Moisture Meters for Wood: Choosing Fact & Our Recommendations

Moisture meters for wood and other materials, from artisans to professional builders, are taken as fab, whether about firewood blow-drying or building new houses or pipeline connections. Well, some have proven cost-effective by measuring moisture with precision, or some are not.

Saws, nail guns, or common tools have different types; even better aftermarket ones are available. The moisture testing tools are also available in major 2 varieties, considering pin type and non-pin or pinless or contactless.

best moisture meters for wood

So, the market fluff intends to keep you in confusion, either let engage in battle. Yet one you have selected, is it worth your bucks? Again confused? Let us introduce you to 12 moisture meters for wood and other materials, to save you from such lousy engagement.

However, each model has enlisted a few bad ones with lots of useful features. Further moisture regarding issues solutions has a close look at the below FAQs and buyer’s guide too. 

Features You Should Look for Moisture Meters for Wood


Not all moisture meters for wood have similar capabilities to give accurate data; thus, it becomes quite hard to operate even sometimes. Well, in that case, why don’t you choose the easy operating and temperature, humidity, and versatile materials compatible to give the accuracy rate?

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But knowing an exact accuracy rate to select in between something even better. Within .1% or 1%, moisture detecting scale either for building materials or for woods is the right one for you. In that case, without complications, we prefer Eray and Poster.

Moisture Range and Depth 

As the second consideration, we have sorted it out from our experience and good to get acknowledged by potential buyers, and pros too. In that case, many of the patented current moisture meters for wood are offering more moisture content, around 0-99%. And, quite fab than the regular models, which used to scan around 5-60/50%MC for woods and .1-24 or less percentage. 

Though each may not provide the same peace of mind, it depends mostly on what materials you will check and want precision. Speaking of precise depth scanning, pinless used to take readings from 1” surface depth, whether with pin detectors can go quite far.   

Surface Type 

Want a cost-effective moisture content meter? Is it for your firewood purpose, or want to try it on building mold existence scanning?  First, determine on which surface you are going to take it on. Whether digital display, ease of use, and good quality can turn moisture meters for wood or other materials quite fab, this much convenience relies on you to increase the accuracy and compatibility. 

We consider the surface type with sharp importance, as it is prominent for many moist testers as long as each one does not offer similar surface compact testing. As well, if you have read thoroughly, you can justify the differences.  

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An item’s durability is vital to any individual who will utilize a dampness meter routinely in places of work. Indeed, even a more current model with the best highlights ought to endure having its pins driven into a divider or being jarred in a tool box.

This meter ought to incorporate the elements a DIYer needs yet in addition have gained notoriety for strength and long life. Consider choices that have a rubber-treated packaging, a hardcore plan or shock opposition worked in. It will endure a couple of falls without harm and make an incredible venture since they’ll be supplanted less much of the time.

View Top 12 Moisture Meters for Wood – Short Analysis

1. General Tools MMD4E Moisture Meter for Wood

General Tools MMD4E Moisture Meter for Wood

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  • Pin Length: 3 inches;
  • Building material moisture scales: 1.5% to 33%;
  • Wood Moisture scales:  5% to 50%;
  • Display Size and type: 99.9 counts backlit LCD.

A complete house, yet have tensioned if any leakage or dampness exists in walls? Either about the tree’s natural moisture power? For those incidents, we first prefer a moisture meter for wood, manufactured by General Tools MMD4E.

Not only that, this tester is essential for assessing water damage under carpets after flooding remediation efforts at less cost according to the recent moisture. These all can cause mold growth in your home walls, either on woods or firewoods too. But how to detect it?

Very simple, MMD4E two .3-inch pin sensors will lead you to it. Take it for metering the moisture content wherever you are doubting. Though The pinpointed accuracy at +/- 3%, moisture location on the 99.9 count LCD, not good. However, the 5-50% moisture located on woods will assist in preventing mold by your little steps that are very easy. You can carry it with you whatever you want with its travel bag.

What we liked 

  • Budget-friendly affordable for all circle people;
  • Work as both calibration checking and moisture detecting;
  • Various materials applicable;
  • Longtime readout screening.
  • Included travel bag for safety and easy movement;
  • Easy to read and use this large-scale display.


