7 Best Nibblers for Metal Roofing

Published on: March 26, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by Eric Devin

Nibblers are one kind of capable and useful tool. If you may not have heard about it before, you can get enough information from this article. And when you need one for metal roofing, you can purchase your needle one from our list. We make a shortlist of nibbler tools that are exceptionally well branded, quality features, and reasonable cost.

Here you have also seen a few using tips and all the critical parts to help you choose a nibbler for your task. 

best nibblers for metal roofing

This tool is most commonly used for cutting metal and used for metal roofing, automotive bodywork, which gives clean cuts. Suppose, you are looking for a nibbler tool to complete your task. In that case, we will provide you with a complete idea about the latest tool on the market with their features, advantages, and disadvantages.

We also try to cover all important topics that can help you compare them and select your needle nibbler. 

View Top 7 Metal Roofing Nibblers, Below

A nibbler is the easiest way to cut down metal roofing. And it gives a smart shape of corners without any jamming. To consider all the features, we listed top-quality items for you to fulfill your task. So being with us at the end for getting a clear concept to choose one that suits you.

1. Makita JN1601 Metal Nibbler

  • Die rotates 360 degrees;
  • 1/4 inch stroke;
  • Slim body design.

If you are looking for a professional nibbler for cutting the keystone plate, deck plate, and other sheet materials, then Makita JN1601 is perfect for you. As everyone knows, Makita is one of the most popular brands that manufacturers power tools worldwide. Like other tools, this one also comes in good quality, most durable, and gives excellent cleaning.

 It can cut aluminum 10-gauge, stainless steel 18 gauge, and mild steel 16 gauge, by 2,200 strokes per minute within 0.25 depth cut. This power tool rotates 360 deg, and it is easy to replace. Its overall length is 10.25 and lightweight, only 3.6 lbs, which are easy to handle and gripping. So without any confusion, you can get this tool for your job.


  • Easy to use and control;
  • Works well in the home garage;
  • Keeps padding all parts secure;
  • Lightweight nibbler at only 3.6lbs;
  • Gives accurate cuts in every session.


  • Switches are not durable.

2. 18V LXT Makita XNJ01Z Nibbler

  • Comes with a Makita built motor;
  • Rotatable die holder 360 dg;
  • The motor delivers fast and smooth cutting.

As we talked about Makita, here the XNJ01Z LXT Lithium-Ion nibbler is also a good product. A Makita built motor can deliver 1,900 SPM for achieving fast and smooth cutting. You can use it for cutting roofing sheet metal up to 16 gauge thicknesses. This model’s die rotates 360 deg and its cutting edge- inner 1-3/4 inch and outer 2 inches. Rubberized grip used for better control and improved comfort. 

Its lock on sliding switch features helps to continue your operation. Easy to punch and die replacement for reducing the downtime on your job. Always keep in your mind only use Makita genuine chargers and batteries for getting more efficient charging. You have to buy them separately. 

Makita technology offers category-leading charge time. So it spends more time performing in less time sitting on the charger. Let’s go and keep it fast for your task if you are satisfied with its features.


  • Cuts 16 gauge steel;
  • Lock-on power switch;
  • Proper operations;
  • Slight pressure is required.


  • Metal must clear out while drilling.

3. Ingersoll Rand EC300 Nibbler Tool

  • 6 ft cutting range per minute;
  • Angled head for effortless cutting;
  • Holds a tight 1/4 inch radius;
  • At 4200 strokes in 60 seconds.

Ingersoll Rand EC300 is reliable for heavy-duty. And allows you to cut down almost 6 ft of metal sheets per minute up to 18 gauge steel or other metals. You will finish your task with zero distortion. It works perfectly without distorted edges. It is designed to hold a ¼ inch radius at 4,200 strokes per minute. This angel headed nibbler is lightweight and comfortable for its ergonomic grip. 

