Best Track Saws (Choosing Facts And Our Recommendations)

Published on: February 3, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by Eric Devin

They are one of the most powerful and critical energy tools in any workshop. In addition to these, they will be utilized for most disguised use perfectly.

It is one of them which will be the ultimate help for different tasks, so this is important to recognize what it is. A reliable device for cutting shot materials and a track saw when you need to cut exactly, long, and precise.

track saws (choosing facts and our recommendations)

So you can usually become something stronger for your venture.

Still, check out the active reviews for these best picks to determine what to think about when picking a new follow-up.

Factors to Consider for Track Saw

With the exception of brands, numerous elements become perhaps the most important factor when buying. These also include:

Engine Speed

The speed of the engine shows the maximum number of twists that make up an edge for each moment. This is intentional in RPM, and it decides the type of material and concentration that can cut the tracking. In general, most business track saws have an RPM of 2000. You can choose gadgets with a higher RPM relying on your cutting applications.

Additionally, consider exploring a device with customizable speeds, excluding any other preferred material.

Blade Size

The material determines the size of the woodcut through the track saw. The larger the sharp edge, the more pieces of wood need to be cut. Most saws have sharp edge shapes ranging from 6-1 2-inches to 7-1 / 2 inches. A decent purchase when looking for immersion saws equipped with 6-1 2-inch cutting edges.

Sharp Edge Teeth

The sharp edge teeth decide the kind of cut to be tracked. More toothed saws, e.g., 48 teeth, make clean and smooth cuts than less toothed ones. When inspecting the number of teeth, pay extra attention to the type of substance utilized to develop them. The edge teeth produced using steel are strong; however, a device with carbide-tipped edges is increasingly stiff and dependable.

Angle Capacity

The technique of using a table and miter saw is heavy and tedious because the two instruments are not compact. When utilizing a forcing tool, for example, a track saw, the procedure is a breeze as carpenters just need to calibrate the gadget to the ideal point. The component empowers clients to make precise angles as well as make a compound. 

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Check the largest edge that you can tilt the base contingent on the pivot of the cutting edge.

Residue Extraction Port

It is basic to utilize a dive stick outfitted with a residue port. The material saves time and extends the life of the show track. Likewise, you have the opportunity to protect yourself and the person around you from breathing in particles of unsafe residue.

Establishing Profits

The material shows a measure of the inability to dive into a truck on a piece of wood. Therefore, you need to buy a track saw that shows the specific glory of the cut while representing the piece’s density. The legality setting is especially significant when creating shallow cuts.

Security Features

Look for basic fitness highlights like electric brakes, which help stop the track immediately in case of crisis. And basic protection includes a revolving blade for forestal prof. You can over-discover the material by removing the cutting edge towards the saw after lifting the equipment from the guide rail.

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However, carpenters should not be neglected in such a way that the time of any payment is still limited and a growing blade makes this activity a forest.

Difference Between a Track Saw and a Circular Saw

A track saw and a circular saw are both powerful tools used for making cuts in wood, but they have different uses and features.

A track saw is a type of circular saw attached to a track that guides the saw for a precise cut. The saw is held in place with a clamp and the track itself is secured with temporary fasteners. The track saw is ideal for making accurate cuts in plywood, laminated panels, and other sheet goods.

A circular saw is a handheld power saw designed to cut through wood, metal, plastic, and other materials. It is typically used for making straight, angled, and curved cuts. The blade can be adjusted for the depth of cut and is replaceable. Because it is handheld, the circular saw is less accurate than a track saw and is best suited for rough cuts.

Safety Features to Look for When Buying a Track Saw

When buying a track saw, it is important to consider the safety features that are included with the saw. Some of the most important safety features to look for include:

1) Blade Guard: A blade guard is a protective cover that should be included with the saw. This guard helps to protect the operator from any flying debris and helps to keep the blade from coming into contact with the user.

2) Anti-Kickback Mechanism: This mechanism helps to prevent the saw from kicking back when cutting. It helps to reduce the risk of the saw jerking back and injuring the user.

3) Emergency Stop Button: This button should be easily accessible and should be used to immediately stop the saw in the event of an emergency.

4) Adjustable Speed Control: This feature helps to adjust the speed of the saw so that it can be used safely for different types of cuts.

5) Splinter Guard: This guard helps to reduce the risk of splintering when cutting. It helps to create a smooth finish and helps to prevent the user from getting injured by any splinters that may fly off the material.

