Truck Bed Tool Boxes: Purpose, Choosing Guide & Recommendations

Published on: March 7, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Suppose you have a regular truck that does not come with storage space for your tools. And so, you will have to find a truck bed toolbox for your vehicle. It is a vital accessory for plumbers, part-time handymen, electricians, carpenters, and professional contractors. The truck bed storage box makes it easier to transport your tools from one place to another.

truck bed tool boxes purpose, choosing guide & recommendations

They come in different styles and elements that make it easy and secure to store and protect your expensive tools from harm. Also, ensure the sharpness of your tools doesn’t damage the truck bed. You can access it easily and so firstly find your tools. 

Why Truck Storage Boxes?

If you are a plumber, carpenter, or general contractor, your tools mean everything to you. Without them, you cannot do any projects. As usual, people throw all of their tools in the bed of the truck and head to the working site.

They spend a minimum of 20 minutes finding the tool they need. It is not only time-consuming but also very unprofessional. All the matters will be solved by using a bed toolbox for your vehicles. Here you find more advantages of using this product.

Extra Storage

This storage box comes with extra storage space for your tools, and if you need to carry a large number of tools, they are more useful. Truck toolboxes offer you to organize them and have enough space to transport your tools.


If you want to organize your tools all the time, then it is useful for you. They are designed for large storage boxes, and they come with different features that you can easily organize. There are a few features, such as drawers, straps, and trays. So if you find a truck storage box, then make sure it will be built with those specific tools.


As all of you know, toolsets are getting quickly expensive, so security is always a big thing. Truck toolboxes come with a durable locking system that can open with only its matching key, so your tools will be safe in their box. No one can open the box for getting your accessory without your permit.


At present, you can see most of the truck toolboxes offer seals and durable coatings to obstruct your tools on the interior side to get rusted and damaged for the reason of water. Overall, it can protect your instrument from rain, ice, snow, and UV rays.

How to Choose a Bed Toolbox for Your Vehicles

Selecting a toolbox just for your trucks or pickups can be a big challenge for first users. There are so many products in the market, but picking the suits for your vehicle can be tough. Here we try to ease the process for you. Some important features you should look at when choosing the one item for you. Let’s go over how to take the right toolbox for your truck.

Compatibility of Your Vehicle

If you wanna get one of these toolboxes, you have to double-check that it will support your vehicle model. Universally some boxes are compatible with truck flatbeds so the dimensions match their size. Those are compatible, and the portable storage boxes don’t need to be mounted.

Weatherproofing Features

Must be this feature to have a truck bed toolbox which one you want to purchase. It’s a remarkable advantage when it can protect your tools from the elements. Weatherproofing is connected with dust resistance as well. You can keep your tools stored for a long period without the need to take them out for cleaning with moisture and a dustproof toolbox.

Check out Its Interior Dimensions

Most products show the exterior part dimensions of the truck bed toolbox. But what do you think about the interior part? When it comes to toolboxes, the size of the interior is a matter for users. Therefore, it should be long and deep enough for your bigger tools. For carrying your tools, you should choose an item that is more than a toolbox.

Take the Measure of Your Truck Bed

You need to measure to ensure that the toolbox you select will fit well in your truck bed. Measure twice and order it once. We show here some of the measurements that will be helpful for understanding. Those are- the bed rail on the outside to outside, inside to inside, back of the cab to the front, and the depth of the bed box to the top of the bed rail. 

When you are getting measurements for a side of your toolbox, try to keep in mind that it will enhance out into the bed. For taking measures, you will face some differences because of different bed toolboxes. That should not be a big issue. All processes are mostly the same so go ahead.


There are two essential materials for versatile tool compartments: plastic and steel. Plastic is lightweight and reasonable, yet at the same not truly strong all of the time. Nor can plastic tool kits hold as much weight as a steel box. 

All things considered, plastic is a decent decision in the event that a spending plan is your fundamental concern, you’re just purchasing a crate to hold a little assortment of devices for family errands, or the case will not be carried to tough circumstances. 

If nonetheless, you really want a compact tool compartment for outside worksites, occupied shops, an enormous and weighty assortment of devices, or expert use, steel is your smartest choice.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Truck Bed Tool Box?

A truck bed toolbox can offer several benefits, including:

  1. Protection for tools and equipment: A toolbox can keep tools and equipment safe from the elements, as well as from theft.
  2. Organization: A toolbox can help organize tools and equipment, making them easy to find and access when needed.
  3. Increased storage space: A toolbox can provide additional storage space in the truck bed, allowing for more tools and equipment to be transported.
  4. Improved fuel efficiency: By keeping tools and equipment secure and organized in a toolbox, they will not shift around in the truck bed, which can reduce drag and improve fuel efficiency.
  5. Increased truck bed protection: A toolbox can also provide added protection for the truck bed, by reducing wear and tear from heavy tools and equipment.

