Best Table Saw Fence System: 4 Things to Check Before Select

Published on: March 25, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by Eric Devin

Table saw and its fence, known as a compact power tool to amateurs and pros alike, are often used in their shop rather than other saws. If you bought and worked better with one, you can understand its fence system’s exact necessity in the best ways, for instance, in making the safer and most accurate cuts.

table saw fence system 4 things to check before select

For professionals, an upgraded table saw with a fence system is used for something better projects. Once you made progress in your hobbyist woodworking, you may have prepared for other demanding projects. But being a beginner, several old tables saw rip fences, while most of them do not come up with a fence in the box. 

Though all the equipment of a table saw does not manufacture with equal quality. Well, in that case, you can have a trial with a miter gauge instead of a rip fence to support your angled cuts.

How to Choose a Table Saw Fence System?

Electric Vs Manual

You are similar to everyone who wants to move with the flow of trends. Following trends, the electric-corded or cordless table saw fences accept your desire. You need not walk around the table saw to adjust it, like the old-fashioned ones. However, the slower adjustment can make you bored, whether the manual ones keep reminding you of the worst adjustment by yourself.

So what is your preference? Electric or manual fencing?


Many types of material-made table saw fences we have experienced with, for instance, stainless steel, cast iron, and aluminum as well. But the designed material is something that ensures your working durability itself. Steel and aluminum-made fences are quite tough to get broken.

For heavy-duty tasks, choose a cast iron. But it may last fewer times and render services, as well as compel knocking at the workshop very soon.

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Did the table saw fence become sturdy when you tried to clamp it in place? Was it very hard to install? Once it is installed, might I have flexible and repeated cuts?

All such questions were raised regarding a table saw fences’ compatibility. So you need to pay attention to the unit you are buying, a good aftermarket table saw with a fence system.


Table saws are available in several sizes, and some systems tend to be more universal, for instance, cutting accuracy with the fence. Accuracy is the bullseye of a table saw fence system. But first, you should double-check the size of the fence size you are buying. Because of some latches on the rear side, some only work well on 27” tables. The longer ones like 50-inches enable it to set up itself on any depth table.

Some offer at least a 30” wider rip capacity than most sized wood sheets if we consider the accuracy. But for more extended options, it’s worth checking out the rail systems at the store.

Some Perfect Options for Table Saw Fence Systems-

We have done segmented turning, along with the top-picked table saw fence system below. Now it’s your turn as a potential buyer, for giving the right head start with us.

Shop Fox W1410 || Table Saw Fence with Standard Rails

  • Weight: 37.6 pounds;
  • Fits on: a 27” table with a 2-flat parallel surface.

The Shop Fox W1410 is a basic and high-end table saw fence system. So, it gives a head start in our listing being an upgraded successor to the professionals.

Rugged durability lovers should enjoy this commercial unit, which for sure is worth your money. Even if you have an attachment with an older table saw model and its fencing system, it is beneficial with its versatility. The particular feature we are introducing you to is that the fence system can fit on a 27” table or more than that size. 

Installing it on your saw is not very hard at all. Because of the maintenance guide, you can get available with other counterparts from the toolbox. A no-fuss locking mechanism will help you to do so as well, whether a larger lever swivels and fixes your workpiece at the desired place at the same time. The whole system stays parallel to the blade if you have locked it or left it for the rest by mistake.

You can use its attached handle as long as you want, even if you are lefty or righty. So it means it will not give up like similar old, branded models by the 2 or 3-times solid cut-offs. A unique roller rides on a standard ball-bearing guide, allowing you to move your piece front and back like a recip saw, to have precise cuts without any force.

What we liked

  • Simple to use;
  • easy-to-adjust;
  • Strong and accurate cuts in a locked or unlocked position;
  • Fits on both newer and older saws.


  • Drill and tap are useless.

Delta 36-T30T3 || 30 in.T-3 Fence System

  • Weight: 38 pounds;
  • Fits on: a 27” depth table.

