25 Best Lace Wigs for Women with Dark Skin Tone

Published on: March 29, 2022
Written by Camila Avery / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Black women usually have identical texture on their hair that differentiates them from other races. This is what makes them unique, bold and beautiful, but it becomes a struggle for them when it comes to choosing the right wig. So, we decided to dedicate this article for women with dark skin tones who want to look their best without breaking the bank or visiting the salon. 

best lace wigs

Lace front wig is the easiest and most natural-looking option for anyone who wants to achieve a full head of beautiful hair. There are other varieties of extensions, wigs, and hairpieces but none of those are easy as lace wigs. Within minutes, you can have the hair of your dreams without spending time, a lot of money and effort. 

In our list, we have picked lace wigs that will look best solely on dark women. Here, you will find several wigs of the similar kind so that you can choose one that fits your budget. On the other hand, there are natural and artificial wigs enlisted in different colors so that women with any age or profession can find their preferred wig here.

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1. Joedir Long, Wavy Synthetic Wigs for Black Women

  • Available in natural black, ombre red, ombre gold, ombre blonde, ombre blonde 1, ombre brown, and ombre dark brown. 
  • 30-inch synthetic hair.

This hair is so perfect, that it is hard to tell that it is actually synthetic. Just like the real lace wigs, there is a deep parting of 4 inches and all baby hairs intact. The hair is soft, silky and natural-looking. There are different variations available in this wig in plain black and ombre shades. All these colors are of high quality and salon-perfect. 

This hair is synthetic, so it requires special care. Upon wearing it for a week straight, it may get some frizz and tangling, but washing and spraying with conditioner will help to retain its former beauty. Once you experience this wig, you will never ever want to return to your old wigs. It is unlikely that this wig will shed a lot. Only one or two strands may fall off as our natural hair does. It is super affordable for women who can’t afford Remy human hair lace wigs. 

However, as the texture and color variations are made considering African-Americal women, I highly recommend this wig for those ladies only. Other women may look at the rest of the options available on this list.

2. Larhali Brazilian Deep Wave Lace Front Human Hair Wig for Black Women

  • 10 to 26 inches real human hair wig;
  • Natural black color for black women.

If you can afford to get a human hair wig, by all means, take it. It is the most natural and less harmful wig type for anyone. This wig is natural black with curly texture. But you can dye it, bleach it, style it with it and every other thing that you do to your own hair. So, the options are endless. 

So, does this fit well? Yes, of course. There is an elastic underneath the wig so that it fits any head size. Moreover, the included wig cap is also lightweight mesh fabric. So that you will look and feel natural. The wig will not puff on your head. 

This wig is available in 10 inches to 26 inches length. Please note, the length is measured when the hair is stretched. So, purchase a bit longer wig so that it doesn’t fall short. You can always cut the length if needed. 

3. RULINDA Short Curly Human Hair Lace Front Wig

  • Short and curly Brazilian virgin human hair;
  • Side part; 
  • 10 inches to 16 inches length available.

When you are looking for short and curly hair, choosing a longer wig doesn’t help much. Because it looks unnatural when you cut the hair short to get a short hairstyle. So, it is better to go for a wig that is already short-haired and needs no trimming. 

This is a Brazilian human hair wig with a medium-sized cap. It is a great choice for someone who has a smaller head or is younger in age. The wig is a high-quality material, it doesn’t shed or tangle. You can perm or straighten it for special occasions. 

Please follow the hair care guidelines the company provides with their products. Human hair wigs can last up to a year if properly maintained. If you wish to use it every single day, then care for it like your own hair.

4. Kun Gang Ombre Color Short Bob Lace Wig For Women

  • Short bob ombre wig;
  • Choose from 10, 12 and 14 inches.

What looks more stylish than a well-groomed short bob hair with ombre highlights? This wig will save you from salon visits by getting just the right color, length and cut you need with all the fullness. It is a 150% density wig and has a natural bump on it. You won’t need any more styling. Just place it on the head and you are good to go for any corporate or casual events. 

