10 Best Ripstik for Beginners – How to Ride

Published on: March 7, 2022
Written by Camila Avery / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Skateboarding is a reputed adventure sports industry now. Gone are the days when people recognized this to be a new trend. People have become so used to skating and longboarding these days that they are taking it to be a new mode of transport. It has already caused the emergence of newer versions of riding. One among these is Ripstik riding.

Ripstik is a kind of boarding that is done for fun and exercise for health benefits. This latest and smarter board riding round-the-corner and surfing-around-the-neighborhood is enjoyed by Ripstik. The naming also includes Caster Board, Vigorboard, Waveboard, and Ripster as the manufacturing companies’ innovation varies.

10 best ripstik for beginners for 2023 – how to ride

This is wildly popular with teenagers, found surfing in the skate parks on a two-wheeler board, but adults and kids are showing acute interest in that sport nowadays. Actually, parents are alluring their kids to bring them out of their rooms by handing them over a Ripstik as a gift. And they prefer it even to addictive online computer games. The adults have already discovered this more to be a go-to physical exercise than a pastime.

Whoever and whatever you go it for, you should make a good deal for the board. A compromised one may put you inconvenience and cause you a total money waste. To get rid of that nuisance, we devote this article to you presenting the 10 best ripstik product reviews. On its top, it comes with an in-depth buying guide to enable you to make the right selection.

Manufacturers have virtually studded the sports stores with overwhelming numbers of products but these recommendations have come out to be the most efficient and so most popular. These are by far the best ripstik for beginners whatever age range you belong to. 

What a Ripstik Actually is

A ripstik is neither a skateboard nor a snowboard; rather it is a cross between these two types of gliding boards. It varies from a skateboard by fewer wheels (two), the number of decks, design, and style. It connects two decks by a metal torsion bar wearing a rubber coat. It features a 360-degree truck. The rider has to stand putting the feet perpendicular to the nose and tail of the board.

How to Ride a Ripstik

Riding ripstik is a very easy sport for skateboarders or someone having basic experience in riding longboards, skateboards, surfboards, or a snowboard. This is easier in many respects than riding the ones mentioned above. But having no exposure to either of the riding is not a deal breaker at all. You still can go stable with an initial riding effort.


Safety comes first whether you are an expert veteran or a first-day novice. So get equipped at the very outset and at least with the helmet. You should then wear knee pads and elbow pads. You can do without those but not without a helmet.


Next comes the skating location where you will ride which merits a great deal of importance. You should choose the right area. Your neighborhood and the skating park are the common locations in the initial period. Once you become confident enough, you can step out for rails, streets, or pavements with the right type of ripstik. A slight slope area is advisable for the fun but you must avoid steep hill areas while caster boarding. Only longboards can tackle steep and hilly slopes. 

Get Going

With the safety gears put on and the right area selected, you are ready to ride on board. Put your back foot on the rear part of the deck and the front foot on the front deck. If you are confused about which one is the back foot, just find out the leg you kick the ball with. The leg you kick the ball with or the one active and mobile more is the leg you will set on the back part of the deck. Put your toes perpendicular to the length of the board and side-facing. You will look forward to the direction you are heading.

You don’t need to push the board by one leg from the ground. You just place your feet back and forth and the ends of the ripstik will start moving in the reverse direction. And within seconds it will start moving in the direction you will put your body weight on one of the decks. Apply the same trick when you want to speed up and down.

How to Stop

Now the most crucial part is how to stop the board and get off it. If you are in the habit of riding, you can very conveniently ride off the board while not fully stopped. That involves the risk of slipping off on the road. Safer would be to direct the ripstik toward a tuft of grass to reduce speed and then come off.

Among all the steps, starting is the most crucial part according to some individual who was a novice once. But the better solution in this regard is to spend time learning to start rather than finding a simple solution.

How to Choose the Right Type

Several factors seem crucial to check again and again prior to making the final deal. The factors include rider size and weight, ripstik length and weight, wheel size and material, the bearing rating, deck design, style, and price. Other than those 

Size and Weight

The size and weight of the rider define what is the right ripstik for you. If the purchase is for an adult of the top height and weight, you must go for the full-length and strongly-built ripstik decks. The highest length will provide the taller individual with a compatible stance and foot control. A shorter caster board will make them uncomfortable with the narrower stance they need.

So far the bulky grownups are involved, a sturdy torsion board is a match in this case. On the contrary, you can shave size for a rider of average height and weight. As they must need a shorter board to have a matching stance and base control.

The weight of the ripstik bears importance too. A lighter board can perform more tricks and it is portable too. But to go lighter, you should not compromise the hauling ability of the board.

