10 Best Right Angle Clamps (How to Choose Perfect One)

Published on: March 28, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by Eric Devin

Are you looking for a high-quality right angle clamp to hold two pieces of wood together at a 90-degree angle? Then you are in the right place. Here on this guideline, we’ve selected the top ten right angle clamp brands available in the market that offer the best in versatility, reliability, and durability.

best right angle clamps

Whether you are a hobbyist or engineer or carpenter or woodworking professional, or somewhere in between, a corner clamp or right-angle clamp can be used to install furniture, making cabinets, installing aquariums, drilling, dowelling, welding or for creating picture frames.

It increases the working productivity to join the two pieces together at a 90-degree angle. The ends perfectly align with glue or fasteners and provide second-to-none fastening support.

How to Choose the Perfect Right Angle Clamps

A right-angle clamp is a big part of achieving in any project and can make the entire ordeal easier by joining wood, metal, or any other material at a right angle. There are many brands in the market, but not all right angle clamps offer the same result.

So, what to consider when choosing the right angle clamp?

To determine which right-angle clamp is best for your project, you must know how to select the right clamps.

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Construction Material

Before making any purchase, the right angle clamp’s construction is the key to its performance because it affects the integrity and strength of the right angle clamp. You have to find out what materials are used to construct your tools, which allows the estimation of its durability.

To be on the safer side and for heavy-duty tasks, consider an instrument made from aluminum alloy since it is durable and lightweight. 


One of the most important things to check before buying a right angle clamp is its clamping power or jaw capacity/opening. Capacity is quite a crucial factor because the more comprehensive the jaw opening, the better. This value shows the maximum width of this opening to accommodate most things, including metal tube, steel rob, wood, glass, and more objects that you can fit in. Ideally, 70mm (2.75 inches) wide and above is good enough.


The handle is an integral part of a right angle clamp because it aligns two pieces of wood, metal, or glass into the clamp. When it comes to suitable angle clamps, there are two types of handle in right angle clamps. You will find the T-shaped handles while the others feature a double or single handle.  

A sliding T handle has a T-design and is the most popular because it allows the user to apply high torque to apply high clamping pressure for a tight and good grip. But the T handle design is not covered with rubber at all, so it lacks soft padding for comfortable use.

For ease-of-use, the other type of handle, the double or single handle, has the soft rubber handle that is very comfortable to use but lacks the T handle design for applying high clamping pressure.

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Lastly, for easy transportation and general mobility between different workstations, the right angle clamp’s weight is essential. As you are a workman, you have to hold the clamp for too long and need to carry your tools and equipment from one place to another. So, you have to make sure that it will not cause fatigue in your hands.

Some products may come with 1 lb, 2lbs, or 3 lbs. Weight capacities. Still, it depends on the project you are handling. However, suppose you are working on a big project such as building a wine rack, home cabinet, or a sizable mounting cabinet. In that case, that needs time, consider a lightweight tool, and vice versa but have to make sure that it does not affect the entire frame structure’s strength and durability. 

View Top 10 Right Angle Clamps Reviews, Below

1. Housolution 90° Single Handle Right Angle Clamp

  • Made from premium aluminum alloy die-casting material;
  • Single TRP handle; 
  • Adjustable swing jaw design;
  • 2.68in/68mm maximum clamping capacity;
  • Abrasion resistance metal nut;
  • Electroplating rust-proof arbor;
  • Works perfectly for 90 degrees joints;
  • Ability to clasp two different thickness pieces together.

Housolution 90° single handle right angle clamp is the first products in our review are popular and have bought by a DIY woodworker or a professional carpenter because of its versatility, durability, simplicity, and optimum performance for aligning, nailing, woodworking, welding, screwing, making cabinets, box, and picture frames.

This right-angle clamp features a retractable rotary jaw or floating head design, which allows easy alignment clamping and securely holds together two wood blocks of different thicknesses to join at a 90-degree angle with accuracy. 

Its design has a comfortable, rubberized handle, quick-release mechanism, and solid die-cast aluminum construction to offer easy adjustments and convenience holding during working. This type of angle clamp has a maximum jaw opening of 2.68 inches with a jaw depth of 1.4 inches to make the opening adjustments easily.


  • Lightweight;
  • Easy to use;
  • Durable & heavy-duty construction;
  • Quick & smooth adjustment;
  • The ergonomic rubberized handle offers a comfortable grip and prevents slip;
  • Can be adjusted for different thicknesses of wood;
  • Provides accurate alignment;
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications;
  • Available in multiple color options.


  • Not suitable for furniture construction.