This wig is a human hair wig and it is available in three different sizes. The ombre is a mix of colors 4 and 27, blonde and brown. This shed looks good with any light and tan skin tone. The hair doesn’t shed and doesn’t tangle. You will not face any trouble dealing with it throughout the day. 

There is a deep part and baby hair on this wig, to make the wig look natural. If it fits you well, everyone is bound to compliment your ‘new haircut’. It is already straightened and styled. So, it eliminates the time you need to get ready by doing your own hair every day. 

5. Pizazz Human Deep Wave Hair Lace Front Wigs for Black Women

  • 10” 12” 14” 16” 18” 20” 22” 24’’ length available;
  • Natural balck deep wave texture for black women.

Deep wave is the identical hair type for any black woman. They wear it like a crown. So why not get the best crown for the queen? This is a Brazilian virgin hair wig with natural black color. There is a wide range of lengths available, you can choose any of those. The hair is true to length, meaning it measures right when stretched. 

However, the cap and 13″x 4″ lace are adjustable. Those who struggle with adjusting their lace wigs properly should try this out. The customer service is so responsive that you won’t regret buying from them. Get once and be a lifetime customer. 

As this one is human hair, you can style and dye this hair as you want. But remember, any hair lasts longer when you use less color or heat on it, just like our own hair. The hair shines with healthfulness and density. Get ready to wash out with complements.

6. TUNEFUL Body Wave Human Hair Wig Lace Front Wig

  • Length available in 10 inches to 28 inches;
  • 22.5-inch cap;
  • Body waves natural hair in black.

East or west, body waves are the best; because, they give your hair the ‘body’ and ‘wave’. That is why it makes the hair more sexy, healthy and voluminous. To all body wave wig seekers, you can order this human hair wig in any length! And the best part is, irrespective of the skin color, it will look good on anyone. There are two colors available for this wig: black and blonde. Choose yours depending on your preference. 

You can play around with this hair. There is no exact parting, so you can try out parting on different sides for different days. All the baby hair and pre-plucked hairline are intact and well placed to make it a natural and seamless lace wig. 

All the wigs have a 22.5inch cap and a 13×4 lace in medium skin tone color. This universal size and color are meant to fit any girl with any head circumference. However, there is no confusion about the fit so, you can rely on this wig with your eyes closed.

7. Younsolo Water Wave Remy Human Hair Lace Wig with Baby Hair

  • Suits every head size;
  • Brazilian hair in water wave;
  • Ranges from 10 inches to 26 inches.

Among black women, the water wave is also very popular with all other curls and waves. But don’t every wig company meets the texture black women are looking for. This wig from Younsolo is just the perfect color, texture, volume and structure to give the most natural look in a water wave. 

A water wave is not a wave, in fact, it is a type of curl that is named after a water wave. The wave you get in this line of the wig is bouncy, wet and lively. All the baby hairs and pre-plucked hairline are placed perfectly on the lace. Some prefer cutting the wig and adjusting the knot by bleaching, and some not. I prefer not to make any changes to the wig. Using a concealer will help the parting to match your scalp if you really need to. Other than that, this water wave is the perfect fit and look for any black woman. 

Natural hair wigs don’t come cheap. But I would say, this one is way cheaper than it looks. For the price, it can easily beat the wigs from name brands that cost twice of this. You will never regret buying this.

8. HC 360 Lace Frontal Wig in Straight Black

  • Silky straight black hair;
  • Suitable to make ponytails;
  • 10 to 28 inches length available.

What makes a woman instantly glamorous other than long silky straight hair? It makes anyone a head turner so much that wearing makeup is not even necessary when the hair speaks for you. Here, you can order silky straight black hair starting from 10 inches length. The hair is a high density all-natural Brazilian hair. 

The advantage of having a 360 lace is, you can create anything up to like a high ponytail or messy bun or top knot without the risk of displacing the wig. It is secured all around your head, not just the front part. So, the freedom of making any hairstyle you have from this wig is unbeatable. 

The price may seem a bit high for this wig, but it saves you bucks so that you don’t have to invest in any other hairpiece or wig. Many women prefer different wigs for making updos because the lace frontal doesn’t allow them to do so. You are having all the fun and freedom for a reasonable price in this high-quality wig from HC.

