10 Best Dryer Vent Covers (4 Things You Try Consider)

Published on: March 29, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Dryers have become an essential utility for a modern, comfortable life. But having an amenity is not sufficient if it is not maintained and utilized as it should be. Making a dryer useful depends on all the attached fixtures of the machine, including the machine itself, proper installation of the vent, how it is utilized, and the vent cover as well. 

Speaking of the vent cover, the functionality of the drying machine largely depends on it. One won’t realize it unless they face any problem regarding the dryer vent cover. If the dryer vent cover is not passing the moist air properly, it will take longer to dry out the laundry. If the vent cover fails to block rain and wind coming in from outside, it will ruin the dryer and its vent.

best dryer vent covers

On the other hand, if the vent does not have a screen on it, it becomes a potential nesting place for birds and critters.

All these problems can be avoided if a properly designed dryer vent cover is installed. Would you care to step out just to buy a vent cover for your home? Would you like to go through a trial and error process by installing different vent covers in different seasons? I guess the process becomes easier when you prefer expert guides and compare among different designs online. 

So, here is a list of 8 dryer vent covers, recommended mostly. Here, you will find different sizes, functionality, and design for dryer vent covers. It becomes easier to compare and choose one that fits your budget. 

How to Choose Dryer Vent Cover Online

Size of the Outlet

Of course, the first thing one should consider is the size of the vent pipe. Choose the vent cover according to the size. Besides, the outside dimension of the cover frame is also important to know before purchase. It is good to know how much coverage it will require on the exterior. 

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Bird Screen

Every vent cover does not include a bird screen, but it is a compulsory item for countryside establishments. It is okay if the vent cover you have now does not have the screen with it. A bird screen is also sold separately according to the cover dimension. We have incorporated one such screen on our list. 


Flapping louver and/or damper is a must for vent covers to seal outside wind to come in yet ensure to pass out moist air from the dryer. But it is important to look if the louver or damper makes noise while doing so. Quiet operation of the damper is preferred for residential dryer vents. 


Dryer vent covers are mostly made of plastic, aluminum, and stainless steel. The durable material is better. It makes the vent cover last long and makes the entire unit weather & rust proof for prolonged use. 

How to Maintain Dryer Vent Cover

Dryer vent covers require regular maintenance if you are using it regularly. If the dryer is often used to dry out laundry, then it is evident that the vent cover will catch lint and other build-ups from the laundry. Considering the frequency of using the dryer itself, the vent should be cleaned. 

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If the dryer is used every week or every other week, then the vent screen should be cleaned every other month. On the other hand, the frame, louver, and damper can be cleaned every six months. 

The frequency of dirt build-up on the frame totally depends on the climate and level of dirt and other pollution in your locality. To keep the exterior of the vent cover clean, only soap and water is enough. Don’t delay too much to do this regular maintenance because later on, it becomes stressful to clean all the long term dirt build-up. 

View Top 10 Dryer Vent Covers Reviews, Below

1. Dryer Vent with Bird Screen

Birds, pests, and rats are invading your home through the dryer vent? This vent cover is made with a screen to keep small birds and animals out of your dryer vent. So, it will suit any 4-inch dryer outlet to cover up, provide airflow, and prevent unwanted guests from visiting too. 

It is made with sturdy plastic material, and the bird filter is detachable. The ring is claimed to fit any 4-inch pipe, but the inner ring is a little bit narrower in reality. You have to keep in mind that you will have to adopt another mechanism to actually make a connection to this dryer vent cover to the vent. 

However, if you decide to install this as your vent cover, please note that you have to monitor this cover from time to time to check if any lint or similar material is stuck. Keeping small animals away is a challenge for a home where this vent cover is a clever choice. 


  • Keeps small animal away;
  • Adequate airflow;
  • Durable;
  • Easy attachment.


  • Fits vent pipe slightly smaller than 4 inches.

2. Affordable Dryer Vent Hood with Pipe

  • 4” wide, 11” long pipe;
  • Aluminum pipe and styrene collar.