View Our Recommended Top 8 Truck Bed Toolboxes-

Every user faces this problem when they go to select any tool for their job. So before purchasing any tool, you have to do enough research about that item, then you lose lots of valuable time. So save your time and energy by reading this article.

Here are 8 truck toolboxes with their proper description, pros, cons, and other important information to help you choose the one you need for your vehicle.

1. Undercover the SC100D Truck Bed Storage Box

  • Made from durable sturdy ABS;
  • Slider shelf included;
  • Lockable system.

The Undercover swing case SC100D truck bed is a competent toolbox. It is made from ABS durable and lightweight plastic materials. This toolbox is made with robustness in mind. Its outdoor body is weather-resistant, and its indoor remains dry during rainfall. With its twist-locking system, it will be secured and can be opened without any key. This model swing case offers 3 inches on top during installation. 

It has enough space to store more tools than you want at this low price. Also included self-tapping screw features for a secure installation that you mostly need. You can simply remove the truck bed storage box when you want. The latch gives swings and quick release effortlessly out for easy access. So without any doubt, you can select this toolbox for a 5 ft 8-inch truck bed size.


  • Enough space;
  • Lightweight design;
  • Weatherproof features;
  • Easy to install.


  • It is not suitable for all pickup truck beds.

2. Buyers Products 1702305 Black Steel Truck Box

  • Dent resistant;
  • Superior sturdy material;
  • Waterproof exterior design.

This truck bed box is 18 inches (H), 18 inches (D), and 36 inches (W). It comes with the features of black powder coated and made of 14 gauge durable steel. It offers a stainless steel lock to obstruct theft, stainless steel always-on hinges, and waterproof gaskets. You can also use this toolbox as an under-bed. This storage box has a strong locking system and the most thicker sidewalls. 

It offers well-built features and also has a sturdy paint finish. It is also easy to install. The gauge is thick and sufficient to handle day-to-day misapplies. During the shipping time, it may be getting scratched. Some complaints do not close it tightly enough.


  • Weather-resistant metal hasp for supporting a lock;
  • Light-weight metal toolboxes;
  • Suitable for any type of truck.


  • Not available inbuilt locking system.

3. Undercover SC302D SwingCase Toolbox

  • Rustproof features included;
  • Space-saving design;
  • Strong locking mechanism.

The Undercover swing case SC302D toolbox comes with compactness. This is one of the most expensive products on our list, and the utility outshines its value-based competition in the segment. The folding design of this truck bed toolbox allows for the safe storage of smaller or larger loads. Its capability of 75 lbs is on the low end of the scale when differentiating from a floor-mounted storage toolbox. 

However, it is easy to access without unpacking the entire bed, and the swing case value becomes very apparent. If you want a truck bed toolbox without taking up too much space, this is the ideal option in the marketplace.


  • Comes with a compact style;
  • Able to store a variety of items;
  • Easier to lift and carry.


  • Quite pricey.

4. ARKSEN RV Storage Box with Side Handle and Lock Keys

  • Heavy-duty aluminum diamond plate toolbox;
  • Weight: 15.43 Pounds;
  • Durable aluminum construction;
  • Overall dimensions include: 29.92″(L) x 13″(W) x 9.64″(H).

This stainless steel truck bed toolbox weighs 15.43 pounds, and it is made with an aluminum tread plate. It is 30 inches long. It has a stainless steel two-lock keys system. It also has a weather seal to protect it from dust and water.

The flat-style handles are heavy-duty, and it is available in two colors- black and silver. The box is ideal for storing gear such as tools, cables, and other products. However, the mechanic notes that the cover might take up the open position, depending on its installation.


  • Excellent weather seal features;
  • Strong locking system;
  • Lightweight and portable;
  • Ideal for heavy-duty construction.


  • Not perfect for storing large-scale tools.

5. Undercover SC206P Truck Box

  • Very sturdy features;
  • Most durable construction;
  • High load capacity.

The SC206P model of The Undercover truck bed storage box comes with an innovative design that is not following the traditional style like other toolboxes. If you’re looking for a versatile truck toolbox that can provide unique benefits, then the swing cover model is an ideal choice for truck owners. It is installed on the inside or side of the truck.

Additionally, you can decide the place on which side of your truck bed to use. The SwingCase is extremely lightweight and as well as weatherproof. Its installation is easy. Ensure to check that it will fit your vehicle. 


  • Lockable design;
  • Waterproof lid;
  • Offers massive cover;
  • Top-of-the-line materials.


  • Less storage space from others.

