The List of 25 Easiest Blacksmithing Projects for Beginners

Published on: April 18, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by Eric Devin

Want to get started with Iron or Steel bar projects as a blacksmith? Well, not that rigid to get skilled enough. Not all recent blacksmith project ideas are risky and complicated like earlier farriers did from dawn to dusk after a single key leaf or corkscrew making. Everyone tries to become a carpenter, either a woodworker to complete their significant wooden or metallic jobs at home to get the precision and increasing maneuverability skills. 

If you have not mastered blacksmith basics, no need to worry. Including novices, however, smiths who are on the way to start by forging and hammering a metal piece to earn more money through simple and easy blacksmith project ideas, we have some findings for those fellows. Let’s have a rundown by settling your razor-sharp focus on our categorized blacksmith project ideas and the accomplished procedures as well. 

25 easiest blacksmithing projects for beginners

What a Blacksmithing Project Is?

Blacksmith, in short, smith. One can infer the exact mean of that profession, whether it may use in the English-speaking world or a town or village for fabricating objects from the hotshot iron anvils. The most common thing is repairers of farm equipment, as well as other stationary-type machines back in the 19th century.

Particularly, while it is about fabricating something hand were shaped after taking out from the iron anvil by a craftsman and the entire processing is popular as a blacksmith. And, the professional hand-forged equipment from the inexpensive casting process is familiar as a blacksmith project. 

Meanwhile, in the industrialized world, the optimization and making of farriery back in 19th century has been declined like the disappearance of manual equipment were used in agriculture, for instance, horses and cows. Such blacksmiths who were about to assist in making money by forging shoes for horses in early modern times are still popular as farriers. As Iron replaced Bronze by the passage of time of industrial and war revolution, and in terms of blacksmith, it has derived from iron like black metal. 

Tools Listing for These Projects?

Silversmith or blacksmith? While silversmith is the potential for soldering tools, such as hammers, torches, flies, and more by measuring and occupying in different project meanwhile war, but the differentiation with blacksmith create in heat source using, and it is blowtorched.

Blacksmith is inferred to work with iron, however, a typical process to forge and repair iron accessories for regular smaller to the biggest jobs to get done. But before stepping forward, subjected to first heat and water, a Brass or Iron rule about 600mm in length diameter is similar to apply in Steel tool purposes. Let’s dive into that blacksmith project listed tools requirement. 


Want to drive through both hot and cold metal rip-off indefinite precise size? Chisels are such instruments, not only in short size but also in the thicker form to rip off cold metals, in contrast, longer and thinner for hot metals out of the anvils. 

The best ones you have found are Steel in construction where exists only 0.8% of Carbon to make it stronger enough. To suit particular purposes, for instance, for driving through the metals, also hardening and shaping workpieces, otherwise, utilize motor vehicle leaf springs and coils as a substitute. 


From ball-peen hand hammers to sledgehammers, all are included featuring well-balanced performance, weight ranging 750g to 1250g or 3kg to 5kg varying the hammer quality. But the worth checking features are less check polished hammer face, shaft fastened with the head firmly, longer shaft marks removed face. 


Similar to chisel in its shape and size. Its common task is to fix the tool that you are trying to with into the hole in the anvil. For a precise fitting, use a hand hammer weighing less to rip off hot and cold metals. 


Precisely not designed as chisels, yet work like that. Features a handle or shaft at the endpoint which has hardwood in construction. Instead of wooden-handled ones, purchase metal-rod included ones like us if you are a pro-graded worker. Available in 2 categories, one with short and thicker shape to handle cold metallic objects and another with longer and thinner shape for hot metals. 


Comes in a wide range of shapes, for instance, short, round, long, square, and so on as per job purposes. The common design reflects in their longer handles as if one needs to stay his/her hands far from the warm anvil that it must not burn hands at all. Large ones fit with handles, for instance, to prevent the least amount of metallic objects from the job. Even it can swell the object hole as per workers’ required sizes and shapes.  


