Best Battery Powered Nail Guns: Selection Guide & Our Recommendations

Published on: March 31, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Want a mess with an air compressor, hose or gas can power nailer? If your answer is no, then step forward with a battery-powered nail gun. Not only ensure a non-smoking workplace but also ideal for small or big nailing projects. 

In previous times, battery-powered tools were not as fab or popular. Yet good ones with improved batteries were not as inexpensive as these are now. With a variety of improved firing methods, ergonomic handle, pressure adjusting, jam release, and modern constructions, all you can have in one nailer now. 

battery powered nail guns

Consider it today as your good luck. We are heading for representing 7 branded and better performing battery-powered nail guns. As well, many of the best aftermarket and branded manufactured ones are available in the next to your roadway stores. But ones which if you have the experienced details with a complete buyer’s guide and common FAQs, that will save your time and effort too.

How to Select a Battery-Powered Nail Gun?

Nail Capacity

The more the brad and framing nailer cordless is, the better it is. If you need less loading for work, for instance, then you can choose a quality battery-powered nail gun. Means to give you a short time for refilling your gun magazine. In short, refilling and giving time to framing or roof installation.  

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How about the huge nail capacity guns? Don’t anyone buy these? Of course, especially the pros, in the case of speeding up their jobs by per charge of a battery. For example, Metabo HPT NT1850DE or Neu Master NTC0023, one takes up to 1650 nails and another up to 1100 per charge. 


The same facts go for comfort while shopping for a brad/framing battery-powered nail gun. If you are an occasional DIYer or a pro, both will need longer nailing time, right? Well, ergonomic handle, anti-vibration mechanism, nail shooting methods are all examples of this opt-out factor. Whether it is also definite that your practice can optimize the higher level by a less priced, less featured one. 

Along with weight, focus on the nailer’s grip as it stands first to make sure for comfy. Next, it is worth checking the front side attached jam or inside jam release capability. For example, Craftsman CMCN618C1 has integrated both tool-free stall releaser and jam releaser. 

Safety Precautions

Checked every must feature? Now, remember this advice above everything while applying a battery-powered nail gun. All about the safety features, which may always save you from self-fatigue unexpected occurrences. What are these? Nothing but the not included, inexpensive stuff for wearing before applying it. 

As well, gloves and safety goggles, which will become suitable protectors while nailing on soft or hardwood. Do not forget to unplug the gun, as well; check around something else. Such as motor power, battery charging time it takes, and LED lights for better sight. All together will make your investing bucks much worthy during nailing operations. 

Editor’s Note

This is an incredible decision for those searching for a strong and simple to-utilize nailer. It has a few highlights that settle on it a great decision for the individuals who need a simple to-utilize and dependable nailer. For instance, the battery-worked nailer has an agreeable hold and is quick to stack the nails.

Many aftermarket cordless nailers are waiting for you to come and choose one to install your stuff with less or more goods. We have also tried to provide all pro tips with a shortlist of cordless nail guns. Now, it is your time to end by pick a perfect one. 

At the bottom line, we want to wish you the best, whether for installing joist hangers, crown molding, and similar tasking by a good battery-powered nail gun.

Our Selected Battery Powered Nail Guns-

Dewalt DCN680B Battery-Powered Nail Gun

  • Weight: 4 pounds;
  • Nail gauge: 18;
  • Material: stainless steel;
  • Misc: 120 nail capacity, metric measurement system, takes 5/8″ To 2-1/8″ nails.

For most home DIYers, as in homeowners and part-time carpenters. Despite manufacturing a well-established battery-powered nail gun, Dewalt is fab for other cordless tools. As well, fretsaws, chop saws, circular saws, and chainsaws too. 

Its 100% 20V battery power and enabled 500 amount of 2.125” brad and finish nails firing per charge will not let you lag. So, why will it cost both hands and legs to find something else next in your stores?

Though cordless nailers, especially battery charging nail guns, are quite uncommon to hold this much of nails, even open headed ones to fire at once. Eliminating the hassle of using pneumatic tools and gas cartridges creates a non-smoky area. Means allowing yourself to accomplish tough roofing. Either similar nailing jobs, for instance, casing, decorative molding, kitchen crown, and more as fast as possible.

Worrying about nail placement within seconds? Leave the responsibility on its integrated micro nose.

What we liked 

  • Durable;
  • No-soon-to-rust problem;
  • Durable micro nose;
  • Ideal for handling heavy-duty jobs;
  • Tool-free depth adjustment.


  • Not included no-mar tips and battery.

Ryobi P325 Battery-Powered Nail Gun

  • Weight: 8 pounds;
  • Nail gauge: 16;
  • Magazine capacity: 120;
  • Misc: air-pressure adjustment, 3 AH battery included.

