Best Synthetic Hair Extensions: How to Choose the Perfect Shed

Published on: March 14, 2022
Written by Camila Avery / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Finding out about these choices will help you pick the best synthetic hair extensions for your needs. Read here why synthetic hair extensions are good & how to choose the perfect shade.

synthetic hair extensions how to choose the perfect shed

Synthetic Hair Extensions

Synthetic hair extensions are made up of human-made fibers designed to seem and desire human hair. Their simple production means they’re available in a variety of colors and lengths.

Perks of Synthetic Hair Extension

Due to the synthetic nature of those products, they consistently hold the design they were designed with. Most synthetic pieces come up wavy or with a bouncy blow-dry style that never drops. This suggests that when purchased, they will be worn straight from the packaging! No styling, washing, or lengthy fitting process is required.

They are weather-resistant! The synthetic fibers are immune to rain and humidity, meaning you will not ruin your hairstyle in adverse weather, unlike human hair extensions, which are susceptible to dropping their style or maybe frizzing in scorching climates. Human hair extensions will behave a bit like your hair in these conditions, meaning that in heavy rain, your gorgeous bouncy blow-dry is probably going to drop, but your synthetic hair-piece will remain as bouncy as ever!

They’re easy! As synthetic hair extensions require no styling, they’re a superb option for those unacquainted with styling their hair or those who don’t have the time to style their hair every morning. Are on a regular basis asked by clients how they will achieve celebrity hair if they aren’t confident at styling hair or do not have the specified tools? Synthetic hair extensions are an excellent option for these customers. They’re also quick to put and take away from the hair, making them ideal for Mums during a rush for the varsity run.

They’re much cheaper than human hair extensions. Superb quality human hair extensions are costlier than synthetic hair; this is often because they last for much longer, often up to and over a year. However, if you’re trying to find a short-term hair extension fix, then synthetic hair extensions are a superb choice. They’re far more affordable and may even be purchased in bulk, thanks to their affordability.

They make a superb option for Bridal/Prom hair; we frequently get clients trying to find hair extensions that will provide them with gorgeous hair but just for the day/weekend. They create an equally convenient choice for a vacation once you don’t need to spend an excellent deal of your time preparing and need to pack light!

Is Synthetic Hair Extension Better than Human Hair Extensions?

If you are not wearing this permanently, then yes, synthetic hair extensions are better than using human hair extensions. These are more affordable, require less maintenance, and last longer. 

On the other hand, human hair gets its nutrition from the scalp. As the hair extension can’t do that, it has a tiny life even if you take outstanding care of it. So the high price you pay for it does not serve you for long.

How to Choose the Perfect Shed Online?

Pay close attention to your own hair color under natural daylight. The tip of the hair is lighter than the roots. That is why we always purchase hair extensions by the color of the tip. Because once you wear it, the hair extension base stays hidden under the hair and, for a casting shadow, looks darker at the roots.

It is good to pick one with a dark tone on the base that matches your hair for a highlight or ombre hair. You can also send your photo to the seller. They are accommodating to picking a hair extension that has the right color and texture on it. You can also order customized hair.

How to Make Synthetic Hair Last Longer?

Proper care and maintenance is the key to lengthening the life of hair extensions. After purchase, read all the instructions carefully. Before wearing it, use a hair extension shampoo to wash off the fas=ctory smell. Then place the hair on the towel to soak the water, then hang it for air drying.

Use a wide-tooth bristle brush to comb hair extensions. Take time to detangle and start from the tip and finish at the root. 

Use a spray bottle to mix 1:1 conditioner and water. Suppose you are leaving the hair open, use this mixture all over the hair throughout the day. If it is closed, then use it before getting ready. 

Never wear the hair extension during sleep, shower, nap, or shower. Never use styling tools more than 250 to 275 degrees. The less you put heat on the hair, the less damage will be done to it. 

View Our Analyzed 10 Synthetic Hair Extensions-

We have reviewed a lot of hair extensions to spot the simplest of the simplest. We searched for hair extensions you’ll snap into place and begin at the top of the day and people you’ll sew into your hair for a more long-term solution. Whatever you would like to accomplish together with your hair extensions, we’ve found the proper ones for you.

