20 Useful Woodworking YouTube Channels (You Can Learn Lots)

Published on: January 23, 2022
Written by Eric Devin / Fact-checked by David Rowan

An interesting DIY or pros craft to watch is woodworking. Since the invention of the YouTube platform, from the hard-to-learn woodworking to living off woodworking making, all become easy. As if, the top-notches DIY tutorials based on different projects give good visual walkthroughs on those from start to finish to make users ready to go. Also, a good inspiring platform like woodworking YouTube channels provides resources to experiment with old-fashioned ideas to new forms, as if all possible through you.

20 useful woodworking youtube channels

Even if you are a beginner, as well as far from a woodworker, with 20 woodworking YouTube channels dedicated to teaching overall craft’s ins and outs. Entire formal or informal time-worthy videos will inspire and to help out how to build needed wooden stuff from scratch out of a lumber piece. 

What Are Woodworking YouTube Channels Prior Most?

Woodworking is the name of creativity to make art pieces from wood and wooden pieces. Most preferred and selling wooden items are best as wooden toys, coat racks, picture frames, furniture, cabinets, corner wall shelves, and so on. However, like painting tools and equipment, being pledged to woodworking projects, one should use the definite tools only if they have enough skills. 

If one has not yet, not a big deal because of the recent decade of YouTube channels. Very much prospective for craft teaching, as well as helps in understanding the differences between woodworking and carpentry too. However, for the newbies, either DIYer’s ongoing woodworking reinforcements, get acknowledged through perfect 20 woodworking YouTube channels.

What Types of Projects Can I Find on These Channels

On popular open-source channels, you can find a variety of software and hardware projects, ranging from web applications and desktop programs to embedded systems and robotics. Some channels may specialize in particular categories of projects, such as blockchain, machine learning, or game development.

Are There Any Channels That Offer Beginner-level Woodworking Tutorials

Yes, there are a few channels that offer beginner-level woodworking tutorials. Popular channels include Woodworking for Mere Mortals, Woodworking with Stumpy Nubs, and Steve Ramsey – Woodworking for Mere Mortals.

Prospective Woodworking YouTube Channels

Woodworking for Engineers: 

A well-established Canadian woodworking learning website. The channel priors woodworking items created in perfect ways like a pro touch has left. If you have subscribed to it, usage of the smallest claw hammer to the largest table saw relevant creativity displayed is the owner’s main motto. Along with virtual video content on geeky wooden contraptions, for instance, steps for planning the first woodworking project, indoor usage seal pallet wood integration, and whatever is down to earth even. However, detailed procedures in single images with subtitles are available too.

John Heisz:

Another Canadian YouTuber hosts both geeky and traditional woodworking projects videos. Though posts are less step-by-step stunning, yet very accessible, unlike other woodworking YouTube channels. Very simple, yet worthy to subscribe to this channel because of the no-measuring methods and crazy videos. Even the novices can share their first experiences too while making their wood tools. He talks as if the engagement between the host and audience is very informal and very interesting too. 

Frank Howarth:

Not more accessible as the previous YouTube woodworking channels. But the works are enchanting. And yes, though the contents are very formal, it can improve professionals to become more particular in their hard woodworking jobs. Regardless of his admirable woodwork, from a split wooden shelf to a new sturdy phone case, all produced pieces are a kind of new generation part of the art. Whether it is about stop-motion works or incredible film-making skills, this channel is fab.

Jay Bates:

It is a go-to novice reinforcement woodworking YouTube channel. Yet more accessible than the regular wood-crafting channels. Regardless of having acknowledgments and woodworking tools, the choice of techniques is superior and genuine. His posted several friendly following presentation styles are extremely appealing to watch. In particular, the obstacles in the woodworking planning start, especially with his full tutorial series SketchUp, which provides the necessary tools listing too. 


Compared to previous woodworking YouTube channels, it is a commercial site, yet fantastic. Though it showcases viewers’ versatile commercials that can be annoying a little. However, it is run by Ryobi saw and saw blade manufacturing company. Instead of those tools advertising, it is an authentic DIY source, except for the required standard tools to capture those videos, nothing complicated. 

Garage Woodworks:

Hosted by Brian Grella, you can consider this Ph.D. holder in medicinal chemistry as the finest perspective. Versatile atmospheres, that do not expand the content’s time in the way traditional woodworking YouTube channels do. Apart from wasting time in explaining, such a direct how-to aspect of producing different items is a generation filter. Utilizing a big drill press and router, creating a necessary wooden bowl is a well enough example.  