  • No noticeable negative side is identified.

2. Dr.meter MD918 Wood Moisture Tester

Dr.meter MD918 Wood Moisture Tester

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  • Moisture scales: 4% ~ 80%;
  • Environment temperature -10 ~ 60 ºC;
  • Max. error: 1%Rh+0.5;
  • Humidity: 0 ~70%RH.

With pin or non-pin, a greater trade-off exists between both types of a wood moisture meter. Whether users consider in-built pin moisture meters for better accurate readings, therefore, the non-pin ones tend to act like a non-puncture wounding tool in the woods. But in this case, we will get a less reading error, around 1%Rh+0.5, including temperature compensation. Along with non-marring quality while applying in desirable projects. 

Though the MD918 series, manufactured by Dr.meter, is capable of measuring all wood thicknesses. Featuring wide compatibility, for instance, 10 timber grade density leads to the accuracy you are looking for. Very easy to identify the moisture of the wood in a short time.

The auto on/off switch saves its power, whether a zero-metering alert for calibration is available. The included auto-off function made it easier to shut off the unit after 5 minutes of no use. Besides, the ATC overrunning switch, such a no-time alarm whenever the moisture ratios will exceed the limit. The ultra-large LCD screen is another good feature that ensures clear readings in a dark space.

What we liked 

  • Extra temperature compensation function;
  • Offer non-marring tips;
  • Over-range alerts; 
  • Higher accuracy, lower errors;
  • Adjustable 10-grade applications.


  • The battery finishes faster than other devices.

3. Lignomat Mini-Ligno E/D Moisture Meter for Wood

Lignomat Mini-Ligno E/D Moisture Meter for Wood

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  • Moisture scales:  6-45%;
  • Measuring the depth of 3/16″ and 7/16″;
  • Material: plastic.

Next, wood moisture meter from Lignomat- a lightweight and easy mitering sensible. This head pin holding detector tends to give better accuracy, especially in moisture reading, without damaging your wood scalps. However, it comes with full calibration, and the adjustment avoids species-specific, yet wood-group specific. 

Means to sense first the thickness of woods; for instance, your firewood lumber may have an average thickness, whether the fiberboard or veneer is less thick. According to this class, with a green cap as a handle, the readings between 6-45% will keep your steps in range.

However, its green cap creates easy probe insertion and wraps up to save pins while transporting.  

What we liked 

  • Greater accuracy rate;
  • Mini size and portable;
  • Green cap cover-up pins;
  • Measures all thicknesses.


  • Limited calibrations.

4. Tavool MT270 Digital Moisture Detector for Wood

Tavool MT270 Digital Moisture Detector for Wood

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  • Wood moisture scales: 6%-60%;
  • Building materials: 0.2-2.9%.

Searching for a quick moisture pinpointer and reader at the same time? With 8 calibration scales, Tavool has manufactured the MT270 series. Integrated 2-separate measurement modes are capable of finding out hidden delicate moisture buildup through home corners.  

2 in-built high precision stainless steel pins softly penetrate the detected surface. For example, we have tested on Red Oak by turning on the Mode-A for accurate %MC. Measuring home site moisture, ranging from 0.2-2.9%, is a little bit disappointing to take back from shopping. The Tavool moisture meter is ideal to use in woodworking, building construction. You can work with this device with agriculture and floor-laying work.

However, featuring a rubber-grip handle, the temperature in the C/F display, and memory function work well. Even floor laying, firewood, window frames, take dedicated steps against molds. Sounds multi-functional moisture meter for different woods and materials types, right?

What we liked 

  • Inexpensive and hand-friendly rubber grip;
  • Woods considering 8 calibration scale;
  • Dual-purposive;
  • Wood and materials separate measurement modes;
  • High precision pins.


  • Found nothing that is claimed by the user of this device.

5. General Tools MMH800 4-In-1 Wood Moisture Tester

General Tools MMH800 4-In-1 Wood Moisture Tester

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  • Storage Humidity: 95%;
  • Wood moisture scales: 5-50%;
  • Building materials moisture scales: 1.5-33%; 
  • Moisture Measurement Accuracy: ±3%.