A well-made and perfect table saw fence from the Delta 36-T30T3 series. It fits on a 27” depth table and cuts 16” to the left and 30” to the right of the blade. From the early ‘80s to the modern saw models, including hybrid saws, contractor saws, and unisaw, this mountain design fits on.

But you can remove your table saw fence or fix it anytime, either on the blade side or according to the position you need to work. By the way, your precision cut allows at least 1/64”, which means .40 mm down to the hole. 

Featuring a gliding steel tube fence is a breeze, allowing the body’s accurate adjustment for higher desired cuts. Whether the 3-point locking mechanism enables quick change of your fence, later fastens your workpiece at the right place and parallel to the blade. 

If you want to install it at the fastest speed, choose one compatible model from Delta. Moreover, the fence clamps over the rear rail and to the front hook and tube help to do so as well.

What we liked

  • Precise to 1/64”;
  • Measurement system in metric;
  • Compatible with fence attachments.


  • The modification requires to fit except, specified table saws;
  • Pre-drilling needs to match your top.

Dewalt DW745 || Table Saw Fence System

  • Weight: 1.78 pounds;
  • Fits on: 10” table saw.

With a 3-in-1 series of DW375 investments, you will start to reconsider the table saw using ideas out of the blue. Its high quality compels us to add its 3rd  item to our table saw fence listing.

Its well-established reputation tends to supply a more trusted fence, which ensures a very easy installation process. Its strong material-made body separates it from others more, with a wide range of repeated cuts, as usual, soft and hard materials.

Its built-in functions last and, for a long time, become a lifesaver for old DW745 table saws replacement issues. You will never need to replace your aluminum tube, though the clamps sometimes go down to the service. You should not anticipate its cheap plastic-made bits yet.

What we liked

  • In-built tough materials;
  • Make reliable cuts.


  • Only fits DEWALT DW745 table saw;
  • Expensive.

Vega U50 Table Saw Fence System

  • Weight: 38.4 pounds;
  • Table saw fence system fits a variety of saws; 2-1/2-inches fence height;
  • 36-inch fence bar (50 inches to right, 8 inches to left of blade).

This large Vega framework is not difficult to identify and is fun to use, with enthusiastic woodworkers and a really pleasing cost to do your own thing.

It is high, wide, and has a channel along its length, ideal for significant sliding dances, say, like a miter spline dance. And remember that finishing on one part of the different parts is really refined, the fence bar is sweet. It is made of a combination of aircraft-quality aluminum, lightweight for easy care, though very flexible, and we like the way the dark anodized finish eliminates abrasion. The fence is fully mounted on the rails, and we have seen the lockdown uninterrupted.

This is the bigger of the two models in this line, and you get a noteworthy 50-inch ability to the right of the sharp edge and 8 crawls to the left.

What we liked

  • Very sturdy and accurate;
  • Handheld multi-mounting options;
  • Large rip capacity.


  • No issues.

Shop Fox W1720 Aluma-Classic Fence with Long Rails

  • Weight: 21.2 pounds;
  • 79″ rails;
  • 50″ maximum rip to the right;
  • ISO 9001 Certified.

Another well-established and favorite table saw a fence system from the Shop Fox series ‎W1720. This includes a steel and aluminum fence body for toughness, strength, and decreased weight. Like, Finland birch constructed a smooth glide.

Including the 79 inches railing system, you can have an equal rip of left and right to the blade. The fence itself adjusts its length with the large table saws, though it is better for shallow models’ medium jobs. 

One thing you can take into account is that it comes with the Biesemeyer, which used to be the apex of the table saw fence systems in the past. So, you cannot expect much high-end professional construction with its basic features, for instance, the plywood-made texture yet. However, the in-built steel tape eliminates your hand-holding requirements.

What we liked

  • Magnified cursor lens;
  • Wide right angle design for maximum accuracy and support;
  • Adjustable fence wear pads;
  • Easy single locking cam action lever.