1. REECHO 20″Curly Wave Synthetic Hair Extensions Hairpieces in Dark brown

  • Brown and Auburn ombre curly hairpiece;
  • Clip-in extension,
  • 20 inches in length.

Getting ready for a special event becomes a breeze when we have a hairpiece in a wavy-curly texture handy. This hairpiece from REECHO is just the right pick for you if you have dark brown shoulder-length hair. On top of that, the slight dark auburn ombre at the tip gives an instant glamorous salon-dyed look. 

This is a one-piece 20-inch long hair extension and it is available in other different lengths. If you have thin hair, you will need two of these. My advice is, to be sure about the length you need before ordering. Unlike other hair extensions, trimming this one is not recommended as it can ruin the wave. 

To blend this hairpiece into your original hair, all you have to do is curl your own hair a bit, and it becomes seamless. This is a highly heat-resistant hairpiece, but as it arrives in a curly form, I don’t see the point of using a curling iron on it. Be generous about spraying tons of conditioner on it, and this hairpiece will be your best friend at parties for a long time.

Why you need it

  • Sefl-curl reduces the time for a hairdo;
  • Perfect for special occasions;
  • No need to use a curler;
  • Blends well.


  • Be sure about the color and length you order. 

2. OneDor Curly Clip in Synthetic Hair Extensions in Off Black

  • Heat resistant up to 270-300 Fahrenheit;
  • 7pcs wefts for a full head;
  • Off-black extensions in 20 inches length.

For ladies with thin hair, only one piece of hair extension does not serve well. To get full-volume hair, women with thin hair should invest in clip-in hair extensions with separate wefts. These work great to get volume not only at the tip but at the roots also. For example, this hair extension comes with 7 wefts of different sizes to cover the sides, back, and temple of your head. It is off-black, so it blends right with black hair and looks natural.

The wave at the tip will give you a natural look and feel. It does not look like done with a curling iron or any other curling products. Set this hair extension open or in a ponytail; you will feel confident about the way it is.

Why you need it

  • Easy to maintain.   
  • Looks and feels natural;
  • Cost-effective;
  • Suitable for casual wear.


  • Use the curler in the lowest setting. 

3. SARLA Brown Blonde Synthetic Hair Extension

  • Brown Blonde Balayage color;
  • 18-inch length;
  • Natural waves.

Lazy ladies like me avoid hair extensions for the time it takes to wear and blend. Here is some good news for you. This ‘Halo Hair Extension’ is a type of hair extension that takes only seconds to wear. Moreover, it falls underneath your hair giving you the instant desired length without the hassle of teasing and brushing your hair in an attempt to blend. This hairpiece is wearable, like a circular headband. The only difference is, the band is made of fishing wire. So it becomes seamless as you wear it on your crown, and the hairpiece keeps hidden under your own hair.

The best part is, it does not require any glue and doesn’t need any clip to attach. So it won’t pull on your hair the entire time. Literally, it will be a ‘wear and forget’ experience.

Now, in terms of this particular extension, it is a brown-blonde extension with a great beach wave. For daily casual wear, outing with friends, making voluminous updos, and tieing the top knot, everything you can do wearing this. For a full head of natural-looking hair, look nowhere else.

Why you need it

  • Comfortable to wear;
  • Seamless;
  • Quick wearing for added length;
  • Suitable to wear at casual and beach parties.


  • It will not create volume at the front.

4. TOFAFA Multi-colors Synthetic Party Highlights Extensions

  • 19 solid colors and 3 gradient colors;
  • Clip-in style;
  • 22 inches long.

Maybe you are here to get one or two sets of synthetic extensions for yourself. But there is no harm in getting a set of vibrant-colored hair extensions for the little girl of your house. Trust me, and nothing makes little kids happier than a set of hair extensions that are full of eye-catchy colors. For your peace of mind, this may save your girl from getting a permanent hair color that can damage her hair for your peace of mind.

This set includes 22 locks of clip-in extensions, all in different shades. Three are gradient among those, and others are in solid color. For a birthday party, summer vacation, outing with friends, or sleepover, these will make your girl happy within seconds. This set is 22 inches long so you can cut it to your desired size for a better match. Yes, you can also curl it at a decent temperature to create a different look.