Want to try a 2-in-1, means to pin/pinless moisture tester at the same time? Well, your dream has come true with the General Tools manufactured series MMH800. Comes with dual in-built pad sensors to detect unearth moisture of both flat surface and in material areas.

On top of that, the patent is damn awesome with two display services in both corner lengths. The large upper display is for getting %MC, and the lower one is either for ambient temperature or relative humidity detecting. The auto on/off switches work to capture readings or turn themselves off without 5 minutes of activity.

What is more in the box? Well, an integrated audible alarm sounds at different measurements, including 2 spare S.S. pins, a lanyard, and a 9V battery.  

What we liked 

  • Dual LCDs for related jobs;
  • Audible alarm included;
  • Spare pin sets for separate usage;
  • Simple and easy setup and use;
  • In-built dual pad sensors.


  • Pinless gives inaccurate readings.
  • Some users demand that sometimes it does not work properly.

6. Extech MO55 Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter for Wood

Extech MO55 Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter for Wood

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  • Wood moisture range (pin): 5 to 50%;
  • Other materials (pin): 1.5% to 33%;
  • Wood moisture range (pinless): 0 to 99%;
  • Other materials (pinless): 0 to 99%;
  • Resolution: 0.1%;
  • Material: ABS.

The previous both pin-type and pinless are compatible, but not expectedly much without pins while taking readings. Want a similar one to work instant and will provide divisional accuracy? Well, it is good enough for woods and not bad for wall rock, cardboard, concrete, sheetrock, plaster, and mortar.  

However, once short moisture or small wet patch gets detected, its integrated moisture icons display the level reading with instantly audible alert tone beeps. 

From 1 meter down to the surface, whenever it is in non-pin mode, never measure the wrong level. However, this mode catches the best reading from 1” surface down. As well, it turns itself perfect for building restoration projects.

What we liked 

  • After measuring and effects analyzing capacity;
  • Protective cap with 2 spare pins;
  • Big display icons easy to riding in different conditions;
  • Capable to work with all kind of wood surface;
  • Instant wet or dry recognition.


  • 25mm less thick project compatibility.
  • Price is a little higher than the other moisture meters.

7. Reddragon MT-18 Two Pins Digital

Reddragon MT-18 Two Pins Digital

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  • Wood Range:4-75%
  • Paper Range:4-90%
  • Wall Range:0.2-24%
  • Resolution:0.1%
  • Accuracy:0.5%erature: 0°C to 40°C(32°F to 104°F).

Tired of checking multi object moisture measuring meters? At this time, we have found the lightest and pocket-carrying meter, and available right near to the shops. In short, Eray’s digital patent carries a great valued package. It is a two-pin moisture meter of good quality at a low price.

As it has enabled for wood moisture pinpointing within 5 seconds, it features 4 such groups, all about from hard to softwoods. For example, mode-A activates for Walnut, rubber trees, and mode-E for pine, basswood type big trees wet patch detection.  Auto power off within 5 minutes. Very easy steps 

It comes in handy, and weighing less does not mean to get at least budget. However, each dream comes in one toolbox. One drawback, though, is not necessary. Identifies pipeline leakages, or roof and floors water leakages, but not okay enough. 

What We Liked 

  • Better accuracy measurements;
  • Too much affordable price with good service; 
  • With backlight in dark operations;
  • Removable 2 electrode measurement pins;
  • 5 wood-specifying modes.


  • No noticeable issues are found yet.

8. Calculated Industries 7440 Moisture Tester

Calculated Industries 7440 Moisture Tester

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  • Wood moisture scales: 5%-50%;
  • Building materials moisture scales: 1.5% – 33%;
  • Accuracy: +/- 3%.

Another smart choice for potential buyers is the price-to-weight ratio class. However, the weight has been loaded with numerous moisture content indicating features. The model’s patent has not yet changed in these years and achieved our trust. 

Whether you care about the most hidden leaks in regular surfaces, for instance, walls and surfaces, it finds the patches out at ease with care as much as you do. So do, prevent your home from being demolished early demolishing. Regarding this, after opening up the ash-colored pin cap, an auto alarm starts to beep to ensure the exact location and moisture level. 

