Best Pop Up Trash Cans for Camping & Car (Details Guide)

Published on: February 8, 2022
Written by Camila Avery / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Camping in the summer vacation may feel like torture if you are not prepared with the right types of equipment to survive in the woods. Trash cans to use in the camping site are far different than the ones we use in-home or office. It has to be space-saving, waterproof, stable, and at the same time, durable. 

On the other hand, as you are traveling a long distance to reach your favorite camping site, you also need a trash can in the vehicle as well. Otherwise, the interior of the truck or van will transform into a garbage bin itself at the end of the journey. 

pop up trash cans for camping & car

To make sure the journey to the campsite and life at the campsite both become neat and worry-free, we have incorporated two types of trash cans in this article. Here you will get the best pop-up trash cans to use in a camping ground and the best mini pop-up trash cans to use in the vehicle that leads you to the camp. So, brace yourself and read the buying tips first to make your purchasing experience more confident and the money you are investing more secure.

What are the Basic Types of Pop-Up Trash Cans?

For the Camping Ground

Basically, the large pop-up trash cans are available in 13 gallons, 30 gallons, and 35 gallons sizes. The size of the can depends on how long you are staying camping and how many people are there using it. 

For the Camping Vehicle

The mini-size pop-up cans to use during a long drive are available in different sizes too. The size does not vary a lot though, but the mini cans with a longer body and a small diameter are preferable. These are space-saving in the vehicle. 

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How to Determine Which One is the Right for Camping?


Of course, you are choosing a site close to the wilderness, so you are possibly going to encounter one or two of them during camping. However, you wouldn’t want them to make a mess with your trash cans. So, the stability of the trash can is more crucial in the forest than at home. 

Trash cans for campsites with ground stakes are a better option in that sense. Sometimes, trash cans don’t arrive with stakes but have loops on the bottom to use separate stakes when necessary. 

On the other hand, for the camping vehicle, usually, the bins are tied up with the headrest. Some also prefer placing the bin on the floor. In that case, the pop-up bin with a velcro bottom is a better option. 


You don’t want the trash can to tear up with all its content in your cam site or even worse, in the vehicle. So, the more durable the pop-up bin, the better; even if you are using trash bags as lining. 

The pop-up cans designed for the vehicle are placed in an enclosed environment. Besides, you will be basically loading lightweight content like paper, wrappers, and tissue. So, durability is not a big factor in this case. 


I don’t see the point of purchasing disposable trash cans when you can save bucks and headaches by purchasing washable trash cans. Besides, these bins are collapsible and multipurpose. 

So, all the items I have included here are washable and reusable. Here is a simple tip to keep the cans cleaner for longer. Use a trash bag as a cover for the can before settling it down on the ground. It will not be too dirty to manage at the end of your vacation. 

Water Resistance 

All the mini and large trash cans I have reviewed are waterproof. If you are not planning to purchase from here, still I would recommend you choose trash cans that are water-resistant. The trash cans for campsites are mostly made of polyethylene. You have to pay attention while purchasing mini trash cans for camping vehicles. 

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Whether it is a large or mini trash bin, the ones with a cover on top are always the better. Unless you are planning to use it for some other purpose afterward. The covered bins are mostly pricier than the open trash bins. There is no practical problem with an open-style trash bin. No matter which bin you use, you are always going to release the trash bag from the rim and close it tightly before sleeping. 

View Our Top 10 Pop-Up Trash Cans for Camping-

1. Foldable Pop-Up Trash Can for Camping Vehicle by Ccvivian

  • Material: Polyester taffeta;
  • Size: 6.5 inch*7.8inch;
  • Capacity: About 4  Liters;
  • Mounting Type free-standing, over the door.

This pack provides maximum strength, durability, and longevity this car waste bin is made from premium quality materials. These are mainly best to use inside a car or truck. The size is very small to put in a lot of garbage. That is because the bigger the trashcan the more room it eats up room in the car. 

It is useful in a way that you can use another when one is washed and left for drying. Besides, using the same can for several consecutive days is not healthy. So, if you have a habit of changing the trash can of your car every day, the size will perfectly fit your needs. 

The material of the trashcan is highly durable and waterproof. There is no way it will leak the liquid contents inside of it. However, if it does, then you can always get a refund or replacement from the manufacturer. I can bet, there aren’t a lot of trash can companies out there that offer such replacements for faulty products. 


  • Reusable;
  • Refund or replacement offer;
  • Suitable for alternative use;
  • Durable and leakproof.


  • No cons.