Whether the blacksmith needs hollow bits or angle bits, either open bits or close bits, all these 4 types of tongs are available not to let your workpiece slipped from your hands and occur unnecessary accidents and injuries. As long as these vary in length, shape, and weight to hold workpieces firmly, so, before purchasing, job adaptability of the tong is the pinpointed feature to the lookout. 

Tongs are produced by smiths per their suitable jobs and have light construction materials, such as Steel and Aluminum.   


If you imagine short punches, drifts are rather like these. Most drifts have Carbon and Mild Steel in their construction. For utilizing one drift, users must know the job size as they need one of these tools in exact sizes and shapes, something like hexagonal, octagonal, round, and ax-eyed. 

Before creating holes in the workpiece, this one needs a good hammer and is only applicable while the metal is in dull red heat. However, a little grease one can apply for job finishing touch and getting work easier and better.  

easiest blacksmithing projects for beginners


Designed to hold metals within its top and bottom places. Mostly available in semi-circular, as well as employs to form metal tools round sections in size after an earlier forging. Almost all are separate, yet in some cases, attached top and bottom tools are also available as if attached ones are hinged together by a spring rod. Smiths employ it while working alone to generate power-hammer work. 


Almost like chisels or sets, yet features rounded edges. Small fullers are handy, but the larger ones attach with handles or shafts to keep the fastening with a sledgehammer. Also, noticeable in pairs, why? Because of both bottom and top fullers applicable for setting down shoulders in terms of moving material in legal direction or to forge tenons. But before stepping forward, set the bottom piece into the anvil hole.  

The List of 25 Easiest Blacksmithing Projects for Beginners

As you develop in blacksmithing projects, the longer you tie up your working hands with making tools from metals, such as DIY metallic objects and professional ones. Whether you are a pro or a novice, we are there for your concern to assist in money-making blacksmith projects too. Let’s dive into the depth of quick, easy, and simple blacksmith project ideas by maintaining safety basic gears.  

Beginner Friendly Blacksmith Project Ideas 

1. Coat Hook 

coat hook 

The first beginner-friendly project that we have tried on the starting is the coat hook idea. Also, the idea has been inferred to make money at local craft fairs. In general, it is common as a functional statement piece with a rustic forge style. Being separated from the crowd of blacksmith project ideas, such forged hook is very much affordable and decorative in homes’ walls. 

To create smith’s coat hook, require a 0.5” round rod stock of 10” diameter, a hammer, a tong, and a single piece of forge and metalwork surface with .25” punch. Now take the first step with the rod ends to heat and strike the ends meanwhile. Constantly, it will earn a decorative spare point end, however, to create a pair of flattening mounting points, strike onto the rod and get a flat edge.  

2. Simple J Hook 

Another novice startup blacksmith project, as well as one, can create it in a handy piece to have around the home and possibly assists in honing your skills. To get started with this wall hanging item, the main equipment is a ⅜ steel bar, a metal surface or anvil, forge a chisel, tongs, and a hammer. Similar to the previous coat hook, start heating the bar end in the forge. Keep hammering until you create a point. Again start striking the end and keep rotating at each stroke. Later try to extend the taper in the same way to 1.5”.

Have you already tapered end? Reheat the rod and polish the edges smoothly into a rough round, repeat the process by striking. After creating enough rounded shapes, you can also prevent uneven edges. To generate a desired curled end, preheat the metal to give a form of U and again bend its tapered point.  

Trying to find out the desired length? Take a chisel and use the hammer’s flat end on it to create a genuine hook on the mounting spot. 

3. Fire Poker 

fire poker 

As a gift or as a daily necessity, always carrying items a novice should try on. In particular, fire packers are employed to tend fireplaces as long as with the kindlings from a DIY cut. To start producing a fire poker, checkout a forge, heavy metal surface like an anvil, a vice, and tongs keep the workpiece in the point. 

Create a long and thicker tapered point at the metal bar end like us. Curl this bar end around to make a big loop. Now get a smooth coil by overheating and striking to keep twisting the very end of this tapered around. Remember that the process should be continued while the metal bar is the vice’s responsibility. Take the other end and create a similar tapered end for a smooth fire poker. 

