Best Waterproof Tent Spray: Choosing Facts & Our Recommendations

Published on: February 16, 2022
Written by Camila Avery / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Waterproofing a tent before going out is an easy way to maintain strategic distance. If nothing else reduces the danger, a broken tent will force you into a frustrated and turbulent night.

Being caught in a net of excess rain in a faulty tent means scattered collections, pieces of clothing, and clothing. And outsourcing can have an amazing consequence that you predicted energy throughout the year.

waterproof tent spray choosing facts & our recommendations

Whether this is your ‘old reliever’ that you have for years, and recently moved away from the presentation of making a new plastic tent. It is insightful to examine what will happen to your home to be waterproof before going out.

The Key to Finding Waterproofing Spray for Tents

With regards to picking the waterproofing spray, your decision really outlines three significant things: 

  • Airborne vs. Splash Bottle.
  • Silicone vs. Non-Silicone Splash.
  • The type of tent texture for this.

Let’s know the details about this!

Airborne vs Splash Bottle

Airborne splashes are not difficult to apply. It simply clicks the catch and showers away. They additionally enter the texture somewhat better. On the drawback, they are not actually incredible for the climate and you may wind up utilizing significantly more showers than you anticipated. 

Splash bottles work like a spritzer! You need to physically pull the trigger and the splash comes out. In addition to the side, you oversee how many showers you’re utilizing. On the disadvantage, you may wind up splashing your tent unevenly.

Anyway, the primary thing you really want to choose is both the advantages and the disadvantages of deciding whether to use airborne or splash bottles.

 Splash BottleAirborne Bottle
ApplySnap and shower.Pull and trigger the shower.
AdvantagesSample to use. Good control using a spray.
DisadvantagesNeed to use several cans, Dad, for the weather.Can spray your tent unevenly.

Silicone vs Non-Silicone Splash

Waterproofing splashes will usually come in a variety of shapes and sizes but silicone is best at wide intervals.

The non-silicone is used for bathing, diving, and sealing in various situations where no water is allowed to flow. Unlike PU or acrylic covering, it penetrates completely into the tent floor and cannot be removed.

Type of Tent Texture

As a rule, most tents available today are made out of three fundamental main texture types:

  • Nylon 
  • Polyester 
  • Material 

It should use silicone-based splash, this is another explanation that is completely safe for all the types of use mentioned earlier.

With your tent now covered or off-chance to be covered, you need to settle in water-based fountains – they won’t ruin your tent.

Factors to Consider of Waterproofing Spray for Tents

This is the buyer’s guide to waterproof sprays for tents. In this area, we will quickly consider the significant ingredients when buying this spray.

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Materials and Seams

It’s essential to pay attention to the differences between waterproofing and fixing creases in tent dividers and components.

Whatever the case, the creases are the most likely spots to spread. This is where the materials are sewn together, and the openings of this subtraction are considered spills.

This is the place fixing, and uncommon assembling becomes possibly the most important factor. A decent waterproofing system will join a spray for dividers and a crease sealer. Water will freeze and swallow creases without splashing.

Some of that water will now try to enter the crease without a sealer.

Pick the Container

Waterproofing items will usually be sold in pressurized airtight jug containers and spritzer bottles. Steam bottles are pre-pressurized with gas. Be that as it may, before, companies did not have a specific pressure that they used any gas during pre-pressure. Some of which were not natural and easily usable.

The Spritzer bottle is another great option for keeping the fuzzy gas fountain stuck in the climate. On the other hand, evaporated sprays are more effective at creating better and opposing spritzer partners.

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If done correctly and a decent item, waterproofing should last a long time. There is no need to withdraw your tent every week. You have to be more discriminating with the aid you render toward other people.

For the most part, this difference is similarly reflected in spending. It’s up to you what your necessities are and how much you want to do regularly. We will refer to how wise it is to guess how each splash should last.

Impact On Fabrics

Another notable element in the case of waterproofing spray is the negligence of individuals that some may damage their own with this texture.

Most textures cannot be directly damaged. Although sprays and textures are presented directly to many daylights, clever things usually happen—fortunately, most dedicated waterproof splash shelters. Be sure to see the effects of each item and substance.

Easy to Use

There are many items here that are difficult to understand and utilize. Waterproofing should not be one of these items. Most of the time, you should just spray, let sit, and clean.

Whatever it is, there are some, including extra ways and hidden instructions. You would prefer not to play with them. It will be disappointing. This can be completely wrong and results in a wet tent.

Quick Solutions

Need a New Tent to be Even Waterproof?

You can’t at any point ensure a great climate when setting up camp however that is all-important for the good times. Setting up camp is an erratic and unconstrained experience so being set up with a tent that is appropriately waterproofed is fundamental. Spic and span tents shouldn’t normally be waterproofed except if they are produced using material or polycotton.

How Often Should Your Tent be Waterproofed?

As a reliable guide, if you use your tent for 2 or 3 weeks in a year, you should be sure to seal it for several years at a time so that it retains its waterproofing. If you want to object, wait until it starts to appear, then, do it!

