8 Best Lineman’s Hammers (Things You Should Look)

Published on: March 12, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by Eric Devin

Although a hammer is one of the most ancient tools, it has evolved a lot in recent years. Nowadays, varieties of services are provided by a hammer rather than construction only. 

This is a simple but powerful tool. Manufacturers are currently designing hammers with particular purposes, such as Jack Hammers for Concrete, Dead Blow Hammers, drilling hammers, electronic hammers, claw hammers, etc.

best lineman’s hammers

So is a lineman hammer with a specific purpose, a must-have for all linemen? 

There are numerous varieties available in the market with countless features. But not all of those are worth buying.

We have conducted thorough research on some of the hammers for linemen. After testing them in practice, the following lineman hammers seem to be the best match to meet all linemen’ requirements. 

Read more to know in detail.

Things You Should Look for to Choose High-quality Lineman Hammer

In the following section, we have discussed some of the crucial things. These are the deciding factors to judge whether a hammer is average or outstanding. 

Have a look below to enjoy some exclusive features from a lineman hammer.


First, look for the handle material. It is constructed of steel, wood, or fiberglass. Pick the one you are comfortable with. Also, look for the configuration based on your requirements. Most basic styles are straight, curved, and hatchet. 


The length of the handle holds utmost importance. In most cases, the handles are 14-18 inches long. While working in a narrow space, a long handle can get stuck. But it is pretty effective when you need to work from a distance. 


For a lineman, a hammer with a non-slippery grip is an absolute must. So, find a hammer with a stable grip for ensuring safety while working with it.

Although there is no standard set for a hammerhead weight, you must weigh it before buying. Just be a little tricky and separate it from the handle. Then measure the weight. In most cases, the head weight is 16-22 ounces.

Suppose you need a hammer to frequently use above your head or straight to it, choose a lighter one. But a heavy one is perfect while using the downside.

Milled-faced/ Smooth-faced

In terms of rough framing, a milled face hammer is okay as it leaves marks on the surface. But if you need to work where a mark is objectionable, play safe and go for a smooth-faced head.

View Our Top 8 Lineman Hammers

With many technical team members, we have successfully compiled a list of eight lineman hammers below. These are the race winners in terms of quality and efficacy. Also, you will learn all their drawbacks and amenities. 

So, why wait for more? Start to scroll down immediately.

1. Klein Tools 809-36 Lineman’s Hammer

  • Weight: 3 pounds;
  • Material: Metal;
  • Head: Steel;
  • Style: Double face.

An outstanding hand tool by Klein occupies first place on the list. It is a double-face hammer with professional features. Let’s dig deeper to learn more about its impetuous features.

The manufacturers designed the hammer basically for pole-line work. We found its construction exceptionally sturdy and well-balanced.

The weight is perfectly contributory to driving lag bolts. The head is forged and tempered. We could use it only in tight spaces as the head is only 95 mm long. 

However, the head consists of identical faces with a wheel-shaped crown driving surface. Also, the beveled edges are quite attractive. The surface’s dimension is around 44 mm.

Accompanying a plastic alloy garment makes it extremely durable. The neck remains safe from eroding and splitting into small pieces in case of being struck or over-struck. 

Featuring a strong fiberglass shaft as a shock absorber, it holds the head tight. Moreover, the handle ensures a comfy and spongy grip. You can choose it as a premium quality hammer, and rest assured.

What We Liked

  • Double face style;
  • High-quality material;
  • Ideal length;
  • Perfect balance;
  • Perforated and lenient grip.

What We Disliked

  • Found nothing. 

2. Estwing E3-40L Lineman’s Hammer

  • Weight: 3 pounds;
  • Style: Smooth face;
  • Material: Steel;
  • Package: 1 item.

Here we welcome you with the second product on the list, one of the toppers in the current hammer industry. Yes, it is the E3-40L by Estwing.

Having a dimension of 13.5×1.8×3.8 inches, it is a smooth face hammer that is finely polished. We got it forged into a single piece. 