4. Punch

In official form, it is a coil spring punch. All blacksmiths require for bigger hole on the metallic object where it is in demand. No matter how your metal rod is whether it is short or long, yet for turn into sizes, one needs to give a few reheating and striking over that. 

An old coil spring is a key equipment to make it out of the factory. The rest of the tools we can suggest to create a real punch are a metal surface or anvil, forge, and a hammer and tongs. However, start by cutting the overall rod size as long or short as you want to make other tools.

Though you follow the entire procedure like other tools making, there will still exist a very flat endpoint to be more functional without being a dramatic one. Take and round out the tapered edges constantly and in the rotating direction. However, the finishing touches the punch by grinding it down and keep polishing it with the sanding papers to give an even look. 

5. Decorative Heart 

decorative heart 

Want to make a small project? Most blacksmith select decorative hearts to impress their partners with their own hands. Either it is applicable in your homes like a paperweight whether you make it heavy-weighted or a display piece as a keyring. 

Manage a 0.5” length square metal bar. Including that you will require an anvil, tongs, a sporting hammer, and a forge. Unlike the previously mentioned processes, this time the .5-inches bar needs special attention and hard work because of its signature design. Moreover, use the anvil and start carving a heart. Then curl the tapered end in on themselves until both ends reach the original heart shape in the middle. 

6. Bottle Opener

Does not look easier to create, yet the finest Ferrier signature art while you turn on to deal with a metal bar. This time you need a specialized thicker bar because the diameter has to create is quite wider than before. A bottle opener is a fancy item to be sold or gifted. 

But don’t grant the project at ease, however, it asks for lesscheck out equipment but the shaping term is truly hard sometimes. Create with a forge and anvil, and if possible a hammer you can carry with you. Now take an even length of rebar or hard metal. The process is easy as if it turns all the things into tapering around by heating and strokes. Each stroke brings flatten shape on one end. Later punch and shape a big hole for the lip to catch, and pull open bottle caps at ease.  

7. Decorative Cobra 

Almost gives a lawn ornament look and sometimes indoor decoration varying on its size. Also, it is popular as a rebar blacksmith project idea. For this hobbyist project, it will need around and thicker stock of any metal, a hard work surface, forge, and a hammer. Though a press is an optional toolkit in terms of pressing and shaping with a sledgehammer, an utmost need for shaping as a cobra head.

In terms of carving the rest of the cobra body except for its head, earlier mentioned entire systems one can follow as we have done. What about the cobra head? Well, for this significant term, take a single end and start tapering until the cobra hood turns to a flat shape. However, always keep noticing that carving the rest of the body should give the appearance of a snake in its motion.  

8. Leaf Key Chain 

Quite easier for those newbies who have already given a trial on the previous enlisted 7 blacksmithing. If you love a challenge, it has ignited itself for a significant art. For this project, step forward with a forge, a hammer, a working place, and a metal bar. 

Make an end-like tapered form that may continuously end another point. Then it is time for a series of opposing. To create a typical stem for leaf design, this double-sided taper form is very important. Now take the tapered sides down to hammer, and hammering, later on, will assist in creating a leaf design to connect with a chain or a keyring. 

Make Money Blacksmithing

9. Hollow Hole Punch 

Our first experienced money-making blacksmith project idea. Aim for shaping a cube on the metal bar. This is the question how because many blacksmiths are not persuaded with the measurement taking for a cube. First of all, measure the bar width and we have tried to measure the tip with precision as if it determines the accurate reading to create a cube in it. Then with a ruler or other significant scale, scratch as per the cube reading you want on itself. 

After striking on the cube shape, means one end round, use a lathe machine to drill for an axial hole through the bar and shape it fine. Then a final touch-up for the well-furnished look, you should make sure the mill machine application for a straight functional hole. 