Caster Deck and Torsion Bar

Waveboards are made by joining two different caster decks and the connecting nail is the torsion bar – often rubber-coated.

The board a rider stands on is a combination of two decks – front and rear. Each part of the deck has a center where you should put your feet on. The board is very crucial as a quality one can ensure safety and high performance. And the compromised one will give you an unpleasant experience. Concave design caster boards are the best as they let you enjoy carve and the crucial grip.

So, the concave board ensures safety and max maneuverability. The other alternative is an aesthetic version deck having stickers and graphics on the deck. These caster boards are for pros and look mature and cool. Nowadays, custom boards come with strip tape for a firmer grip.

Torsion bar plays an important part in caster boarding as several tricks like grinding and flips are possible only when your board carries a premium-grade torsion bar. The regular one remains inside a rubberized jacket and the high-end one is made of industrial-grade aluminum.


Materials mainly determine the price of the products. Besides materials, the factors that raise the price are the graphics and advanced features like lighted-up wheels, ABEC-7 rating bearings, and designs. The caster board combined with premium materials and the latest features are the pro ripstik claiming higher price.

Conversely, the boards that feature only the mere basics are the casual ripstik affordable at a budget and cheap price. As a beginner, you can opt for both the pro and the casual. It depends on your wallet health.

Whatever version you go to, none will break the bank. Your bounden duty is to avoid making the blunder of going for the faulty one. This buying guide will arm you with all the information that is crucial to make the right choice. 

See Our Top 10 Ripstik / Wave Board

1. Ripstik Caster Board

Ripstik Caster Board is the most popular and the earlier version of the Ripstik series. It went trendy the time it appeared in the market for the new design. This is the fabulous hybrid version of a skateboard and a snowboard in terms of functionality. To the surprise of skating enthusiasts, it introduces a 360-degree torsion truck that combines two tiny decks.

This time the decks are far shorter than the ones used in the skateboards or longboards and they hold their separate center. The combined decks form a single board that is carved. This lets you carve as you are riding on a snowboard in the snow-covered mountains.

Ripstik Caster gives you a smoother but Swiffer ride with two wheels on the opposite ends. This time it produces more precise turns with ABEC-5-rated bearings. Skating buffs now witness that ripstic allows you to raise the speed with a leaning forward to the front foot. Earlier they saw the skateboards increase in speed being pushed from the ground.

This 7.8 pounds weight caster board can haul up to 220-pounds as per the advertising tag goes. Though it best suits the kid aged 8 and a bit over, adults and teenagers with lighter body mass can surf around their corner and neighborhood on board this. This is one of the most popular caster boarding offers with the starter but pros can take it as their fashion statement too.

2. Razor Ripstick Ripster

When put side by side, this one will differ from the aforesaid classical ripstik by the size of the Ripstik. This Ripster caster board is a cut-down version of the Classic Ripstik both in terms of length and weight. And this shaving has proved to be the perfect trade-off for this Razor caster board adaptation. It now runs smoother and swifter than its predecessor.

Even kids and shorter individuals can exercise the utmost control in flips, twists, and carves. This Razor ripstik edition lands more conveniently after flips. Being cut-length nearly 6.5 inches from the original 34 inches Ripstik, Ripster provides the rider with stronger foot control. And taller individuals can apply overwhelming tricks like a pro border with this one. Razor Ripstick Ripster makes kids and beginners able to show spectacular caster boarding in the skating park.

The expert engineer and designer match the best mechanism with this compact caster as they adjust 66mm wheels to this. These 10mm tinier polyurethane wheels show superb compatibility with a 27.5 inches deck. The wheels turn even precisely, retaining the former bearing rating.

One feature common to the classic version is 360-degree trucks joining the decks to assume a concave shape. This time it is not size rather it is the maneuverability of the rider having a smaller stance. The smaller the size is, the better the functionality of the Ripstik Ripster.

3. Razor Ripstik Bright Caster Board

What is Ripstik Bright endowed with? Yes, these are the able utilization of color that makes it stand out in the Ripstik series of carter boards. The color selection is so perfect that any color will match whatever dress you are in the skating park with. Orange and Pink are the most sought-after colors as the customer reviews go.

It is traceable in the ocean of vigor boards with these vibrant and contrasting colors. This is the simple variation it has appeared on the scene with what the industry acknowledged to be a distinct innovation. Kids have gone totally crazy since its emergence from day one. All the other ripstic factors are identical with the long line of Razor products.

A perfect combination of the color is the industrial-grade polyurethane wheels that run without tilting or outshooting even on the rails and pavements. With these wheels under your feet, you can enjoy the most fluid motion. That motion will surely give you the level of feel you can experience only while snowboarding in the mountains of Colorado and defying the waves of the islands of Hawaii.