2. Wolfcraft (3415405) Quick-Jaw Right Angle Clamp

  • 90° quick-release corner clamp;
  • Durable aluminum frame construction;
  • 2.5 inches wide jaw capacity;
  • 3 inches clamp face;
  • V-groove design channels;
  • Quick-release mechanism;
  • Has two well modeled comfortable handles;
  • 5-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

The 90° quick-release right angle clamp from Wolfcraft falls under the heading of light to medium tasks. It is very efficient and effective for making picture frames, box-frames, or cabinets, along with items with rounded edges.

This is one of the more robust right angle clamps that operates as a 3rd hand for a cabinet maker or woodworker or handymen by apparatus successfully fulfilling aligning and clamping parts. It features an assembly aid’s crucial function that aligns and connects parts for welding, screwing, and nailing.  

It has an effective quick-release mechanism, ergonomic and comfortable double handle design to ensure easy adjustments of the pieces at a right angle. It’s very massive two independent jaws can spread to 2 ½ inches wide and takes care of most clamping jobs within this opening range.

On top of that, a durable aluminum body, a broad 3-inch face that contains v grooves for holding round materials with ease, and multiple oblong holes for easy positioning and mounting make this right angle clamp useful for small to medium-duty work.

Alternatively, it can be the best clamping device you need for 45 degrees miter cuts or to make 90 degrees corner joint or workbench vise when you need to require different purposes for your project. 


  • Ergonomic handles promoting comfort;
  • More durable than most aluminum alloy models;
  • Easy to adjust during use;
  • Tackles most clamping tasks;
  • Excellent clamping for 90° corner joints;
  • Works well with most of the clamping jobs;
  • Comes with a quick-release mechanism for easy adjustment by saves time;
  • Great for making box-frames, cabinets, and joining round-edged items easily together.


  • Expensive than others.

3. HORUSDY 90° Single Handle Right Angle Clamp

  • Aluminum alloy die-casting construction;
  • Single-handed clamping design;     
  • Electroplating rust-proof rotating spindle screw;
  • Solid anti-skid strong rubber handle;
  • The adjustable jaw for extra convenience;
  • Up to 68” maximum clamping range; 
  • Floating heads facilitate precision.

Whether for carpeting, woodworking, welding, photo framing, engineering, or DIY use, here you got useful tools 90° single handle right angle clamps from HORUSDY.

This particular model is designed for absolute precision and has all the impressive features and functionalities that allow the user to use versatile use for welding, framing, drilling, doweling, making cabinets, installing furniture, frame, and aquarium, etc.

The construction of heavy-duty aluminum alloy die-cast material ensures strength, durability, and long-lasting use but is very light to hold on hand. This equipment has a single handle design with a solid non-skid rubberized handle that provides a firm, comfortable grip.

It is fitted with a corresponding suspended head and an electroplating spindle screw that rotates for easy adjustment and adjustable to align and accurately hold the pieces. Moreover, we love the ability to attain a maximum clamping range of 68mm where it can clamp materials like a metal tube, thick glass, steel rod, woods, etc.


  • Sturdy and durable; 
  • Lightweight to hold in hand;
  • Soft anti-skid rubber handle ensures easy, comfortable use;
  • The robust coating on the surface to prevents rusting;
  • Quick and effortless properties;
  • The floating head hold the two clamps blocks correctly with different widths;  
  • Ability to clamp other materials such as thick glass, steel rod, wood, metal tube, etc.
  • Perfect for diverse operations such as framing, doweling, drilling, preparing cabinets, furniture installation, etc.


  • No noticeable cons.

4. WETOLS 90 Degree Right Angle Clamp

  • Aluminum alloy die-casting based construction;
  • TRP rubber handle;
  • Swing jaw design;
  • 90° right angle corner clamp.

WETOLS 90-degree right angle clamp works like magic for DIY workers or professionals for accomplishing woodworking or any similar jobs.

This single handle 90° right angle clamp offers multi-functional operation for welding, framing, drilling, doweling, woodworking, making cabinets, installing furniture, box and picture frames, etc. The excellent, highly durable, and well-built design is conveyed to ensure repeated use for years for any woodworking task you need.

Even if your hand is wet, the ergonomic, anti-skid rubber handle on the clamping mechanism won’t slip out of your hand. The product offers a maximum clamping range up to 2.75in/70mm, ideal for holding two different thicknesses of large materials such as a metal tube, steel rod, wood, thick glass, and more.

And the two-way, swing jaw design makes clamping more versatile, convenient, and holding workpieces precisely.