9. Younsolo Unprocessed Body Wave Glueless Lace Front Wigs for Black Women

  • 19.5 – 22.5-inch adjustable cap;
  • 10 to 28 inches in stock.

Not only the hair used in this wig is virgin hair, but it is also unprocessed. Meaning, it didn’t go through any chemical procedure to give it the present texture and color or quality. Do you want proof? Very simple, there is no chemical smell from this hair as it arrives!

It will ensure a 130 percent density with baby hair. The size of the cap should fit perfectly for all women. This body wave will look lively, real and voluminous as you take proper care of it. Just keep in mind not to make any customization of this wig before being sure about it. Because you can’t return or claim for any replacement if there is any alteration made to it. So ladies, at first be sure this is your thing or not, are you pleased with the quality? Then only a small hair plucking is all you need to match this wig to your own hairline.

10. Releek Deep Wave Free Part Lace Front Wigs

  • Affordable price;
  • 150% density;
  • 360 Lace Wig with 8A grade quality.

I insist women go for this wig if you want real human hair at the price of synthetic ones. Yes, this wig from Releek is that much cheaper. But is the quality cheap? Absolutely not. In fact, the quality of the hair is much better than many of the high brand wigs. 

The density is higher than most wigs. With 150% density, you may need to pluck the hairline to adjust to your own hairline. However, I won’t recommend this wig for someone who is looking for a thinner wig because, in that case, you may need to pluck the entire wig, which is ridiculous. 

In a word, for the money, this wig is the best you can ever have. It is soft, moisturized and bouncy. The cap is big enough to suit big heads but adjustable enough to fit in every head size. It is a free part wig and is available in up to 26 inches length. There is no point not to love this wig. 

11. BLY 150% Density Straight Human Hair  Lace Front Wig

  • 13×4 full lace wig with 8A virgin hair;
  • 150% density hair;
  • Bleached knots.

We know how much effort you put on making your lace front wig look natural. Bleaching the knots is a very common practice among women who wear these wigs regularly. However, it is only recommended to do this process with professional help. As improperly done bleaching may harm the wig long term. 

So, here we have brought you a wig that offers pre-bleached knot lace frontals. It reduces your hassle to the minimum as you don’t have to do a cumbersome process at home or spend on professionals to do this for you. 

This one is a straight hair wig and available in different lengths. If you wish to get pre-bleached lace wigs in different curls or waves, you can go for other options of BLY wigs. All the wigs are super affordable and are very comfortable for regular use.

12. RULINDA 1B/27 Ombre Color Lace Front Wigs

  • Free part ombre hair in natural black and dark blonde;
  • Cap Size: Medium, 22.5 inches;
  • Length available: 12-22 inches.

Getting a dyed wig is the easiest way to look expensive and salon-styled. It doubles as a replacement wig with beautiful hair dye that is professionally done. So, this wig we are talking about here from Rulinda will surely save you in both ways. This wig has an illusion of ombre color in natural black and dark blonde. This combination is meant to suit any black woman or women with a warm skin tone. There is no need to shuffle through a lot of other options and be confused at the end because this combination is proven to suit black women most. 

It is pre-plucked, pre-bleached and preprocessed. So, it pretty much saves your valuable time on customizing this lace wig. All you need to do is cut the lace and wear this like a regular wig. Get glamorous within minutes effortlessly. 

13. Vallbest Deep Water WaveHigh-Density Lace Front Wigs

  • 150% density free part wig;
  • 8A Brazilian Virgin Remy human hair.

Girls prefer wearing wigs when their own hair is very thin to show off or make any style. So, a wig is a solution to hair thinning and shedding. What if the wig sheds a lot? Yes, we can always buy new wigs but a shedding wig is a cause of embarrassment. For me, this one is one of the most successful vendors that sell wigs with minimal shedding. You can pull the hair, heat and style it, wash and dry it, but it just won’t shed like any other wigs. 