Moving forward to balance and temper, we found it unparalleled. What is more exclusive than the shock reduction grips? It minimizes shocks to 70%. Also, it tested durable over time.

It can serve a wide range of people, particularly tailored for linemen. The finest USA steel is used to manufacture this top-ranked hammer. The eye-catching blue UV coating is an absolute satisfaction. 

What We Liked

  • Compact construction;
  • A wide array of usage;
  • Consistently compatible;
  • Worth the price.

What We Disliked

  • The head is pretty small.

3. Southwire Bmeh Heavy Duty Hammer

  • Weight: 1.67 pounds;
  • Head: Drop forged steel;
  • Handle Fiberglass;
  • Style: 18 oz.

A wonderful hammer with an 18 oz head along with a smooth face. The heavy-duty head seems to be reasonably powerful and robust. The head is constructed of dropped forged steel.

This is the finest hammer to be used in tight areas with an extended long neck. Another exclusive feature is the Romex staple remover. You can use it for removing wire staples. Don’t worry; it would not damage the wire.

The lightweight handle of fiberglass is shock and vibration-resistant. We didn’t face any slipping issues because of the convenient grip. The features are perfectly suitable for linemen usage.

Also, get it with a ready handle hole and enjoy the advantage of a lanyard attachment. It is provided for additional security as well.

What We Liked

  • Lightweight handle;
  • Extremely affordable;
  • Well-balanced;
  • Lenient staple remover;
  • Very well-built.

What We Disliked

  • Sharp and dangerous claws.

4. Vaughan VAUE18F Electrician’s Hammers

  • Weight: 1.86 pounds;
  • Material: Metal;
  • Grip: Slip-resistant;
  • Handle Fiberglass.

The E18F from Vaughan comes in a single piece. We loved the slip-resistant grip provided by the handle. Also, it gives outstanding balance.

A patented swelled core in the handle works great to absorb shock. The length of the handle is 14 inches. 

Speaking of the other features, it has an orbicular pole that is extra long. So, so it is capable of functioning in the electric junction boxes.

The steel fixed eye is epoxy-sealed. The air-filled grip is out of a box addition. We liked the steelhead while working with it. 

However, as the USA made the product, you can trust the manufacturers’ claims regarding its performance. 

What We Liked

  • Small size to fit in a toolbox;
  • Flexibility;
  • Convenient rubber grip;
  • Effective long neck;
  • Solid performance.

What We Disliked

  • Found nothing.

5. Greenlee 0156-11 Electrician’s Hammer

  • Weight: 1.7 pounds;
  • Handle Fiberglass;
  • Style: Not insulated.

A perfect hammer by Greenlee to use in confined areas. The extended neck with a tapering striking face makes it possible. 

You will like the long and flat-out claws, designed to remove electric fixtures. The convenient and lightweight handle is outstandingly durable. We also tested its shock resistance capacity, and it passed successfully.

The construction follows a non-slip formula as the handle end is flared. Cushioned grip guarantees users’ lenience while using it. Furthermore, the product overpasses ASME/ANSI specifications. 

What We Liked

  • Perfectly fits in a toolbox;
  • Elongated neck;
  • Cost-effective;
  • Quality performance.

What We Disliked

  • Plastic shaft;

6. Real Steel 0421 Lineman Hammer

  • Weight: 1.06 pounds;
  • Size: 20 oz;
  • Material: Copper;
  • Handle Hickory wood.

Elegance is perhaps the right term to define the outlook of this hammer. The Hickory wood-made handle is completely eye-soothing. Not only that, but it is also unique in terms of stability and duration.

The laser-carved texture assures a secure handling experience. We got it with the drop-forged head, which is made of solid brass. You cannot take your eyes off the finely polished head. 

In the case of mold and automotive belongings, this pure brass hammer is a blessing. It provides no sparking working experience restraining superfluous damage to the steel surface.

Choose it to use for professional flattering to get a no-spark, explosion-proof ambiance. It is more than perfect for lighter hitting. 

We found no slippage issue because of the textured handle.

