7 Best American-Made Grease Guns

Published on: February 27, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by David Rowan

All the mechanical items need lubrication to work smoothly. There are certain parts in the machines in which you cannot merely put the lubricating grease with your hands. In this case, a grease gun enforces oil to lubricate those narrow parts of machinery. It also ensures parts are not directly grazing against each other and don’t create too much dispute. 

However, the use of grease guns is beneficial in carrying out different jobs. It’s almost a need to have a grease gun because it makes lubrication more accurate and quick. The grease gun’s design applies lubricant within an aperture to a specific point, generally from a grease cartridge to a nipple.

The tubes behind the grease nipple lead to where the oiling is needed. The aperture fits closely with a receiving hole on any mechanical device to ensure that lubricant is applied where needed.

7 best american-made grease guns in 2023

You will find about American-made grease guns in this article. According to our guide, the grease gun is  Lincoln Lubrication 1134. It is very popular nowadays for its quality and basic necessary features. 

Not all grease guns are made the same; they are made with various materials in different countries. But among those countries, American-made grease guns serve the sturdiest ones. However, those who are just learning how to choose a grease gun can follow our choosing guide below. After gaining knowledge, you can then buy the ideal one from our selected grease gun reviews.

What to Look for Choosing a Grease Gun?

Having a good grease gun can reduce work pressure by offering the messiest job smoothly, efficiently, and with utmost cleanliness. Before choosing a new one, you should consider the below factors to get an ideal grease gun.

Types of Grease Gun

Usually, you can see five types of grease guns in the market. Unlike other types of guns, manual grease guns have a comparatively small frame that can easily transport, deformed, and move into tight areas. They are ideal for low-volume oiling. At the same time, they allow greater control over the amount of grease dispensed. 

Air and battery-powered are much more robust and effective when undertaking a large volume of oil. Mainly this type of grease gun is used for heavy equipment​​​​.Most importantly, they reduce user fatigue, which is an essential factor to make.

Average Grease Consumption

The amount of grease stroke is an important fact. When you pull the trigger of a grease gun, the stroke defines how much grease it will dispense. Different types of grease guns allocate an additional amount of oil. An air grease gun can dispense a large volume of grease per blow, but maneuverability limits due to the hose. 

On the contrary, Cordless grease guns are great for relocating and dispensing an adequate amount of grease on the go. Meanwhile, manual grease guns can’t dispense much grease per stroke, but it is more controllable than other types. Now it’s your choice which one you want to purchase!!


Not all types of grease guns give you freedom in work, like, the air-powered greasing system is restricted by the air hose to the unit. Not only does it limit the hose distance with the air compressor, but it is also more complicated to place the gun into a tight space.

On the other hand, cordless grease guns may not give the same strength, but you would have no mobility problem. In the issue of mobility, manual grease guns are best of all because you don’t have to depend on batteries or air supply. So a manual grease gun has a firm, stable, and consistent grease delivery that serves your purpose correctly.  

Lubricating Material

Usually, a grease gun is used for oiling hard-to-reach areas, but sometimes the lubricating area is too tight, and difficult to get into the grease. But a high-quality flexible hose and quick-release grease gun coupler can make these tricky jobs easier for you. The lubricating area needs to be adaptable with the appropriate pressure rating to tolerate grease volume and thickness. So before purchasing, think about the applied area too.

Hose Length

It takes an essential part of applying oil to a limited area or is difficult to reach. A big part of the best oil weapons you can buy is an adaptive 18-inch hose but few models are accessible in commercial centers with 27-inch or 42-inch hose lengths.

Pressure Rating

This is another essential element when setting the grease gun for your hardware. It guarantees easy delivery and emerges for application. Different instruments have different strain evaluations. The most well-known ratings are 6000 PSI, 7000 PSI, surprisingly 10000 PSI, and then much more.

Pressure Control

The variable speed control option gives you the facility to control the greasing pressure. A higher-pressure gun can cover a large area, and a lower-pressure gun can cover a specific area. If you need a variety of these, look at a variable pressure gun. Manual guns have variable toggles for changing the press.