It better checkouts with lumber, firewood, and hardwood for building, and similar woodworking projects, as what you want after making these ready in early winter. It is a great moisture meter that comes with an easy method of use.

What we liked 

  • Hold key freezes readings;
  • Integrates calibration test pins;
  • Handy and sturdy;
  • Avoid splits, cracks, and warping.


  • Displays less accurate data;
  • Not a pro-type DIY remodeler.  

9. SamPro Dual Moisture Meter for Wood

SamPro Dual Moisture Meter for Wood

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  • Pin type: 2.0;
  • Wood moisture scales: 5-50%;
  • Power source: 9V battery.
  • Color display.

Aiming for a pro-grade moisture meter for wood, having dual reading capacity? Yes, here you are on the right option. Manufactured by SamPro, including both temperature and moisture reading capacity on 4-material type modes. Compared to other pro-graded ones, unbeatable at this price, even on 100 materials instant testing modes. 

Specifying 3-classes woods, hardwoods, drywalls, softwood or carpet, and concrete detects moistures ranging from 5-50%. Means low to high moisture content metering power according to the side-by-side materials’ name. Its 2.0-type pins take themselves to a pro-next level, including all in a small nylon-grade carrying case.

Want to test with smartness in darkness? Check out the radiant, glowing flashlights. 

What we liked 

  • Low cost so budget user can afford it;
  • Four materials modes;
  • Dual readouts;
  • LCD color display with flashlight mode;
  • Durable nylon carrying case for safety and easy caring process;
  • Reasonable price with up-to-date features and quality.


  • Poor battery integration; 
  • Inaccurate for critical measurements.

10. Proster Handheld LCD Wood Moisture Test Meter

Proster Handheld LCD Wood Moisture Test Meter

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  • Mode: 4; 
  • Resolution: 0.1%; 
  • Pin length: 4”;
  • Moisture scales: 0-99%;
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.5%.

At this time, we are introducing the highest wood moisture scaling power meter, even with 4 wood specifying category modes. Even sort out more than 50 wood species moisture levels, such as teak walnut, paper, and more, ranging from 0-99.9% with .5% accuracy. 

Though the less accurate level may leave no interest in you for purchasing, this huge category specifying huge moisture detecting power will force you to buy. Speaking of auto on/off, low battery displays on an LCD screen and data holding are damn awesome with never hanging on projects. With the electrical resistance measurement principle, the pushing pins into any light wood leaves neither scratches nor harms its growing or remaining quality.    

What we liked 

  • Highest moisture level detection; 
  • Durable, yet ABS makes lightweight;
  • Better wood specifying modes;
  • Never harm the woods.
  • Not useful for building materials only used for wooden surfaces.


  • Not useful for building materials only used for wooden surfaces.

11. ennoLogic eH710T LCD Screen Moisture Meter for Wood

ennoLogic eH710T LCD Screen Moisture Meter for Wood

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  • Modes: 7;
  • Material: plastic;
  • Accuracy: ±2%; ±1°C;
  • Temperature: -10.-.50°C, + 14.-.122°F.

The second-highest program fitted for pinpointing moisture level, even in colossal temperature, from ennoLogic eH710T. Compared to other moisture meters for wood, this one limits their detecting grade, which does not mean fewer grades, about 7-specifications. Includes cedar, maple, anhydrite, lime and cement mortar, brick, each comes with ±2% moisture accuracy. Something well enough, right?

On your hectic days, carrying as a pro integrates a protective cap that secures itself with every single feature. Even want to take measurements in convinced areas? 

Simply take off its cap, turn it on, push 2 integrated hard pins in those areas by switching on the backlights too for better looks. Featuring an air temperature sensor is a real breeze then. And, within a second, the accuracy on your handy LCD screened tool will get visible. 

What we liked 

  • Wide measurement range;
  • Sturdy and durable pins;
  • Hassle-free carrying tool;
  • High accuracy rate with short time;
  • 7-modes for metering;
  • Large backlit LCD display included;
  • Comes at a low budget price;
  • Easy-to-read and operate.