  • Top-quality construction;
  • Versatile use;
  • Lightweight design;
  • Easy to use; 
  • Ergonomic anti-skid handle;
  • 2.75in/70mm maximum clamping range; 
  • Can clamp metal tube, steel rod, wood, glass, and more;
  • An adjustable jaw with a rotatable swing handle secures pieces of materials quickly.


  • None.

5. IRWIN Tools QUICK-GRIP Right Angle Clamp (226410)

  • Holds up to 200 pounds of pressure;
  • Quick-grip 90-degree angle clamp
  • Structural rib design;
  • Swing jaw design;
  • Included angle clamp, hand tools, clamps;
  • Crown molding up to 3 inches thick;
  • A composite plastic body and steel screws.

Derived from sturdy carbon steel heat-treated aluminum-alloy rod with a structural rib design for ease to operate makes this T‎IRWIN woodworking right angle clamp for fixing and connecting products more precise.

The swing jaw design allows two different thicknesses of wood blocks or other pieces with different widths connected at right angles. Attaching items of different thicknesses is not a problem.

The angle clamps feature a non-skid rubberized one handle that supports a quick, comfortable, and secure operation. 

Whether you are a large corner or a crown molding, this 90-degree right angle clamp is perfect for welding, framing, drilling, doweling, woodworking, making cabinets or fish tanks, installing furniture, box and picture frames, etc.


  • Lightweight;
  • Strong and durable heat-treated carbon steel threaded rod; 
  • Wide jaw opening;
  • An ergonomic handle;
  • Suitable for a variety of materials;
  • The movable jaw for eases clamping;
  • Ideal for holding larger corner items and crown molding;
  • ‎Satisfaction guaranteed;
  • Composite plastic body and steel screws.


  • No cons.

6. WEN CL436R Right Angle Clamp for Woodworking

  • Perfect for woodworking;
  • Throat Depth: 4-inch;
  • Clamping Capacity: 3 to 5/8 inch.

WEN CL436R right-angle clamp is an accurate clamp for many woodworkers, carpenters, and hobbyists because of its joining 90-degree pocket-screw joints without having many struggles. You will also face no hassle regarding the installation.

Its well-made and durable design, joining 90-degrees pocket-screw joints, makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, such as making cabinets, drilling, framing, doweling, installing furniture, aquariums, and frames. 

Moreover, its strong coating and sturdy structure can withstand everyday use without being damaged by guaranteeing long-lasting use. 

If you closely look at its overall configuration, a noticeable steel pin on one arm offers a snuggly fit to the pocket-hole to clamp the pieces together, just like driving a screw into an adjacent hole. Besides, pocket-hole also allows nailing or screwing without removing items in the clamp. It also features comfortable grips that help eliminate pinching and prevent hand fatigue when releasing the clamp.


  • Simple to install and use;
  • Durable metal solid casting construction;
  • Comfortable and excellent grip to prevent pinching;
  • Ensures accurate results;
  • Perfect for small and large projects;
  • Strong enough to withstand extensive uses.


  • Only applicable for pocket hole construction.

7. CaoXiong 90 Degree Right Angle Clamps Holder Clip

  • Body material: Aluminum with steel screws;
  • Wide 75mm/3in jaw opening;
  • Resistance to rust;
  • 2pcs style 90 degrees angle clamp.

If you are on a tight budget, then CaoXiong 90-degree right angle clamps holder clip is a reasonably priced right angle clamp that you should consider. Its heavy-duty aluminum frame construction with steel screws ensures maximum durability, extended use and has a full clamping range of 3-inch.

With the help of 90-degree clamping, these solid clamps are ideal for woodworkers, carpenters, fish tank fixing, picture frame reinforcement, photo framing, and aquarium framing. For providing ergonomic benefits in works, it has T-handles for high clamping pressure application that can also be held to joints for 45-degree sawing.


  • Affordable;
  • Lightweight structure; 
  • Simple to use;
  • The high-quality material ensures stability and durability;
  • Steel screws ensure long-time performance;
  • Can use for 45-degree sawing;
  • Perfect for box framing, drilling, doweling;
  • Sliding t handles for applying high clamping pressure.


  • Very flimsy;
  • No mounting holes on the frame.

8. Housolution 90° Aluminum Corner Woodworking Right Angle Clamp

  • Right 90-degree angle corner vice;
  • Made from high-quality aluminum alloy;
  • Adjustable jaw rotation;
  • Rubberized single handle;
  • Single handle swing jaw design.

