Best Hair Extensions for Short Hair: 3 Factors You Should Consider

Published on: April 1, 2022
Written by Camila Avery / Fact-checked by David Rowan

You can transfer your hair in a few minutes. If you want short to long hair with hair extensions, It is possible! According to your mood, you can change your hairstyle. They are the perfect way to get your looks back instantly. Extensions have artificial strands of hair that you can attach to your hair to get a long-hair look. So, don’t wait for months to months for natural growth. Now, you can enjoy the look of long hair instantly. 

hair extensions for short hair

Here, we have selected some hair extensions for short hair, giving you a natural long hair look. However, it is very important that you pick the right extensions because not all are made equal. Now, following our checklist on what to look for in a hair extension for very short hair. here:

How to Select Hair Extensions for Short Hair

When you go to select one hair extension, then the common question you have to face is, “ What are perfect hair extensions for your short hair?” This Tough question answer has so many options. However, to make it more comfortable for you, we have pointed out a few important facts. It is ideal to be conscious of these before purchasing one. For getting more knowledge about hair extensions. Read more: 12 Best Halo Hair Extensions & How to Wear Properly

Quality of Extensions

Some are simply less durable than hair extensions. Everyone knows that natural human hair lasts longer than synthetic hair, so if you want your extensions to last a long time, you should pick a well brand that uses human hair. You can be sure that they’re off the top quality. You can find two types of materials in the market, one is human hair, and the other is synthetic hair. So make your short hair more stylish, then choose a quality hair extension.

Length of Short Hair Extension

It will depend, how long you want your hair. Do you want waist-length hair or want it to reach just past the shoulders? The short hair length is generally 12 inches to 30 inches. That is why you can choose the hair length that you want. Moreover, if you are suffering from bald spots, it will help you.

Hair Extension Color

This usually is low on the list of considerations, especially when you like to dye your hair. However, if you have very short hair, this is very important for you. Because you want to color your hair extension that will fully match your natural shade, it might not look good if you choose a different color from your natural hair.

Editor’s Note

Hair extensions are needed for those people who can’t grow their natural hair but want to take different styles. If you want to add extra length and volume to your hair, then you don’t have to shell an immense amount at the salon. The perfect hair extension can do this job well. They are comfortable to wear and remove. You can wear it the whole day and unclip whenever you want. 

Pick your choice-able style from this list and try it today. They instantly change your mood and keep you from the same look every time. Go ahead, and invest your money in a good hair extension. We are over sure that you will be happy with your decision!

View Our Selected Top 12 Hair Extensions for Short Hair, Below

We continuously put our supreme effort to amplify our list of recommendable hair extensions. Constantly our team members collect, edit, and publish fresh information for our viewers. So, read the below and find the perfect hair extension for your short hair.

1. Licoville 15 inch15-inch Medium Brown Short Hair Extensions

  • 100% human hair; 
  • 4 different lengths are available;
  • Super easy to attach and remove;
  • Add extra volume, highlight, and lengths;
  • The easiest way to take proper care.

The Licoville 15 inch short hair extensions are made of 100% real human hair. They can be easily combed. Also allows them to be cut and styled as you want. They don’t tangle. They are available in 4 different lengths from 15 through 22 inches and offer several luscious colors for blonde with highlights. These can be easy clip-ins so that you can enjoy the short hairstyle without any commitments. Per package, you get almost 70 grams. There you have not any pulling the hair down problems as some brands feel like.

They don’t have any split ends issues. They are adding a natural bounce to your hair. You can wear them every day and also on any special occasion. Overall, these short hair extensions are easy to install, maintain, and wash, if you want to add hair for extra length or highlights, here is the way to go.

2. HMD Messy Bun Hair Extension for Short Hair

  • Easily set up in 30 sec;
  • Very soft and comfortable to use;
  • Comes with full messy bun;
  • It gives pretty awesome looks;
  • It is made of heat resistant synthetic fiber.

HMD tousled messy bun short hair extensions come with elastic rubber bands for women. Most people use wigs for their stylish look. Women like to change their hair from straight to curly, brief to long, blonde to red by using wigs. This short hair extension you can wear by yourself easily and quickly feels comfy. 