What We Liked

  • Fine brass head;
  • Rigid and stable handle;
  • Pretty well-built;
  • Spark and explosion-free performance.

What We Disliked

  • Not as durable as it claims;
  • Unworthy brass alloy.

7. Milwaukee 48-22-9316 Hammer for Lineman

  • Weight: 1.85 pounds;
  • Size: 19 oz;
  • Material: Multiple;
  • Handle Fiberglass.

Referring to this 19 oz hammer, we cannot but mention its smoothness. This is a poly fiberglass hammer built with a fiberglass handle. Consequently, it is durable enough to serve for a longer period.

The sturdy construction attracts users with a precise balance. Also, we must mention the extraordinary striking ability. 

However, you will get a slip-free grip because of the rubber mold over the handle. Featuring a compact magnetic nail set, it will let you set the nails by a one-handed operation. 

This hammer by Milwaukee has a smooth finish along with a usual length.

What We Liked

  • High in quality;
  • Integrated magnetic nail starter;
  • No-slip grip;
  • Reasonably smooth finish.

What We Disliked

  • Not as durable as expected.

8. Estwing B34LB Hammer with Shock Reduction Grip

  • Weight: 4 pounds;
  • Material: Forged steel;
  • Size: One size;
  • Grip: Shock reduction grip.

One of the most preeminent and long-lasting tools available in the market right now. The hammer is forged into just one piece. Having the most versatility possible, it is designed to serve a lot of purposes. 

From the features, you can assume that it is pretty heavy. As a consequence, you can have a powerful blow with an effortless swing. Also, it maintains the balance perfectly. 

Choose this hard-hitting hammer if you need a grip to reduce shock. The grip reduces vibration to 70%.

We loved this heavy-duty hammer because of the finest American steel. A very well-crafted product with excellent quality material makes it an exclusive option. 

What We Liked

  • Versatility;
  • Sturdy construction;
  • Heavy-hitting ability;
  • Forged propriety.

What We Disliked

  • A bit heavy;
  • The balance should be improved.


We have tried to cover all the relevant areas regarding a standard quality lineman hammer. But still, there are some questions frequently asked by the readers. Let’s find out the answers together.

What Is the Weight of a Decent Lineman’s Hammer?

16 to 20 oz

This is allocated by the head weight: 16 to 20 oz. Really great for DIY use with 16 oz. Really great for trim and shop use, 20 oz. Good for outlines and demos. For DIYers and general master use, a smooth face is best because it will not damage the surface.

What Kind of Steel Is Utilized for Hammers?

The basic steel used to make hammers is 4140, 4340, and 1045. Assuming you are making a hammer in your fashion, because of its simplicity and comfort you may have to use 1045 steel. Nevertheless, assuming you are looking for steel that will make a tough and reliable mallet, you can choose to use 4340 or 4140.

Why Should We Use a Lineman Hammer?

It is a mighty hammer used by linemen, mainly working on telephone poles. It is used to hammer around weighty and firm objects. A lineman hammer swings slower than the other hammers. 

What Is the Perfect Lineman Hammer?

There are many based on their purposes. You can choose anyone from the above as an ideal pick. But considering the construction and functionality, Klein Tools 809-36 or Southwire Bmeh can perfectly meet your requirements. 

Are Lineman Hammers Safe?

Well, it entirely depends on the use. If not used by maintaining proper precautions, it might get dangerous. That’s why you should read the instructions properly before using them.

Selecting the right hammer for the right purpose is also mandatory to avoid injuries. You should use goggles and other safety tools as well if required.

Closing Thoughts 

An ideal hammer is your best friend if you are a lineman. It will always be the most dependable tool to be right beside you. 

Though you may think all hammers are the same, you will know the difference once you use a high-quality one. A quality hammer can literally make or break your job. 

With an intention to help you, we have collected some of the top-graded hammers for linemen’s use. After running a thorough test, we narrowed down the list, including just eight. 

We assure you that you will not make a wrong decision by picking anyone from the above.

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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