By following these points, you are now ready to purchase a grease gun from plenty of inferior products out there. If you want to buy an American-made grease gun, here is some of the ideal grease gun we listed below:

Cartridge Capacity

If you have an oil firearm with a bigger Cartridge Capacity, it implies you don’t have to top off the oil weapon over and over. Regularly 14 oz choices are adequate for use.

View Top 7 American-Made Grease Guns

1. Lincoln Lubrication 1134 American-Made Grease Gun

  • Type: Manual;
  • Grease pressure: 7,500 PSI;
  • Flexible hose: 18 inches;
  • Weight: 3.9 pounds.

Durable and best quality- The Lincoln Lubrication 1134 grease gun takes the top position in our list because of its durability and better performance. It can be confronted in extreme conditions up to 7,500 PSI due to its strong cast aluminum head and encased piston assembly.

Comfortable handle- This convenient gun is comfortable in handling for hours of nonstop greasing without feeling numb. The unique shaft angle can also be adjusted for a better grip, and the return mechanism helps minimize jamming. The grease comes out smoothly without any leakage and gaps even when the handle presses softly. There is a three-way of loading the oil: cartridge, suction, or bulk.

Easy manageable- It comes with a pressure gauge to increase the user facility, making it extremely easy for one-hand operation. This superb package carries a 6-inch rigid hose and an 18-inch whip hose with a coupler.

Lubricant-  It’s easy to clean without dismantling the grease gun. The plunger accurately fits to prevent the bypassing of lubricants. Overall this is a great value grease gun you can purchase.


  • The one-hand operation makes it easy to handle;
  • Reach oil in all the nooks of greasing parts;
  • The handle is comfortable to hold;
  • Easy to fill and clean;
  • Strong build quality prevents leaks;
  • The jam-proof toggle mechanism.


  • It doesn’t have a store case;
  • Only one can filled with 14oz. Cartridge.

2. Milton S-3101 Pistol Grease Gun

  • Type: Manual Pistol;
  • Grease pressure: 7,000 PSI;
  • Grease cartridges: 14 ounces;
  • Weight: 3.36 pounds.

Heavy power- Milton is a reputed manufacturer of a variety of grease guns, and the S-3101 piston grease gun is one of them that arrives powerful with 7000 PSI maximum pressure. This adjustable stroke gun can be used for high volume or high pressure by merely moving the handle position. 

Unique design for difficult area work capacity- Also, its 18-inch long hose expansion is adaptable and proficient in reaching narrow and confined areas.

Quick set up Moreover, it can be quickly filled by a 14-ounces cartridge or dispenser pump. It is safe your time when you want fast work.

Suitable for all projects heavy-duty- The package also includes a coupler for easy access to the work. Overall, an American-made grease gun that performs outstanding for automobiles, farming/agriculture, home garages, professional workshops, industrial, and many other applications. The gun permits the user to operate in one hand. 


  • Made from long-lasting aluminum;
  • Flexible 18 inches hose can reach tight areas;
  • Easy to adjust the handle as required;
  • It is lightweight for one-handed operation; 
  • Refilling is hassle-free; 
  • It serves high-pressure and high-volume goals.


  • The plunger is slightly over-sized to go into a grease tube;
  • Sometimes the hose gets clogged. 

3. LockNLube Grease Gun Coupler

  • Pressure consumption: over 10,000 PSI;
  • Fitting size: 1/8-inches NPT;
  • Cutting Diameter: 0.63 inches.

Great structure for long-term use- LockNLube is a modern and compatible grease gun that works with air, battery, and all manual grease guns. It is famous among automotive workers for its reconstructive structure. It contains a high-quality locking system that restricts the coupler from leaking. Specifically, it’s suitable for long-term usage.

Heavy-duty- It is considered a unique tool that can consume pressure up to 10,000 PSI and can fit almost all grease gun thread measures 1/8-inches.

