Best Glue Remover for Hair Extensions: Choosing, Using & Top Picks

Published on: February 28, 2022
Written by Camila Avery / Fact-checked by David Rowan

The reapplication of tape in extensions largely depends on the quality of the glue remover. Poor-quality glue remover can make the extensions gooey, sticky, and tangled. It will be difficult to remove the stickiness from the extensions and can make them unusable. 

So, using the right glue remover in the right way is important to maintain the shape and quality of your own hair and your hair extensions. Choosing the best glue remover will be easy after reading this article.

glue remover for hair extensions choosing, using & top picks

We have picked up the best 4 glue removers for you in different price ranges, the way to choose the right one among them, and tips to successfully use them.

In this article, we have discussed how to use a comfortable remover for hair extensions, what to consider when removing extensions & when removing extensions with a remover.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Glue Remover for Tape-in Extensions

A wrong hair extension remover can cause damage to your hair extension or even worse, can cause damage to your own hair and skin. To prevent that, proper caution should be taken before deciding which one to purchase. There are hundreds of glue removers available in the market. To pick up the right one among those, follow the following instruction from professionals. 


The basic ingredient of most the cheaply priced glue remover is acetone. It does the job quite well, but its strong smell and dehydrating nature are not very popular. If the remover you had to choose contains acetone, then be sure to use hand gloves while applying this to the bonds. Be careful not to spray the product on the scalp, because it dries out the skin quickly. 

Slightly pricey removers are the best kind to apply on bonds. They are mild and gentle to hair, remove the bond quicker compares to the acetone-based remover, and may smell nice. 


Different brands launch glue remover in different-sized bottles. Check the quantity and order one or several packs depending on your requirements. If the brand you are ordering is new to you, then order to use the remover for once. If it suits you, then next time you can order in larger portions. 


Mostly, the glue remover comes in a spray bottle. It is easier to apply and requires less amount of product. Any other kind of application method will not be as easy as the spray ones. If you are purchasing your remover from a shop or mall, then check the nozzle type and look for the spray ones. 

How to Use

At the back of the container, detailed instructions should be mentioned. Read thoroughly before settling on one remover. The time it takes to take off the extension is also stated there. If the application instruction seems simple to follow, then you can go for the remover you have chosen. 

Test Before Application

Even the most widely used glue remover can cause inflammation. It’s not about the quality of the product, it simply means that this particular product doesn’t suit you. Such incidents can lead you to the emergency room at the hospital and may take weeks to heal entirely. 

To avoid that, the first thing you should do before applying the product on the entire head is spray one or two pumps on the back of your knee. Wait for an hour or two to notice any kind of reaction. If the result pleases you, then apply the remover to remove the extensions. Do the test every time you apply a new hair extension remover. 

How to Removing the Hair Extensions with Remover

At the salon, the hairstylists need minutes to successfully remove the full head of wefts with glue remover. But it can take up to an hour if you do it at home with your less skilled hands. The guidelines we have discussed here will help you to do the job without causing any damage or harm to the extensions and to your hair. 

Wash, Dry, and Detangle

The first and foremost step, wash your hair, dry it properly, and detangle it before applying any remover on your hair. Wet, dirty, or tangled hair can make your hair terribly messy and greasy from the leftover glue from the wefts. 

Follow the Instructions

Again, read the instruction noted on the glue remover container before applying it. Follow the instructions carefully. If the instruction says to pull out the wefts gently after applying the remover, then pull out the wefts. If the instruction says to comb out the wefts, then use a comb. Inappropriate use of remover can damage the wefts. 

After removing the wefts, place each strand horizontally on a clean surface and avoid overlapping. Otherwise, the sticky bits of glue can cause the wefts to stick to each other and detangle. 

Wash the Hair and the Extensions

When all the wefts are removed from your hair, the first thing you should do is, apply coconut oil generously on your hair. The oil removes the residue and stickiness from hair. Wait for an hour and wash the hair thoroughly. Use a conditioner when the washing is done. 

Use shampoo as well on your tape-in extensions as well. The shampoos which are specially for extensions are the best and only thing you should use. Use conditioner to avoid tangling till reapplying the wefts.  