The ripstik-associated 360-degree torsion bar with a rubber coating provides the board with the optimum hauling ability. This board weighs only 6.4 pounds but it can bear well with as much as 220 pounds of load. The color-generated coolness is emphasized by the twists, tricks, and wiggles you can show as a feast to the eyes of the co-boarders present in the park.

4. RipStik DLX Caster Board

Snowboarding in the area with your friends and family is perhaps the best understanding, particularly at the end of the week. Gone are the days when children used to love skateboards, with the regularly evolving innovation, kids need better – Caster Boards. These are progressively well-known nowadays because of their related comfort and usability.

It is ideal for Ripstik cutting exciting activities. It is totally lightweight and sturdy. These are structured with master style highlights with incredible form quality. In contrast to the case with skateboards, you can step on caster sheets with two legs and gradually move this bit of equipment to turn in whichever course you need.

Essentially, These are mind-blowing at fusing wellness, parity, and energy contrasted with skateboards. In the event that you’re completely equipped to get extraordinary compared to other caster sheets around the local area, this post simply made your work a ton simpler. We have looked into the Top this out there, so you may not settle on a clueless choice.

5. Razor RipStik Ripster Caster Board with 360-degree casters

For an exciting riding background, make expeditions and speed your superpower when utilizing this caster board. evaluate this. With a specially crafted rotating deck and spiked footing cushions, hope to have some good times while performing. Reasonable for use with offspring of up to 5-10 years, It has a most Xtreme weight of up to 175lbs. The most delightful highlights of this unit incorporate great polyurethane haggles. It is a lightweight plan for a simple vehicle.

This board includes small in size and accompanies a smaller structure and enormous rule-making it simple to control. We likewise love the turn-and-cut activity that makes it simple to jump on and off. This settles on it an ideal decision for people with little position or individuals who might need to perform unfathomable tricks.

6. RipStik Ripster Caster Board by Razor

As a minimal caster board, that is 66 mm urethane wheels rather than the standard 76 mm, however despite everything it has the equivalent ABEC-5 course. Despite the adjustments in the specs, this is still sharp and ideal for the skate park or the asphalt. It has a turning deck and slanted caster trucks, enabling you to cut like a snowboard. Regardless of its conservative size, the plan makes it simple for the rider – youngster or grown-up — to turn and accelerate without an excess of exertion. What’s more, much the same as the different models explored here.

As the data above point out, these are intended for grown-ups and youngsters. In any case, this minimized caster board is more fit than most in view of its size and structure. Simultaneously, the lightweight makes it speak to long-lasting visitors who have a troublesome time performing stunts with a substantial caster load-up.

One of the issues with other minimized caster sheets is that the marked-down measurements accompany a value and absence of mobility. Luckily, that isn’t the situation here as there’s no trade-off on the style.

7. Razor Ripstik Limited Edition Caster Board

If you wish for a Ripstik to be high-performance yet not harm your record, your most logical option is here. You don’t need to stress over sliding off the board with the guide of the counter slip turned inward. The trucks are fixed on a slanted caster that gives a nice wheelbase to your cutting.

In particular, the steel torsion bar guarantees proficient speed up moving forward without any more pushing. To wrap things up, this weighs just 7.3 pounds in minimized measurements that will sit trouble-free in your knapsack. Carrying the board is nothing of a problem with the handgrip toward one side.

It is lightweight and simple to convey. It incorporates a conveying pack. It is solid to utilize. It is made of ABS and metal.  It highlights one-of-a-kind and cool illustrations. It has light-up wheels that include cool hues around the evening time. It comes completely collected with equipment, risers, and heading.

8. Razor Ripsurf

Ripsurf is a high-end ripstik for beginners. It presents exclusive design and engineering that has made it a tower to note at sight among the Razor products. To start with, the Razor Ripsurf tag signifies the surfboarding look and motion on the land. Unlike any other wakeboard, the Ripsurf deck features a single unit foot ground carrying stickers to customize it with a pro look.

The back foot part of the deck is professionally textured and even the first-time rider can enjoy surer foot control standing on it. Adults and teenagers are after the board because they can look stunning in the skating park. The industrial-grade and patented one-piece polymer construction let you perform whatever tricks you can.

The lightweight facility enables the border to enjoy utmost maneuverability as you can flip the board conveniently and land stable. The patented traction bar can withstand the abuse of hauling up to 220 pounds. The 32 inches length is quite an amateur-associated feature and adult individuals can enjoy a broader stance to maneuver speed, twist, and directions.