2. Collapsible Small Waterproof Waste by Mavoro

  • 6-1/2″ diameter by 7-1/2″ height;
  • Two layers of leak-proof material.

Most of the pop-up trash cans for cars are designed to place with the headrest. Personally, I don’t like having to see a trash can in front of my face all the way I travel. So, this is my personal preference as a trash can, especially for cars. Because the velcro strip at the end of the bag keeps it in place wherever you place it. Hand rest and the floor of the car are the two favorable options to place without compromising a lot of room. The size is also considerably small to take up a large space. 

This bag is available in one and two-pack units. The two-pack unit is more reasonably priced than the one-pack unit. No matter which one you choose, this can last for years!


  • Can be placed on the car floor;
  • High-quality material;
  • Long-lasting.


  • No cons.

3. Universal Leak Proof Travel-Friendly Trash Can – by ZONETEC

  • 1.1 x 6.5 x 8 inches;
  • Shape Cylindrical;
  • Plastic lid.

To be honest, most of us don’t have time to change or clean the trash bag we use in the car. For those people, it will be better to choose a model of a pop-up trash can that has a lid. The lid covers the content. It is more decent than open trash cans. Also, it is better because all the contents will be contained in it without accidental spillover. 

The material of this bag is also leak-proof like other trash cans. It is washable as well. The size is good to store a fair amount of waste. If you think it is taking up space, you can close the lid after use and keep it out of sight. 


  • Strength, durability, and longevity;
  • Decent to use in cars;
  • The cover secures the trash in the can.


  • Not very sturdy.

4. Pop Up Trash Bin with Flip Top Lid for Camping Van by Rubbermaid

  • 13 x 3 inches size;
  • Plastic lid.

Finally, a trash can for cars that is machine washable. Now, you won’t have to deal with a dirty trash can with your own hands. I appreciate the flip-top lid that is convenient to open and close and keeps the interior of the car odorless and decent. The material and construction of the pop-up can are also somewhat stronger than other competitors of this list I have reviewed. 

However, it is a bit pricier for its functionality and durability. Though, I strongly recommend this as a trash can and storage can for the car. You can practically place it anywhere in the car and use it any way you want. 


  • Dishwasher safe;
  • Comes with a flip-top lid;
  • It can be placed on the car floor.


  • Pricey.  

5. Coghlan’s Pop-Up Trash Can for Camping Sites

  • 19.5 x 24 inches size, 30 gallons capacity
  • Zipper top, velcro strap;
  • Thick woven polythene material.

This is what I call the ‘camping thing’. This pop-up trash can has a 30-gallon capacity. A family of four can easily spend entire camping for a week without unloading the trash. The zipped top is an added advantage to keep pests and odors out of the trash bag overnight. 

As the size is quite big, there are 2 straps sewn at the sides for easy transportation. It also has ground stakes at the bottom; won’t tip over due to heavy loads. Some have complained about the non-leak-proof material. Well, you are supposed to use a trash bag as a lining, aren’t you?

This way the trash can will be usable for a longer period without washing. Besides, I recommend using binder clips or cloth clips to secure the trash bag to the rim of the trash can. Because the bag may slip off if it is not lined properly. This pop-up can have different variations named deluxe, mini, recycle, standard, standard recycle, and standard 4 packs. You can explore those too, all are good quality as well. 


  • High capacity;
  • Zip-lock top part;
  • Clear pocket for extra bin bags;
  • Durable and stable.


  • Not leakproof. 

6. POP UP Trash Bins for All Occasions by Party City

  • 13 Gallon capacity;
  • 15 x 10 x 22 inches size;
  • 3 convenient pop-up bins.

A trash can doesn’t need to be conventional and ugly. I like the geometric pattern on this trash can. It looks more like a plant tub rather than a container to load garbage. 

However, it is an open-top pop-up trashcan with a 13-gallon capacity. Another thing to consider is, that it’s not round, it is rectangular in shape. Trash cans are not always used to load garbage during camping. These provide awesome storage to load supplies. 

So, the rectangular shape will be space-saving to place in the car. 

I recommend buying this pack of 3 trash cans; especially for families who travel, do camping, or have parties a lot. 

No matter where you place the can, it will stay upright with all its load and will look elegant even with the garbage inside. It would be nice if it had a cover on top to close the can. 


  • Stylish design;
  • Sturdy design;
  • Multipurpose use.


  • No cover.

7. Reusable Camping Trash Bin With Ground Stakes by BIRDROCK HOME

  • 30 Gallon capacity;
  • ‎20.08 x 20.08 x 2.36 inches;
  • Collapses down for efficient storage;
  • 3 handles;
  • Oxford Polyester material.