What is the Difference Between Seam Sealing and Waterproofing?

The thinner the texture of the crease tape, the more troublesome it is to stick to the tent, and it can break or crumble in the long run, especially with exposure to dampness, warmth, and adhesive. Fix fixing applies a layer of sealant-like paste across the crease. The sealant creates a waterproof barrier, filling the sewing shells.

Seam Sealing vs Waterproofing Spray

You’re likely to be researching waterproof tent sprays because you’ve realized your tent features a leak. But will waterproof tent spray help?

Before you accompany waterproof spray, you would like to make sure the leak isn’t coming from a puncture or seam.

Punctures are easy to identify and may be caused by sticks, branches, tent stakes, or clumsiness. Leaks along the seam of your tent could be harder to spot.

Seam tape may be a flimsy strip of waterproof material applied at the factory over the sewn seams of your tent. Constantly this tape will lose its stickiness and start to peel off after a few seasons, albeit you don’t use the tent. Check the seams of your tent to ascertain if your seam tape is starting to peel.

Silicone seam sealing is often done in reception or at the factory and typically provides far better results. Diluted silicone is brushed onto the seams during a thin layer that penetrates and seals the stitching machine’s puncture holes. This method is often wont to repair old seam tape that’s starting to peel.

How to Apply Waterproof Tent Spray

To get the simplest results from your waterproof tent spray, you’ll get to follow a few straightforward steps.

Set up your tent outdoors in the sun for a couple of hours until it’s scorched.

Take your tent into the garage or other concealed space with minimum wind and sun exposure (direct sunlight is often hard on the waterproof spray chemicals).

Spray in generous even strokes, overlapping each travel by an in.

Do not overspray! Drips and runs shouldn’t be present. If you detect a buildup of excess spray on the material, move your spray faster or backtrack a couple of inches.

Let the spray dry overnight ahead of taking your tent down and packing it away.

It’s okay to use quite one layer of waterproof spray also. If you sense that your tent needs extra waterproofing or if one layer did not work, tolerably repeat the processes as repeatedly as required.

View Top 8 Waterproof Tent Spray, Below

In this article, you ought to know what to look for and what to stay in mind when you’re shopping. I’m also going to get right into it and suggest a couple of the simplest waterproof tent sprays you’ll use to renew your tent or improve its water resistance.

1. Nikwax Tent and Gear SolarProof (Spray-On)

  • Usage: tents, flyers, backpacks, anvils, boat covers, umbrellas, gesture furniture, and panners;
  • Protects the fabric from UV damage;
  • Waterproof your gear;
  • Volume: 16.9 ounces of liquid.

The Nikwax tent and gear waterproofing spray is a cool extension of the best waterproof outdoor tent showers. It has received several positive surveys in the locales of famous online businesses. Users are only nurturing this item for the great waterproofing they are offering.

This fountain reappears waterproof to your old waterproof craft. This extends the waterproofing of the tent beyond your spike and span.

It has no extra fragrance to keep the waterproofing experience as smooth as it can be expected appropriately. You can use this intense shower of water in your outdoor tents, canvases, rainfly, and much more.


  • Makes your clothes solar roof;
  • Eco-friendly;
  • Water-resistant;
  • There is no scent.


  • Several pieces of clothing are required for waterproofing.

2. KIWI Camp Waterproof Tent Spray

  • The material allows breathing;
  • Silicone provides toughness;
  • Long-lasting water protection;
  • Use materials: Prallethrin, cyfluthrin;

A 12-oz can of contaminant comes from the dry water of the KIWI camp.

The kiwi waterproofing tent spray is undoubtedly the best splash accessible for your tent. This creates an arbitrary mass of silicone in your tent and water.

This offers wonderful protection against climate, even in brutal climates. It has finished time evaluation, and campers around the world prefer its waterproof fountain for its functionality, cost, and reliability.

You can use it on your outdoor canvas, running shoes, and your favorite calf clothing.

You need to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. It additionally protects your tent from destructive UV beams.


  • High quality;
  • Affordable;
  • Intense bitter odor-free;
  • Texture Free;
  • Completely Waterproof;
  • Long-Lasting.


  • It may take a double coat.

3. GEAR AID Tent Waterproofing Spray

  • Can be used on paper maps;
  • Best use Camping and hiking;
  • Silicone and PFOA free;
  • 5-ounce aerosol.

I will concede, I am reluctant about any silicone waterproofing in the outer texture. However, this doesn’t mean that it can’t work. Furthermore, due to the fine waterproofing synthetic concoctions, you can use GEAR AID tent waterproofing spray in paper guides to make the water safer!

As a note, simply ensure you get enough of these jars to cover bigger tents. This 5-ounce jar won’t spread a mess of zones. Honestly, having such a modest amount in a can seems a bit unworthy.

It is perfect for small tents and exterior textures that require waterproof re-installation.


  • Protection seems well;
  • Affordable;
  • Resists Heat and cold without cracking.


  • Applying can be difficult.

