Your One-Stop Guide for the Best 14 Inch Band Saw

Published on: January 28, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by Eric Devin

The bandsaw is a device that is perfect for giving great wood-cutting results at any time. Many vacancies like their activity because it makes all the confusing and filthy occupations for them. Accessing this wood-cutting machine can make your life easier, particularly in the off-office where you work with wood materials now and again and again.

This useful article contains a survey of 8 expert carpentry bandsaws that you can assist in an ideal purchase decision situation and custom-fit the model to your needs.

best 14 inch band saw

Furthermore, I will similarly share the policy benefits of having a bandsaw and giving you world tips to properly utilize this versatile cutting machine. I’m certain you’ll find a great model among these eight-class bands!

Issues You Should Consider Choosing a 14 Inch Band Saw

If you are an expert carpenter, at that point, you know the highlights of the re-saw tool in that situation. Be that as it may, discovering great tricks among the myriad brands on the market is extremely intense.

However, what are those highlights? We want to enlighten you about these highlights—my high advice to you is encouragement about the significance of the critical parts of the review machine.


Depending on the engine applied to the machine, if you are an expert and specialize in wood resurfacing, the machine engine must have multiple drives. 2 to 3 horsepower makes it difficult for you to cut wood from time to time. In the event that the motors are not stiff, the sharp edge is likely to break at that time. So if the engine is moving, the machine can handle 100% load in any revision.


The table is a fundamental element of the bandwidth. You can reconstruct wood of any size depending on the size of the table. The table is noticeable that on the off chance, you can re-cut the huge size of wood. Otherwise, you can’t. At 0-45 degree points, there should be an opportunity to turn the table to one side and to the right. At this point, you can reconsider various etiquette.

Cut the Edge Wheel

Depending on the bandwidth, there may be 2/3 loops and wheels. Whatever it is, there are three loops for most machines, one of which is directly connected to the engines. It gives the basic speed of the gadget. The rest speeds up the sharp edges.

The sharp edges are controlled by the wheel, which allows it to reduce and expand the pressure on the edges. Try not to try to open the basic wheel box while the machine is working.

Speed and Size of Sharp Edges

The size of the sharp edges builds on how thick and hard the wood you can re-cut. With the assistance of a 70-inch sword, you can cut a lot of wood. As the size gets bigger you can reduce and increase the sharp edges’ cutting area as per your requirement.

Quickly completing your work relies upon the sharp edges’ speed, although it depends on the motor as a rule. Usually, the speed of the sword is high to keep the motor moving. What’s more, if the cutting edge has double the activity, it’s increasingly helpful for you, for example, 1700 to 3500 fpm.

Residual Extraction

To keep the house clean from wood-palm remnants, the remnant box contains the machine, which transmits the earth from the device. With the case 3-4 inches off-chance you can continue working for extended periods.

Factors Should Consider When Purchasing a 14 Inch Band Saw

1. Motor Power

Check the power rating of the motor to make sure it will be able to handle the type of material you will be cutting.

2. Table size

Make sure the table size is big enough to accommodate the size of the material you will be cutting.

3. Blade Width

Make sure the blade width is wide enough to cut the type of material you need to cut.

4. Speed Settings

Look for band saws with variable speed settings, so you can adjust the speed for different types of materials.

5. Blade Guides

Look for adjustable blade guides, so you can adjust the blade tension and keep the blade tracking true.

6. Dust Collection

Look for a band saw with an integrated dust collection port, so you can keep the cutting area clean and dust-free.

7. Safety Features

Look for safety features such as blade guards and emergency stop buttons, so you can operate your band saw more safely.

Safety Tips When Using a 14 Inch Band Saw

1. Wear safety goggles when operating the band saw.

2. Keep your hands away from the blade and the workpiece.

3. Use a push stick to help guide the workpiece when cutting.

4. Make sure the blade is sharp and properly tensioned.

5. Make sure the table is level and the workpiece is firmly secured.

6. Do not force the workpiece through the blade.

7. Make sure the blade guard is properly in place.

8. Make sure the power is off before changing the blades.

9. Keep your workspace clean and free of debris.

10. Read the user manual and follow all safety instructions.

Quick Solutions

What Size Bandsaw Should I Buy?

The resaw capacity is the maximum height (thickness) that will be cut. For the tiny shop cabinetmaker, accompany 14″ because the minimum for a bandsaw, though 16″ is best. Those doing more considerable work might even want 18″ or 20″ machines. Just confirm you’ve got a minimum to resaw height of 12″ for versatility.

Are Grizzly Band Saws Any Good?

The custom blades cost, but $15 each and are of excellent quality. The saw runs smoothly and quietly, and therefore the single knob adjustment for blade tracking works smoothly and well. I’m delighted with the highest and bottom blade guides.

What are the differences in using a reciprocating saw and a band saw?

When it comes to using a reciprocating saw versus a band saw, there are some key differences to consider. Reciprocating saws are great for demolition work and rough cuts, while band saws excel at making smooth, precise cuts in a variety of materials. Here are some pro tips for cutting with each tool.