Why you need it

  • Suitable for Dj parties and night club;
  • Popular among kids and teens;
  • Safe colored hair looks without damage.


  • Don’t swim, shower, or sleep wearing these. 

5. CiCy 24 Pieces Multi-Colors Party Highlights Synthetic Hair Extensions

  • 24 pieces of clip-in wefts;
  • 24 colors;
  • Length: 20 inches.

It feels good that we don’t have to break the bank to get a new look every single day. Just purchase this pack. It is full of 24 different colors. Wear different colored wefts to achieve a different look every single day, without visiting the salon!

These hair extensions are the top favorite among young girls. Overuse, it may tangle if left open. So my advice is, if you are taking these for your little princes, make a braid with it. This way the hair won’t get tangled and still you can enjoy one or two bright streaks of color on your hair. 

Use a generous amount of hair conditioner when you remove the hair extension for the night. It will be ready by the morning to let you conquer the world wearing it! Wear it like straight hair, or make a curl to match the style you are carrying on different occasions. Once it is curled, it holds its shape for a long time. 

Why you need it

  • Cheap; 
  • Instant effortless highlight;
  • All the vibrant colors in one pack;
  • For straight hair;
  • Highly heat resistant.


  • Use conditioner often for lasting.

6. Onedor 7 individual pieces of Straight Synthetic Hair Extensions

  • Texture: straight platinum blonde;
  • 24 inches synthetic hair.

The platinum blonde never gets out of style for fair ladies. It makes anyone look bold and beautiful effortlessly. The hair extension we are talking about here is super long. With its 24 inches length, you can have a hairstyle that goes up to your waistline. On the other hand, the sleek and shiny, and straight hair is perfect for any corporate setting even on a date night. 

I always tell my customers to invest in long hair extensions. It is good because you can cut the hair afterward to blend with the natural hairstyle. Besides, long hair doesn’t come for free; we have to wait for ages to grow it. When we have one or two sets of hair extensions in superb length, we can get that dream hair in merely minutes.

For daily wear and daily styling, this Korean synthetic hair extension is a great buy. You can style it with a straightener and curler in a modest setting and have a good hair day every single day.

Why you need it

  • Suitable for heat styling;
  • Easy maintenance;
  • Affordable.


  • Slightly heavy.

7. SEIKEA Long & Straight Wrap-Around Synthetic Extension

  • 28 Inch wrap around ponytail;
  • Matte black color.

The ponytail is the most ancient hairstyle for every man and woman who has long hair. And it is timeless too. You can practically wear it with any outfit, for any event, and nail it if the ponytail is long, healthy-looking, and voluminous. But everyone is not fortunate enough to have heavy and healthy hair and it takes time to tease the thin hair to get the desired look. Needless to say, it kills time and energy to put the hair in that position and also damages it over time. 

A built-in ponytail hair extension can be the best gift you can give to yourself. It is handy, easy to wear, requires less maintenance, looks and feels glamorous, and the list is endless. Does your corporate life require maintaining a perfect hairstyle all day long? Or does a ponytail make you look confident when you are going to college or outing with friends?

In both cases, it works well. This hairpiece secures with a small clip. A little lock is set out so that you can wrap it around the base to blend the tail with your own hair and hide the rubber band as well. Get the glamorous long and full ponytail without effort. 

Why you need it

  • For voluminous ponytails;
  • Effortless wearing;
  • Looks natural.


  • Needs proper care for longevity. 

8. BACANA 3pcs Ombre Synthetic Jumbo Braid Hair Extension

  • Blonde to pink to purple ombre;
  • 24 inches long;
  • Crochet style.

Making box braid, dreadlocks, french braid, or Senegalese twist becomes the season’s flavor during summer and other festivals and vacations. If you agree with me, then these hair extensions can make your next summer vacation more memorable. This braided hair is available in a wide variety of solid and ombre shades. You can also choose to take a solid color for you and a fun shade for your daughter or sister.

However, other than making braids, these synthetic extensions are usable in many ways. They are made highly heat resistant on purpose. So, when your craze or braided hairstyle fades up, you can still straighten or curl this hairpiece to create a different hairstyle. One may need 6 to eight packs of hair extensions for a full head, depending on the thickness.