For a cheaper option as a dryer vent cover, this one can be a better solution. It also comes with a removable screen, but the addition is the stainless and rustproof aluminum pipe to attach. Indeed the metal pipe is supposed to make a better hold on the dryer pipe. The material is fragile and delicate, so you will have only one chance to set this up. There is no chance that it will stay in one piece if you try to take any further attempts with it. 

I don’t recommend this model for large families or where the laundry needs to be done frequently. Due to the bird screen, loads of lint get stuck into the cover. If not cleaned up regularly, this cover may become responsible for ruining the dryer itself!


  • Rustproof metal pipe for better hold;
  • Easy to set up the vent cover;
  • Hood dampers run quietly;
  • Cheap.


  • Lint gets stuck.

3. Louvered Outdoor Dryer Vent Cover, (HS4W/18)

  • For 4-inch dryer vents;
  • Three curved louvers for quiet operation.

Vent covers are placed outdoors; that’s why they become brittle over time due to harsh weather. This louvered vent cover is made weather-resistant. So that, rain or shine, hot or cold, keeps its shape untouched by the weather. 

The mechanism is quite simple and basic for this dryer vent cover. It has three curved louvers. These louvers open quietly up when the exhaust is running and shuts when it’s off. You can see that there is no bird screen to keep birds out and create lint build up. Rather, this model is easier to clean and it is a no-maintenance dryer vent cover. 

Though the unit is a 6’’x6″ in size and fits on 4″ vent pipes, it is always better to be sure that the model of the outlet you are using is compatible with it or not. If this cheap vent cover suits your style, I don’t see why you shouldn’t order it. 


  • Weather resistance;
  • Does not capture lint;
  • Budget-friendly.


  • No cons. 

4. 4″ LAMBRO INDUSTRIES 143WP Plastic Under Eave Vent

  • Features a damper to prevent harmful outside elements from entering the vent;
  • Measures 4”.

Usually, the vent cover that comes with a removable critter screen creates difficulties while fitting in with the mentioned vent pipe size. Thanks to the metal pipe that is attached to this model. For the pipe, this cover is pre-assembled and super easy to set up. The pipe makes a snug fit with the dryer vent pipe. 

The plastic collar, flaps, cage, and cover are made from high-quality material. The material used for this item is weather resistant. It won’t become brittle by leaving it open under the sun. When not in use, the flaps close off so that critters, cold air, or pests can’t come in through them. This unit demands regular clean-up and maintenance for lasting performance.


  • Pre-assembled ;
  • Constructed with durable plastic;
  • Long-lasting use and optimal results;
  • Fits well.


  • Not found.

5. Dundas Jafine Spring Loaded Dryer Vent Hood, BPSH4WZW

  • No louvers or flapping dampers;
  • Paintable material.

In snowy areas, flapping dampers and louvers from the vent cover can lead to sneak in cold air through the vent pipe. For those seasons, for those climates, one needs a vent cover with some other mechanism other than flapping body parts. 

Dundas Jafine has got this spring-loaded dryer hood that comes with a damper attached to the unit using springs. On the other hand, the dampers require strong air from the exhaust fan to open up properly. During that period, only moisture and hot air are allowed to pass this cover, nothing else. 

This unit is super expensive if you take into consideration other vent covers we have discussed here. But still, the weatherproof cover is made from a high-quality plastic that one can repaint to match or stand out in their exterior. 


  • Can be maintained to suit the exterior;
  • Suitable to use on any 4-inch vent;
  • Long-lasting;
  • No noise from flapping assortments.


  • Expensive. 

6. Sunshane of 4 Inch Dryer Vent Grill for Dryer Vent, Pack of 2

  • 4 x 4 inches dimension;
  • High-quality aluminum material.

It is only a screen to cover the dryer vent outlet to keep bugs and birds out. In humid and hot climates, it can be used without a louvered cover. However, it is made to fit any square 4×4 louvered vent cover without any modification. 

