9 Best Cabin Tents with Screened Porch or Room

Published on: March 4, 2022
Written by Camila Avery / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Camping can be rejuvenating if the equipment associated with it functions as expected on time. Camping can also be disastrous if the gear you bring tricks you.

Make your every camping trip full of positive memories by choosing a tent that is an all-rounder. The right cabin tent with a screened room will not only keep you safe from unwanted mosquito bites it also lets you expand its usability.

9 best cabin tents with screened porch or room (2023)

For families with small children, a screened porch or a screened room is a must. For adults, it is a great lounging area and room for keeping multiple assortments. 

I have researched, tested, and reviewed mostly used cabin tents with screened porch to develop my very own list of popular cabin tents with a screen porch or screened room. 

This list will save you the hassle of going through hundreds of mixed reviews about cabin tents that may leave you puzzled. Don’t forget the buying guide; it will help you choose among the nine cabin tents we have reviewed here.

Editor’s Note

Below you’ll be able to find many of what I think to be the most effective in terms of a tent with the extra screen room. However, there’s no better or the most effective as we all have unique necessities and demands. A four-person tent with a screen porch won’t be suitable for an outsized family of six.

To combat this, I have even listed a range of tents that range from the cabin, domes, and instant tents, with a number of persons up to 12 persons having their own unique design and size of tent screen patio area. So scroll through until you discover a tent suitable to match your needs.

Factors to Consider for Choose Cabin Tent with Screened Room


Don’t go by the capacity the company claims about their tent. It is the maximum number of people who can sleep in that tent. But you will always need more room to keep your belongings and to move. The general rule is, if you use 2 air mattresses during the camping, pick one tent that can store three mattresses. You will not feel suffocated or crowded.

Size of the Screen Room/Porch

The screened-room cabin tents are the first choice for families who travel with young children. For that purpose, a small screen porch big enough for indoor game playing is suitable. In this case, a tent with a rear door will be better not to disturb the porch area. 

For lounging of large group adults, the screen room should be spacious to keep foldable chairs, cooling fans, tables, and other accessories.  


Look carefully at the facilities that the cabin tent is bringing with it. Some tents have a built-in light, movie screen, and so on. Some tents have organizers to keep a lot of things organized and mess-free. A thorough reading of the facilities you get with it will help you decide. Every family spends their camping time differently. You have to consider the way your family and friends like to spend. 


If this is the only tent you will be having, it will be wiser to purchase a tent with a warranty, refund, or return option upon damage. It will save you from headaches and indecision in purchasing the cabin tent online. Often the tents purchased online get damaged during transportation. If a warranty does not back it, you will face a total loss. 

Protective Measures

The first and foremost protective measure the tent should be is weatherproof. Is the construction rainproof, and water-resistant? The tub-style flooring is better for camping in the rainy season. Besides, it must be durable to stand against the wind. No matter if it is raining or not, it can always be windy. If the tent is waterproof, you will have the freedom to set up camping on almost any site you want at any season!

Reflective tent rope is another important measure that should be universal. It helps to spot it at night and prevents stepping on it.

View Top 9 Cabin Tents with Screened Porch, Below-

1. Coleman Elite Montana Cabin Tent

  • Capacity: 8 person;
  • Size: 16 ft. x 7 ft.;
  •  Peak Height: 6 ft. 2 in. 
  • Includes front porch, room divider, tub-style floor, screened window, and rear door.

There is less possibility that you and the kids will ever miss the comfort of home while camping when you have this tent set up. It looks like a house and has almost all the facilities you need to go worry-free camping. Here, you will get a room divider that divides the tent in half, giving everyone privacy.

Other screened porch tents have a screened porch, but the porch often doesn’t have a floor. Thanks to this tent’s detachable floor, you can place it when the glass or soil feels wet. It is also an advantage to not bring dirt inside the tent. 

I liked the hanging shelf; they are handy to place necessary toiletries and gadgets in arm’s reach. No need to shuffle inside the bags to fish them out every time. Does your kid miss watching tv while camping? No problem, the screened pocket for placing the tab will work as a tv for the entire family. Make the camping regret-free; buy this tent without any hesitation.


