23 Latest PANDORA Rings (Types, Size, Care, And More)

Published on: February 18, 2022
Written by Camila Avery / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Women love jewelry!

You can give them their favorite item of jewelry to make them happy in their toughest time. Because rings are something more than any other jewelry.

But if you want to express your feelings with any jewelry, a ring is the best option!

Pandora has a huge collection of rings for any occasion to choose from.

You can choose for yourself or your friends and family to celebrate and inspire them at their special moment.

But you need to be a little bit careful about size and design while buying a ring. Because if you get the wrong size, it can be the cause of regret.

23 latest pandora rings (types, size, care, and more)

But if you consider the following tips I’ve mentioned, you’ll be able to get the perfect ring that can help you to make your special moment more precious.

The ring is the most unique choice from Pandora’s other jewelry collections. So from this article, you can get different ideas for Pandora’s ring collection.

Types of Pandora Rings

If you’ve planned to buy a ring for yourself or to gift it to someone, Pandora is the best choice as they have a wide range of collections.

You can choose one for everyday use or for any special day or you can even choose their statement collection to express yourself to someone.

So before buying a Pandora ring you need to know about the available types of them.

1. Stacking Rings

Pandora’s stacking rings are today’s popular trend. They are beautiful and worn in sets of 3 or 4. You can create your own style with them in a unique way. You can add as many as you want and create your story.

They are available in all types of metal. The best thing about Pandora stacking rings is there are no rules, you can choose whatever you want and make your own style.

2. Statement Rings

You can also choose from Pandora’s statement ring collection and mark anything significant.

In short, Pandora statement rings can be a unique way to express yourself to your dearest one. They are available in sterling silver and 14k gold.

3. Eternity Rings

Pandora eternity rings are the most amazing way to symbolize your timeless devotion and endless love.

This collection represents your love & commitment and can be a thoughtful, romantic gift to your loved one.

4. Tiara Rings

Pandora Tiara ring collection is the best option for a parent to express their affection and love to their little princess to cherish her.

And they are the most popular collection of all.

5. Birthstone Rings

Pandora’s birthstone collection is a great way to celebrate birthdays. You’ll find two different types of birthstone rings in their collection- one with a bauble band and another one with a smooth band.

You can also wear them with stacking rings by pairing them with any silver or cubic zirconia bands, they will work as a frame and show the birthstone.

Choosing the Right Size

After selecting the type of ring, the next important thing is to get the right size. For choosing the right size, you can follow these tips-

The Width of the Band

If you choose a ring with a slim band you may need to go down for size as it will slip easily over your knuckle.

But if you are choosing a wide band, you need to go up for a size to be comfortable with it.

Size When Stacking

If you are buying stacking rings, you should go for a little big one. Because the more rings you add to your finger, the tighter it becomes. So it is better to have some room to start with.

The temperature of Your Hand

Usually when you are trying rings for buying your hands will become warmer, and at that time you’ll find them a little bit expanded. And when your hands are cold, they shrink a little bit.

So while buying the Pandora ring, you should consider this and choose the right size.

Pandora Ring Size

Pandora uses European sizing for their rings and the size range is 48- 60. You can contact their customer support regarding the size you need or download their sizing guideline to determine the size you need.

Care of Your Pandora Ring

If you’ve found your Pandora ring, you need to take proper care of it to wear it for a long time.

Though all jewelry tarnishes with time, proper care can stop it from happening faster. You can follow these easy steps for taking care of your favorite Pandora ring.

When You Need to Remove It

You may love to wear your Pandora ring forever but to protect it from tarnish, you should remove it sometime. Pandora recommends removing the ring before bathing and swimming or other sports activity or before going to bed. According to them, the best practice is to not expose your ring to UV light or any rough cleaning products or chemicals.

Storing Your Pandora Ring

When you are not wearing your ring, store it in a tarnish-resistant pouch or ziplock plastic bag. Always store them away from natural sunlight and heat.

And never leave it in the bathroom as it may come in contact with water which accelerates the tarnishing process.

Cleaning Your Pandora Ring

For regular cleaning, you can use a polishing cloth. If you want to clean your ring thoroughly, you can use soapy lukewarm water and a soft brush to clean it. And after cleaning it with water, you must let it dry properly.