6) Vacuum Attachment: This attachment helps to capture dust and debris that

Quick Solutions

Are Track Saws Worth It?

Track saws make extended, precise cuts faster and better than table saws and circular saws. They’re light and portable, don’t need clamps, and are found out quickly and accurately.

Can You Use a Track Saw as a Circular Saw?

A track saw and a buzz saw look very similar. They will both cut straight lines and angled cuts, and both have circular blades. They will both be wont to cut a spread of materials. Track Saws provide a knowledgeable finish with high accuracy and clean cuts.

How Does a Track Saw Stay in Place?

On its underside, the track features non-marring, non-stick strips that secure the track to the surface while you narrow. While it cuts, a plunge-cut track saw rides along a soundtrack, which stays in situ because of non-slip, non-marring pads on its underside.

View Top 7 Track Saws Short Analysis, Below-

We are featuring a part of the basics that we need to think about track saws and monitor a part of the ideal models in the market.

1. Kreg ACS-SAW Track saw Kit

  • Motor: 12-amp, 120-volt;
  • Cutting depth;
  • 2 to 1/8-inch maximum cut at 90 degrees;
  • 1 to 1/2-inch at 45 degrees;
  • Bevel capacity: -1 to 47 degrees.

The following perfect track saw that you could go the same way as the Kreg ACS-SAW  track saw kit.

This is another very reliable model. Probably derived from the perfect brands and manufacturers, the track shot kit additionally stands alone. The highlights that make it one of the most powerful models are such a large number. These are extra strong and will leave any client with a unique crowd.

The master audit feature among these tops of the line is the equal drive innovation.

For people in need of this model, you will be equally appreciated among other cushions and stone doormen for reliable protection. The use of the elastic cushion reduces interference as it sinks.


  • Compact;
  • Built-in-depth innovation;
  • Small size adjustable depth marker;
  • Provides a zero tear-out cutting feature;
  • Anti-kickback efficacy.


  • Nothing found.

2. Evolution – 027-0004C Power Tools R185CCSX Track Saw

  • Magnesium manufacture;
  • Motor: 120V, 9A;
  • 45-degrees beveling;
  • Speed: 5500 RPM;
  • Cutting Depth: 90D;
  • Power Source: Corded Electric;
  • Voltage: 120 volts.

This is suitable to track saws for cash, it provides an intensive measure at a very attractive cost. It has a 9-amp, 120-volt engine. And the 15-amp Makita to be considered isn’t as incredible as the model, which means it’s just not rationally rational.

Also a lighter weight option for a fraction of the heavier models. It similarly uses productively accessible power, delivering a maximum speed of 5,500 rpm without a pile. Although its 18.06-pound weight implies that it is almost difficult to lift, it is nothing.

It can be cut at 45 and 90-degree edges. It similarly has a residual port. So you can connect to a workshop dust storage structure and prevent the cleaning of wood straw after each employment. Another model has the enemy to compensate for the injury of the benefit and make sure you get it every time.


  • Less expensive than most different models;
  • Residue port for a cleaner working;
  • It still manages 5,500 RPM.


  • Not very powerful;
  • Heavy.

3. DEWALT DWS520K Track Saw Kit

  • Speed: 1,750 -4,000 rpm;
  • Bevel Power: 45 degrees;
  • Blade Diameter: 6.25 inches;
  • Power Source: electric powered;
  • Weight: 11.5 pounds.

It has an excellent reputation for making high-performance, durable and powerful items. The Dewalt DWS520K probably made the brand the perfect component. It has an incredible expansion in the equipment section of the dividers and experts. It saw a zero freedom track and that meant the perfect cut.

Due to the position of the watch on the safety edge, you can use this track similarly in nearby and nasty places. It’s an incredible track saw in terms of control, as it comes with a remarkable 12-amp engine.

The engine conveys variable speeds from 1,750 to 4,000 RPM. A variable speed setting permits you to control the speed of the machine according to your cutting needs. This additionally limits you to give you an ideal edge.


  • Powerful motor;
  • A super-sharp blade minimizes deflection;
  • Safe and comfortable to utilize;
  • Delivers incredibly exact and exact cuts.


  • Build quality needs some improvement.

4. WEN CT1065 Track Saw

  • Motor speed: 5500 RPM;
  • Dust port diameter: 1-1/2″;
  • Battery: 1 Lithium-ion battery is required;
  • Ditch the table saw: rip boards up to 2-1/3 inches;
  • Includes a 6.5-inch 24-tooth carbide-tipped blade;
  • Weight 13.55 pounds.