Our Selected Top 4 Glue Removers for Hair Extensions-

1. Big Kizzy Tape in Hair Extension Remover

  • 8 Ounce bottles of two types of removers.

These are the best tape-in extension removers you can ever find in the market today. For its amazing quality, it is being used in renowned salons every day. But before placing the order, I request you to read the entire review and know all the details and tricks of these removers. 

Here are 2 bottles, remover 1 and 2. No. 1 is to use first on the extensions. It gives the best result if applied to the point of sandwiched hair. Then wait for 30 seconds and let the solvent neutralize the tape. Then the waiting is over, gently pull the extensions out of your hair.

The extensions should be removed in one piece and no harsh pulling is not required. Besides, you should not experience shedding of your real hair too. Falling out a few strands is normal because they are the normal hair fall we experience on a daily basis. 

Once the extension is out, then begins the action of remover no. 2. To remove the stickiness of the residue from the tapes and added glue, apply some remover no. 2 on the sticky bits. Then pinch out the residue. After doing this all over your head, you are ready for a hair wash. 

The basic advantage of these removers is, they don’t damage your own hair and your extensions and takes only 30 seconds on each strand.

2. Salon Pro 30 Sec Hair Bond Remover

  • 4-ounce bottle of remover.

To remove the extensions at home, everyone doesn’t like to use the BigKizzy removers because of the expense. Another thing is, they don’t want to get confused with two separate bottles. That’s perfectly fine due to the top pick for tape-in extension remover best suited for professional use. 

For personal use, it is better to get a remover that does the same job, removing extensions without damaging hair. This Salon Pro remover is an inexpensive glue remover that takes out the glue within seconds after application. The good thing is, it doesn’t leave any sticky bits on the hair or scalp. In fact, it leaves a pleasant smell after application. Now you can get rid of acetone-based smelly removers. 

This remover can be used on extensions and tapes from any brand, any type. It may take a different duration to take out the extensions depending on the quality of the tape or the glue that is used on the extensions. 

3. Tape in Extension Remover

  • 30 ml bottle of remover.

If you ever have experienced melted tape on your hair and scalp, you already know how messy and disastrous it can get. To avoid that, we should also need to avoid unnecessarily strong glue on our extensions and wigs. However, this remover is a bit different than the top two removers on this list. It doesn’t melt the tape of your wig and extensions. In fact, it just loosens the glue so that the tape can come off loose from the hair. Your extension and the tape will remain intact and in one piece after the removal process. 

The ingredients used in this remover are totally safe and non-allergic. Even people with super sensitive skin can use this remover without any burn or breakout on their scalp. This one is a 4-ounce bottle. To remove 50 to 100 pieces of tape-in extensions, you will need 3 bottles. For removing less than 50 strips, only 2 bottles are enough.

4. The Hair Shop-X10 Pro-Tools U-Tip D-bond Gel Remover

  • 4oz bottle of remover.

This remover is specially meant for U-tip hair extensions. As any other remover can’t remove U-tip extensions because the ingredients don’t properly reach the center of the bond. But this remover is so strong that, even on ‘strong’ bond extensions it works like magic. Just apply on the bond and use hair pliers to loosen the extension and comb it out. The extension should come out with the comb. 

It works well on U-tip and I believe, will be beneficial for tape-in extensions as well, as the same kind of glue is used on both extensions. However, never forget to wear protective gloves on hand if you are using them on your own. Otherwise, it may cause your finger to excessively dry out and cause irritation.


Choosing a glue remover can be equally easy and difficult at the same time. It can make your hair extensions last longer or can damage the wefts permanently. A bad experience upon removing hair extensions can make you opposed to tape-in extensions overall.

However, these matters depend on how good the glue remover you are using for the removal of tape-in extensions. At the saloon, it costs a fortune to remove extensions. In the comfort of your home, take our expert advice to save bucks to remove the extensions on your own.

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Guys, I am Camila Avery and I love to help my mom to do indoor & outdoor activities. As a lady, I have passed my time on gardening, home improvement, and personal or self-care. I have acquired some degrees in outdoor recreation, beauty, and hair care. It is not easy to work with top-level professional beauty experts. But, I got that opportunity and experimented with different hair extensions, hair colors, and cuts.

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