Easy to use- After greasing, to release the coupler from the zerk fitting, the user needs only to press the thumb lever. So it’s almost a hands-free operation without the mess of leaking grease.

Suitable for various models-  It is especially suited for recessed zerks such as shielded PTO shafts, U-joints, and axles.


  • Locks on entirely on the zerk;
  • Leak-free grease gun;
  • Jaws are four tough spring steel; 
  • This coupler fits all types of grease guns;
  • Fully rebuildable grease coupler;
  • Pushdown release method.


  • Both length and diameter are larger than the standard coupler;
  • Sometimes it drops grease around the nipple.

4. Lincoln 1162 American-Made Automatic Grease Gun

  • Type: Air operated;
  • Grease pressure: 6,000 PSI;
  • Pressure hose: 30 inches;
  • Weight: 5.6 pounds.

Authentic and speed control technology- This fully automatic air-operated grease gun makes your greasing task hassle-free and quick. The variable speed trigger allows continuous friendly operation and grease flow in a controlled way. 

Powerful- The advanced, sturdy designs can pressure up to 6000 PSI, which is enough to reach any hard-to-reach areas.

Easy management profession- It arrives with a 30-inch high-pressure hose adjacent to the coupler and an attachment clip for easy use. This super flow ensures continuous operation in any bulk-size greasing projects. The gun includes a blend filler coupler to bulk fill and quickly release trapped air to keep the grease gun loaded. 

Best quality- Further, it’s an American-made grease gun that promises top-quality service. Though it’s a grease gun, it’s easy to clean.


  • Compatible and easy of use;
  • Easy to access the check valve;
  • The high-pressure hose with coupler;
  • The ergonomic handle is easy to work with;
  • Easily reach hard-to-reach areas;
  • Uninterrupted grease flow.


  • Air fitting is not comprehensive.

5. Lincoln 1147 Heavy-Duty Manual Grease Gun

  • Type: Manual;
  • Grease pressure: 10,000 PSI;
  • Whip hose: 18 inches;
  • Cartridge: 14.5 to 16 oz; 
  • Weight: 4 pounds.

Produce high energy- Lincoln is a reliable brand for making various grease guns. One of them is the 1147 lever-operated grease gun with a maximum pressure of 10,000 PSI and a cartridge capacity of 16 oz.

Comfortable and powerful-  Also, it has an 18 inches flexible hose with a better grip. Moreover, the heavy auxiliary spring assures positive and continuous pumping action.

Built with good quality material- Not only is its pump head built of cast iron material but also its heavy-duty design makes it ideal to use in industrial settings. Thus, any professional worker would find this tool quite reliable and durable in their harsh working environment.

Jump-free- Besides, the tight seal around the pump head prevents leaking grease. Moreover, its lever machine operates effortlessly with a jam-free setting.

Easy work prose- It also features a check valve to be more comfortable to clean the barrel and remove any hardened grease. To get effortless greasing, you can opt for it. 


  • Top-quality manual lever;
  • The flexible hose makes lubricating easier; 
  • Smooth pumping mechanism;
  • Three ways of gun loading;
  • The pump head build of cast iron material;
  • It has a rugged design for a tight grip.


  • It doesn’t come with a sharp nozzle.
  • Sometimes grease leaks from high pressure.

6. Lincoln Lubrication 1133 Grease Gun Made in America

  • Type: Pistol-grip;
  • Grease pressure: 7,500 PSI;
  • Whip hose: 18 inches;
  • Cartridge: 14.5 oz; 
  • Weight: 3.4 pounds.

Comes with good quality- The Lincoln grease gun is an outstanding lubrication tool for agricultural, automotive, and industrial mechanics.

Versatile performance with durability- It serves different applications with a lifetime of performance. No exception to that, this grease gun model includes an 18-inch whip hose and a 5-inch extension hose with a coupler to make greasing comfortable.

