock nearby water source as most rivers and rivulets have natural rocky shore or coastline. You can have easy access to water near your hammock set up and don’t need to take the hassle of fetching water from distant places.

Multiple Health Benefits including Insomnia Cure with Hammock Sleeping.

Sleeping on a hammock has multiple health benefits as study revealed and personal experiences of hammock users. In today’s world, we are too busy to have free time for ourselves. And we are too prone to depend on technology based lifestyles. Therefore, hammock comes with a solution for relaxation, tranquility and meditation, etc. and a couple of health benefits outside or indoor set up and offers numerous comparative advantages compared to tents.

Relieve Back Pain:

Nowadays, people tend to work on the computer for a longer time or travel  by vehicle very often which overtime causes chronic back pain. Hammock comes with the solution to stretch your body that helps get rid of the stiffness and pains. Hammock may not work for everyone suffering from back pain but in many cases it helped as study revealed. 

Optimal Sleeping Position:

Study showed that sleeping position has a great impact on one’s deeper and uninterrupted longer sleep as needed. Dr. Steven Park, member of American academy of sleep medicine stressed on the sleeping position. He advised that one’s body should be supported by his/ her back with a 10-30% elevated head while sleeping on the bed. It’s been proven that a hammock has the ability to maintain optimal sleeping position when someone gets sleep on a hammock instead of a stationery bed.   

Quicker, Deeper and Longer Sleep:

Hammock sleeping ensures quicker, deeper and longer sleep as someone requires which has enormous health benefits including relaxation, sustaining marital mood, retaining memory, reducing depression and other mental disorders. A study carried out among 12 healthy men aged between 22 and 38 years concluded that a swaying bed offered faster transition of sleeping than that of stationary bed.  Hammock’s swaying motion more effectively regulates brain waves while someone sleeps on it. 

Insomnia Treatment:

It’s evident that hammock could be an effective aid for insomnia treatment. Deeper stages of sleep persuaded by hammock also can lead to longer time of sleep which ultimately stimulates regular sleeping habits of insomnia patients. 

List of Cons of Sleeping on Hammock

There are few demerits of sleeping in a hammock as they are not suitable for all kinds of people including people with particular physical disability, adverse weather, and frequent needs of replacement, etc. However, let’s list those below to have them in knowledge too while planning for hammock sleeping.  

Lack of Space to Share by a Pair or a Couple:

Hammock is for a single person to sleep and move around conveniently as it’s not as flat and straight as a mattress. So maybe sometimes a hammock is not a perfect bed for you to sleep if you need a flat and solid space like a mattress.  

Hammock May Not Suitable for Adverse Weather:

During winter or too cold weather hammock sleeping could cause you catching cold and cough and even pneumonia if you are allergic to cold. Even in summer, excessive hot spells or sun heat may cause you to have a rash on your body and sunburn. Hammock cannot combat such a situation unless you avoid location of adverse weather to enjoy your hammock sleeping.  

Getting Out of Hammock for Urinates or Others’ Needs:

If you need to get out of the hammock especially at night, you may need to be a little used to it as it stands higher off the ground. Plus as hammock creates the swing motion, it may be sometimes bit inconvenient to quickly get out of the hammock when you have hurry. 

Hammock Says Sorry to Stomach Sleepers:

Hammock is perfect for a side sleeper which is the correct position of hammock sleeping. If you tend to sleep on your stomach, then a hammock is not a perfect aid for you to sleep comfortably.

Replacement Required:

Time to time you have to change or replace your hammock as after extensive use, it gets spoiled or is not in a good condition to reuse it. You may need to often replace it. In fact, hammock is not very costly or it does not have scarcity in the market.


I do hope this article has given you clear insight about the pros and cons of sleeping in a hammock. You must have realized how unique and comfortable a hammock is, sleeping either outside or indoors to have a deeper and longer sleep around the natural environment. Hammock serves best while you need relaxation and a happy mood. The cons are so negligible compared to its pros including freedom of choice of sleeping location, multiple health benefits and others that have been listed above in my article. 

I would always expect you to come up with your feedback and comments so that our professionals can provide you with all kinds of support at the earliest convenience.   

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Guys, I am Camila Avery and I love to help my mom to do indoor & outdoor activities. As a lady, I have passed my time on gardening, home improvement, and personal or self-care. I have acquired some degrees in outdoor recreation, beauty, and hair care. It is not easy to work with top-level professional beauty experts. But, I got that opportunity and experimented with different hair extensions, hair colors, and cuts.

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