Finding Best Water Storage Containers for Camping

Published on: March 8, 2022
Written by Camila Avery / Fact-checked by David Rowan

When we go camping, we are out of the reach of modern amenities, and we are on our own. So, it is best to get prepared in every form before stepping outside. Water is the most crucial survival need for any plant or animal. For enjoyable camping, the storage of water can not be compromised. 

finding best water storage containers for camping in 2023

Only one type of water storage is not enough for camping. It applies to all campers, whether family or solo campers. For example, for drinking and cleaning, we need two water storages containing two qualities of water. So, at least two types of water containers are required at the campsite. There are more options for water containers due to their functionality. Let’s see what the most useful water containers for use in camps are.

The Water Containers Campers Must Have

There is a wide range of types when it comes to portable water containers. The list above may confuse beginner campers and confuse them. Here is a sneak peek of water containers that one should consider before going camping. The camping site, weather, group member’s age, number, and different aspects are usually considered before getting the container. So, the following guide should help to determine which type of container you should have. Read more: What Things are Considered for an Outdoor Storage Cabinet.

Portable Water Tank

These are also used for holding large amounts of water but are usually used in large vehicles. A water tank or bladder is placed on the car roof and used as a regular household water tank. These are meant to use static. So, these are not mandatory for campers who set their camp in tents. 

For Drinking

People get their drinking water in different plastic containers. These are food-grade containers and have a spigot and handles for easy portability and dispense. Apart from the large plastic containers, small water bottles should also be placed in the camper’s backpack. 

Water Cooler

Whether the weather is freezing or smoking hot, a water cooler must have a hot and cold water supply. It is not a ‘must’ for every camper, but you never know you need one until you get one. These are also used at home on a regular basis, so buying this will be regret-free. 

Hand Wash Station

Never forget the need for a handwashing station because you won’t want to waste drinking water by washing your hands. So, a separate container is needed to wash hands. This container need not be a food-grade one but must have a high-quality spigot. 

Stored Water for Other Utility

Again, this is not compulsory but useful instead. Several collapsible designs are available in the market for water buckets. These buckets make life easier when a faucet is nowhere to be found, and you need to clean clothes or dishes. 

List of Most Popular Water Containers for Camping

Different capacities, materials, sizes, shapes, and features are applied while making water containers for camping. We have reviewed the most popular water containers used by campers and then conducted this list to choose from high-quality water containers of various types.

1. WaterStorageCube Food-Grade Collapsible Water Container with Spigot

  • 1.3 gallon/5 liter capacity;
  • Flexible, foldable cube-shaped storage;
  • Comes with a spigot and an emergency preparedness survival guide for camping.

This water storage is the most user-friendly for camping and other outdoor activities. Don’t miss the real taste of mineral water when you camp by a freshwater spring or fall. The container is made with environment-friendly PE material. So, neither the container ruins nature nor the taste of water. 

This container has a spigot on its cap, which makes water dispensing super convenient. Use it to pour out drinking water or set it as a handwashing station. For the same reason, this storage cube also works incredibly in storing cold water in the refrigerator. Just pour the water from the spigot; no need to turn the water bottle caps. 

It is a cube-shaped container, so it takes the least space when using it in automobiles, refrigerators, and camping baggage. This container is virtually leakproof and break-proof of its flexible material. But still, it can arrive with defects. In that case, it can be replaced within 30 days of purchase. There are three sizes (1.3/2.6/5.3 gallons) available; choose yours. 


  • The taste of the water doesn’t change;
  • Leakproof and break-proof;
  • Includes spigot for convenience;
  • Multipurpose use. 


  • The spigot tube is short.

2. SurVivv Collapsible Water Container for Outdoor

  •  Material: LDPE4 food-grade plastic;
  • Capacity 2.6 Gallons;
  • Use Temperature: -4℉ to 120℉.

Sturdiness symbolizes durability. So, here is the water container that stays upright for years when it is needed most. Whether camping or emergency preparedness, a water container is a must, so we can’t afford to get one that is not durable enough to last long. 

This container from reliance is made durable using BPE material. The handle, screw vent, screw cap, and reversible spigot are all created equally carefully to last for years. This 2.6-gallon size is available.  

Everyone complains about leaking spigots in all the water containers usually being used during camping. This one also leaks a little when it is filled with water. But it can be prevented by placing an O-ring on the spigot. This is a mistake that is not expected from a high-quality water container. 


  • Durable;
  • A long warranty is offered;
  • Reversible spigot;
  • Long-lasting.


  • The spigot needs an O-ring to stop leaking.

3. Arrow Home Products- 40 Cup Beverage/Water Dispenser

  • Capacity: 2.5 gallon 
  • 14.75 x 5.5 x 9.5 inches overall dimension;
  • Available sizes: 1.25. 2.5, 3-quarter, and 5-quarter gallons.