  • Displays less accurate data;
  • No auto-switching on this reason charge loss fastly.

12. Dr.meter Backlit LCD Display Pin-type & Scanner Wood Moisture Meter

LCD Display Pin-type & Scanner Wood Moisture Meter

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  • Operating temperature: 32-122ºF;
  • Wood range: 5%-50%
  • Measurement scale: 0.1~2.4% MC for building materials and 1~70% MC for wood; 
  • Temperature measurement range: -32ºF to 104ºF;
  • Error range: ±2%
  • Accuracy: ±1%;
  • humidity: 0~70% RH.

At first glance, our expectations were high, but it’s outlook, pretty sleek. But as time passes, its compatibility becomes more rigid and more challenging to operate. But we have been compelled to place it as the last option in today’s moisture meters for wood listing for a few exceptions. This Dr.meter moisture meter is an ideal dual functions device. It is a pin-type moisture meter good for wood and building materials. This pin-type meter comes with faster response and higher accuracy.

However, the exceptions that turn us back from using it include good measurement scales for building materials before making one’s house, temperature compatibility for measuring. This device is suitable for softwood, hardwood, gypsum, and concrete.

What is more beneficial? Well, pinpointing every slow leak, whether under floors or above ceilings. Better accuracy we have found while scanning %MC in firewoods and the reason why creosote grew in the chimney last winter. 

What we liked 

  • Strong enough to scan tight areas;
  • Pretty sleek outlook;
  • Better results in wooden materials; 
  • High heat measurements range.
  • The balance-price device with all necessary features.


  • Users are not found to have highly problematic issues on these tools.


Pin or Non-Pin?

In fact, the most common question is that sometimes buyers may not be satisfied or raise a storm in their cups of tea. Whether with pin moisture meters, especially for wood, identifying any mold patches if exist in lumber or firewoods with precision, non-pinned patents may not have that precise technology. 

But offer high reaching capabilities in tough or less hard areas, even in repetitive moisture metering tasks; for instance, drying wood in stages means neither surface marks nor holes. It is up to you, choosing accurate readings with holes or the substitute. 

How Do Pinless Moisture Meters for Wood Work?

Pinless, contactless, non-invasive moisture meters you consider the old model ones, are similar, whether it is about no surface wounding tasks or less  accurate reading for woods. In general, its principle of operating is quite old, but a little bit different from pinned patents. 

Based on electrical impedance, non-pinned operate only without pin-to-pin current transmissions.   

Though not every model, some have precise wood scaling power, ranging 5-30%, on a correlative balance from 0-100%, for instance, Dr.meter MD918.

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Is more than 10% Moisture Acceptable? 

Well, it is short, yes. It has proven that as much as possible, you are trying to find a solution. Whether it is a case of excessive metered humidity on wood surfaces, or leaks and similar problems under a building, at least 5-12% moisture will remain there. 

In general, more than that level is not considered while making drywall or floor laying tasks. But in particular, scientists have certified under 17% is repairable. More than that, saturation calls for a replacement.  

What is Bad Moisture Reading?

When you use the wood scale on a pin-type moisture meter, it updates you about the %MC reading; it can range from 5% to 40% in moisture content. The low end of this reading will fall under the 5 to 12% range, the moderate or mid-range are going to be 15 to 17%, and therefore the high or saturated range will read above 17%.

Final Verdicts 

Is your wood dry, or do your drywalls have enough saturation? Have you not confronted me yet? Please ensure it with pinned or pinless moisture meters for wood and other materials before it becomes late for projects. 

We hope the above top-quality (from our experience) 12 moisture meters for wood, and some building materials or both, will never let your projects down. ‘General Tools MMD4E Moisture Meter’ is overall a good selection. If you are not interested in researching too much then pick this model because of the pin type moisture meter. Proster wood moisture meter is a super budget-friendly tool. If you have a budget issue don’t worry you can afford it for under 15 dollars. Good luck.

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Hi, I am Eric Devin and I am a professional interior architect. Since childhood, I've always enjoyed DIY projects! And, I have loved to solve simple household problems using essential tools and equipment. I have also acquired a lot of information about basic household tools settings by working with contractors.

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