Top 23 Latest PANDORA Rings-

23. Pandora Ring Twist of Fate

  • Title: Twist of Fate;
  • Model No: 190892CZ,
  • Size: 54 Eur/ 7 US;


A glance at it makes the ring seem like two sparkling ribbons are twisted. These ribbon-like thin stripes are embellished with cubic zirconia stones all around.

Styling Tips

It is perfect as it is for daily use and the corporate environment. You can also pair this ring with your other stackable pieces to create your own statement. 

22. Pandora Simple Sparkling Band Cubic Zirconia Ring

  • Title:  Sparkling Bow;
  • Model No: 180945CZ-48;
  • Made: Cubic Zirconia;
  • Length: 1.97 inches.


A girly ring with a cute little bow on top. Rose gold is plated on sterling silver to give this ring a warm pinking vibe. The front part and the bow at the center are covered with cubic zirconia for a glittering effect.

Styling Tips

I don’t like to mix this ring with any other stackable ones; that ruins the delicacy of the bow. Pairing this ring with a classic one only complements this ring properly.

21. PANDORA Classic Elegance Ring, Round

  • Title:  Classic Elegance;
  • Model No: 196250CZ-54;
  • Size: 54 Eur/ 7 US;


Silver ring with big round zirconia at the center. The line of clear stones around the round stone and the front part of this ring gives it a traditional taste.

Styling Tips

It can be a great gift for the elders of your family like mother, in law or grannie, to win their hearts. It is budget friendly but by the look of it, many mistakes this zirconia ring is a diamond.

20. PANDORA Timeless Elegance Ring, Square

  • Title: Timeless Elegance;
  • Model No: 190947CZ-56 ;
  • Size: 7.5 US;


Another ring of timeless elegance. This one is adorned with a bid square Zirconia at the center. The square shape of the center stone makes it bolder. 

Styling tips

As a budget option for a wedding or engagement ring, this one is an ideal choice. You will want to wear this ring for the rest of your life once you have it. This ring is suitable to wear for day-to-night events.

19. Pandora Daisy Flower Cubic Zirconia Ring

  • Title: Delicate flowers;
  • Model No: 190934CZ-48;
  • Size: 2.5;
  • Length: 2 inches;
  • Made: cubic zirconia.


This one is a sterling silver ring with a simplistic design. Tiny cubic zirconia stones are placed all around the ring. A large heart shape with bigger clear cubic zirconia stands out from others and is placed in the center. 

Styling Tips:

It is a budget ring to wear casually with your daily outfits. While going out, mix and match this ring with other ones to make it more suitable for an outing.

18. Pandora Polished Wishbone Sterling Silver Ring

  • Title: wishbone;
  • Model No: 196314-44;
  • Size: 3;
  • Length: 2 inches.


It is a gorgeous sterling silver ring with leaves all around its ½ inches-wide outer side. The 60 pieces of cubic zirconia are placed in those leaves for a dazzling look. 

Styling tips

Evening parties and dinner dates are the best occasions to wear this ring. The shimmering leaves of this ring are enough to complement your gown. Even an ordinary dress will create a stunning impression when paired with this ring.

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17. PANDORA Entwined Ring, Silver

  • Title: Entwined Ring;
  • Model No: 190919CZ,
  • Size: 54 EUR/ 7 US;


A beautiful silver ring, combined with five rings, entwined with one another. Three rings are cubic zirconia studded all around and two are classic polished rings. Together all these rings give this ring a considerable width, so it is perfect this way, no need to pair this with any other adornment in your hand.

Styling tips

When in a rush, slip this ring on your finger. Because you don’t have to think much about whether it matches your outfit or not. It goes with every outfit and fits any event. 

16. PANDORA Entwined Ring, Rose Gold

  • Title: Entwined Ring;
  • Model No: 180919CZ-54,
  • Size: 54 EUR/ 7 US;


This one is the rose gold version of the previous item from PANDORA. The beautiful rose gold color on the ring emphasizes the white cubic zirconia stones on it.  

Styling tips

It is perfect to create a luxurious look and can be worn at grand events. Compared to silver, this color looks better on olive and tanned skin.