What do you do with your water container when you return from camping? Most people just store it for the next camping; some throw it away or reuse it for other purposes. But not this one. This water container is so stylish that it can be used as a beverage dispenser at home or outdoors during parties and other gatherings. It is transparent, so the water level is visible, and has a large opening on the side for easy refilling. The cap has a spigot too. 

The problem with this water container is, it is not durable enough to last a long time. So, people who are looking for a disposable water container for camping or outing can try their luck with this. Get several of these, and if it lasts, it can be used as a fridge water dispenser in the refrigerator or a drink dispenser in family gatherings. There are four capacities available for this container. Be sure to order considering its dimension as well. 


  • Cheap;
  • The stylish container can be used at parties as well;
  • Large opening for refilling;


  • Not durable enough.

4. Igloo 5-10 Qt Hardsided Commercial Seat Top Portable Water Jug Cooler

  • Capacity 18.9 Liters;
  • Seat-top lid provides a sitting surface;
  • Reinforced handles for strength and product longevity.

Summer camping or winter hiking is not comfortable for extreme temperatures. Bringing out regular water containers in those situations will not make any change. Thanks to this large 5-gallon capacity beverage cooler. It is large enough to hold 18.9 liters of liquid and also can be used as a seat. The large set-top lid of this container is also useful for filling it fast and keeping dirt and mold out. 

Even if the container is left under the sun, the inner temperature remains unchanged for days. Fill it with hot water or ice; it saves your life during camping. There are handles on both sides for easy portability and a spigot on the bottom for convenient dispensing. 

People use it after camping as a regular cooler. Some even use it to serve hot beverages to a large gatherings. One container saves from buying countless water bottles and lasts for years, yet, is available at a reasonable price.  


  • Sit the top lid to use the container as a seat;
  • Water cooler/container;
  • Affordable;
  • Durable. 


  • Heavy container.

5. Water Storage Tank/ Bladder For Emergency Water Supply

  • 100% Food-Grade TPU material;
  • 13.1 x 12.5 x 3.1 inches;
  • 30-gallon capacity.

Its 30-gallon capacity is making your eyes bugged out? This bladder-type water container is basically designed for use in trucks and RVs as a main source of water reservoirs. This one is 30 gallons, but it is also available for up to 50 gallons capacity. One filling may last your entire boondocking camping when this container is tied to your truck. 

One thing I want to add is, a water pump is a must for filling this bladder up. With the water pump, it takes minutes to fill up the bladder. Then it can be used as the main tank to fill the smaller containers we reviewed here earlier. 

This water tank is made with a high-quality nylon cover with a food-grade TPU lining. So, it is a thousand times better than relying solely on BPU-made containers for the entire trip. As those make the water taste funny if kept for long under the sun. This bladder tank can be folded away when not in use, so it is convenient to store. This tank is costly; still, I recommend having one for camping in a car for its unmatched quality, portability, and durability. 


  • Recommended to use in the RVs;
  • Highly impact-resistant;
  • Portable design.


  • Very expensive.

6. Hydrapak Seeker- BPA & PVC Free Collapsible Water Storage for Camping

  • Ultra-Durable TPU/ HDPE/ Silicone material;
  • 2, 3, and 4-liter capacity available.

Does your camping involve hiking and/or backpacking? Then you are in dire need of a highly portable water container with excellent water capacity, durable yet lightweight. This Hydrapak Seeker collapsible water container is just the right hit for buddies who love to hike. Through it in the backpack and stay hydrated throughout the trip. There is a built-in filter with the bottle cap, so there is no risk of getting water-borne diseases when you are exposed to nature. 

The best part is yet to come. This container is a lifelong investment. Invest once, and the manufacturers promise to replace it every time it is damaged or scratched. Pretty confident about their product, ha? 

This container is usable in a wide temperature range, even in freezing weather; it does not break like plastic containers. However, it is a must-have for everyone-campers or non-campers, a hiker or biker for the money. Take it with you in the camps and in your daily busy life, it carries water, so it must be saving your life. 


  • Easy to store and carry;
  • Wide temperature range for working;
  • Lifelong warranty offer;
  • Built-in filter.


  • Not found.

7. API Kirk Stackable Water Container, 4 Pack

  • 4 packs of 5 gallons container ( 20 gallons in total);
  • Overall dimension for each container:  11.25″ x 10″ x 14.25″ ;
  • Spigot and cap wrench included.

For family camping with kids, it is best to carry drinking water from home. Otherwise, the kids may fall sick if natural mineral-enriched water gets in their stomachs. This stackable water gallon of 5-liter capacity is now available as a 4-pack package. Hurry to get this pack at a cost-effective price to have all those four containers for your next trip. These containers are made of BPA-free food-grade material. These are mostly used in shipping food items, so their durability is beyond doubt. 