10. Bearded Axe

bearded axe

This money-making quick blacksmith, the project will require a better and thicker piece of Iron bar. If you turn with a power hammer, or a sledgehammer, the hammering, and formation task will be easier not only for novices but also for professional smiths. 

Hammer the iron bar to give a rarely polished, yet rougher look. Choosing the previous process will be continued for this case also, but a chisel with a hammer will be better if you do not have a drill machine to create that precise hole on the axe head.

Oops! Forgot the foremost step, and that is before stepping forward, just measure the handle head width that will accommodate the exact place on the axe head. After making fine adjustments as needed, start sharpening if you are not fine with the rougher look. 

11. Ram’s Hail Railroad Spike 

The application almost considers either on the ram’s head or on the home wall decoration. You can forge one short iron bar, and with some specialized tools, for instance, sledgehammer, chisel, and tongs, including a swag are the important ones that we have used. 

Take a metal or Iron flat bar on one side and cut it into equal half. Utilize a smaller metal bar to design as a horn and the opposite end to make a ram face. Though it is a bit complicated project, the sooner you will be acknowledged about the technique, the better task within a happy moment you can accomplish. 

12. Froe 

Though it is always available in the next to street hardware stores, a definite choice means customized froe one can make with personal maneuverability and a single thinner metal bar. The main purpose of this toolkit is to cleave woods from softer to harder ones.

You can forge one into a single piece if it has Carbon Steel in its construction. In contrast, for a wooden handle hinged froe, you have to apply a different technique by employing a flat and long iron bar. Make one edge sharp while the bar is coming out of the anvil and create a perfect froe shape. No complicated tools you need, except for some rounding tools.  

13. Gas Forge and Burners 

It is a quite exciting project to help in money-earning as a decorative or purposive one too. This time working time will be lesser as if you need some burners and an old propane tank. Including both primary equipment, other cutting and welding toolkits you should count on the bucket list. 

Now turn to shape the propane tank and attach the lamp to its top. Within the time it has been organized in any of your selected orientations. Make a base as it can seat with all itself on the base and guess what? You are done. 

Whether it is useful to yourself or forge to sell to customers. 

14. Golok Machetes

golok machetes

Sounds different right? Well, this one holds a longer sword-type design, or you can see a longer knife jungle cleaning instead of woodman axes while traveling or camping. In general, it is almost similar to a bitter ax with one end round shape and a fastened wooden handle. 

First of all, is to manage a long Iron or Steel bar. Forge it into enough shape and make it razor sharp like an ax blade. Then take a wooden piece and split one head slightly into half. Fix the blade and handle with a fine adjusting tool hammer. 

15. Ball Peen Hammer 

No longer guess and confusion, it is a standard toolkit to the rover and fixes any other tools. Blacksmith personal project you can call it too. However, this toolkit is a regular priority, from the top-notch the building maneuverability is too easier than other tools. In terms of forging it is quite easier whether you have to get profits or for own needs. 

Start with a round metal bar. Cut a 4” or 5” metal piece. Handle it from the forged mode with a power hammer. Not only for smooth operation but also for shaping for further forging or adjusting purposes. Hammer in the middle of the piece and make a certain hole to enter and fit a wooden handle.  

16. Kiridashi Style Knife 

It is one of the beautiful art for regular and artistic purposes. This piece of art also has a wide range of applications, for instance, camping, traveling, hammock stand fir camping, and so on. Except for a metal bar, forging material, and curving machine you will be needed for such nice Kiridashi style knife making. 

For a high-ending note, remember to apply a nice glossy finish. 

17. Drawknife 

A specialized and regular woodworking tool for better and smoother wood shaving tasks. The structure you may know if you are a pro-graded woodworker. In general, a drawknife holds a razor-sharp blade in between two handles to drive over the wooden piece that you want to shape’em. Only you have to stripe off the long thin blade from a longer shaped Iron or Steel bar. 

Later forge the handles fitting double-ends into a bent shape. Now hammering tasks can bring a nice look, evenly and polished even though you want a rough look. 