  • Screen porch with a detachable floor;
  • Front and rear doors;
  • Extra sleeping space.


  • Very heavy;
  • Pricey option.

2. CORE Lighted Instant Cabin Tent with Screen Room, 10-Person Capacity

  • Capacity: 10 people;
  • Size: 14 Ft x 10 Ft;
  • Peak Height: 7 Ft. 
  • Includes built-in LED and wall switch.

CORE is one of the most popular cabin tent makers because of their quality products at a reasonable price. For example, this tent of 10 person capacity can easily house two queen-size mattresses. There is a detachable room divider, so you can put it on to separate those two mattresses.

The good thing is, this tent is totally waterproof and can withstand strong wind. So, no matter if you are camping this year in a rocky mountain or in a rainforest, this tent should be the perfect shelter for your friends and family. 

The best feature of this tent is the overhead LED light and the wall switch. You have control over the brightness too! Set the light in the brightest setting during the evening or set it to the lowest setting during sleep; the choice is yours—no need to carry around the lantern or fish for torch all night.


  • Easy setup and packing;
  • Overhead light with 3 settings;
  • Detachable room divider.


  • May feel congested with 10 people. 
  • No floor in the screen area.

3. Ozark Trail Cabin Tent, for 12-Person

  • Capacity: 12 people;
  • Weighs 39 pounds;
  • Peak Height: 6’10” ; 
  • Two internal rooms;
  • Rainfly and carry bags are also included.

The tents, claiming to be a 12-person capacity, may feel congested when you have to store all your belongings inside of the tent during nighttime. So, it is always better to have a tent that is bigger than your needs. This tent from OZARK TRAIL is so spacious that if one or two of your friends want to join you at the last minute at the campsite, you don’t have to turn them down.

However, the tent is waterproof and is signed so that, if the windows are open, the rain won’t come inside unless it is windy. The windows are set higher for this reason. It may feel stuffy if you use a single high mattress. With a double-height mattress, this should not be a problem. The screened lounge has the floor.


  • Quick set-up;
  • Rainproof design;
  • Floored screen room;
  • Large capacity.


  • Small screened area;
  • Windows are set far above.

4. ALPHA CAMP Family Camping Tent with Screen Room, 10-12 Person Capacity

  • 10 x 5 feet full-floor screen room;
  • 10 x 9 feet with 5 feet 8-inch center height;
  •  Fits 2 queen-size air beds.

No matter how expensive or well-built the cabin tent is, the manufacturers never sell it upon warranty, isn’t it? But there is always a risk of getting a faulty cabin tent, especially when ordered online. You can avoid that hassle by ordering your cabin tent from Coleman Dome. They offer an impressive refund and return offer for up to a year. So, you can continue your camping worry-free for a year after purchase.

This tent has a huge and spacious interior that can house 6 people easily. As we talk about cabins with screened porches, you will definitely love the enormous porch of this tent. There is no floor with the porch area, but some customers like it this way. If you want a floor there, you can use a terp or artificial grass to avoid the mess.


  • Huge porch;
  • Free replacement/refund offer;
  • Enjoy bug-free lounging and extra ventilation;
  • Pockets for easy organization.


  • Oversized for a small campsite.

5. CORE Cabin Tent with Screen Room for Family of 11

  • Room size 10 Ft x 12 Ft, screen room 8 ft X 7 ft;
  • Peak Height: 7 ft 2 inches. 
  • Color: orange and wine;
  • Includes adjustable ventilation and bright guylines.

Ever felt that two queen-size air mattresses are not enough for your camping group? CORE 11 is that ultimate cabin tent where you can place three air mattresses easily. The screen room itself is vast enough to place one air mattress for sleeping. This tent is available in two identical colors: orange and wine.

For being waterproof, the inside of a good quality tent can feel humid and stuffy. This won’t happen in this model. The adjustable vent close to the floor area helps to enter cool air from outside and the windows, on the other hand, circulate the hot air outside. 