One-hand control- Moreover, the hefty follower spring guaranteed unrestricted pumping action and positive priming to make oiling accessible with only one-hand control. 

Necessary features included for a better experience- Its double-lip fit and non-slip hardened plunger help to remove grease bypass. Also, it features a jam-proof toggle mechanism that allows controlling the tie. 

Easy cleaning process- The check valve is accessible to clean without the need to disassemble the gun. 

Easy to load- The superior seal allows the gun to be easily loaded through the suction, cartridge, or filler pump. It is cooperative with a universal-size cartridge. 

Great design- The variable-stroke and pressure design help with the careful feeding of the gun. No taping is required when screwing the hose thread into the pump handle because it seals correctly.


  • Convenient and easy three-way loading gun;
  • The rugged and durable cast iron head;
  • Leak-proof joint;
  • Jam-proof toggle method;
  • Prevent binding or bending the plunger;
  • Hassle-free cleaning;
  • Suitable to handle with just one hand.


  • It doesn’t arrive with grease cartridges;
  • The coupler does not always connect well.

7. Lumax LX-1152 American-Made Deluxe Grease Gun

  • Type: Pistol-Grip;
  • Grease pressure: 7,000 PSI;
  • Handy 3-way loading;
  • Weight: 2.5 pounds.

One-hand control tool- Lomax brings this model LX-1152 by prioritizing user convenience of one-hand operation for easy greasing.

Heavy-duty-  Sleek and heavy-duty body with 18 inches flexes hose has a handy 3-way fill the standard cartridge, suction, or bulk loading options. It can reach hard-to-reach parts where the traditional way doesn’t work.

Powerful to ensure fast work capacity- Further, a sturdy cast head can pressure up to 7,000 PSI to ensure quick and on-the-spot proper greasing. 

Cosh handle- Also, a contoured and comfortable grip reduces user fatigue for long-time usage. Besides, the manufacturer added a chrome-plated coating handle to make the tool maximum corrosion resistance.

Oil resistant- This deluxe and oil-resistant grease gun is easy to clean. It is specially designed for professionals and consumers with innovative and high-quality materials to get the job done right. Overall you can count on this grease gun to make your greasing work easier, faster, and cost-effective. 


  • Industrial-grade grease gun;
  • Easy one-hand operation;
  • Heavy-duty oil-resistant design;
  • The air bleeder valve can clear trapped air;
  • Three easy ways of loading grease;
  • The hydraulic coupler has a ball check.


  • The zerk out of the fitting can be difficult sometimes.


Do Grease Guns Have Various Sizes?

The most recognized standard grease fitting size is 1/4″ – 28 SAE-LT. And it’s used in regular auto applications. These can be found in rural conditions as well as various other standard binding applications. For uncompromising applications, bigger 1/8″‑27 PTF zerk fittings can be found.

What is a Grease Gun Utilized For?

This gun is utilized to grease a given engine or surface. Depending on the need, you can similarly grease a wide assortment of parts. High strain ensures the fast arrival of oil on the surface of the engine. In other words, its substance is infused directly into the fittings associated with a coupler and hose.

What to Consider When Choosing the Grease Gun?

While picking a grease gun, you should consider a number of factors, including how much grease will be applied and what type of equipment will be greased. The most famous oil firearms are the physically working, pneumatic, and battery-controlled style.

To Wrap Up

A grease gun is a valuable tool for repairers for its multiple applications like lubricating car components, equipment, and machinery in general. Buying a grease gun can be a daunting task, especially when there are plenty of poor products out there.

We recommended Lincoln Lubrication 1134 for its quality. It’s one of the best American-made grease guns at this time. The  Lumax LX-1152 is another best option if you want all facilities grease guns at an affordable price. 

 It’s a universal tool; hence most of us rely on American-manufactured grease guns for their durable and long-lasting performance. It is the only quality and potent tool that can do a perfect job. After reading this review article, we hope you got a clear idea, and now you are ready to buy the ideal American-made grease gun you are looking for.

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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