6. TruXedo 1117416 Tonneaumate Toolbox

  • Flexible mounting;
  • Lockable storage;
  • Weighs 54 pounds.

In the local market, you will find more expensive boxes but TruXedo’s unique take on the right balance between their utility and price. As a toolbox, it comes with a basic design, including the self-locking system when it is closed. It is well constructed with a heavy-duty element with lockable storage to secure the tools.

However, the Truxedo gives a flexible position, and it fits mostly full-sized trucks. The toolbox is completely valuable and versatile. It is also offering flexible mounting. You will not want to affect the coverage and the truck bed altogether. They required hardware or tools for installation.


  • Reach on time and in good condition;
  • The toolbox installation is a breeze;
  • It seems are solidly constructed;
  • Fit under the bed casing nicely.


  • Little expensive from others.

7. Undercover the SC104P Truck Bed Storage Box

  • Dent resistant;
  • Superior, strong material;
  • Lightweight design.

Coming in as our list overall truck bed toolbox, this model is ideal if you’re looking for a complete balance between the price and its functionality. This ticks all the boxes available on both the driver and passenger sides. Have the ability to hold up to 75-pounds of tools with a strong locking design that keeps everything safe.  

It is designed for pickup or truck owners to make their life easier and this truck bed storage box is made in the USA. This light-weight designed toolbox is made to use superior hard material. It is also easy to install and a well-trusted product. If you select this one, you can not go wrong.


  • Capable of holding up to 75-pounds of tools;
  • These toolboxes are swung out for easy access;
  • Variations for either passenger or driver side.


  • None.

8. Undercover SC206D Truck Box

  • Securable lid;
  • Steel construction;
  • Moisture and dust-resistant.

The Undercover created the SC206D swings to fulfill truck owners’ demands, such as to keep their covers usable both at the same time. As a result, this box stays clear of a tonneau cover and opens up the main usable bed space. The toolbox offers a lot of advantages for professionals and daily drivers. 

This model comes in a paired set, so you can install one toolbox on each side of your truck. The good thing about the box’s design is that it allows it to swing out over the tailgate. The hinge makes it easier to access the box.


  • Easy to install;
  • The toolbox can swing out;
  • Must swing out to open;
  • Lockable and lightweight storage.


  • Not worth the price.


Why Do You Need a Truck Bed Storage Box?

Generally, you have two reasons for getting this product – For your tools well organized, and for security. When you are going to shop for lunch, then make sure your tools are not walked off. That time you need two things.

The first thing is- your truck storage box needs to be secured in the truck and the last one is it needs to have reliable and solid locking features. So those are why you need your vehicle’s bed toolbox. Read more: Finding the Best Modular Tool Box

Can Aluminum and Stainless Steel Both Be Rust Over Time?

Aluminum can not rust in the same way as steel can. Technically, it forms an oxide layer. So rapidly in atmospheric conditions, every piece of aluminum you have seen has already rusted.

Stainless steel is highly rust-resistant thanks to its high-chromium content. Don’t think you are free from its maintenance. Stainless steel is an especially cheap alloy and can indeed rust over time. But it takes much longer than mild steel.

How important is the grade and accuracy of gage blocks in different applications?

When it comes to precision measurements, finding the best gage block set is crucial. The grade and accuracy of gage blocks are extremely important in applications such as machining, calibration, and tooling. High-quality gage blocks ensure reliable and precise measurements, making them essential in various industrial and engineering settings.

What is the Most Secure Locking System?

In the market, you will find many types of locks, but we recommend a single one for your vehicle’s toolbox. You need that lock that engages the lid in more than one place. Kip in your mind the cheap locks simply down the lid in a single place or one side. And good locks have solid bars and multiple points of the lid. So looking for locks with a bar system or two-lock system because that reinforces the locking mechanisms.

What is the Best Way to Install a Truck Bed Tool Box?

The best way to install a truck bed toolbox is to first measure the bed of your truck to ensure that the toolbox will fit properly. Next, determine where you want to place the toolbox in the bed of the truck. Once you have done this, you can then drill holes into the bed of the truck using the appropriate size drill bit for the mounting hardware that comes with the toolbox. Finally, secure the toolbox to the bed of the truck using the mounting hardware. It’s also highly recommended to check the vehicle and toolbox manual for specific instructions and recommendations.

Final Thought

There are hundreds of truck styles on the market. The fact is that every person has different needs, and each toolbox comes with a different design style. As a result, you have got a lot of research on choosing one tool.

Hopefully, we have taken some research for you to stress out of that problem. Have you fallen in love with the truck toolboxes? We have reviewed it here, but if it does not match your vehicle’s. Just check on the manufacturer’s website.

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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