15. Double Hearts of PANDORA Ring

  • Title: Double Hearts of Pandora;
  • Model No: 96236CZ-56,
  • Size: 16;


Two sterling silver rings are welded together with a small gap in between to create this artistic ring. Apart from the cubic zirconia stones all around the two rings, little hearts are engraved on both sides of this ring, making it more beautiful.

Styling Tips

It is a size 16 ring. So, it will perfectly fit women with wider fingers. Besides, it can be worn on the thumb of others as well. The gap between the rings creates an illusion of wider width.

14. PANDORA Cosmic Lines Ring

  • Title: Cosmic Lines;
  • Model No: 196401CZ,
  • Size: 52 Eur/ 6 US;


Four strands of zirconia studded sterling silver are used to form this ring. The in-between gap creates a crisscross shape, making this ring wider.

Styling Tips

This one is a wide ring and does not need any other accessories on your hands to emphasize your look. It is a trendy piece, so it is better not to wear this ring with traditional clothes.

13. Pandora Delicate Sentiments Ring

  • Title: Delicate Sentiments ;
  • Model No: 190995CZ-56;
  • Size: 56 Eur/ 7.5 US;


A slim silver glitter ribbon is wrapped around your finger and tied in a knot; that’s what it looks like after slipping this cute ring on.

Styling tips

This girly ring goes with feminine and romantic styles. It can be a perfect gift for your sister or girlfriend. 

12. PANDORA Hearts of PANDORA Ring, Rose Gold

  • Title: Hearts of PANDORA;
  • Model No: 180963CZ-54;
  • Size: 54 Eur/ 7 US;


A super simple slender ring with cubic zirconia paved on it. Rose gold is plated on a sterling silver ring. Little hearts are curved at the sides to enhance their beauty.

Styling Tips

The gorgeous rose gold color of this ring speaks of its own. It is a stackable ring; I prefer putting this on the outer side if you are wearing three rings together. That way, the tiny hearts at the side of the ring will show!

11. Classic Hearts of PANDORA Ring in Sterling-Silver

  • Title:   Classic Hearts of PANDORA;
  • Model No: 196237-54;
  • Size: 54 Eur/ 7 US;


A simple, classic polished silver ring with no stones. However, PANDORA’s iconic hearts engraving at the sides of this ring makes this ring unique from other classic style rings of different manufacturers.

Styling Tips

You can never go wrong with a classic piece of jewelry. This ring is a must-have for every PANDORA lover. As a gift, this ring will suit ladies with a minimalist philosophy. 

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10. PANDORA Silver Tiara Fairy Tale Ring

  • Title:  Tiara Fairy Tale;
  • Model No: 196226CZ-54;
  • Size: 54 Eur/ 7 US;


It is a tiny princess tiara for your fingers. Sterling silver and large zirconia are used to create dazzling effects.

Styling tips

It is not a stackable type of ring, but still you can add one thin ring at the bottom of the tiara to make it look bigger. For a budget gift, you can invest in it for the girls who still believe in fairy tales.

9. Pandora silver Enchanted Crown Ring

  • Title:  Enchanted Crown/ Corona Encantada;
  • Model No: 197087CZ-56;
  • Size: 56 Eur/ 16 US;


A simple crown-shaped silver ring with zirconia all around it.

Styling Tips

Nowadays looks are incomplete without a crown ring. This ring is simple and large to wear alone on your thumb.

8. Pandora My Princess Tiara Ring, Rose Gold

  • Title: My Princess Tiara Ring;
  • Model No: 180880CZ-54;
  • Size: 54 Eur/ 7 US;


Rose gold plated silver ring with curved princess tiara design. Only one zirconia is placed at the top of the crown to make a statement.

Styling tips

The best part of this ring is, it fits on a tight budget. As there is one stone only, the price is far less than the multiple stone ones. Besides, the curved design of the tiara makes this ring wide and more noticeable. Wear it on a friend’s day out with casual or girly clothes.

7. PANDORA My Princess Ring, Silver

  • Title: My Princess Ring;
  • Model No: 190880CZ-54;
  • Size: 54 Eur/ 7 US;


Silver ring with princess tiara design. Small zirconia is placed on the top of the crown.