Can a 14 Inch Band Saw Be Used for the Same Purposes as a Track Saw?

Yes, a 14-inch band saw can be used for some of the same track saw uses, such as making straight and precise cuts in wood. However, track saws are specifically designed for this purpose and may offer more accuracy and convenience when working with large pieces of material.

What Makes a Hybrid Table Saw a Good Alternative to a 14 Inch Band Saw?

Looking for an upgrade from a 14-inch band saw? Consider expert hybrid table saw recommendations. With the ability to handle larger pieces of wood, a hybrid table saw offers increased power, accuracy, and stability. Its versatility makes it a great alternative for woodworking projects that typically require a band saw.

Which is the Best, Band Saw or Table Saw?

If you are looking for versatility, choose a bandsaw. If you are looking for clean, straight, accurate cuts, choose a table saw. Although if you own a bandsaw, a planer/thicknesser (or hand plane), a miter saw, and a track-guided plunge saw, you’ll probably not need a table saw.

Now See Our 8 Best 14-Inch Band Saws

1. WEN 3966 Two-Speed Band Saw

  • Weight: 156 pounds;
  • Speeds: 1,480 and 3,280 FPM;
  • Feature: 14-Inch Band saw with Stand.

The first 14-inch band on our list is the WEN 3966 two-speed band saw kit. It is one of the most versatile and powerful tools on the market.

It has a great motor that works after a noise. Likewise, minimal needs to be assembled from the container. It is constantly delightful! It includes an edge strain measurement, a circle-cutting aid, an adaptive work light, a 3-in-1 residue port, a fence, a 1/2-inch sharp edge, and a meter check.

The horrible news right now it takes a great deal to start a change, and the change process isn’t easy. This will not trim the sharp edge accurately, which brings the cutting edge to fly out of the wheel. The sharp edge additionally will not effectively follow as much as you corrected it. The effect of the track is incredibly weak, cut to one side.

The Good

  • Powerful;
  • Strong and built to last;
  • High performance;
  • Lightweight.

Not So Good

  • It is just a bevel on one side.

2. JET JWBS-14DXPRO Band Saw Kit

  • Weight: 258 pounds;
  • Motor:  1 ¼ HP;
  • Blade length: 93’’ to 105’’;
  • Blade thickness:  ⅛’’ -¾’’;
  • Cutting capacity: 13 ½ x 12 inches;
  • Purpose: Re-sawing wood and metal.

You need a bigger saw to take care of the business and don’t be discouraged by this iron-bound band tax. The bottom window following the edge and the rack and pinion changes give you stretched precision to make it easy to cut.

To make it easier to cut huge bits of wood, a 12-inch redevelopment limit is included in this tax. In the meantime, the dual-speed poly-V belt drive structure gives more prominent control when switching between hard and softwoods.

There are two or three grooves with this saw. The most crucial requirement for foot connections is to maintain healthy relationships instead of making the base a strong unit. The second is the way this saw does not come with any fence and meter measurements.

The Good

  • Cast-iron development is strong;
  • Simple to adjust;
  • Great quality;
  • Great resaw ability;
  • A lot of intensity;

Not So Good

  • The Manual is inadequate.

3. RIKON Power Tools 10-324 Band Saw

  • Dimensions No: 25 x 30 x 75 inches;
  • Model No: 10-324;
  • Voltage: 115 volts;
  • Wattage: 1125 watts.

Perhaps the best band you ever saw was the Rikon 10-324, in case you were looking for traditional performance and unmatched quality. Powered by a ground-breaking 1.5HP double-volt engine and flaunting two auxiliary cutting edge speeds of 1,445 fpm and 2,950 fpm. This workhorse is equipped to work with all wood and various materials, including ferrous plastic and metal.

An ordinary-to-use handle takes into account the rapid change of cutting opacity. When an inch scale guide allows a specific setting of the stretchers. Guaranteed to implement cuts by 111-inch long edges.

The 13-5 / 8-inch wide and 13-inch high cutting range of convenience gives extra support to the workpiece with an extra-long tear fence.

Everything you want from the top machine is reported at the top-of-the-line execution and with a tempting value point.

The Good

  • Extra-tall tear fence;
  • Resaw limit of 13″;
  • Movable metal ball cutting edge guides.

Not So Good

  • Dust collection is not good.

4. RIKON Tools 10-326 Bandsaw

  • Weight: ‎280 pounds;
  • Material Use: Metal;
  • Model No: 10-326;
  • Feature: 111″ 5/8″ x 6 TPI Blade, Wrenches, Manual, Closed Stand, Rip Fence Assembly, 14″ Bandsaw;
  • Power Source: Corded Electric.

The RIKON tool 10-326 is outstanding among other 14-inch bands on the market. Rigid-edged aluminum is cast without the machine as the table filler is propagated. The handles are welded to the screw, some sections need to be removed by changing the cutting edge of the piece each time you clean it, and the casting aids are released during operation which sticks only to damage the neck and surround the surface.