4. Bickmore Gard Waterproof Spray

  • Water and stain-resistant;
  • Leather protector;
  • Use for boots, shoes, clothing, hats, jackets, and more.

The Bickmore waterproof tent spray is a multi-cause conditioner. It can be used in waterproof tents, and it ensures that the stains are away from your tent.

This spray can be utilized on a wide surface, including canvas, cowhide, flexible cowhide, and more.

Its huge amounts of waterproof sprays make it hard to relax your tent. No matter what it is, these will keep your tent waterproof. That way, you can properly enjoy the harsh climate.

It guarantees that there are no trade-offs in the item’s assembly guidelines.


  • Made in the USA;
  • Different surfaces can be used;
  • Excellent water heater;
  • Stain Repellent.


  • Requires frequent application;
  • The bottle is a bit loose.

5. Star Brite Waterproofing Spray

  • Waterproofing + UV and stain protection;
  • Stain hater;
  • 80 sqft coverage;
  • Fabric compatibility check.

Star Brite waterproofing spray is ideal for all textures. That way, you can use it for tents, knapsacks, and even boots. Also, this does not change the general look and feel after applying the waterproofing spray. This allows textures to retain their unique quality.

Don’t try in a hurry, as it may take some time for the spray to be pumped. Yet, in the end, it does. So as long as you stand by the ridiculous-humorous aspects and keep burning a bit, you are sure to get the best results.


  • Complete water protection;
  • UV ray protection;
  • Keeps the tent breathable;
  • Made in the United States;
  • Works on almost all fabrics.


  • It takes time to pump;
  • A bit awkward.

6. 303 Products 30606 Fabric Guard In Spray, White

  • Greatly increases stain resistance;
  • Keeps fabrics soft and breathable;
  • Maintains color fastness;
  • Safe for synthetic and natural fibers;
  • 32 oz. Sprinkle bottles.

The water and stain-resistant give excellent assurance from water and stains. The 303 product texture monitor creates a reassurance layer on the top of your waterproof tent to make your outdoor tent extra waterproof.

It can give your old ruined tent an extra life. It should be exceptionally convenient and quickly possible to apply.

There is no visual buildup left in the tent. And it similarly restores hard stains. From now on, your tent will be waterproof as a stain confirmation for the bottom experience.

The waterproofing spray leaves no foul odor in the tent as it evaporates. You can use this waterproof shower to make your outdoor tent, covering shoes. What’s more, calfskin hardware is water-hating.


  • Water protection;
  • Stain repellent;
  • No smell;
  • Budget-Friendly.


  • Some users didn’t like the new formula.

7. Kiwi Camp Waterproof Tent Spray

  • Leather/fabric silicone bonds;
  • To create a tough water barrier.

The Kiwi Camp waterproof spray is used effortlessly in any hole in your tent. So you can be sure that water remains outside your tent as well. Also, you will have a dry and warm night’s rest. There are no sparkling, cheap finishes here, and your tent will look great all around. Its delivery weight is 1.7 pounds.

Our tried and tested experience has discovered that there is no VOC or fluorocarbon in the kiwi camp, which can be unsafe for your well-being. You can rest from any danger without stress. It similarly makes the texture significantly softer. So you can invest energy in your tent without feeling uncomfortable from stiff and covered textures.


  • No VOCs and fluorocarbons;
  • Water repellent;
  • Heavy duty provides water protection;
  • Long-term use;
  • Soft fabric.


  • Strong paint odor.

8. 303 Products Marine Fabric Guard Spray (30674)

  • Ensures against both water-based and oil-based stains;
  • The texture does not change the shade, feel combustibility, or respiration.

The last item on our list is additionally from 303 product stores (30606). This marine texture gatekeeper will protect your outdoor tent during the long blasting season. This fluid is clearly intended to extend the life of the marine hardware.

This creates a layer of protection in the outer waterproof tent that fixes the water as a stain. You can use this textured gatekeeper with different textures like canvas, calfskin, elastic, and the like.

This textured watch will keep the creases of your outer tent flawless. That way, you can quietly appreciate the evening. It is made in the United States, which guarantees the item’s first-rate.


  • Water-resistant;
  • Affordable;
  • Simple to apply;
  • Provides stiff resistance against soil erosion;
  • Stain Repellent.


  • Initially, it smelled thin.


Presently you find out about our picks for waterproofing spray for tents. These will work for a great many people. Currently, it is up to you to choose which one is directly in your situation.

Whatever item you picked out, as long as it is particularly suitable for your tent and the material made in your tent. It should be right at that moment.

That way, you can move your tent out in this kind of climate, and in the event of a big rainstorm getting caught in the net. You and your equipment won’t need to be pressured to get wet and harmed by rain.

So, get outside and appreciate the natural air!

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Guys, I am Camila Avery and I love to help my mom to do indoor & outdoor activities. As a lady, I have passed my time on gardening, home improvement, and personal or self-care. I have acquired some degrees in outdoor recreation, beauty, and hair care. It is not easy to work with top-level professional beauty experts. But, I got that opportunity and experimented with different hair extensions, hair colors, and cuts.

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