Styling Tips

This is one of the best-selling rings in the PANDORA collection. Everyone wears this putting the tiara on front. I suggest doing the reverse. Experiment with placing the back of the crown at the front. This will look different guaranteed.

6. Pandora Knotted Heart Cubic Zirconia Ring

  • Title: Knotted Heart;
  • Model No: 198086CZ-48;
  • Size: 4.5;
  • Made: Cubic Zirconia.


Silver ring with heart-shaped princess tiara design. Lots of zirconias are placed on top of the shapes of the heart of the crown.

Styling Tips

Like other tiara rings, this is sufficient all alone or can be paired with others for more dramatic beauty. 

5. PANDORA Sparkling Love Knot Ring, Clear CZ 190997CZ-52 EU 6 US

  • Title: Sparkling Love Knot;
  • Model No: 190997CZ-52;
  • Size: 52 Eur/ 6 US;


Little hollow hearts are crafted all around this silver ring. The outline of the hearts is dotted to give this ring a rugged texture.

Styling Tips

It is a pale ring. Wearing this ring with other colorful ones pops up the hearts instantly.

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4. PANDORA Hearts of Love Ring, Silver & Enamel

  • Title: Hearts of Love;
  • Model No: 191045EN23;
  • Size: adjustable;


The hearts of love ring comes with two hearts at the end of this open-ended ring. One heart has white enamel paint on it and another one is polished. The body of the ring is dotted.

Styling tips

Finally, a re-sizable ring in this list! The advantage is, you can wear this on any finger. These kinds of rings are left alone on one finger. Staking this with other ones never leaves a good impression.

3. Pandora Shimmering Zigzag Cubic Zirconia Ring

  • Title: Shimmering Zigzag Ring;
  • Model No: 197751CZ-48;
  • Size: 4.5;
  • Made: Cubic Zirconia.


An open-ended ring with zirconia stones. It is silver and has large square and circular stones at the ends of this ring.  

Styling Tips

It is a beautiful eye-catchy ring. Never wear anything bold with this to overdo your accessories. Mid-aged women love this piece of the ring; so, this one can be an unforgettable gift for your mother or big sister.

2. Hearts of PANDORA Ring Band, Silver & Enamel

  • Title: Pearled Hearts Band;
  • Model No: 191024EN23-54;
  • Size: 14 US;


It is more of a band, less like a ring. Made with silver and crafted with zirconia on the borders of the band. The middle part is enamel painted for eye-catching boldness. The sides of this wide band are engraved with the PANDORA signature little hearts.

Styling Tips

It is a bold piece of jewelry, hence you need to wear it more carefully and be choosy about where you are taking it. It is best to wear it alone to minimize confusion. Because sometimes less is more.

1. PANDORA Promise Ring

  • Title: Pearled Hearts Band;
  • Model No: 191024EN23-54;
  • Size: 14 US;


It is a fashionable ring that is made by combining two different rings in one. One ring is sleek and has PANDORA marked on it and the other one has a beautiful texture of zirconias on it.

Styling Tips

It is best to wear this piece with super trendy attires to maximize its charm. Try to make your other accessories minimal to make them more noticeable. 

As a gift, it is one of the best choices for engagements and weddings. Give this to your woman to promise your love and faithfulness all your life.


Buying a ring for you or someone you care about is the best way to express your ultimate care for them.

Hope you have got the basic idea about Pandora rings.

The most important thing for choosing a ring is the style and then determining the right size.

So it’s simple as pie!

And you must have known that they have a huge collection of rings. You can choose for any occasion and as a gift for your loved one or for yourself.

The most interesting thing is, you can use your Pandora ring as a pendant in your Pandora chain.

So get them for you or your friends and family and express your unique style!

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Guys, I am Camila Avery and I love to help my mom to do indoor & outdoor activities. As a lady, I have passed my time on gardening, home improvement, and personal or self-care. I have acquired some degrees in outdoor recreation, beauty, and hair care. It is not easy to work with top-level professional beauty experts. But, I got that opportunity and experimented with different hair extensions, hair colors, and cuts.

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