I recommend going to a professional for making braids using these. The procedure involves a high-heat application. If it is not done with proper caution, it can lead to an accident and damage. 

Why you need it

  • Making box braid, Senegalese twist, dreadlocks, etc;
  • For cosplaying,
  • Events like Halloween, and dress-up parties;
  • Gift for small girls.


  • Nothing to care about.

9. Bomb Twist Braiding Crochet Hair Pre-Looped Synthetic Hair Extension by MIRRA’S MIRROR

  • 10-inch fluffy twist;
  • Pre looped;
  • Color 1B matt black;

Springy twisted crochet hair not only makes women look good but also lifts the mood too! For ladies, who love to wear twisted hair, we have enlisted this extension from BOMB Twist. It is thick, fluffy, soft, and looks, and feels natural. And after wearing this, anyone looks like a real bombshell!

These are pre-looped hair. All the materials you need to wear are already included in the packaging. A crochet stick, rings, and hair are all you need. If you are a beginner, try to get some help or go to a salon to wear these nicely. Ladies who have been wearing this hairstyle for years can do this by themselves. 

If this hair extension is worn properly, it is not supposed to pull the hair or feel uncomfortable on the scalp. But I recommend washing this extension following the instructions before use. It helps to remove the synthetic smell and it reduces the chance of itching. 

Why you need it

  • Soft and lightweight;
  • Manageable;
  • Damage-free dreadlocks.


  • Needs more than one pack for full coverage. 

10. 8 Packs Synthetic Fiber Crochet Braids Crochet Hair Braiding by ShowCoco

  • Includes 8 packs;
  • 20 inches long.

This crochet braid hair is different from other competitors. It is pre-stretched and safer to use. While other hair needs high heat from heating tools, these only need hot water to lock in place. You get 8 packs of hair extensions in one box. For a full voluminous hairstyle, you will need around two boxes of these. 

These are high-quality synthetic extensions. It does not create static energy in contact with fabric like other hair extensions do. So it gets less tangled and also sheds less. Once you put these on a braid, there is practically no maintenance required until you remove these. For worry-free and problem-free killer dreadlocks, this hair extension can’t get wrong. 

Why you need it

  • High-quality extensions;
  • One pack is enough for a full head;
  • Comfortable to wear;
  • Tangle-free and itch-free.


  • Use under professional help. 

People Also Asks

People’s curiosity & dilemmas are never-ending criteria. They are some curious people out there who also ask questions like below-

Can You Wear Synthetic Hair Extensions Every Day?

Clip-in hair extensions are a short-lived method of hair extensions, which suggests you’ll clip them in and out whenever you would like. Top-quality clip-in hair extensions will last you anywhere from 3-6 months up to a year or maybe longer, counting on how often you wear them and the way you’re taking care of them.

Are Synthetic Wigs Worth It?

Cost – counting on the standard, synthetic hair wigs are less costly than human hair wigs. If you buy an honest, quality, heat-friendly synthetic wig, it is often less expensive than human hair wigs. Heat-favorable synthetic wigs tend to be less shiny than former synthetic wigs to look more realistic.

Is Synthetic Hair Good for Braiding?

All synthetic hair is sweet for box braiding, but kanekalon typically selects most haircare professionals. Kanekalon fibers are synthetic but employ a polymer that very closely relates to the natural protein in hair.


Wearing a synthetic hair extension is the first step in deciding on long-term hair extension planning. Women who chose to wear natural hair extensions for the long term or on a permanent basis tried out first synthetic extensions to get used to them.

I am not telling you to do the same; in fact, I recommend using synthetic extensions for special reasons over damaging your own hair by cutting, drying, or styling. Wearing natural tape-in and I-tip, U-tip extensions are also damaging. So be safe and enjoy life by wearing a synthetic extension whenever you are feeling like it.

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Guys, I am Camila Avery and I love to help my mom to do indoor & outdoor activities. As a lady, I have passed my time on gardening, home improvement, and personal or self-care. I have acquired some degrees in outdoor recreation, beauty, and hair care. It is not easy to work with top-level professional beauty experts. But, I got that opportunity and experimented with different hair extensions, hair colors, and cuts.

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