The table either sticks or does not securely secure the position. The upper wheel is twisted, and the cutting edge is shaken, bringing a lot of vibration to the saws.

This band saw does not provide a cutting edge! Even more terrifying, client care representatives in these don’t know anything about the tools.

The Good

  • Good resaw limit;
  • Long-term usable;
  • Mobility kit set.

Not So Good

  • Table tilt jams.

5. Grizzly Industrial G0513X2 Bandsaw

  • Model No: G0513X2;
  • Material: steel;
  • Voltage: 110 volts;
  • Speed: 1725 RPM;
  • Table size: 23-5/8″ x 17-1/4″ x 1-1/2″;
  • Weight: 421 pounds.

Grizzly G0513X2 is basically the same as our primary two competitors in that. They are amazingly suitable for ample employment. This band sports hefty engines for cutting through wider work tables, longer cutting edges, and larger and thicker workpieces. Similarly, an alloy-iron coating allows them to be more durable when faced with fewer mechanical problems.

As a carpenter, it is necessary to first determine the length before developing any such sequence, mainly when calculating, ragging, and cross-cuts are provided. Also, if you need any extra cutting space, it extends up to 6 inches wide with a discreet extension square.

Each of these highlights is a cause for concern for the authorities who now seem to have a lot on their plates, apparently appearing anxious. Of course, while it offers endless points so far, it currently makes it remarkably accessible to customers compared to other bands.

The Good

  • Strongly built both inside and out;
  • Prepared to deal with longer and bigger workpieces;
  • Sharp edge changes are simple.

Not So Good

  • No Cons.

6. Delta 28-400 Steel Frame Band Saw

  • Speeds: 1,620 FPM and 3,340 FPM;
  • Model No: 28-400;
  • Power Source: Electric Powered;
  • Weight: 165 pounds.

Just a year ago, it celebrated its 100th year in business. What’s more, during that time, they have built a strong reputation for presenting world-class and exceptionally creative items to the market. One such model is the Delta 28-400 14-inch band saw.

Perhaps the best component is that it worked in the end. It is decorated with rock-steel outlines, which provide protection even in the most unpleasant ventures. This device additionally has five metal roller sharp-edge clocks which are divided into two levels. Both of these sections help to guarantee smooth operation and take into account the quick changes as they are made.

As far as size, this is extremely large and more suitable for clients with a huge work zone. It is more challenging than the average metal table with meter tilt and an intense 1-torque engine, ideal for experts.

The Good

  • Long-lasting durability;
  • Two-speed drive system;
  • Five Precision metal roller upper and lower edge guides.

Not So Good

  • Manages fewer applications.

7. Laguna Tools MBAND1412-175 Band saw

  • Motor: 13/4HP, TEFC, 60Hz;
  • Voltage: 115V;
  • Resaw capacity: 12″;
  • Blade Length: 115 inches;
  • Weight 267 pounds.

The highest quality equipment usually has a value that mirrors this standard and these bands are no different.

These tools spent two years planning, building, and publishing their Laguna tools MBAND1412-175 bands. The degree of formatting appeared in the long-lasting result.  An amazing asset that leaves opponents behind.

Even with a band that has torn all parts of the bleeding trend and implementation into pieces, it’s hard to identify a champion element.

It also gives you full responsibility for the bands and your initiative, as you will have the option to check the condition of the cutting-edge without finishing your work.

The Good

  • Sturdy table;
  • Powerful motor;
  • Durable;
  • Cast-iron table, frame, and wheels.

Not So Good

  • Expensive.

8. Grizzly G0948 10″ 1/2 HP Bandsaw

  • Model No: G0948;
  • Feature: power-band-saws;
  • Speed: 2620 FPM;
  • Extruded aluminum fence & rail;
  • Laser and adjustable LED work light;
  • Voltage: 120 volts.

With unparalleled cutting execution and sufficient bearing capacity to impress even on sufficient wood. Includes tear fence, moving blower, and laser guide.

The G0948, offered by Wood Magazine as a top standard for a combination of components including a productive 1 / 3HP engine, hardcore feel, and movability, has been modified with another laser directional structure and running blower. Give major permeability when following a cutting line or layout.

It is a solid all-around fabricated machine that includes a 62-inch sharp edge and acknowledges cutting edges up to 3/8 inches wide. It can slice pieces up to 3.5 inches high. It has sufficient ability to slice through green woods and thick materials.

Changing edges and following and changing pressure is straightforward and the slightest impression and top handle make it easy to move around your workspace. The saw weighs less than 50 pounds so you can easily move it in your home, shop, or workplace.

The Good

  • Excellent performance tool;
  • Last a lifetime;
  • Made of extruded aluminum.

Not So Good

  • Expensive.


Currently, you are very aware of the band saw and its highlights. You’ve additionally experienced our best band reviews. Whichever you browse the rundown, it will be your best experience. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward others.

In the end, why do you need the best band for cash? Since you need the best item at an intelligent cost. Ideally, this is enough to exclude all your disarray to find the best spending band saw.

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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