They are made from Remy’s hair. As with your own hair, you can be styled, cut, and tinted to match your personality. It is washable but during this time must use warm water. Don’t use hot water. You can wash them with shampoo and also dry it in the air. But one downside is, you can’t apply to dye. So get a pretty look and save your time.

3. Wodun Bob Spring Curly Short Hair Extension

  • 1B color is used;
  • 100% Brazilian human hair.
  • 7 packs are enough full ahead;
  • Super lightweight with 8-inch length;
  • Suitable for kids and women;
  • Soft, shiny, and flexible to use.

If you want to jazz-up yourself with some bob spring curls, try for the queen Brazilian unprocessed with deep curly short hair extensions. It is made from 100% human hair. These are totally tangle-free and don’t come with any shed. It does not fall down and is also hygienic. You can style it as you want and bleach it.

It also helps you to add volume to your hair. These are lightweight and thick. These hair extensions don’t have any split ends. They are curled back to their natural form after taking multiple washes. Keep them healthy and shiny for a long time using argan oil to your hair extensions.

4. Violet Bob Weave Hair Extensions for Short Hair

  • Tangle-free and no synthetic hair;
  • Can be styled, and washed;
  • With proper care use it for a long time;
  • One pack is enough to cover the whole head;
  • Made without chemical processes.

The Violet Bazilian virgin curly hair extensions are made of real human soft hair. They are 100% unprocessed virgin hair and are made of high quality. They are reusable and last a long time. The curls are fully tangle-free, soft, and shiny. Also offers extra volume and bounce to your hair. 

You can do any style such as straighten them, or color/bleach them anything as you like to do. A pack with 3 bundles, which is enough to cover your whole head. These hair extensions are very lightweight and are available in several hair lengths, textures, and colors.

5. Molefi 4 Bundles Spiral Curl Short Hair Extensions

  • 100% real curly hair;
  • Can be dyed;
  • 8A quality curl hair extension;
  • It bleached as you like;
  • Full weight 50g.

Molefi Brazilian virgin hair comes with 4 bundles. This spiral short curly weave hair Extensions average weight of 50g which is perfect for black women. Today’s women are really active as well as family, career, business-oriented. They don’t have quite a lot of time for themselves. For those busy women, a hair extension is a fast and appealing solution for any type of occasion or their daily life.

This extension has natural color and is made with Remy’s hair without any chemical processing. You can style it in a few minutes. You can maintain your own hair. It is washable. But before washing, detangle your curly extension and use warm water for cleaning. Don’t use plastic and metal comb, only use a wooden comb. So these 8A unprocessed Brazilian hair extensions are suitable for your hairstyle.

6. BHF Off Black Remy Hair Extensions for Short Hair

  • 100% Remy hair;
  • 6Pieces off black hair extension;
  • Gives the thicker and longer hair;
  • Lightweight and blend easily.

The BHF hair extensions are made with 100% natural human hair with a length of 14 inches. Each pack contains 6Pieces and a total weight of about 70 g. The cool-off black shades transform your hair in a few minutes. It doesn’t damage your natural hair and is tangle-free. It offers top to bottom a uniform thickness. It is stitched with high-quality clips that can easily be used by ownself.

Those clips are made with stainless steel and include a rubber coating to stop hair shedding. It also blends easily with your natural hair. The extensions are super easy to wash and dry like your own hair. Additionally, after enough research, here we present these most comfortable hair extensions.

7. Selina Brazilian Body Wave Short Hair Extension

  • Instantly adding 8-inch length;
  • Can be styled as you want;
  • Can be worn comfortably;
  • Do not come with a shed;
  • Removing it is easy and non-messy.

The silicone hair extensions are called skin virgin Brazilian hair extensions. Instead of the short hair being attached to the top strip of silicone, the hair looks like it is directly growing from the extension, and in this case, it is not a piece of fabric but a tape adhesive to which this hair sticks. 

There are special lightweight clips here. According to the company — that contributes to the seamless, and this hair is your appearance. Each bundle has 8 inch short waves. Its total weight is 50g. This extension comes with natural color.

8. Dsoar Side Bangs Extensions for Short Hair

  • Made with real human hair;
  • Neat and clean side bangs;
  • Available in several colors;
  • Perfect for daily uses;
  • Easy to wear and release.