Housolution 90-degree woodworking right angle clamp is a 100% brand new and high-quality solid clamp that can hold the workpiece at a 90-degree angle with a large jaw opening that goes up to 68mm/2.68 inches that is efficient enough for woodworking, engineering welding, and more.

The unit features a swing jaw design and a double pivot design that allows clamping of similar or different-sized workpieces with extra thickness at a right angle. 

An ergonomic rubberized single handle is installed for perfect clamping every time. With steel thread, the cast aluminum alloy body makes the parts of the unit much more robust, durable, and corrosion-resistant. The jaw’s rotation is adjustable to hold the workpiece and to complete the setup like a breeze.


  • Lightweight;
  • Solid die-cast aluminum construction;
  • An adjustable jaw ensures versatile performance;
  • Single handle design for better understanding;
  • the rubberized handle provides Comfortability;
  • Easily holds workpieces together;
  • Swing jaw design for clamping blocks with different thicknesses.


  • None.

9. 90 Degree Right Angle Clamp by TECH TEAM

  • Made from an aluminum frame;
  • Chrome-plated vice screw; 
  • Sliding t-handle; 
  • Clamps on both sides;
  • Width frame capacity of 70mm / 2.75 inches in size;
  • Make precise 90-degree corners;
  • Features oblong holes that facilitate easy mounting.

Tech 90-degree right angle clamp from the TECH TEAM is a modern and high-quality angle clamp suitable for drilling, dowelling, dovetailing, farming, and more. The cast aluminum body construction makes it sturdy for long-lasting use and lightweight, a gift for every woodworker, whether professionals or newbies.

This adjustable vise holds workpieces at 90 degrees for accurate joins of wood, plastic, or glass and holds pieces steady for drilling or cutting. It is a perfect joining of 45° angle cuts for precise woodworking right angle joints for picture frames, cabinets framing, furniture.

Another part of the right-angle clamp we appreciate is its sliding T-handle provides maximum torque and ease of operation to ensure the firm grip. Furthermore, the vice head surfaces are machined at a 90-degree right angle to match the base for straightforward use.


  • Durable;
  • Very easy to use; 
  • Accurate joints;
  • Versatile;
  • T-shaped handle for applying pressure;
  • Holding pieces at a 90 degrees angle;
  • Rust resistance;
  • Corrosion resistance;
  • Ensures maximum torque and ease of operation.


  • Not to use in welding or soldering.

10. IRWIN Tools (226200) Quick-Grip Light Duty Clamp

  • Designed with metal body and steel screws;
  • Holds up to 200 pounds of pressure;
  • Lifetime warranty;
  • Rust-resistance construction.

IRWIN tools quick-grip light duty clamp is the last one in our list that can withstand up to 200 pounds of pressure while protecting the workpiece with nylon round shape. This fitted nylon round does not damage your workpiece while framing the canvas and making frame components for finishing framing.

It features steel screws and a composite metal body that help to increase durability and better performance. Besides, rust-resistance construction of this right-angle clamp can withstand long term use without any damage unless handled carelessly. The simple design makes it a great value and super useful little tool for smaller projects and picture frames.


  • Lightweight;
  • Very easy to use;
  • Reasonable priced;
  • Nylon rounds prevent damage and protect workpieces;
  • Suitable for picture frames and smaller projects.


  • Not very strong.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Would You Utilize a Right-angle Clamp?

Put the clamp face-up on a level surface, setting aside certain there’s sufficient space for the two pieces you intend to join and that the brace’s jaws are open.

Slide the initial piece into the clip, arranging the end according to the edge of the brace’s arbor. Slide in the second piece until it meets with the main piece. 

Adjust the two sections until the closures are flush with one another with no overhanging edges. Hold the pieces set up with one hand while fixing the cinch with the other. Fix by turning the handle clockwise until firm. Abstain from over-fixing, which might harm the material.

Does a Right Angle Have to Be 90 Degrees?

In fact, an exact point is always equal to 90°. It can never be other than this point and can be addressed as π /2 in radians. Any point below 90° is an acute point and a point that is greater than 90° but below 180° is an unreasonable angle.

Closing Word

A right-angle clamp is one versatile device utilized in several handy functions such as broaches, bolts, drawers, framing, shelves, etc. and a must-have tool in the toolbox. The wide availability of styles and designs of the right angle clamps gives you the freedom to choose. But the premium quality one will help you finish a variety of repairing and installation tasks with ease. 

To surely make your decision easier here, we’ve offered you the top right angle clamp review, which is a sturdy, durable, and efficient clamp to complete your projects with ease. That’s why when it comes to selecting the right clamping tools, you must always look out for the best of everything.  

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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