Its turnabout enables you to work in the region of curves. It has great value for your money, but it will not break if you think to use it daily. It will act as a knife through butter when it’s about thick steel sheets. You will miss out on the cheap experience of using other nibblers after using the Ingersoll Rand nibbler.


  • Easy to make tight radius cuts;
  • Affordable price;
  • The compact design gives easy storage.


  • It is an ideal model for all kinds of DIY enthusiasts.

4. VEVOR Electric Metal Nibbler for Cutting Stainless Steel, Aluminum

  • Rotatable die 360 dg;
  • Speed: 1000 rpm;
  • 0.16in/4mm steel sheet 
  • 0.1in/2.5mm stainless sheet.

In our expertise, we had many brands to choose from when taking quality products, and VEVOR products always surprise us with their high operation and stability. Strong engine backs the design of the VEVOR model nibbler 16-gauge. All ball-bearing motors are available with a practical rotating head.

For those features, you can appreciate durability with this nibbler. The device is also well equipped and easy to change punching that enables 360 deg.

It provides pivot cutting with a flawlessly die to get the quality output without loss in too much effort. This tool is ideal for those who extensively work with metal roofs and constructed metal barns. If you are convinced with its features and price, then purchase it. In other ways, you can take another item from our list.


  • Easy to change die;
  • Can save time and money;
  • User-friendly design;
  • powerful motor.


  • None.

5. Nibbler T23085 Grizzly Industrial

  • Lightweight with aluminum housing;
  • Cut up to 16 gauge steel;
  • 2.05 lbs approximate weight;
  • Adjustable die.

Grizzly is the name of the largest machinery company in the United States. They offer customers an extensive kind of products ranging from high to low cost. Now we talk about Grizzly T23085 Pneumatic Nibbler, which model is budget-friendly. This nibbler is produced with lightweight aluminum that makes it easy to operate. It can cut through 16 gauge steel without leaving rough projections. 

This machine delivers a fair amount of strokes at 3,800 per minute. It has the power to cut through sheet metal, like a knife through butter. Of course, we did face some minor issues, but no one was a problematic factor. You should buy it and can cover all your tasks as you want. We think this tool will fulfill your demand.


  • Ideal tool for workshop operating;
  • Accurate cuts with precision;
  • Extra force doesn’t need to be exerted.


  • Not ideal for cutting thin metal.

6. Astro 727 ONYX Nibbler Tool

  • Designed for professional user;
  • Quality assured constructed;
  • User-friendly design.

If your electric-powered nibblers are not working for your project, then consider using compressed air. The Astro Pneumatic 727 is one of the pneumatic nibblers. It acts up to 17-gauge and will easily cut through sheet metal without damaging the edges. Its speed is rated at just about 5 ft per minute. 

It needs 90 PSI to operate and also requires 2 CFM at 45 PSI. It weighs only 2 pounds and has an air coupler on the back, and then you can start your project quickly. Overall, the Astro team did their job excellently and product features made for the user demand.


  • Accurate edges cut;
  • Easy for beginners;
  • Comes with a comfortable price.


  • Cutting efficiency is affected by high cutting power.

7. Hitachi CN16SA Sheet Metal Nibbler

  • Die holder 3-position indexing;
  • Impressive cutting speed;
  • Punching downward.

Every time we tried to recommend our viewer to high-quality products at reasonable prices. This one is also like that. The Hitachi company produces CN16SA model nibbler in 16 gauge sheet metal. Only 120-volt working power of this nibbler. This tool is specially created for high rib roofing and cross-cut corrugated by anyone. 

The Hitachi CN16SA offers a very smooth operation for flat-out curved cuts without any effort. This nibbler has an adjustable die that fits in 3 separate positions. So you can smoothly perform your task quite conveniently. The Hitachi model can cut through stainless steel and mild steel of 18 gauge and 16 gauge, respectively.


  • Reasonable price;
  • Small handle size;
  • Works with precision;
  • Alternative to power tools.