All the gallons have a cap wrench and a spigot to use with the cap. Caps are sealed; it breaks when turned for the first time. So, you get those containers shipped to your doorstep in the best condition. 

But what if anything goes wrong? Well, there is a refund policy that claims to replace or refund any damage by the manufacturing or shipment procedure. Hope this makes this container more convincing to use for family camping. 


  • Cost-effective combo pack;
  • Stackable design;
  • Industrial-grade durability.


  • Takes a lot of space to store.

8. Freegrace Premium Collapsible Bucket

  • 10L capacity and  7.87 x 9.84-inch size;
  • Bucket-style container with a mesh tool bag included;
  • Available colors: green, khaki, navy blue, and sky blue.

A bucket for water makes camping a lot easier. Store water to do the dishes, wash clothes, take to fishing, and whatnot. A gallon-style plastic container does not serve the purpose of a bucket.

So this premium quality 500D Tarpaulin-made bucket is there for you to help in those situations. It is collapsible but stays upright even when it is empty. So, there is no concern about storing the bucket. It is made out of highly durable material. So, the handle or the bucket does not easily tear or puncture. 

This bucket comes with a lid to cover the water and a mesh pocket for tool storage. So, it is excellent storage for water to use other than drinking. This bucket is available in four different colors and has 10 L, 16 L, and 23 L of water capacity. It is collapsible; so, storing it after camping or carrying it with the camping supplies is no big deal. For a few bucks, don’t miss out on this incredibly useful container to use camping. 


  • Bucket-style container suitable for cleaning; 
  • Collapsible design;
  • Money-back guarantee.


  • No cons.

9. Lifeunion Collapsible Folding Water Bag for Outdoor Use

  • Clear white and clear blue bag;
  • 10 liters capacity.

The amount of water we fill in regular plastic water containers in camping can be filled in this foldable container as well. The difference is, this bag has a smaller dimension and lighter weight compared to rigid plastic containers. So, it is easier to carry around during hiking or backpacking. Just fold and roll the bag in your backpack and fill it with a faucet when needed. The large opening is convenient for filling and dispensing water from it. 

This container is also priced right. It only costs a couple of bucks. So, I recommend getting several packs of this unit in the first purchase. It is so convenient to store, and its portability is unmatched. However, this is a sack type of water container. Don’t expect it to last long as hard plastic containers do. Other than that, this one is also made of food-grade material to keep the water quality unchanged. 


  • Lightweight;
  • Folding design for easy storage;
  • Large spout for easy filling;
  • Freezable container.


  • Not highly durable.

10. WaterBrick Stackable Water and Food Storage Container

  • Capacity: 3.5 gallons of liquid, 27 lb of dry food products;
  • 25.5 x 18.6 x 18.7 inches dimension.

The name suits the container perfectly. It is shaped like a brick, it is stackable like a brick, and can be versatile like a brick. This Waterbrick container is not only used for storing drinking water but also food, medicines, and other emergency supplies we carry to camping and intend to keep dry. 

As the container is stackable, it is space-saving as well. These are 3.5-gallon capacity water containers. So, when needed, a brick can be removed from the stack of containers, easily. A leaking problem is faced by many for not closing the lid properly. Place the lid in the right way where the gasket should be. If that does not help, then apply some cooking oil to the joints of the lid. This should help with the leaking. 

This is an amazing solution for storing valuables, including water. The unit is made of food-grade material. So, it can be used regularly or in times of emergency as well.  


  • Doubles as a food and water storage;
  • Space-saving stackable design;
  • Reliable hard plastic material.


  • Flimsy handle.


So, the above tips should help you get an idea of which water container you need to have for comfortable camping. It all depends on you: where you are camping with whom and for how long. A replacement or money-back guarantee backs all the containers reviewed here. The hard plastic ones are covered by warranty as well. So, upon arrival, check the container for any defects so that you can claim a replacement or refund if any defect is found.

Besides, before every camping trip, all the water containers should be checked carefully for any leakage or breakage. These containers are also great assets to use during emergencies like power cuts and disasters. The smaller containers are useful to put in the refrigerator for cold water dispensing and also for serving beverages to guests. So, consider the long-term benefit of investing in a high-quality water container.

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Guys, I am Camila Avery and I love to help my mom to do indoor & outdoor activities. As a lady, I have passed my time on gardening, home improvement, and personal or self-care. I have acquired some degrees in outdoor recreation, beauty, and hair care. It is not easy to work with top-level professional beauty experts. But, I got that opportunity and experimented with different hair extensions, hair colors, and cuts.

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