 Besides the Ripstik patented and strongly-built torsion technology, it adds to the maintenance by providing a spare wheel. The polyurethane caster wheels enable the board to move faster and take turns even more precisely. The back foot strip deck is perfectly a kid-only feature so that they can enjoy a stronger grip and control. Recommended for kids of 8 and around, the weight capacity invites the grown-ups to feel the on-land surf.

9. Razor Ripstik Electric Caster Board

It is the only motorized caster board reviewed in this article and the only one in the Razor Ripstik series too. It can run 40 minutes in one go. You can speed up to 10mph backed by a 100-watt motor. The battery features a 22V lithium-ion one and you can have a remote control in your palm to exercise control over speed. But the flips, twists, and turns are still under your expertise and practice.

It introduces some other innovative features like two different types of wheels at opposite ends. A urethane Caster wheel is in the front and an airless polymer one is in the rear end. This variation in the setting is done to make it compatible with the electric power drive. Another uncommon but convenient feature is its carry handle which adds to its portability. Now you can carry this along with you anywhere because it is run by a kick-start portable battery. But care should be taken not to go that far where a power source is absent.

 Ripstik Electric is intended for kids of nine and a little up and the load capacity it states is 143 pounds. This is the kids-only beginner ripstik.  It has come with two downsides which are segmented decks and it has proved to be a bit trickier for maiden riders. So better would be to hand it over to the kids having exposure to caster boarding.

10. RipStik G Caster Board

Another ripstik of the Razor series. This Razor G caster board features a pivoting tube made of aluminum that is responsible for the high trick performance and grinding. It also features a beginner-friendly concave deck that offers self-centering to the riders. So, Ripstik G being a by-product of the skating adventure will surely find immediate acclaim for going pro for the high-end aluminum tube and casual for the concave deck.

Aircraft-grade aluminum tube releases you of the maintenance as this will show immediate signs of bending or decaying. On its top, it is now a rare chance that you can fight the rails and pavements backed by this premium grinding tube. Beginners can start with it but riders already having a surer footing on the ripster platform will excel.


What are the Height and Weight Available on the Market?

The size of a skateboard and a caster board is the same. It ranges from 31-34 inches. The companies introduce shorter versions that are commonly 27 inches. The height of the rider is crucial to choose the size. Riders with taller legs will require 31-34 inches ripstik.

As per the products go, the regular caster board weight is 7-8 pounds and the lighter adaption weighs 5 pounds and around.

What is the Contrast Between a Ripstik and a Ripstik G?

The fundamental distinction between Ripstik DLX and Ripstik G is the torsion bar. In any case, Ripstik G is shockingly better. It accompanies a turning aluminum G tube which empowers extraordinary crushing. You ought to pick Ripstik G on the off chance that you’re keen on the skateboard/snowboard half-breed.

How Quick Can an Electric RipStik Go? 

The RipStik Electric is the most recent ride-on from Razor to profit by a touch of capacity to make it progressively fun. It includes a lithium battery and an in-wheel center engine equipped for fueling it along at rates of up to 10 mph (16 km/h).

What Amount of Weight Can a Ripstik Hold?

The maker’s weight limitations are 175 pounds for the little RipStik Ripster and 220 pounds for the Caster Board.

What is a Self-centering Caster Deck?

Self-centering caster deck is the one featuring a concave design deck that is non-slip. It ensures safety and control while riding. Bigger polyurethane wheels, a 360-degree truck, and a concave deck design make a self-centering caster deck. The Caster board with the said features holds even the novice rider in the center of the board. This type of board is recommended for the beginner who can’t exercise control at the start.

What Does Ripstik Stand for?

This doesn’t have any etymological context. This is done only for commercial interests. Other names that represent the same interest include J-board, Waveboard, Vigorboard, Caster Boards, and Ripster. All these bear their brand identities associated with the products.

Final Verdict

It is a mammoth task made simple by this thoroughly-researched review article. Now you will not feel overwhelmed to separate the faulty ripstiks from the quality ones. These are all well-thought-out suggestions of top 10 ripstik embracing the high-end ones claiming exclusive prices and regular ones available at a reasonable price. Whatever the price tag is you will not encounter any knock-off waveboard in these selections.

This review guide comprises the pro caster boards for the one who wants to go noticed in the park and also the casual wave boards that fit your skating level. Waveboards appear at the scene with varied specs and designs but to single out the best ripstik is up to your level of experience and budget.

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Guys, I am Camila Avery and I love to help my mom to do indoor & outdoor activities. As a lady, I have passed my time on gardening, home improvement, and personal or self-care. I have acquired some degrees in outdoor recreation, beauty, and hair care. It is not easy to work with top-level professional beauty experts. But, I got that opportunity and experimented with different hair extensions, hair colors, and cuts.

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