Next one is one of the airstrike models, as well as a battery-powered finish nail gun for prospective users from Ryobi. A package of positive features that we have liked, but less than the first and second ones, so it places itself here. Let’s have a highlight.

Dual triggers, one switch to lock-off/on, and another for activating bright LED lights. A lower nail indicator, which possibly shows the nails amount after usage to prevent dry firing. Moreover, saves you from self-fatigue accidents and your nailing work surfaces as well. Speaking of the identification of air pressure, we have customized it by switching it on the back to increase nail depth reaching.

These features you may think so-so. Want more? Well, when it is time to nailing on hardwoods, it never slipped backward. Else, you can free up front end jams by simply flipping out. But one drawback is that its compatibility with only self brands may intend to step backward from buying it. 

What we liked 

  • Low nail indicator;
  • Air pressure adjustment;
  • Powerful double triggered LED lights;
  • Inexpensive.


  • Disappointing LED lights; 
  • Not convenient.

Bielmeier 20V Cordless Brad Nail Gun Include Battery, Charger, Staples, and Nails

  • Working Voltage: 20VDC Max;
  • Impact Rate: 30/min;
  • Charging Time: Approx 4 hours;
  • Staple Size: 5/8″-1″, 1/4″ Crown;
  • Nail Size: 5/8″-1-1/4″ Brad;
  • Max Magazine Capacity: 50 Staples or Nails;
  • Battery: 20VDC Max, 2000mAh, Li-ion;
  • Product Weight: 4.84 Lbs.

Another famous brand is known for its reliable manufacturing with a battery-powered nail gun. Being heavy-weight and powerful, useful for furniture attachment, garden ware, homeware, and more, except for hardwood surfaces. Want to make yourself stand out from the crowd by using an uncommon nailer?

Besides, more than enough easy magazines, and their loading mechanism, are beyond your imagination. Bielmeier 20V MAX 2.0Ah Battery Powered 18 Gauge 2 in 1 Cordless Brad Nailer Great for upholstery, woodwork, DIY, and carpentry.

On top of that, working with several soft materials features an adjustable impact control. Means better firing speed and a jam-free mechanism. Quite fab for considering safety contact, even if you run after other well-established brands. So, no chance of misfiring yet, that is what we have experienced!  

What we liked 

  • Easy to use;
  • Proper maintenance system;
  • Long-lasting battery;
  • Jam-free mechanism;
  • Work-well with headless brads; 
  • Fast firing speed.


  • Not durable.

Neu Master NTC0023 Rechargeable Staple Gun

  • Weight: 7.8 pounds; 
  • Nail gauge: 18;
  • Style: nailer and staple gun;
  • Misc: 1100 shooting nails per charge, 400 nails capacity, 5/8” to 1-1/4” brad nails and .25”-.63” staple crown.

Owned a battery-powered nailer, but searching for a staple gun as per your need. What would you do if we recommend one that works-well like 2-in-1 at the same time, even at your tight budget? 

Hope you will not wait for the second chance, right? Integrated spiral-drive technology in NTC0023 enhances 400 nails compatibility for the fastest shooting, whether it does up to 1100 nails per charge. 

Featuring tool-free nail jammers means an auto nose cleaner will take down the issue. Though the entire system runs off a full 3Ah li-ion battery, it works better than others lying around batteries.

While you turn it on, remember to check that the nailer has crown staples or brad nails optimized for your particular nailing jobs, even a misfiring can happen. Hold the ergonomic handle for fastening decoration trim and keep going to the hardest spaces. As well, a pair of LED lights will illuminate the working area, and a non-marring rubber nose will save itself from scratching on walls. 

Relaxing now? Get the belt hook and tuck it anywhere. 

What we liked 

  • Reasonable;
  • Belt hooks;
  • 1100 nails per charge;
  • Huge nail holding magazine.


  • Disappointing LED lights. 

Porter-Cable PCC790LA Cordless Nail Gun

  • Weight: 5.9 pounds; 
  • Nail gauge: 18;
  • Magazine capacity: 100 nails of 5/8″ – 2″;
  • Misc: sequential firing mode, trigger lock.

Next is the Porter-Cable PCC790LA, for a good reason though the brand itself is well enough for turning you to purchase it. This 100% battery-powered PCC790LA is one of the top-notch cordless tools’ examples, though it will cost a little more than previous models. 

Comes with a multifunctional pair of LED lights. As well, make you comfy by illuminating your working area, even if you are trying to reach dim and cramped trim areas for nailing. Messing around, like an entire 20V cordless nail gun, would never happen, instead of using a pneumatic or gas-powered nailer. The battery is powerful for hard jobs, even compatible with other branded batteries of similar qualities. 