Jimmy Diresta:

Another British talented woodworker runs this channel with distinctive traditional original videos making on wood crafts knowledge. As well, one can watch the highest possible surface being reached with his name all over these meditative videos. And yes, those do not go through instructional or formal methods at all like other woodworking YouTube channels. Far better, kind of entertaining for little craftsmen woodworking lessons as well the kindergartens done along with acknowledging safety practices too. 

The Wood Whisperer:

From far decades to recent days, this channel for woodworking acknowledgment has not lost its demand with casual free and paint contents. Among those video tutorials, wooden iPhone cases, rake making, and other general-purpose big wooden projects are rather fab than other renowned ones. Along with future project techniques, the greatest benefits pros to novices can enjoy is the background with high-quality tech, run by Marc J. Spagnuolo.

Steve Ramsey:

Formed the woodworking-based channel as Woodworking for Mere Mortals. Their users will find a huge woodworker community around the world with high-tech instructive perspective videos. The design may be very very distinctive from the rest of the informal YouTube channels, yet floating around practical senses used in each content are uncommon. 

Drunken Woodworker:

The useful woodworking tools introduction, even you can say the all floating ones available in one channel, let go-to yourself in Drunken Woodworker. By maintaining high standards of work, the host loves to share his different craft ideas for DIYers and his beer to enjoy these too. Users aimed for using Fiberglass made woodworking toolkits, the reason high-density viewers are available in this channel is to make it more popular. 

I Like to Make Stuff:

Not only popular for tinkering around in the potential woodworking selling items workshops and regarding big/mid-sized/small tools stores. But also works on bookcases made from secret doors, as well as collecting dust for other reasons. If freshers need full inspiration for their next simple wooden projects, else sharing creative process methods in videos, this is the right channel

Darbin Orvar:

Unlike other woodworking YouTube channels on this list, fab host Linn makes very commercial wooden projects focusing from the day the channel is running. Tinkering in business workshops, with quality videos including notebooks, lamps, chairs, office furniture, and so on are available on this channel

Brian Oltrogge:

Based on the needs for Stitch and Glue Kayak. As well as a perfect YouTube channel for woodworking metal casting learnings, CNC platform creation, dominoes and more. Though posted videos relevant most to generating own wood furniture inspires enough for making Lazy Susan out of woods at ease. 

Chris Salomone:

Another highly standard channel for woodworking projects. Narrated on average videos are full of genuine details, yet show far-right methods for one’s production. The most interesting part is that hard-to-learn woodworking becomes easy though the ways are formal.

The Samurai Carpenter:

Created and now run by wood artistic blogger Jonathan Thoreau. Regardless of relevant videos, have narrated in formal scripts, even though not by skipping any steps at the Write My X and Brit Student blogs. He shared his thoughts as woodworkers not only cast up woodworking projects, also capable of releasing something like high-quality stone or metal jobs.   


A born artist, and more than a woodworker, Kevin Turgeon started this channel more than a decade ago. All of his high-quality projects have been showcased as fun. But the important thing, users, especially the newbies can skip this channel due to a bit more difficult and short processes. Yet worth subscribing for fun, either to aspire some to yourself. 

April Wilkerson:

Another step-by-step woodworking YouTube channel, including home improvement projects, for example, how to paint trim boards and baseboards. To fix one’s to-do list, she explains the ways at a time to get off overwhelming viewers. 

Izzy Swan:

For people who take woodworking as an expensive hobby, like making a wooden iPad dock, rustic candle holder, floating wine bottle holders, and more, this is a great platform then. Apart from regular host, kind of an inventor. His regular metalwork or woodworking videos like real to very close your eyes, as well as mesmerizing to watch. However, the jigs are quite from wild contraptions. 


Aiming for absolute showcases of summer DIY projects that cross up mind-blowing handy craft ships, even with far usage of handy tools. How to make summer DIY chairs is one of those examples. This woodworker’s shop and several personal flair stylish captures well enough to remember all old-fashioned methods. 

Adventures in DIY:

The most complicated woodworking videos generating channel for ready-to-go DIYers, as well as hobbyists. The specialty of methods is using better Japanese handy tools and similar, yet big-powered tools without the help of big shops around. 

Wrap Up

From the so many DIY videos, especially relevant to woodworking on famous or beneficial YouTube channels is quite the top-notch matter. Yes, some are incredible, in association with fab artists, woodworkers, carpenters, and more. 

To enjoy the true different opportunities, that even more exist with the wood, 20 enlisted woodworking YouTube channels one can take into account, as well for their die-hard craftsmanship. 

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Hi, I am Eric Devin and I am a professional interior architect. Since childhood, I've always enjoyed DIY projects! And, I have loved to solve simple household problems using essential tools and equipment. I have also acquired a lot of information about basic household tools settings by working with contractors.

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