Professional’s Choice for Blacksmith Projects

18. Scythe Peening Anvil 

Peening is a hammering process used tool to changing other metal devices’ outlook. Meanwhile, users can peen a scythe while one needs to employ a certain size of the anvil, formed as a scythe peening anvil. 

At first, forge into the single straight piece and start hammering to the exact shape. Burn it down to make it stronger enough to keep servicing for longer as if you can peen a scythe.   

19. Small Carving Knife 

small carving knife 

This type of smaller knife has multiple applications, in fact, easy to store and carry as well. Before hammering some small strips, weld all these together into a much thinner shape. When this is done to strengthen enough the knife, hammer until it turns to a small carving knife. 

After all these sharpening and shaping terms, you have to attach them to a shorter wooden handle for precise cuts. However, make precise adjustments by employing an angle grinder, and somehow similar files.  

20. Tactical Bush Sword 

Do your backyard area has grown bush and unnecessary roots? Well, a tactical bush sword is a nice one then. For longer or shorter bushes, such longer and heavy-weighted bush swords are handy to show any maneuverability even though you have no professional skills at all.

This time production goes with the long and thin bar to get forged. However, a power hammer and some grinding toolkits, for instance, an angle grinder are the greatest addition to it. All these are because of grinding one single edge for a razor-sharp blade. 

21. Flatter 

Another specialized tool that we have tried, not only can teach yourself proper blacksmithing but also shows that how much money can a blacksmith make. Well, as we have mentioned its certainty, the user can understand that how it should look, particularly, one end is flat and another edge must be more than enough like a chisel to let the hammer hit must help dividing metal pieces. 

You can follow our process. Firstly, generating a mold and a container. Then start hammer as a regular process of maneuverability to turn into absolute shape.

22. Herb Chopper 

A better and standard tool for restaurants and chefs. In this case, forming a Steel bar to herb chopper is an easier and quicker job within hours. Forge and make a little cut instantly on one bar end. Elongate another end to attach a handle with a hammer’s help. Employ a precise file to make final tweaks. 

23. Viking 

Make ready a circular cut of the wooden piece to attach to the final metal piece as a handle. Make sure that the entire piece is high-quality and attached lather to the circumference. Though Viking shields are popular as a decorative and fine art piece to give a better Viking look on your walls. 

Connect a round metal to the center of the Viking shield and spice up constantly. 

24. Cant Hook 

The bigger it looks, the longer the making time will be. A cant hook is familiar with the woodworker and farmers for turning wood in sawmills and for wood logging. Not only during producing a cant hook time it will ask for enough professional forging skills but also will require pr-graded top-notch toolkits from grinders to lathe machines. If you have prepared a high-quality long wooden handle, attach the end with a metal hook and secure it with a tight bolt.  

25. Power Hammer Die 

Specifically used in power hammers. As long as a power hammer has to manage substantial impact loads, a secure fastening and careful making it always demands. 

Forge a die from either Iron or from Steel bar. But you have to forget like previous ones to turn in an accurate shape because a lathe machine makes a minor adjustment in the dimension. Anneal to the ideal sturdiness, and proceed with a file for further perfection. 

What Blacksmithing Projects Can I Use These Essential Tools For?

As a beginner blacksmith, there are many projects you can tackle with the essential blacksmithing tools for beginners. These tools, including a hammer, anvil, tongs, and forge, can be used to create basic items like hooks, knives, and decorative pieces. With practice, you can advance to more complex projects.

Wrap Up 

Many blacksmiths maximum tries 1 or 2 projects as if all projects are a type of manual, yet the production usage toolkits are as well.  Unless you are tired, better follow blacksmith patterns, for instance, forging, hammering till it forms as per your desire. Depending on a single project, it is not an ideal idea at all. Perhaps, you better decide first about the project’s needs and basics, including shape as well.

Overall, to save your time and energy for the next blacksmith project, we hope to join our well-informed and categorized easy and quick blacksmith projects, whether you want to make a profit by selling or want to try the hobbyist’s ones.

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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