The unit optimizes center gravity and becomes lightweight while applying on hardwood and carrying to a longer distance. Such an ergonomic feature you can take advantage of, likewise reducing user fatigue by repositioning it from multiple sides for installing sheets of insulation sheets.   

What we liked 

  • Battery and charger included;
  • Versatile brand compatibility charger and battery;
  • Multiple positioning systems;
  • Useful LED lights;
  • High voltage;
  • Trigger lock and sequential firing mode.


  • Poor magazine capacity;
  • Expensive.

Craftsman CMCN618C1 Battery-Powered Nail Gun

  • Weight: 7.64 pounds;
  • Nail gauge: 18;
  • Misc: single sequential mode, optimize 2” brad nails, tool-free nail jam.

Want to rely on a single sequential mode integrated battery-powered nail gun? Close your eyes and step forward with Craftsman CMCN618C1. Though it optimizes single firing mode, it confirms rapid 720 headless brad nails per charge. As well, your roofing gets complete within a short time, right?

We have never needed another dual standby mode nail gun to operate our roofing, furniture, and hardwood nailing over while working with this. The mode may get jam-packed after some rapid nailing. But it did not disappoint us, as if its top-notch jam releaser released the jam. And, the tool-free stall release resets the driver blade instant. 

How about working in tight spaces? Not only does it reach there, but the dual low battery consuming LED light at the front bottom helps much. Nothing to fret about, because the non-marring tips are always ready to prevent any scratches.   

What we liked 

  • Trigger lock-off switch prevents misfiring;
  • Included adhesive and charger;
  • Tool-free depth settings;
  • Contoured over-molded handle.


  • Expensive;
  • Not compatible with other branded batteries.

Metabo HPT NT1850DE Cordless Nailer

  • Weight: 15.5 pounds;
  • Nail gauge: 18;
  • Nail length: .65”-2”.
  • Misc: 1650 nails per charge, works in zero ramp-up time, air spring-drive system.

The last, even the heaviest battery-powered unit in our today’s listing. However, it may sound quite better from the pre-feature highlights, if you have read before jumping into the depth. Some super-integrated technologies and reforming by the brand name could not place it at the top. 

The first reason is its entire system, known as the air spring drive technology, provides both motor and battery-powered tool mechanisms simultaneously. Though the tech has not been reinforced yet. As a result, we have experienced  the poor zero ramp-up time while nailing each brad nail in our desired work surface. 

Means decreased shooting speed and recoiler, which has given an auto and total pneumatic nailer feeling only. The second reason is its jam release and selective actuation. Both mechanisms should work as written in the manual, but not yet. 

Other mechanisms, as well, low battery indicator, tool-less depth of drive, LED lights, positioning belt hooks are excellent, which have been enforced to enlist it right here. 

What we liked 

  • Clear low battery indicator;
  • Enlightening LED lights;
  • Repositioning system;
  • Ideal for molding installation.


  • Hefty-priced;
  • Jam releaser and selective actuation;
  • Slow down nailing.  


How Long Do Battery-powered Nail Guns Last?

The battery does not last forever. The cordless device will no longer work when they are gone. You can expect the battery for the recent 3 years or 1,000 charge cycles for a cordless appliance.

Sequential Or Contact Trigger Method?

It is a choice between faster nailing or slower but correct nailing. Formed as contact trigger and sequential trigger mode, integrated into most of the battery-powered nail guns. By the contact or bump firing method, rapid nailing is possible as much as you can through a big job. After pulling the trigger, each nail starts bumping the nail tip against your desired work surface.

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Whether using a sequential trigger, nailing often gets slow, yet a specific nails’ placement on molding installation. Even ensures a much safer approach than the contact triggering. Which style do you want to try? Have a worth checking of each style before spending worth bucks, as per your need and practice as well.

How Deep Should Nails?

It depends much on your battery-powered nail guns category and PSI. Either every nail gun has its in-built small dial or slide controller to adjust the nail depth that it will drive through. As in, you have to turn the controller option until it indicates the desired exact path. 

A nailer’s nail thumb rule may let you shop for best depth nails for framing or molding or other installation. Nail length, you should look for at least 2.5 times thicker than the hard materials you will nail through. For example, if you have taken 2” thick material, choose a 16 penny nails package. 

Can You Use 2” Or More Length Nails for Joist Hangers?

A big no from us. Well, we have experienced driving nails less than that amount for better performance. In general, for outdoor nailing projects, pros 16D twice vulnerable depth galvanized nails for installing hangers, in case of walls or more than that deep surfaces. If the nails you have bought are S.S. constructed, it would be better to install with less effort. 

But remember, the S.S. nails should not be hot, as well as less thick. Also, not more than 1.5-inches of standard brad or framing nails.

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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