The texture is a deepwater wave, and the hair is true to length. However, as it offers deep waves, it is better to order ¾ inches longer hair than the length you want. Because curly hair is measured when stretched. So it shrinks ⅔ inches in length when curled. The hair used in this wig is high-quality hair. The wig is pre-plucked before sending it to sell, so there is nothing left for you to do other than wearing the wig and feel proud of your looks. 

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14. K’ryssma Straight Ombre Silver Grey Synthetic Lace Front Wig

  • Synthetic hair in black root and grey silver ombre;
  • 22 inches long, 150% density.

The silver-grey color suits high school or college going young girls very beautifully. This wig is very popular among those as well. This is a long synthetic wig with dark roots. It feels natural and soft but looks a bit too shiny. A dab of dry shampoo helps to matte the shine down to make it more realistic.

There is folded hair on the front part of the wig. These are nothing harmful, but you need to use a straightener to lay them flat and nice. It comes with three combs on front and sides. You can use an additional comb on the back or sew in an elastic to make it more secure. 

This one is an affordable and stylish wig that is a great option to gift young girls who love to dress gothic. For others, it may not seem a good choice to wear on a daily basis, but it may match your outfit for a DJ party, concert or Halloween parties.

15. K’ryssma Ombre Dark Purple Heat Resistant Lace Front Wigs

  • 24 inch long;
  • Dark purple wavy synthetic hair.

Don’t get deceived by the photo, the actual color of this wig is more of a purplish-burgundy. It is a very beautiful warm tone that makes the face of any black woman more enhanced. Primarily it comes in a wavy texture, but the hair is heat resistant. You can curl it, or straighten it for special events. 

Like all other K’ryssma hair, this one looks shiny in the photos. Make sure to use a hair powder in a dark color or dry shampoo to matte it down before stepping out. It is a high-density wig, with almost no baby hair on the front. I suggest leaving your own baby hairs out while wearing this wig, as this is the only way to make this look natural. Besides, plucking the hair in front will also help to look more natural. 

This purple wig can enrich your wig collection and is a suitable choice for wearing at a dress-up party, concert, prom and many other occasions.

16. Joedir Water Wave Lace Front Wigs in Ombre Dark Wine Red

  • Ombre dark wine red color;
  • 130% density, water waves, 28 inches length.

You can see, a thin streak of red wine color at the tip of hair makes a big difference in a simple water wave wig. This wig is available in other options like ombre brown, deep brown, blonde, deep blonde and ombre gold. All are ombre shades with black roots so that it suits black women perfectly. 

It is synthetic hair, but the texture and feel is very natural. This 130 density wig is perfect for a natural look on the scalp. The hair is heat resistant, but I oppose applying any heat on it as this may disturb the beautiful water wave pattern. Synthetic hair has an artificial smell, which can be removed by a shampoo of your preferred smell.

17. FUHSI Kanekalon Fiber Lace Wig

  • 13×6 lace frontal;
  • Color: #350 Blonde.

FUHSI is a revolutionary wig brand that makes wigs using Modacrylic hair. This unique fiber can withstand heat up to 377˚F; which is the perfect heat for making long-lasting waves and curls. So, even if the hair is silky smooth and pin-straight, you won’t have any trouble making curls with it and the wig also won’t damage or shed in the process. 

The color is named blonde, but it is more of a dark brown with a hint of burgundy. This slight mix of warmth will add color to your face no matter what your skin tone is. For black women, this one is way too better than pain natural black. The lace is bigger than most other wigs of similar qualities so that you can maneuver it easily and customize as you wish.

18. Bobbi Boss Lace Front Long Bob Wig in Ombre Teal

  • Ombre natural black and teal color;
  • Synthetic, long bob with free parting.

Stand out of the crown with this black-teal ombre hair. The stylish razor-sharp long bob cut is enough to make you look straight out of the saloon. The teal color at the tip is like a cherry on the cake. Step out of your comfort zone by trying this wig out. Usually black ladies prefer warm colors for their hair. I bet, this wig will make you look even more trendy if worn in special events with a proper outfit. 

As this is synthetic hair, there is no baby hair on the front. To make it look realistic, you have to put some effort into taking out your own baby hairs while wearing this. A small amount of gel to set the hair will make the wig blend better.

