7 Vital Uses for a Reciprocating Saw

Published on: August 7, 2022
Written by Eric Devin / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Uses for a reciprocating saw reassure you when you have clear details. From professionals to newbies have benefits in demolition works with recip saws. 

Uses for a reciprocating saw are not problematic at all. Because grabbing it matters the most as it cuts rough. How will you do that? So follow the description step by step.

Saws and Reciprocating Saw

Saw is a kind of stuff. In general, used for cutting wood but specialized in metal works too. A tough blade, chain or wire is contained in its basic model. 

uses for a reciprocating saw

Well, you may find several saws by searching in Google. One may find them in store by two categories:

Manual or Hand Saws include variations like,

  • Cop 
  • Rip-cut 
  • Hack and
  • Cross cut

Powered Saws include,

  • Reciprocating 
  • Circular 
  • Chain
  • Band
  • Jigsaw
  • Table
  • Miter
  • Pole 
  • Wet-tile 
  • Pole and
  • Scroll

Check the best usual wood and metal cutting saws list here.

Reciprocating from machine-powered saws listing is our topic today’s topic. It is worth the qualified name by works. That’s one smooth blade that cuts materials by push and pull (reciprocating) moves. Similar to jigsaw, it allows the handle to drive on vertical surfaces. 

Reciprocating Saw UI Features 

This gateway tool is helpful when you promote a serious DIYer. Works by forth and backward motion called strokes. The best use for a reciprocating saw with blades is about 2700 SPM. Fix up on both corded and cordless ones. Based on this info, a simple question may arise. Is both reciprocating saw and sawzall servicing the same? In fact, Sawzall is a brand name providing better uses for a reciprocating saw. Innovated by Milwaukee Tool Company. But matching blades with specified ones are necessary for heavy-duties.

Perfect Blade for Perfect Job

Utilizing recip saws for unknown jobs can create serious issues. But accurate blades for appointing tasks give comforts. Check out the series of differences by Teeth Per Inch (TPI), blade shape and material.  

Wood Cutting Blades: Contain 5-10 TPI and best for softer materials.

Demolition Blades: 2nd in the series and best for nail embedded woods. TPI ranges from 6-11 and thicker for heavier duty applications. 

Combination Blades: Multi pitch TPI in configuration. Such as 8-11 or 10-14. Utilize this version in various jobs.

Metal Cutting Blades: Holding 10-18 TPI or at least 24. Typical to use for smooth wood edge finishing. 

Carbide Tipped Blades: Common with 8 TPI. Allows to crop cast iron, SS and hard or dense materials. Another common blade without teeth is Carbide Grit. Take advantage of cutting tile and masonry.

Search some usual but special blades in stores, including self criterion:

  • Plaster and Drywall 
  • Pruning 
  • Diamond Grit
  • Flush Cut
  • Scroll
  • Sander Attachment
  • Brush Attachment
  • Grout Scraper

How to Utilize a Reciprocating Saw?

1. Framework

Want to put a curved or straight cut? Making best frames like the other uses for a reciprocating saw is fun. Have an accurate cut with no chipping problem. Also, have a sleek and small sill plate piece at every stroke.

2. Wooden Stuff

Wanna become a fancy home decorator with savage scraps? With this one, ordinary salvage scrap wood pieces can make your home artistic. Conjoin the well-shaped shreds for aesthetic woodwork projects. For instance, wall hangers for Star Jasmine. 

3. Pruning

The most common practice at present. For overgrown tree branches or trimming bushes. The cordless one is appropriate. Because it is quite portable and light. Also, more flexible about pruning no time.   

4. Generate Plunge Cuts

Unlike other saw types, it produces plunge cuts overhead. Else, for demolishing works with long and accurate blades.

5. Sanding Holes

Are you utilizing Sawzall for sanding holes? Hope you do. Splits from other saw models by voiding:

  • Saw dirts
  • Dust and splinters.

6. Plumbing

In general, PVC pipes are located in even tighter places. With this one, you may have fun while plumbing or modifying piping. The blade alternating option offers crop pipes too. 

7. Construction

Using it in pretty familiar terms like everyday construction. Including cutting off nails and screws and removing door frames. Because of making calculated chops into studs and removing them with care. One may have fun in a clean and empty workplace instead of sledgehammer. For a size project, it is beyond imagination without a reciprocating saw.

Uses for a Reciprocating Saw Hazardous?

Well, it is not now and even in the future. Home equipped tools are best with a home workshop. 

As we have mentioned, you may find several ones. Suppose, you do not know which saw for which job. You may need one for cutting wood curves by hand. Or you need to reap 2*4. For the first job, it requires a scroll or band ones. But a circular one is perfect for the second. 14 teeth or 7-¼ inches blade ideal for 2*4 framing lumber. Somehow, you will find not the real 2*4 in size. 

It is vital to always turn off the switch. Or unplugging the cord after completing the work. Such ways prevent damaging materials and unnecessary injuries. 

Ensure that your cutting space is free from obstacles. Also, take care of electricity set up and wear required equipment.

If you feel wrong, a deep and safe observation can make it right. 

What Considerations Should I Keep in Mind When Choosing a Portable Miter Saw Stand for Various Uses?

When looking for portable miter saw stands, consider factors like weight capacity, foldability, and material. For versatility, choose an adjustable stand that can accommodate different saw models. Look for sturdy construction and features like wheels for easy transportation. Ensure it meets your specific needs before making a purchase.

Wrap Up

Such versatile ones suit for use in various applications, don’t they? Because the designed models are capable of reaching tight angles and corners. As well as you have to learn the maneuver tricks including other usage.

Have you not yet learned from the manufacturer details? Do fast and create a safe working zone. 

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Hi, I am Eric Devin and I am a professional interior architect. Since childhood, I've always enjoyed DIY projects! And, I have loved to solve simple household problems using essential tools and equipment. I have also acquired a lot of information about basic household tools settings by working with contractors.

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