By the time you are familiar with cutting machines, you are probably more familiar with WEN CT1065. The company makes sharp saws with a few top glasses cutting edges. This is not seen in any particular case. It is a powerful cutting material that will help you visualize the clean-cut, regardless of where you are and what you are doing.

This unit is that WEN brought it as a goal so that you can use it as you see on a crossroads track. In fact, speaking, all tracks can be used along this line; however, this particular model gives you the power and adaptation to power with other rounds of monitoring equipment.

The grooves of the track are treated with rubber to reduce fatigue and help maintain vibrations during cutting. Although this saw is not variable, it operates at more than 5500 rpm, which means it can cut quickly and efficiently over a wide range of activities.


  • User-friendly grip for stability;
  • High-performance engine;
  • Compatible;
  • Completely adjustable depth control;
  • Lightweight and portable.


  • No cons.

5. Makita SP6000J1 Plunge Circular Saw Kit

  • Cutting Limits: 2 3/16 inches at 90 and 1 9/16 inches at 45;
  • Cord Length: 7.9 feet;
  • Speed: 2,000, 5,200 RPM;
  • Hex Wrench: 783203-8;
  • Power Source: Hardwire;
  • Voltage: 110 volts.

The Makita saw mentioned above is circular and the 55 guide rails worked together to create the correct cut with minimal tear-out.

The track saw was likely the original circular saw that made similarly straight cuts with precision and control. There is a flush-mount cutting-edge plan that extends the permeability when it is used. The trend measurement guarantees accurate points and is effective. It has a licensed part shoe plan that permits the sharp edge to sit opposite the track. You will keep the cash separate in the same way as it is conceivable to share the batteries as a feature of the 20V force share stage.

Includes patented material, ‘condensed’, with saw cutting edge measurements for accurate cutting and flawless cutting experience.


  • The simple and impeccable cut;
  • Lightweight and accurate;
  • Large cutting capacity;
  • Electronic speed control.


  • In the middle of heavy cutting, the machine may turn off.

6. Bosch PROFACTOR GKT Cordless Track Saw

  • Power Source: ‎Battery Powered, Air Powered;
  • Speed: 5,500 rpm;
  • Wattage: 100 watts;
  • Voltage: 18 volts;
  • Weight: 10 pounds.

The Bosch PROFACTOR GKT track saw is another ideal model that you can work with. This is great and it also offers outstanding other customized encounters.

Although it can summarize everything, it is also easy for beginners to use the track saw with its guide rail. The saw takes into account a quick and accurate cut and will provide a trivial organizing time. In the case of the saw you are using, you will worship both the straight stat cuts and the dive cuts.

It similarly has a guide rail splinter-watch attached to the structure and anything that is difficult to utilize. The splinter watch is similarly replaceable and decreases any wastage of corrections and components.


  • Extra experience and the perfect security contact;
  • Useful for the angle cuts;
  • Variable speed;
  • Lock for superior performance.


  • No issues.

7. Triton Plunge TTS1400 Track Saw

  • Blade Diameter: 6-1/2″;
  • No Load Speed: 2000-5000 rpm;
  • Bevel Range: 0-48 Degrees;
  • Its dust Port;
  • Close Cutting: 5/8″ From Wall;
  • Weight: 14 lbs.

Triton Plunge track saw (TTS1400) has driven healthy highlights, quick set up and general mode choice. With an incredible 1400-watt engine with variable speed. You get a speedy change into modes with a similarly helpful mode selector that lets you choose cut edge change, copy, and free dive.

Its easy edge changes are made with simple access through cutting-edge monitors. So you don’t have to remove spreads. Also, you get handles with a delicate hold and a guide track framework that give you precise slant and straight cuts.

Different highlights extend an operative scope from 0 to 48 degrees. An effective pot with an unfavorable and wide connector. And a 360-degree outlet against the puff for good health.


  • A convenient residue collection system;
  • Comfortable holds;
  • Flexible, powerful, and exact;
  • Simple blade changes with mode choices.


  • The scale is not actually accurate.

In Conclusion

A track saw is a great extension of your workshop, and it’s one of the most valuable forces saw around and much more for those who cut a lot of sheet material.

However, as with any other force device, you should never choose your main track saw when you get it. Rather the focus should be on getting the perfect from reputable brands.

We hope the above surveys and shopping guide will make it easier to choose the highest performance, strong, and reasonable track saw to add to your device repository.

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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