The trash can is basically made with 600D Oxford Polyester and with a TPE film. These are built as garden trash can so you get the idea of how durable these can be. You have to line it with 28 – 30 gallon-sized trash bags and the can is ready to catch all the dirt you throw in it. 

The side straps are convenient to carry the bag when collapsed or full. I liked the long ground stakes. These really make the can hold up with heavy loads without collapsing. Compared to other pop-up cans, this one is more budget-friendly. So, you should give it a try for the next camping trip you are planning. 


  • Heavy-duty fabric;
  • Comfortable shoulder strap;
  • Heavy-duty hardshell base with holes;
  • High-quality metal spring.


  • No cons.

8. Multi-Functional Pop-Up Barrel as Cooler/Trash Can by Logo Brands

  • 19×16.5 inches in size;
  • strap buckles closer.

By the look of the trash can, you are convinced that it is not JUST a trash can, isn’t it? Yes, it looks far better for a trash can we use for camping. The navy blue can with a white logo imprint and red makes this pop-up stand out from the crowd. It is also not merely a conventional trash can.

It works amazingly as a cooler even without a lid. You can use it as a trash can during camping and use it as a cooler while sunbathing at the beach. The size perfectly fits 2 cases of cans. So, don’t hesitate to invite all your friends. 

I suggest using two trash bags while using this can during camping. Place one bag inside of it as a lining and another one as a cover. This way, this beautiful pop-up trash can will stay clean even at the end of the camping. 


  • Doubles as a cooler;
  • Multi-purpose;
  • Cool design;


  • Expensive. 

9. Collapsible Garbage Can with Zip Lid by Camp Chef

  • 35-gallon capacity; 20×26-inch size;
  • Polythene material and metal spring;
  • Zipped cover.

So far, this is the highest capacity available as a pop-up trash can. You have to use trash bags of 35-gallon size and you are all set to use this can. The zipped cover is also something that should be in every camp-style trash can, but unfortunately, not every model offers it. However, once you are done throwing trash in it, zip it closed. Otherwise, it will tip over if anyone stumbles with it. Because there are no ground stakes included with it. There is no loop attached at the bottom to use one separately. 

The affordable price makes this trash can a must-have for families or friends who are looking for camping items on a budget. I can’t say how long it will last, but obviously, it will help you survive for a long period in nature. 


  • High-capacity trash can;
  • Inexpensive;
  • Convenient zippered cover.


  • No ground stakes. 

10. Fiskars Kangaroo Green Collapsible Gardening/Camping Bag

  • 30-gallon capacity; 
  • 22.8 -inch width x 23.75 -inch high.

Basically, it is made as a laundry and garden bag. But it is also usable as a trash can for camping. To make it tough for garden use, tear-resistant material is used. This is why I recommend it as a camping pop-up trash can. It will last longer than cheap polymer bags.

However, keep in mind, it is tear-resistant, but it may wear out if you drag it around everywhere. You have to lift it up to move around. This way it will last for years to come. If not, you can always claim the lifetime warranty for this. This is the second reason I picked this trash can. 

Its capacity is suitable for a small group of people. The appearance is also pleasant. The price is on the higher side, which is a negative point though; but for a garden/camping trash can, this pop-up can deserves a try. 


  • Lifetime warranty;
  • Tear-resistant.


  • Wears out easily.  


  • Line the pop-up trash bin with a trash bag of the right size.
  • Wash and dry the pop-up trash cans before storing them. 
  • Only hand wash is recommended to make the trash cans last longer. 
  • Lift the trash can up to move it from one place to another. Don’t drag it on the ground whether it is full or empty. Dragging may wear the can sooner. 
  • Use a plastic bag or paper bag as a lining for the mini trash can in your vehicle. 
  • Keep the bin covered. If there is no lid, then remember to fold the trash bag and clip it before going to sleep


In these bins ensure you have a trash can. Then, they will discharge effectively to ensure that you have no debris to clean up after a short time. Use the best constantly.

It will take merely several bucks to purchase pop-up trash cans for camping; but if the purchasing is perfect, then the can will last you for years to come. 

So we put our dedication into choosing the best pop-up trash cans for camping so that you can be more confident to choose one for yourself.

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Guys, I am Camila Avery and I love to help my mom to do indoor & outdoor activities. As a lady, I have passed my time on gardening, home improvement, and personal or self-care. I have acquired some degrees in outdoor recreation, beauty, and hair care. It is not easy to work with top-level professional beauty experts. But, I got that opportunity and experimented with different hair extensions, hair colors, and cuts.

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