This side bangs Remy hair extension is heat safe for you. It adds in your hair extra volume and bounce. Also adds a concise length to your hair. You can style it as you want and wear it comfortably for whole days. It is soft and very silky and does not split out.

It is available in dark brown color. Also available black, jet black and light brown color. It comes as one piece of 7g is enough to cover the side of your head. It blends well with your own hair. Easy to wear and remove. It does not emit any smell.

9. Fashion Icon Bohemian Curly Short Hair Extensions

  • 4A short curly extension;
  • 100% Remy human hair;
  • Well crafted wide wefts;
  • Various lengths are available;
  • Per set comes with 100 grams.

Everyone loves the natural-looking curls, which gives you a feisty look that progresses your confidence. It is the perfect hair extension for short hair. Fashion brands do not use any artificial hair in their products. All are made of human hair. The curl style is much spicier than the classic flat curly. These kinky curly clips come in a natural black color and also the tang of brown in it.

Before making the final choice for purchase, make sure your preferred length. It offers a different range of lengths, which gives you the option to make a choice. It has an overall weight of 100 grams with the clips. Ultimately, you are secure and confident with this extension. You have the full freedom to straighten, wash, and dye. So, you can take this short hair extension if you are ok with its features.

10. Losmoeer Short Curly Spring Hair Extensions

  • 8-inch bob spring extension;
  • Made by synthetic hair;
  • Six colors are available;
  • No harm to your skin.

Losmoeer made their hair extensions with unprocessed 100% real human hair that comes from synthetic hair in an 18 pack ombre bob spring. And also available 6 different colors. There are not any chemical processes to make their hair extensions. 

It is not rough and easy to install. This curly extension gives you extra bouncy and not any smell out. It is smooth, soft, and shines very naturally. The hair extensions are very lightweight, so easy to wear for a long time. The curls are handmade by the professional braider, and it has a great texture.

11. BLY Mongolian Afro Kinky Curly Human Hair Extensions for Short Hair

  • 8A grade curly extension;
  • Natural black is suitable for dyeing all colors;
  • Length: 8 to 28 inches;
  • 3 hair bundle;
  • Weight: 100 g / bundle, thick and full hair.

The BLY Mongolian curly human hair extensions come well-crafted and totally tangle-free. They add more volume and length to your short hair. These bouncy and glossy natural hair extensions come in 3 pieces. Like all extensions in our list, they are also easy to attach and remove.

If you take proper care of this, it can last a long time. One pack is enough to cover your whole head. The extensions can be dyed and bleached. These extensions offer various colors. You can style your own hair.

12. Oubeca Synthetic Extensions for Short Hair

  • Light color extension;
  • Its price is too valuable;
  • Very soft and real looking.

To transform your look in a second with this tousled synthetic hairpiece by adding a ponytail. This hair extension makes your hair more silky, soft, and beautiful. All colors launched with the RD refer to dark colors. It is made from 100% heat resistant synthetic hair.

This short hair extension comes with a 1.96-inch length with 50 grams weight. You can straighten, curl, and wash it like your own hair. Oubeca ensures its quality so that you can choose it for you. It will be easily blended with your hair.


How Long-Live Can Hair Extensions Last?

This is a common question that has no appropriate answer. Because it will depend on the types of hair extensions you purchase, naturally, the extensions can last a long time if used appropriately and are not worn too often. According to Valles, all kinds of extensions last for about two months.

Overall, if you take better care of your extensions, it should last a longer life. Deep conditioning is an important factor in expanding the lifespan of your hair extensions! It is good to deep-condition them once a week.

Do the Extensions Harm Your Hair?

No, if you wear and maintain them properly. The hair fall out is a big cause of using the extensions on for too long a period. If your natural hair becomes too thick, it becomes heavy. Extensions are out of danger for your hair if you apply it correctly, so you will want to ensure you are in safe hands. You can maintain it at your home easily.

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Guys, I am Camila Avery and I love to help my mom to do indoor & outdoor activities. As a lady, I have passed my time on gardening, home improvement, and personal or self-care. I have acquired some degrees in outdoor recreation, beauty, and hair care. It is not easy to work with top-level professional beauty experts. But, I got that opportunity and experimented with different hair extensions, hair colors, and cuts.

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