The installation process is simple. Just remove the lower 2 or 3 louvers then slip this insert in. now screw back the previous louvers. The cleaning process is also as simple as installing it. Just clean it every 6 months to keep the screen fresh and unclogged from lint. It is made of aluminum so that it won’t rust or stain over time. 

This is a versatile screen that can be used on any 4×4 cover on any vent outlet. You are getting 2 vent screens in this pack. You can alter the screen for easier cleanup. Besides, the extra screen comes handy when one breaks or expires. 


  • Easily fits 4-inch louvered vent cover;
  • Keeps critters out;
  • Easy to install and clean.


  • Not found. 

7. Hon&Guan Stainless Steel Round BullnoseWall Vent Outlet

  • Available size: 4, 4.7, 6, 8, 20, and 12.5 inches;
  • Built-in louvers and screen.

Anyone will fall for the aesthetics of this bullnose dryer vent cover. It is super trendy and functional too! The good news is, it comes in various sizes to fit in different size vents. The different size of this unit makes it versatile and the beautiful look of it makes it perfect to use on any vent indoors and outdoors. 

It is entirely made of stainless steel. This cover is not only rust proof but also weatherproof. Rain and wind cannot enter the vent because of its upper cover, which works as a barrier. All it needs to install is drill some holes around the vent outlet and screw the cover securely. 

It may look modern compared to plastic made vent covers, but it can be difficult to clean. For example, plastic vent covers can be cleaned while those are still on the walls. But this one has a razor-sharp edge and a finer screen. It will be easier to clean when it is unmounted. The edges of this vent cover are razor-sharp, so don’t forget gloves while dealing with it. 


  • Stylish and durable;
  • Versatile;
  • Stainless and rustproof.


  • Difficult to clean compared to plastic covers.

8. Lambro Industries Double Sided Under Eave Vent Cover for 4 & 6 inch

  • Fits 4 and 6 inches vent pipe;
  • Includes adapter to fit in a 6-inch pipe.

The advantage of this model is its included adapter. The adapter makes it suitable for installing on a 6-inch vent outlet. Other than that, it fits on 4-inch outlets without any adapter. Just like any other dryer vent covers, this one also includes louvers and birdcage screen. 

Installing this cover is quite easy. Some users complained about its poor material. But in my opinion, it should not be a problem if you set the screws in all the right places. It makes the unit secured, and the thin material should not be a problem at all. 

I recommend this one only to use on dryer vents that are 6 inches in dimension. Because there are lots of other better options to use on 4-inch dryer vents.


  • Fits 2 sizes of vent outlets;
  • Easy to install.


  • Made of thin plastic. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Would I Hold Cold Air Back From Coming Into My Dryer Vent?

Assuming the cold air enters your laundry room through the dryer vent, you should have the option to turn it off decently without any problems. The vent should have a fold towards the finish to prevent air ingress. Go outside and make sure there is a fold and it is not stuck open.

How Lengthy Would a Dryer Be Able to Vent?

35 feet

The maximum length of a garment dryer exhaust duct shall not exceed 35 feet from the dryer area to the edge of the divider or roof. The maximum length of the duct will be reduced to 2.5 feet for every 45-degree (0.8 rad) twist and 5 feet for every 90-degree (1.6 rad) twist.

How Do You Replace a Dryer Vent?

A 4-inch white plastic or aluminum-foil exhaust duct is commonly used to attach a garment dryer to an external vent. In a gas dryer, a build-up fire can liquefy a plastic duct and ignite a house fire.

Final Verdict

The performance of your dryer mostly depends on the exhaust system. If the exhaust system is not working correctly, then the dryer will work double, but you will not get any satisfactory result. Poorly designed vent cover may not seem responsible now, but trust me, if the vent cover is blocking the airflow or building up lint, it can be the prior reason for the dryer’s poor performance. 

So, picking up the right size and design for the vent cover is important. While choosing a vent cover, consider its function, material, and screening system in mind. This will help to choose the right cover for your climate condition and the dryer as well.

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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