There is no room divider, which is the only negative side of this cabin tent. To house a large group, the tent requires a large site to place and weighs 45 pounds. Keep these in mind before planning for a trip with this tent. 


  • Advanced ventilation system;
  • Large porch;
  • Screen room with a floor;
  • Long warranty. 


  • Heavy and large;
  • No room dividers. 

6. Ozark Trail Spacious Cabin Tent with Two Closets 

  • 12-person capacity;
  • Room size 20 Ft x 9 Ft;
  • Peak Height: 7 ft. 
  • Includes 2 closets, LED, and 2 room dividers.

When all your family members are grown up, a tent with one room, the divider may no longer seem enough. Setting two tents can be quite bothersome too. So, what to do? Choose a tent that offers 2 room dividers! Yes, this tent, which can be used by 11 people, comes with two-room dividers.

Now you can use this as a house with separate rooms as one living room and two bedrooms. You can watch movies with everyone using the silver screen on the backside of one divider during the night. Isn’t that thoughtful? Spending nights in the wilderness should not always be boring.

You are also having two closets and hanging organizers. Built like LED strips are enough to enlighten the entire tent. You will feel at home even when you are away from home!

As it is vast, you may need help to move it when packed and set it up. It may seem the perfect cabin tent for a large group of adults, but you have to compromise with not having the screen room with it.


  • The room divider doubles as a silver screen;
  • Ample storage facility;
  • Built-in LED.


  • No screen room;
  • Heavy with 50-75 pounds.

7. Tahoe Gear Carson Large Cabin Tent for Family of 14

  • 14 person capacity;
  • Room size 25 Ft x 17 Ft;
  • Peak Height: 7 ft. 
  • Includes a large screened room.

This monstrous tent takes time to assemble and disassemble because of the inappropriate instruction manual. Moreover, you have to plan your camping site considering the large size of the tent. But one thing is sure, and this tent is super large for staying two to three standard families together. There are three master suites inside the tent, so there will be no privacy or walking space issues. 

The screened room is equally big. It can easily place shoes, coolers, chairs, or even small foldable tables for dining! The height is the same all around the tent, and it is 7ft. So, no one has to bend down to stand in it.


  • Suitable for windy weather;
  • Ample room for extended family;
  • Three separate suits.


  • Poor instruction.

8. Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

  • CORE H20 Block Technology and adjustable ground vent;
  • Peak Height: 7.2 ft. 
  • Instant 78 Second Setup; 
  • Sleeps 9 people;

Though this tent has not been reviewed much online, I can assure you that you will never regret investing in it. Because we have some best quality tents with different features from the same makers on this list. So, don’t worry about the stability or longevity of this tent. 

With its 168 square ft room area, you are getting a large 54 sq ft screened room. It is an ideal option to keep the kids playing in the room without disturbing bugs or lounging with friends. The two doors will not interfere with the person enjoying the porch.

Don’t worry about dealing with your gadgets. The easily accessible E-ports are handy to keep them charged and the pocket organizers are useful to keep them safe. The tent holds tight against the strong wind. Now you can be brave to choose your camping site even in the unfavorable seasons. 


  • Double doors;
  • Durable against strong breeze;
  • Easy setup. 


  • No noticeable cons.

9. KAZOO Family Camping Tent Large Waterproof Pop Up Tents

  • Pole Material: 6065-19mm Aluminum (4P;6P);
  • Aluminum+fiberglass(3P);
  • Inner Fabric: B3 Mesh+190T Breathable Polyester;
  • Floor Fabric: 150D Oxford;
  • Rainfly Fabric: 210T Ripstop polyester(4P;6P) 190T Ripstop polyester(3P).7.85lb(6P).

Based on the rise of respect, excitement, development, and reliability, KAZOO has consistently explored high-end items for outdoor tents. It offers a full range of solid and specialized items, including camping tents and rucksack tents. With flexible outdoor arrangements, your camping experience will never go back.

Bring advancement, energy, and solace to the outside. These setting-up camp and rucksack tents are tough, lightweight, waterproof, and quick and simple to set up.