  • The motor is only 3.5 amps.

Before Pick a Nibbler Tool

However, A nibbler consumes steel and is used mainly in sheet metal. Nibblers can be either pneumatic or electric and operated with a compressor. So few features should be considered before taking a nibbler for your job. If you need other tools for your task, you can follow us because we are scoring this type of instrument every day.

Right Brand

Many brands in the market offer durable features, but all are not the same. Here are a few popular brand tools we try to describe- Makita, Astro, Grizzly, DEWALT, Ingersoll, and Hitachi make the best nibblers.

You can choose anyone but make sure it will fulfill your task as you want. The models from these companies are generally very durable and also cut through a wide variety of materials. Read more: Dry Cut Metal Chop Saws

Depth Cutting Gauge

Generally, it would be ideal for getting a nibbler who provides a high cutting gauge rating. Most of the models can easily cut 16 to 18 gauge,  but 16 to 10 gauge for cutting metal is enough. Always keep in mind the cutting thickness ability also matters. It depends on the materials. 

Enough Portable 

Always battery-powered nibblers have enough edge over corded models in terms of portability. This could be a major factor if you have to work in tight places where there is no power-outlet near at hand. 

Durable and Replaceable Cutter Head 

When you choose a nibbler, keep in mind that the cutter head should be more durable, and you can replace it for your working purpose.

People need a nibbler for cutting through a wide variety of metals. However, you will be using your tool mostly for cutting the sheet metal without losing its cutting edge quickly. See also our Experts Guide: Finding the Best Drum Sanders

Using Tips for a Nibbler Tool

Nibblers are very easy to use. If you are experienced at it, you can avoid this topic, and If you have never used it before, you need to get accustomed to how this tool works. Before cutting the real work, you should practice first on some throwaway of-cuts. Make your cut about half an inch longer from your finished edge when working on roofing edges.

Without getting any tin snips jamming work, you should create a second finer cut by tin snips. And try to make your cuts the precise size for achieving better at using a nibbler.

Maximum nibblers are start cuts with holes as 0.334 inches. You can add a dynamic magnet to the end of a stick to help pick up the metal shavings at the end of a task. For other tools used for cutting metal roofing, read our guide here.


How Thick of Metal Would a Nibbler Be Able to Cut?

These come in a shape and can cut soft (steel with hardness greater than 120HB) pieces up to 0.9 mm (20 measurements; 0.035in.). On the scale of measurement, the number of coarse substances is less, while the number of finer substances is more.

What Is the Difference Between a Nibbler and a Shear?

Nibblers are utilized for removing sheet metal instances. The shearing device is great for uncompromising cutting work. 

Nibblers destroy their way material when scissors cut with minimal bending. Dissimilar to shears, nibblers are not difficult to work in hard-to-get-to regions and are incredible for prototyping and little creation.

What is the Perfect Tool for Cut Down Metal Roofing?

Various tools you can choose for metal cutting. Those tools are the cold saw, torches, hacksaw, jigsaw, bandsaw, and nibblers. However, nibbler is the most efficient and useful model for cutting metal because those have all been designed with requirements that shorten and enhance the cutting process.

What is the Cutting Power of This Tool?

Nibblers come with different cutting power, and they all produce different components. And those components are used for its strength and thickness. The smaller nibbler has lower capacity, and the larger one has higher capacity available in the market, so you can choose anyone as you want for your job.


A good nibbler can be an ideal tool for roofers and anyone who does sheet metal cutting action. When needed, they are awesome unbeatable tools to make clean cuts look, especially useful for cutting sheet metal angles and corners.

If you want to do a lot of metal cutting, then a good model from Makita, Hitachi, Ingersoll, and other top brands we discussed before would be well worth the cost. For DIY lovers, passionate hobbyists, and heavy-duty professionals looking for the right nibbler can easily find their tool from here and get enough knowledge about roofing.

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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