19. Lucyhairwig Purple Ombre Long Wavy Synthetic Lace Front Wig

  • Light purple wavy synthetic hair;
  • 22 inch long, medium size cap.

To be honest, this light to deep purple ombre hair is not for all black women. If you have caramel, tan or light olive skin tone, then this one may suit when you apply some makeup on your face. So, you get the idea that it is not a good idea for a daily-wear wig. Instead, it is more suitable for special events where you want to be the showstopper by picking up something extraordinary. 

However, the hair is synthetic, but easy to maintain and wear. There is also a small amount of baby hair on the front. It was important to have baby hair in this wig as the root is not dark and you can’t show your own baby hairs to make it look real. You may need to use a concealer underneath the lace to blend this to skin tone. For African-American ladies with a skin tone on the fair side, this wig will make you look and feel special.

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20. Lucyhairwig Rose Gold Lace Front Wigs with Natural Hairline

  • Wavy rose gold hair;
  • 20 inches long.

Choosing an odd shade brings out the brave nature in you. This peachy-rosy pink wig is just like one of those rare colors that no one would suggest or wants to wear casually. But if you ever try it for once, you will notice a big difference in the look and the personality of yourself. 

Again, this shade may not suit every African-Americal skin tone, but you can always return and replace it with other options from the same vendor. However, you need to apply makeup to look glamorous with this wig and make this wig look meant for you. 

The hair is long and you can cut it shorter and apply heat to make a different hairstyle of your choice.  These kinds of synthetic hairs are usually very cheap. There is no harm to buying one or two of these odd colored wigs even if you already have a huge collection of wigs.

21. Freetress Brazilian L Part Lace Front Wig in Brown and Blond Highlights

Beyonce is a role model of many Black ladies. The identical hair she has is now available as a form of lace wig, from Freetress. It not only looks like Beyonce hair, but also makes you feel like a diva. There are other ombres and highlights in different combinations from this same vendor, but I loved it most as how close it is to the hairstyle of Beyonce, not only in terms of color, but also the texture and curls. 

The hair used in this wig is heat resistant synthetic hair. There is a small L part on the front, which is pretty much intact. The hair is long and has a voluminous body wave on it. It doesn’t need any further styling as the wave looks already stylish. 

22. K’ryssma Fashion Ombre Blonde Glueless Lace Front Wig

  • Ombre blonde with brown roots;
  • Length 22 inches.

Blonde hair never goes out of fashion, but be mindful of choosing your shed. There are countless varieties of blond shades, highlights and ombre combinations, but not all of these are meant for everyone. For women with dark skin tone, slightly dark color at the roots kind of make any blonde color suit well. It not only adds depth, but also looks natural. It works to make the impression that the hair is growing right out of your scalp. 

So we chose to give this wig a try. This one has a dark root with ombre light blonde shades. The hair is super long and shines a bit. I recommend cutting the hair to your preferred length and add some hair powder for a more mattifying finish.

23. Missyvan Long Straight Hair Burgundy Color Lace Wig

  • 10% human hair and 90% heat resistant fiber used;
  • 180% density.

Here, you will get a mixed fiber wig all-over burgundy color. The 20 inches length may seem too much for most women to manage, but you can cut the length and the baby hairs short as needed. Please note, the hair has very low heat resistance up to 320℉.

So, I don’t recommend using a dryer, straightener or curler on a medium or a high heat setting. Though this is a high-density wig, the hairline is quite natural. Synthetic lace wigs usually don’t come pre-plucked. You can do this on your own. But the baby hair on this wig’s hairline works well to blend it. You can also use a concealer on the temple area and underneath the cap as artificial wigs are not meant to bleach. 

24. Missyvan Long Straight Hair Burgundy Color Lace Wig

  • 10% human hair and 90% heat resistant fiber used;
  • 180% density.

 Pink lover girls will fall in love with this wig on the first sight. The dark root and ombre pink shades somehow make this wig unique and feminine. As the root is quite dark, this one will suit more on women with darker skin tones. There is another variety available of this pin wig which is overall pink, but I don’t recommend that. Unless you are a professional cosplayer or want to look like a human barbie. 