  • Nothing mentioned

Shop Fox W1716 || 57” Aluma-Classic Fence with Standard Rails

  • Weight: 53.3 pounds;
  • Fits: 57” in the front.

Do you want to upgrade your recent table saw with a lightweight and aluma-classic fence? This model from the SHOP FOX series W1716 is the right one for you.

This best-in-class separates from other manufactured models by the single-handed cam lock lever with a firm grip. This means you can manage your workpiece by the fence on the top of the 57” table saw. Equally, rips to the blade 30-inches right and 27-inches left. However, we experienced none of the fence quick changes like magnified cursor lens and have a fix placing precise cuts.

You do not have to worry about durability. The steel and aluminum body reduces weight, unlike other iron-made models, and tends to have more precise cuts. As you can observe, the wider angle (30” right) design helps to do so as well. According to the black and yellow numerals in both metric and SAE scales, the self-adhesive measuring tape directly mounts to the fence.

What we liked

  • 30” right wider angle to cut-off;
  • Magnified cursor;
  • Adjustable fence wear pads.


  • Poor installation instruction;
  • No line-up mounting holes.

Kreg KMS7102 || Table Saw Precision Miter Gauge System

  • Weight: 6.01 pounds;
  • Fits on: table saw with ¾” x 3/8” miter slot.

Constructed from 5-gauge anodized aluminum of ⅜” thick by ¾” wide, the KREG KMS7102 is a robust table saw miter gauge system, though it seems overpriced compared to other competitors.

Once installed, we expect better and faster swivels at 0, 10, 22.5, 30, and 45 degrees. Besides, you can call a micro-adjuster that allows an auto-adjust at a 1/100th degree angle, whenever you want. Inside, the clear lens offers transparent visibility, like a red line, which makes an easy set-up of swing stops for repeated cuts. 

Featuring a curvy foot lets it have a temporary stop at the mentioned angles instead of removing it. But it could be a poor choice for a portable saw initiator.

Its exceptional miter gauge system ensures excellent accuracy without any calibrating. So why would you spend your valued time calibrating a miter gauge? Of course, you should not go for a while. So no play in the miter slot at all. I hope you have a good journey with the dialed-in factory miter gauge.

What we liked

  • Vernier scale for fast adjustment;
  • Positive stops at 0-45 degrees;
  • 24” aluminum bar, fix on similar grove tables;
  • Magnifying lens cursor.


  • Found nothing.


How to Make Your Table Saw Fence Accurate?

If you have an inquiry over this, you may have bought your table saw fence, either to upgrade it to professional or for home depot only. As we mentioned that a table saw fence’s accuracy lies in its own size according to the table saw you have. Also, confirm the fence works and installs on the rear-mounted either, or straight on the top of the table.

Are They All Universal?

In short, no. Most of the table saws included fence systems, based on an extrusion set-up with a small clamp on the front. If its sliding counterpart does not fit well, it will not be able to provide such straight and secure cuts as well. Common sense makes sure that the fence from the specified and same manufacturer sets up well rather than other ones, considering the railing system.  

What Should a Beginner Try First, Miter Saw or Table Saw with a Fence System?

Well, a beginner should give a trial with a good powered table saw first. Then, go for a miter saw if you have enough experience with precision miter and bevel cuts. 

Instead of both saw types, invest in a circular saw. It used to get involved with the edge trimming to stock down your material. As you will need only occasional rips over wide boards with a table and a miter saw

Can You Use Dado Blades on Table Saws? 

No, no, and no! Because it is illegal in UK-based factories to produce, and therefore, it is unsafe. Because the riving knife and guard of it should get removed before involving it in any jobs. To avoid such blades and accidents, manufacturers are generating deliberate blades with short arbors.

Wrap Up

For now, all of you have been concerned about how to cut straight through the hand-picked table saw fence system. All of the selected assemblies are quick, simple, and straightforward.  

We expect both budget-minded and unconcerned, that may buy the best aftermarket table saw fence system as per their needs. Do not forget to maintain the buyer’s guide and read manuals out of the box.

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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