The SATURN series is important for our exceptional line of families setting up camp tents. The best family moment tent with the highlights of a simple collection, solid aluminum posts, twofold layer waterproof, and an open room will present to you a superb family outside experience. 

We plan three sizes to satisfy multi-needs, there is a 3-man tent, a 4-man tent, and 6/8 man tent, we offer the best huge moment tent on the lookout.


  • 5 seconds instant setup;
  • Strong aluminum automatic frame;
  • Large mesh wall and ceiling;
  • Large porch area;
  • No-see-um netting;
  • Full coverage rainfly;
  • Two doors and two windows design;
  • Super spacious room.


  • No cons.

How to Maintain Cabin Tents

The first mantra for a long-lasting cabin tent is to use a water-resistant spray before leaving for camping all over the tent. No matter how good the tent was on the last vacation, there is no proof that it will do the same this time too. So, making it waterproof is a must.

Choose a campsite that can house the tent you are using. Consider that, you must consider extra space to use around the tent as well. 

Clean and sweep the site before setting up the tent. 

Use a thick terp before actually opening the tent. It keeps the bottom part cleaner. Always use a mud mat to keep the interior clean. 

Upon returning from camping, wash and dry the tent. Pack it in the provided bag and keep it in a safe place till the next trip. 

What Are the Size, Weight, and Height Limits of the Tent

The size, weight, and height limits of a tent can vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer. In general, tent size is measured by the number of people it can accommodate, with options ranging from small 1-person tents to large 10+ person tents. Tent weight can also vary greatly, with lightweight backpacking tents typically weighing less than 5 pounds, while larger family tents can weigh over 20 pounds. Height limits refer to the maximum height that a person can stand up in the tent, and this can vary depending on the shape and design of the tent. It is important to check the specifications of a tent before purchasing to ensure that it meets your specific needs in terms of size, weight, and height.


How Prominent Tent Do I Want for a Family of 4?

Tent floor space vs. sleeping capacity

Rated Capacity Tent Floor Area Comfortable Capacity

  • 4-person 60 to 70 sq. ft. an adult couple
  • 6-person 90 to 100 sq. ft. a family of 4
  • 8-person 120 to 130 sq. ft. a family of 6

Which Is More Comfortable for Camping: a Cabin Tent with Screened Porch or an Air Mattress?

When it comes to tent camping cot comparison, deciding between a cabin tent with screened porch or an air mattress really depends on your personal preference. If you prioritize comfort and protection from bugs, a cabin tent with a screened porch might be the way to go. But if you prefer a more traditional camping experience, an air mattress could be the better choice.

How Does One Waterproof an Outsized Tent?

Here’s a brief guide to the most uncomplicated thanks to waterproof a tent:

  • Pick a warm, dry day if possible.
  • Carefully clean all parts of the tent.
  • Seal the seams.
  • Refresh the urethane coating.
  • Refresh the DWR coating.
  • Leave all parts to dry.

What is an E-Port in a Tent?

An E-port is an adjunct on a tent that allows quick access to a cord. This might not seem necessary, but it can prevent tent leaking and bugs from entering if you would like to run a cord into your tent.

Are There Any Special Features That Come With the Tent?

Yes, many tents come with special features. For example, some tents have adjustable ventilation systems, so you can adjust the amount of airflow inside the tent for different weather conditions. Other tents may come with pockets or storage compartments for your gear, or bright colors and reflective materials to help you be more visible in low light.


Now it will take less time for you to decide which cabin tent with a screen porch or room you should buy. I hope you also went through the buyer’s guide unless you want to regret it even after purchasing ‘the best’ cabin tent. Cabin tents are available in different sizes, shapes, and features. All of those may not be proven to be the best for your needs.

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Guys, I am Camila Avery and I love to help my mom to do indoor & outdoor activities. As a lady, I have passed my time on gardening, home improvement, and personal or self-care. I have acquired some degrees in outdoor recreation, beauty, and hair care. It is not easy to work with top-level professional beauty experts. But, I got that opportunity and experimented with different hair extensions, hair colors, and cuts.

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