However, this wig is a better choice for daily use when you want to look like the most trendy woman on earth. The hair is straight, and don’t plan to use heat on this. The synthetic fiber used on this is quite delicate to heat. 

The hairline is quite natural due to the baby-hair and black roots. You won’t have to put any effort into making it more natural.

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25. FUHSI Kanekalon Fiber Wig in Medium Dark Brown

  • Kanekalon synthetic hair;
  • 22 inches long.

For an illusion of naturally beautiful, healthy and unprocessed hair, black is not the only option. Dark skin girls will also look like a diva in different shades of brown. This medium-dark brown is very close to the natural black, but the slightly lighter color on the surface adds definition. 

With 22 inches, this hair is super long. It is a good thing that you can cut the hair with a stylist to get the look you want. It is hard to tell synthetic hair with all the baby hair and natural hairline. You have to strip off the baby hair a bit or use gel to groom those properly. However, for an effortlessly beautiful look, this wig is a sure buy. 

Is Plucking Hairline Necessary?

Generally, the hairline is pre-plucked by the vendors before shipping.  So, plucking hairlines for lace wigs is not necessary for all. If your hairline matches the products you got, then there is no need to pluck it. 

If you have an irregular or asymmetrical hairline, for example, you have a heart-shaped face or a bald spot on the temple, then it is necessary to pluck some hair from the wig. Otherwise, the people who know you closely can detect that you are wearing a wig

On the other hand, if the wig is high density, for example, if it is more than 130% density, then the hairline is pretty thick to look natural. In this case, plucking makes it look better, but not compulsory. 

Why I Don’t Prefer Bleaching the Knots

Bleaching knots help to make the lace look like your own scalp and blend better. But it can ruin the wig long term. Because bleaching weakens the knot. As a result, the hair starts to shed sooner and the lace wig goes bald. 

So, choosing a lace wig that is pre-bleached is a better option. Or you can take the wig to a professional to use a mild bleach. Using a concealer or foundation underneath the lace, on the hairline, and on the parting does a great job hiding the knots without bleaching. 

How to Wear Lace Frontal/Lace Wig

Wash Before First Use

First of all, give the wig a good co-wash before doing anything to it. It will wash off the funny smell and make the wig lively and natural. Use a conditioner and leave the wig to air dry. Once it is dried out, it becomes easier to make decisions about it. 

Customize if Necessary

Pre plucking, cutting or dying is the next process. It applies if you want to look natural and seamless. Cut the hair to your desired length and style. Pre pluck the hairline if needed. You can also dye your hair, but there are huge collections of pre-dyed hair available in the market at a cheaper price. Those are awesome to get a salon styled look.

Tie Your Own Hair Flat

The next thing is, hiding your hair. Make a braid, use bobby pins or make a bun, do whatever it takes to make your hair perfectly seamless underneath the lace. Make sure to make a parting on the right spot where you need the parting of your wig to show. If you skip this step, the hair will show underneath the wig. 

Set the Wig

Adjust the wig properly so that it does not side. Now, make the parting where you made parting using your own hair. Now, you can use a concealer on the part to make it natural. Set the baby hair using a gel. You can make curls, waves or updos at this point.


Lace front wig is the most natural and instant solution to get the best hair you deserve. Moreover, it lets you play with the color, texture and length to do a surprising makeover. So, we have enlisted lace wigs in natural and synthetic fiber, in different textures and colors. 

All the wigs we have listed here are tested by us and we only recommend those who passed our tests. But there is no guarantee that the hair will work for you too, or the vendor will maintain the quality long term. Hair wigs are best selling items and these go out of stock pretty soon. So, there is no harm if you don’t get the item as we described. You can always ask for a refund or replacement as long as the wig is not harmed. 

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Guys, I am Camila Avery and I love to help my mom to do indoor & outdoor activities. As a lady, I have passed my time on gardening, home improvement, and personal or self-care. I have acquired some degrees in outdoor recreation, beauty, and hair care. It is not easy to work with top-level professional beauty experts. But, I got that opportunity and experimented with different hair extensions, hair colors, and cuts.

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